The Cloud People Declare War


Z-man explains just how much the Elites a) are aligned with each other and b) hate you, along with anyone who looks like you.

Just remember: BFYTW.

29 responses to “The Cloud People Declare War

  1. Let the games begin…

  2. Alfred E. Neuman

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  3. The Usual Suspect

    Hate them back, works for me.

  4. So far, Trump is nailing them with jabs, and they’re reeling. He’ll have to use sterner methods, to get them to the floor. Sterner Methods.

  5. SemperFi, 0321

    The masses just do not understand how big this problem is. The NWO has the entire world under it’s thumb thru money manipulation, almost every nation is a slave to them, and we still worry about Dems vs Repubs. The issue is much bigger, and all Americans want to do is play the denial game.
    Can’t solve this problem using a mediocre mind.

    • Amen on that but I don’t think just being upset about it is going to solve anything either…You know my solution and at this point it’s pretty much all we can do since none of us sit in the halls of power…Unless you can think of something else…

      • Trade any extra debt bucks you have for SILVER.

        Hold a silver eagle or Maple as I prefer in your right hand, and hold a debt buck in the other. You’ll know instantly which one has more value.

        Fuck them pricks.

    • you mean the scratch my cat just put on one of my leather recliners isn’t the most pressing issue? and don’t you even compare anything to the big game coming up…

      • Randall Flagg

        No real man would ever own a cat. Or at least admitting to owning one.

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          you can suck my asshole punk.

          • Now I officially HATE you for very good reason.

            Shoot my dog or run her over and you’ll learn why they call Karma a bitch.

            If you actually mean everything you comment here and are not merely a worthless, shit disturbing, sexually perverse scatologist for kicks troll…

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            Vaporizing your cranial space would be akin to fumigating an abattoir, then burning it to the ground.

            • yeah yeah yeah

              if the fucks who own dogs would just keep them quiet, and contained on their own property, then all is well. but they let them run wild and go on and on and on and on. in my last county, they didn’t have animal control, so it was up o the residents to CONTROL them.

              here’s a tip, if your dog barks more than a minute without the owner correcting them – they both are the problem. i sure as fuck don’t want my thoughts and peace disturbed by someones mangy fucking mutt.

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          • Two drunks on a park bench. Nearby dog lickin’ his balls.

            tfAt sez, “I wish I could do that…”

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  6. I read this morning where 900 members of the state dept signed a memo disagreeing with Trump’s (their boss) immigration order. These state dept people know fully well the chaos in Europe because of out of control, unvetted immigration: A million girls raped in England, Sweden 2nd in rapes in the world, a 1,000 german girls raped a year ago on New years, the terrorist attacks in Nice, Paris, ect. In the USSA there was 911, Boston, San Berdoo, Ohio State and on and on and on and on and on. This deeeep state is truly suicidally insane, and tho I profoundly disagree with violence, there will be violence in the streets if these people aren’t fired too. 60% of Americans support Trumps act. The suicidal minority controls huge segments of the govt bureaucracy. If we get attacked again because the deep state forced unvetted terrorists on us, look to Trump to go to wholesale firings in govt because he has the support of the vast majority of Americans. This will happen. Because the islamic terrorists can’t help themselves. There will be a consititutional crisis where the deep state (supported and initiated by McCain) will try to remove Trump and he may have to turn to the 50million armed Trump voters to stay in office.
    The suicidal insanity of the deep state is almost beyond my comprehension. It is the reason this blog exists. It is the reason the alt-right exists.

  7. I keep referring to Trumps actions as his ‘Terrorist Ban’, does that ever annoy the lefties

  8. What, you had to use a Canadian?
    That should have been a Soros picture as the lead, if not Shrillary, Meryl Streep, or one of the dispossessed minion hordes.

    It really sucks for the cool kids once they find out they aren’t cool any more. Most of us graduated high school and learned to cope with the real world.
    The rest are still trying to be the hipster in-crowd.

    Believe me, it’s way more fun to be The Man than the smelly hippies.
    Ask George Washington.

  9. Odd observation by Z-Man considering that AG, was just confirmed by the Judiciary committee. All that is left is the floor vote and for the last 150yrs that has been perfunctory. There is a lot I can fault the GOP for but 10 days in they have surprisingly better than say the same session of Congress under the Bushes.

    As to the bureaucracy, yep that can/will be an issue. But even here the Left leaning chiefs seem to be self selecting themselves either to leave or be taken out. If a target becomes an opportunity arises one is a fool not to pull the trigger. The stupid AAG the other day is a prime example.

    The tougher bit is going to be the Congressional staffers. They are long on experience and have civil service protection.

    • ???

      The congressional staffers, by definition, are hired by Congress.

      Their only protection is not being called in and told “You’re fired.”

      The employees below the appointive level in the executive branch are the civil servants you’re thinking of.
      The cure for them is simply eliminating their positions outright, or making them attaches and liaisons in garden spots like Zimbabwe, Albania, or some other Trashcanistan.
      And requiring them to tour the host country, unaccompanied.

      They scamper home after resignation in short order.

  10. Understanding the lengths the left will go to, to remain relevant. Is critical.


  11. The Usual Suspect

    I would insist the 900 odd members clean out their desks
    today !
    Your check will be in the mail within the next pay period.
    Don’t let the door hit you in the ass.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      And no retirement bennies either. You can look for work at Walmart like everyone else.
      Around here, they transfer the bad USFS people to another district, where they continue on with their bad liberal practices, and keep right on working towards retirement. This shit has to stop, when you quit or get fired, it ends right there. But like the unions, they protect each other.