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    un-possible. the gubmint is here to protect you just like the poLICE…

    Here are the ten reports of police misconduct tracked for Monday, January 30, 2017:

    Orangeburg, South Carolina: A deputy was charged with third-degree assault and battery for striking a handcuffed detainee who spat in his face.
    U.S. Border Patrol: An agent was charged with 13 criminal counts for ramming cars and striking a man with his automobile.
    Update: San Antonio, Texas (First reported 11-04-16): An officer who was fired for giving a homeless man fecal sandwich was reinstated…and then fired again for a scatological prank in the women’s restroom at the stationhouse.
    New York, New York: An officer was charged with a felony for sending a 16-year-old girl a lewd video of himself.
    Volusia County, Florida: A deputy is under internal investigation for allegedly stealing cash from DUI suspects. He is on leave.
    Chicago, Illinois: An officer was suspended five days for throwing coffee at a passing motorcyclist while he was on duty.
    Grand Rapids, Michigan: Three officers were suspended without pay during an investigation into a DUI crash report involving prosecutor who has since resigned.
    Rutherford Co., TN major will plead guilty to lying to federal investigators.
    Update: New Castle County, Delaware (First reported 09-14-16): A now-former deputy pled guilty to child pornography possession. He is scheduled to be sentenced in March.
    Update: Revere, Massachusetts (First reported 01-20-17) An officer was charged with aggravated assault for allegedly abusing two children in her care. Her boyfriend, who is also an officer, was arrested on child abuse charges the previous week.

  2. Why oh why would anyone want to voluntarily put a live open mic in their home? Dumb tech struck idiots. Oh wait, I know you’ve got nothing to hide… retarded… simply retarded.

    Not surprised that Amazon deleted the reminder though.

    Grey Ghost

  3. ok my bad it’s an Apple Iphone… but my point is the same…

  4. so now i’m curious. what do you suppose the ratio of the income streams are for selling hardware vs selling info collected thru that hardware – our smartphones and other devices. hmmmm. the more you can get people to set a daily reminder to “buy more ammo”, then maybe the purveyors of that information might get the hint. maybe those guys over at csg know what the minimum amount of information is that has to be leaked from a smartphone for it to still work. dark thoughts to offset the joy of buying ammo…….

  5. Just buy the fucking ammo, or don’t, Clarence. WTF. Go to the fucking range. Shoot or get instruction to shoot, and then shoot, until you’re fucking good. Go by some more ammo. Set a date two weeks from now, and go to the fucking range. Lather, rinse, repeat. Everything is not a conspiracy, and some times a cartridge is just a cartridge. If you’re being hyped into buying a lot of ammo, GOODY. It’s better than being hyped into being a metrosexual by TV, and unsure about your FEELINGS, now ain’t it? This way, you’ll have the ammo you’ll need (take my word for it, when the time comes, you’ll feel like a king) when you need it, and feel like a man should, instead of concerned about what some skirt is going to spout off about next. Want to know if the Force is with you? If you got a nice chest carry, full of full mags( I recommend MVT’s chest carry, coolio) your rifle, your pistol, and competence or better with both, confidence, and rage, BAM. Instant Jedi. Git some training, also I recommend MVT, or wherever you can. Stop with the head games, and get in the game. Remember what’s in the cave?

    • tangential reponse for tfA-t and anyone else interested. VoxDay mentioned in his video talk yesterday that one way to keep the (((MSM))) (including (((wiki))) on its downward arc is to deprive them of click-based revenue. So, whenever you are going to put up a link to any MSM, FIRST archive it @

      THEN link to the archived version.