Fundamental Transformation Continues


A reader sends:

The Long March to destroy American bastions of traditional values continues. Boy Scouts of America has announced (to great media fanfare) that it will now allow “transgender” children to join Boy Scout Troops and Cub Scout Packs. But that isn’t the whole story. Read the announcement and see for yourself. Instead of going by which gender is marked on the birth certificate, BSA now says it will go by what gender is marked on the Boy Scout/Cub Scout application.

This means girls can now join Boy Scout Troops and Cub Scout Packs simply by checking the “BOY” box on the application. Think about the implications of that, particularly for Boy Scout Troops.

–Youth Protection Training for all Scoutmasters, Assistant Scoutmasters, Troop Committee members, and other assorted Scouters currently does not address biological females in the Troop. Who will the biological female Boy Scouts share tents with? Where will their latrine facilities be established in the field? How will they be housed and showered at summer camp?

–Putting young females into a Troop of 11yo-18yo boys in puberty means Troop camaraderie, teamwork, and cohesion will be savagely impacted by the biological drive at that age to impress females and seek their attention (and their affection). How will that impact a Troop’s ability to perform its mission of instilling virtues and values into young boys so they will be virtuous young men?

–What effect will this have on recruiting, morale, and retention as Boy Scout Troop activities become tailored to accommodate females? Are there enough “biological females who consider themselves male” to make up for the inevitable exodus of Boy Scouts and adult leaders?

–In that same vein, what happens when backpacking, hiking, camping, and other outdoor activities are adjudged to be “too strenuous” for the girls in the Troop? At what point does a Scoutmaster throw up his hands and let the female parents say, “a 5 mile hike is too much for Chris/Pat/whatever. She — I mean, he cannot keep up with the other boys!” (Admit it — you know this will be far more common than the tough tomboy who can keep up the pace). Does that enhance or detract from the Boy Scout Troops’ mission of instilling mental toughness and physical stamina in the young boys who seek to become virtuous young men?

–Currently, BSA Youth Protection Training relies heavily upon what is called “Two-Deep Leadership.” A Boy Scout Troop event cannot take place without two adult leaders present. With the introduction of biological females (aka “girls” regardless of their gender identity) into the Boy Scout Troop as fully-fledged Boy Scouts, will Troops now REQUIRE that a troop with a “transgender” Scout have a female Assistant Scoutmaster present at all Troop activities?

–Men know what it was like to be a boy between ages 11 and 18, particularly that constant blast of hormones which affect behavior, and they more fully understand how to manage & direct the boys’ behavior back toward virtue and values. Women simply do not, any more than a man can know what it’s like to menstruate or be pregnant. This is not to discount the value of women, but it is like hiring a mechanical engineer to do a civil engineer’s job: Both are experts in their field, but a mechanical engineer will never understand grading, subsurface soil conditions, or water-flow direction like his civil engineering counterpart. Especially in this age when feminists view boys as “defective girls.”

–This BSA headquarters-directed policy took effect Jan 30, 2017. Two days later, local Boy Scout Councils have not issued guidance to individual Troops on how to implement this policy. Supposing a cute, girly, 15yo cheerleader-type girl announces she wants to join your son’s Troop, and marks the BOY box on her application. She doesn’t appear to be transgender. (You know this is coming as The Left continues to push the boundaries to destroy classic American-values-based institutions.) What to do? Troops are currently directionless. Does your Troop’s adult leadership reject her application because she doesn’t seem to really think she’s a “boy?” If so, does BSA HQ punish your Troop once it hits the press and receives negative attention?

–A truly “transgender” biological female child at age 11-18 is more likely to be a pawn of their parent’s or parents’ political-sexual virtue signaling than to have made a conscious decision to be a male. If this “biological female who identifies as male” is admitted into a Troop, that then injects the parents’ political-sexual virtue-signaling politics into the Troop dynamic. The Boy Scouts in the Troop have enough demands on their time with part-time jobs, marching band, sports, JROTC, dating, etc. to interfere with earning merit badges and attaining rank. Now BSA HQ is formally welcoming gender-identity politics into this mix? I thought parents encouraged their boys to join a Boy Scout Troop to avoid that stuff, not become embroiled in it.

