Baugh: Five HUMINT Collection Techniques

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5 responses to “Baugh: Five HUMINT Collection Techniques

  1. Rule number one is no cameras at training lessons. Or during ops.

    • Right…and absolutely NO SMART PHONES on anyone’s person. I would even go further and not allow a smart phone in the vehicle which transported the person to the place. Instruct that smart phones are to be left at home.

      • Privacy is really tough. It’s why your gear is getting searched. It’s why you are assigned a buddy to watch/watch you back.

        No cell phones, no camera, no voice recorder, unless specifically required for a mission. Notebooks/pencils in ziplock bag. Batteries are for flashlights, and radios are for Officer/NCO tactical communication. You may get a wired field telephone, and will get a whistle with hand signals.

        Motor vehicles? Most new vehicles have some kind of tracking built in, like GM OnStar. Prepare to walk, or bicycle.

  2. There is this digital body cam that looks like a pen. Good for a few hours if I recall correctly. I’ll have to find the URL and post it on the blog. Perfect for doing that movie adaptation of “Fifty Shades of Mosby”. You know, when the reincarnation of a Confederate General gives those vagina hat protesters what they really want…

  3. No one seems to get the fact that the article is not about personal security. It’s about going out into meatspace and doing something real.