AAR On OK Infiltration Of Antifa Protesters


Worth your read.

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See also https://refusefascism.org

Do you have a plan for securing your neighborhood?

Have you and your team practiced same?

Tempus fugit.

50 responses to “AAR On OK Infiltration Of Antifa Protesters

  1. The last sentence will blow your mind because the rest is so good you think no assessment is this accurate. To a T accurate. Matt Bracken accurate:


    • I just finished this book. People, take the time to read it. It’s worth it.

    • mtnforge and others,

      Having read that article you linked, and assuming the general premise is more or less accurate…. What are historical example of the “right” successfully countering the “left” and their organizational / funding superiority? I am lacking in my depth of historical knowledge but it would seem to me that the first place we should look for lessons is at historical examples of the right and left colliding and how the right succeeded OR failed to counter the left.

      Even historical examples of failure should be useful as lesson on what doesnt work. It is easy to say the right is armed to the teeth and the left isnt. the left is a killing machine and the left isnt. but base, unchallenged assumptions like that get you in trouble very quickly.

      I recognize the current state of events now i must understand what are the possible ways this progresses, how does the left prevail, how does the right prevail and what are the actual costs?

      • it’s not fundamentally about R/L. That’s an ideological artifact. It’s now about White Western Civilization vs. the open-borders Tikkun Oam Jews/billionaires and their armies of hostile ethnic invasives: Muslims, Blacks, Mexicans, Asians, and etc. In strict ideological terms, Spain 1936-39 is an example of Rightist victory in an internal war context. That happened, though, because most of the Army, under a strong and decisive leader – Franco – catalyzed and led the Right. In ‘Murka, the military – along with the police – have been almost completely converged by the Left/globalist/SJW/universalist crowd. Unless and until the debtPonzi economy collapses, the Left-globalists will win through sheer demographic attrition.

        incidentally, it’s now day 12 of the reign of (sez the alt-Right) God-Emperor Trump. In those 12 days, approximately 85,000 non-White legal/illegal “New Americans” have oozed across the disappeared borders. Meanwhile, via the birth-death deficit, the White population declined by c. 10,000.

      • Pinochet.

        Look up Thermidorian Reaction as well.

        Or as discussed elsewhere “Load ’em on a barge, tie their feet together with a long rope, and attach the free end to a barrel full of concrete. Kick the barrel overboard and watch that thing unload like a belt fed weapon.”

  2. click click click goes the ratchet…

    GO! Cheeto!

  3. thesouthwasrght

    These twerps are nothing more than spoiled brats accustomed only to being the aggressor. Just look at the video from the inauguration when that dude snot bubbled the anarchist bitch. The whining ensued. Just a couple loads of 00 would have ended that shit last night post haste.

  4. Infiltrate those fuckers.

    • The observation to be made — They may already be infiltrated. If they are, to what ends is the State using the opportunity?

    • Supposedly, they have been, by members of the Oathkeepers…


    • Hypo,

      Why ? Unless one is interested in knowing their next AO for purposes of a 556/762 coordinated ambush, you stand little to gain. Let the scum do what they’re doing. It warms my heart.

    • I’ll bet there are more than a few former “operators” in there.

      They don’t know anything else. It pays well, and they have fun at the same time. Ever wonder where all those guys from Craft International found work after having closed down?

      G4S Risk Management
      Triple Canopy, Inc.
      MVM, Inc.

      Think about this for a minute…

  5. hummus abedin

    Last night’s greatest moment
    of ironic hilarity is that the besieged
    smashed, trashed, vandalized,
    looted (they breeched the ground floor)
    and burned venue is the MLK Student Union, next to Sproul Plaza.
    There simply is not enough popcorn
    or time in a day.

  6. hummus abedin

    Video of what the treasonous
    and whoring shitbags of state
    propaganda claimed that they heard
    vague rumors about, did not witness,
    and found impossible to verify last night.
    Regardless that numerours cameras
    and on-air state propaganda whores
    saturated the location where this
    was filmed; the MLK student union
    building where the program was supposed
    to occur.


  7. Confederate miner

    They need to throw these snowflakes in jail. Let them spend a few months locked up with the ” real niggas”. Let them have a taste of some real cultural enrichment. So far I am enjoying the hell out if this year. I wouldn’t trade this time on earth for any preceding. There where times before I might have. These are times when hero’s arise and legends are made. When true warriors are born!

  8. Sounds like a first class intelligence operation. Wishing I had the peeps and resources to do like they do. Sorely needed in Texas, and would be invaluable.

  9. * Much of all this street theater is funded/coordinated.
    * Buses can be corralled as well as cars.
    * Flash mobs can probably be redirect by a device as simple as a Stingray.

    So as needed these ‘righteous people’ can be herded easily where ever the Feds want them. Fools.

    • “Say, those are some nice busses you all came in on.
      It would be a real pisser if somehow, while you were off rioting elsewhere, they all caught on fire and burned up, and the police could round up you all on foot, at their leisure afterwards.
      And your masters couldn’t afford the security deposit on more busses next time. And no one with any sense would rent them out to them.
      EVER again.”