–If BSA HQ thought gender-confused girls so badly need what a Boy Scout Troop can offer, wouldn’t they have been better off to buy out the sad husk of what was once a noble institution, Girl Scouts of America, and replace GSA’s tenets with the Boy Scout Oath, Scout Law, Scout Slogan, Scout Motto, merit badges, and ranks?

Inevitably, this new BSA HQ policy of “allow girls to join Boy Scout Troops as long as they check the ‘I’m a Boy!’ box on the application” is the final step toward simply making Boy Scout Troops fully co-educational. For Boy Scout Troops made up of 11-18yo boys in the throes of puberty, this is a mission distractor, not a mission enhancer.

This is a huge symptom of The Left’s clear intention to destroy any American institution which preserves Western Civilization’s cardinal values of Reason, Science, Liberty, and Individual Rights. Destroying the intact family was not enough.

And they will not stop until the rest of America is destroyed.

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  1. I am a Committee chair for my sons troop and have been an assistant scout master.
    One thing you need to understand is that for more than 20 years BSA has operated a co-ed version of Scouts called “Venturers”. There are already rules in place to cover male/females at camp and in activities. Every Summer camp that we have been to has included male and female scouts as camp councilors. Girls can join Venturers and do everything (actually a little more) that regular Troops do. The insurance for Venture crews actually allows them to do more high risk activities than normal troops.
    So, it is without a doubt that this nonsense was intended to destroy BOY scouting.
    The entire thing is a farce, because you could probably count on a few hands the number of tranny kids wanting to join scouts. Its just undermining the institution. The last two years our troop has lost boys and only added a small handful back. This is going on throughout our entire council, which is the largest in Georgia. I cant help but think that this will further depress recruiting and retention.
    This however is only a second front in the efforts. Over the years scouting has been damaged by the continued efforts to “pussyfy” the activities that Scouting does. This is the work of mothers who are overprotective and the fathers who allow them to make all of the decisions.
    For example this coming summer our troop will be going to a summer camp out of state. One of the new moms whos son just joined the troop said “My son is not going out of state!” What the Fuck? This type of shit pisses me off WAY more than potentially having a tranny scout.
    Now let me address the “issue” of girls or tranny scouts “keeping up”.
    Thats the least of the issues. We have plenty of boys who cant keep up because you have a wide range of ages. Troops have boys who are 13 short and clumsy, and boys who are 16 or 17 tall and athletic. You just accept that on a hike or other activity that some boys will out pace the others.
    Thats not to mention the problem of the adults who are all late 30’s to 50’s keeping pace with teenagers. Trust me our hikes all move along like an accordion with the fastest fittest kids in front and slowest kids in the back, adults are spread out over the whole group.
    So there is no issue there. Where there is an issue is that Boy Scouts is the last great organization that segregates by sex. Its that way on purpose because boys learn better when they are in a Troop culture with adult male leadership in a natural outdoor environment. Requiring Troops to function like crews destroys the founding principles that Baden Powell envisioned.

    The leveraging factor here is money. Because BSA depends heavily on corporate donations they are beholden to those businesses. These Social Justice Warriors have threatened the donors with boycotts and economic warfare if they cannot get BSA to change its policies. The donors demand that BSA conform or they will pull their money. BSA caves because the organization does not have any way to replace that funding.

    My son will finish his Eagle this year, when that happens I am done with scouts.

    • Then BSA needs to rethink its reliance on corporate donors who are captive to the SJW thugs. And those F***ing popcorn sales are not gonna do it.

    • The rest of the story is that the ‘agreement’ is not binding to Troops claiming a ‘religious’ exemption. It’s volentary and like the previous poster suggested largely a symbolic gesture. A good percentage of BSA Troops are church sponsored and many will dump the BSA before playing tranny scout.

