Meme Bleg


See what you can do here, starting from the image below.

I’ve included a couple of examples.

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  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. Why do people hate us and want to kill us?

  3. should have been smug, not sad

  4. Sent 2 via email…

  5. Not a meme yet but I did see something funny.

    “Canada is Americas Pussy Hat”

  6. “We vote to impose our religion on you at gunpoint, just like you do to us.”

    “We’re one of the three teams in the desert religion bloodsport league.”

  7. Fantastic memes!!!🐸

  8. “Recently the Christian team spun off the Green team, with the new mascot Gaia to accept their sacrifices and penance from self-loathing.”

  9. “Democrats receive taxes, Republicans pay taxes. Without our taxes government would have massive layoffs, and then we’d be in a panic because there’d be no government to submit to and worship and oppress the people we hate.”

  10. When I first started reading this blog, I never expected to see it go full /pol/. We live in interesting times.

      • When MVB’s window-smashing campaign in the national news got me reading here and at like-minded blogs, it leaned individualistic/Constitutionalist/libertarian. Within a few years the overall theme went identitarian/”alt-right”.

        I get it, because the militant left doesn’t care if you’re Republican or ancap or monarchist; you’re a “cis-het” white male and thus the enemy, and it’s pointless to divide your own tribe along petty ideological lines when the other tribe attacks.

        And I get it, because I’m not even sure what I believe anymore. Agreed that non-Western immigration is bad for Europe. Agreed that the US as a concept is a dead horse. Agreed that the Constitution doesn’t mean anything if it’s not respected and obeyed. Not sure what I believe regarding what is the best plan for the “FUSA” moving forward; it’s harder to claim “blood and soil” here since it’s just a few hundred years old and invented from the ground up by deists, Masons and French Revolutionary types of migrant descent. There’s no USSR anymore, no Ottomans, no Austro-Hungary; borders come and go, and holding five or six very different regions together because the thing we were indoctrinated to say in the direction of a piece of cloth in grade school has the word “indivisible” in it is an exercise in futility.

        Nothing makes sense anymore and facts don’t matter. The current president is a statistical anomaly. The idea that the election was rigged was absurd to the left but gospel to the right, right up until DT beat the odds, at which point both sides immediately reversed their opinions regarding the validity of the numbers without a trace of acknowledging the irony or their own hypocrisy. A not-insignificant amount of Americans genuinely believe that girls have dicks and boys have pussies if they really want to. The very nature of reality is up for debate while a bunch of basement-dwelling autists shape the course of the political debate by jacking off to nazi anime while invoking the ancient Egyptian personification of primordial chaos.

        Good? Bad? Who the hell knows anymore.