  10. POd American

    Soon, I expect to see beheadings preceded by “Aloha Snackbar” at these social get-togethers.

    • hummus abedin

      Allow me to oblige.

      Anti-Trump Protest In Seattle: ‘We Need To Start Killing People’ #BLM


      • abedin,

        “We need to start killin’ people”.

        I agree.

        Those BLM cadre need to be careful of what they ask for.

  11. hummus abedin

    Two more videos for educational analysis:
    The first, 15:12.

    The second, 14:04.

    • I was on-campus, Berkeley, 1966-69. There were Reds in those days: Bettina (((Aptheker))), Susan (((Stern))), David (((Horowitz))) whipping up the communist mobs. These pajama boy-girls are pathetic by comparison.

  12. Shinmen Takezo

    The “protestors” were burning down the Berkley Campus???!!

    This is a “bad thing?!” –burning down the Berkely Campus that is?

    We (people like us) should’a been up there with them, with milk crates filled with pre-made molotov cocktails, passing them out to the rioters making sure they did the job correctly.

    Another golden opportunity missed here.

  13. ALCON,

    Berkley, the center of the ’60s counter-culture. How appropriate. Burn it right to the ground.

  14. These pajama boy precious snowflakes are built like 13 y.o. female vegetarians and only attack when the odds are 100 to 1 in their favor.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “only attack when the odds are 100 to 1 in their favor.”

      Sounds like a pretty good tactic.

  15. Cody, ask CA to put you in contact with me.

  16. Epic win by Milo. He trolled (tricked ) the alt left into burning down their own Vatican, their own home, Berkeley. They didn’t burn down Great Falls, Montana or Greenbow, Alabama in red state America. At most, a 100 people were going to hear him speak at Berkeley. Now, 10 million Amerikans are googling up his name and going to his youtube site and to Breitbart. Those 10 million Amerikans now see the alt left as the real Nazi’s, not the alt right. Those idiots who burned Berkeley made Trump, Milo and the alt right look like the adults in the room. Milo is laughing all the way to the bank, the alt right just got a huge influx of supporters and Trump looks to be leading the Rino’s to big wins in 2018 and to easier sailing in Washington.
    Epic troll by Milo.

    • Milo is a master at mental judo…nuff said!
      Yours In Daily armed Liberty!
      NorthGunner III

  17. Be interesting to see how trump handles some armed civil disobedience, eg the past bundy issue…

    He prob send in the Feds and force law and order… Ping!

    Hold, hhhooold, HHHOLD!

  18. From what I’m seeing, there is alot of de escalation training
    going on with major city law enforcement personel, and most
    probably smaller city areas close to “hot spots.”

    Eyes & Ears Open
    Whether one is in law enforcement or not, and as you know, the
    majority are not in law enforcement (officially) and just want to
    be left alone (inherently).

    “Every man to his family and his belongings”


    Protests come and protests go. We have yet to have Kent State Redux. As others have said, they are burning down and breaking up BERKELEY! Their Vatican! Excellent metaphor! Next stop, Wall Street, Seattle, SFO, or some other Blue Hive septic tank. Pass the popcorn and MGD! By the time they wake up to the fact that their Hives are all trashed, they will have nowhere else to go. If they come to my A/O, they will be met with great unpleasantness.
    And, in other news, the CDA Daily Fish Wrap is reporting that local Rawles Land patriot legislator Heather Scott(yes, a real gun-toting women with bigger balls than most of the corrupt hacks in Boise) is pushing a bill to ban Sharia Law in the court system. I don’t care if it’s grandstanding, after the mess in Twin Falls, something has to be done. AND, Lutheran World Relief in the Blue Hive of Spokane is going belly-up because The Donald’s Muzzie Ban had cut off their funding. They cannot import any more Mohammedan families to be sponsored by retired snowflake SJW school teachers. Sad Pandas abound. Stay tuned.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Boise is mostly transplanted metrosexuals from Bay Area, whole reason I left 23 yrs ago was to get away from these sissies and the Kalifornia laws they brought with them. Boise was a great place in the late 60’s-70’s (pop. 65,000- today 200,000+ in valley), then everything turned to shit as it became another Bay Area suburb, just like N. Idaho.
      Having been back to Idaho a many times (including your area), you have no idea how happy I am to live in Wyoming, it really is heaven compared to the progressive shithole urban Idaho has become.

  20. Here’s an update from Bonnie at Barenakedislam.com

    TRUMP RESPONSE to UC Berkeley riots which stopped Milo Yiannopoulos from speaking to sold-out audience of students

    It’d be damn interesting if Milo started toting a Fal….

    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty!
    NorthGunner III

  21. And of course the hollyweird ‘useful idiots’ scramble onto the riot bandwagon….

    UC Berkeley VIDEO: “Holy sh*t, they’re beating the hell out of people here”: Hollywood director Judd Apatow threatens US ‘THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING’

    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty!
    NorthGunner III