      It should also be said that there are other, more faith based groups, that do a much better job with the core of BSA values and reflect the moral values of the parents.

      We have special sodomite privilege because for some twisted reason it’s viewed as a choice and not a disorder as it obviously is. The penis is there for vaginas, alternate uses are outside the design perimeters.

      The whole Boy Scout situation in general is very sad and the lame parents that used the BSA as a baby sitting service should be kicked hard in the face. The parents lacking a strong moral position have already been kicked in the face.

    • “Now let me address the ‘issue’ of girls or tranny scouts ‘keeping up’.
      Thats the least of the issues.”

      Ever been in a mixed-gender military unit? Not all females whine about doing physical exertion, but enough do to where “don’t ask females to do the heavy lifting, let the big guys do it” becomes the order of the day. It is just one more issue Troops will have to deal with now.

    • National Public Radio (NPR) interview between a female broadcaster and US Army Lieutenant General Reinwald about sponsoring a Boy Scout Troop on his military installation.

      Interviewer: “So, LTG Reinwald, what are you going to do with these young boys on their adventure holiday?”

      LTG Reinwald: “We’re going to teach them climbing, canoeing, archery, and shooting.”

      Interviewer: “Shooting! That’s a bit irresponsible, isn’t it?”

      LTG Reinwald: “I don’t see why, they’ll be properly supervised on the range.”

      Interviewer: “Don’t you admit that this is a terribly dangerous activity to be teaching children?”

      LTG Reinwald: “I don’t see how, we will be teaching them proper range discipline before they even touch a firearm.”

      Interviewer: “But you’re equipping them to become violent killers.”

      LTG Reinwald: “Well, you’re equipped to be a prostitute, but you’re not one, are you?”

  2. “Putting young females into a Troop of 11yo-18yo boys in puberty means Troop camaraderie, teamwork, and cohesion will be savagely impacted by the biological drive at that age to impress females and seek their attention (and their affection).”

    My first thought on this was the inevitable child protection investigations, lawsuits, pregnancies, etc. that would destroy the last vestiges of this organization. But then I realized this is just the org transforming into the US version of Komsomol or AUF and any issues would be quietly handled with payoffs, reassignments, cover ups, and abortion.

    • Haxo Angmark

      truth, but it goes much deeper than this. Part and parcel of the kosher Culture of Death: as the Jewess (((Gloria Steinem))) recently remarked: “in the future there will be no gender”.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        “In the future there will be no gender”.
        – Gloria Steinem

        Well, you *say* that….
        – Zombie Muhammad

  3. My son joined scouts in 2011 and it was a life changing event due to his disability. That was my first introduction to Scouting and I loved it along with him and was very involved to the point I could send him on his own. He was in a good troop with a great leader and good group of boys with involved fathers. I got to do 3 high adventure trips with him. He got his Eagle last year.

    I could see the writing on the wall when they opened up to homos. This whole transgender way of thinking is insane to begin with. I can’t believe those idiots were installed on the national council. I can’t believe we’re even having this conversation.

  4. Here’s a simple solution: let those who are homosexual or transgendered form their OWN scouting organization, that way they can have an environment that is theirs and not unduly interfere with the rights of others. If other people don’t want to associate or interact with people that are homosexual or transgender that’s their right.

    Yours in Liberty!
    NorthGunner III

    • Roland Deshain

      Now that would just make too much sense.

    • That’s the exact result of the agreement.

      There isn’t going to be bussing of the sadly parent mulnipulated children to Troops across the country. This is a matter of adult, mentally ill sodomites needing an institution that will tolerate and offer a sense of normalcy to thier perversion.

      Troops are ultimately a local effort.

  5. Didn’t the scouts win a right-of-association lawsuit years ago to keep out the homos? What the hell happened?

    • I emailed Boy Scouts of America’s national office asking why they made this change and who on national staff or Board of Directors was the proponent for this change. Response so far: Crickets…

    • Roland Deshain

      The libs never accept defeat.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        And it works pretty well for them. The Right’s tactic of never accepting victory: surprisingly less effective.

  6. ETA: I guess now they can remove the “morally straight” part from the scout oath.

    • I disagree,Trannys are not immoral unless they commit sexual acts. They have a mental illness.

  7. Lightninbolt

    Not the America I grew up in anymore! And these “reds” have the audacity to call us fascists! The term “civilization” does not include these tranny loving, barbaric “freaks of nature”! Never!

  8. The Marxist deconstruction of the West continues to march. Destroy the Civil Rights Division of the Justice Department, for starters. They are the enforcers.

  9. The BSA will not survive without LDS ( Mormon) support. Over 60 % of all money and volunteers come from the LDS church . The backbone of scouting is the adult volunteer and they are vanishing quickly.

    • Yep and other leftist religious groups as well.

    • And that is the point, the poster way above is correct, there aren’t more than 20 tranny scouts looking to join. So it’s not about that, it’s not about Pat the hermaphrodite trying to get in and make some smores. No one is trying to get their special self mutilation badge, (((they’re))) looking to destroy a male institution. Sad day.

  10. Roland Deshain

    Just think of all the new merit bade classifications!

  11. Roland Deshain

    “badge” not “bade” Duh!

  12. Since all of us here have access to the computer:
    Write this psychopath CEO a letter and mail it today!

    Chief Scout Executive Michael Surbaugh
    1325 W Walnut Hill Ln, Irving, TX 75038

    • Done. The website indicates that, unless you’re the media, you won’t get a reply, you’ll have to contact your local council for that.

      They won’t like what I wrote, that’s for sure.

      • nor will they care. When the (((debtholder))) says jump, you jump.

        • Jimmy the Saint

          Depends on who the debt holder is. Exempli gratia: probably the only thing more dangerous than owing the mafia money is having them owe you. No debt holder, no debt.

  13. Jeffery in Alabama

    With the first suicide attempt, the bullet barely grazed the skull just above the temple. This time, BSA is eating the barrel of 12 ga. loaded with 00 buck. They can’t miss. As long as people go along to get along, this kind of BS will continue.

  14. Tar and feathering, this is one of the old things that need to be brought back!!

  15. POd American

    If my son were still in the “BOY” scouts today, it would be his last day with this now pitiful organization. I have seen the decline over the past 15 years. The entire scouting community should be calling for the hides of the executive body and their immediate removal.

    I remember fighting the governing “Council” well over a month to okay a weekend camping trip to my local gun club for the purpose of providing the boys with proper instruction in handling and safely using guns. If they met the standards they were to earn “Rifle and Shotgun” merit badges. I also fought with the troop’s “single mommies” that didn’t want their little boys knowing anything about scary guns (there were many). I did not give up; in the end I found two NRA certified instructors that hated the existing Council enough to volunteer their weekend monitoring/conducting the shotgun and rifle ranges. I also arranged for our states Hunter Education/Testing providing certs to those who wanted state hunting licenses. It turned out to be a huge success (literally every boy in the troop earned two merit badges) and the presentation ceremony was the largest we ever had. Still hard for me to believe that this occurred in Oklahoma!!

    Boys are just defective girls? Well, they are partially correct…all little boys raised by these socialist lefties are doomed to be defective girls. Am I now to expect defective little girls wearing little green “kilts” going door to door selling cookies…it’s coming. I would also expect the entire Mormon community to be completely outraged!

  16. Max Alexander

    Should just be co-ed anyway. What’s wrong with you people? You also don’t want women running marathons? If they just made it co-ed there would be none of this tranny question.

    Also, I hear Girl Scouts is basically a corporation for selling cookies, with no real activities for girls. My boys are in cub scouts. I want my daughter to be able to go also and be a tom boy and do all that stuff.

    That is how you raise strong conservative women, who train. When we hike as a family, we don’t leave the women at the truck, making fucking sammiches.

    • The Boy Scouts were not founded to ‘raise strong conservative women.’ It was founded to help bring boys up to be ‘strong conservative men,’ to paraphrase your original words. Courage, strength, honor, citizenship, woodcraft, etc.

      It’s a red herring to conflate all organizational activities as appropriate for both genders because it doesn’t work. It’s also irrelevant to rationalize the gender mixing in the BSA because of what the Girl Scouts may or may not have become. Boys should have exclusive activities just as girls should; the integration of activities will come naturally later in life, such as the example of your family hiking. There’s the ‘tom boy’ activity provided by the family unit as it should be. Of course, you could always start a co-ed organization for young people…who knows, might go viral.

      • Addendum:“The progressive movement in the United States was at its height during the early twentieth century. With the migration of families from rural to urban centers, there were concerns among some people that young men were no longer learning patriotism and individualism. Starting in the 1870s, the YMCA was an early promoter of social welfare and other reforms involving young men around a program of mental, physical, social and religious development. Early corn clubs for farm boys began to develop into the 4-H around 1902.[1] In 1896, years before the Scouting movement was founded by Baden-Powell he met the American born Chief of Scouts in British Africa, Frederick Russell Burnham, and learned from him the fundamentals of scouting, inspiring him and giving him the plan for the program and the code of honor of Scouting for Boys, and thus“The BSA’s stated purpose at its incorporation in 1910 was “to teach [boys] patriotism, courage, self-reliance, and kindred values.”[4]:7 Later, in 1937, Deputy Chief Scout Executive George J. Fisher expressed the BSA’s mission: “Each generation as it comes to maturity has no more important duty than that of teaching high ideals and proper behavior to the generation which follows.””“Frederick Russell Burnham DSO (May 11, 1861 – September 1, 1947) was an American scout and world-traveling adventurer. He is known for his service to the British South Africa Company and to the British Army in colonial Africa, and for teaching woodcraft to Robert Baden-Powell in Rhodesia. He helped inspire the founding of the international Scouting Movement.

        Burnham was born on a Lakota Sioux Indian reservation in Minnesota where he learned the ways of American Indians as a boy. By the age of 14, he was supporting himself in California, while also learning scouting from some of the last of the cowboys and frontiersmen of the American Southwest. ”

        So much for co-ed purposes….

    • Max, I agree with Girls being in A Scouting organization.
      I have no problem with Venture Scouts in fact my son is also in a Venture crew. The issue is the further efforts to erode traditional institutions.
      I think its important to keep Boy scouting gender specific. I would love for BSA to take over Girl Scouts and replicate the same programs and return Girl scouts to its roots as well.
      Many girls do not want to be in Girl scouts because it went off the deep end years ago. It is all about selling cookies and what I have been told a heavy emphasis on vegan, tree hugging environMENTALism.
      Like I said, there are many reasons to allow a place for boys to be boys without the social issues that a co-ed unit would introduce.

      • Max Alexander

        I was in the British Combined Cadet Force from age 14 till leaving school. Co-ed. Royal Military Academy Sandhurst was in the Company with the female platoon. Women in all sorts of high speed areas in BritMil. Yes I understand issues, but I have no problem with it, and I am far from being a fucking feminist progressive. Yes, no women passed Para or SAS Selection ever, but there are women in UKSF.

    • I hate to break this to you, dear sir, but they will indeed be “making fucking sammiches”, with one in front and one behind.

  17. I walked away from being a Scout Leader, (Tiger Cubs) more than twenty years ago. I had to be “vetted”, background checked, educated, yada, yada, yada. Passed, no problemo. The big thing then was, you could NEVER be alone with a scout in an official capacity, ostensibly to prevent you from immediately raping the scout or something. Even if the scout was your own child! Imagine how THAT felt, being told you couldn’t be alone with your own child in a scout setting, to prevent you from immediately going all crazy on them. Then the little blurbs of news comes in. The BSA had their “no alone with a single scout” policy, but half a dozen Calif. Highway patrol officers were allowed to take Venture Scouts alone on “ride alongs”, and were up for, raping, sodomizing, pimping, gang fucks, and you name it. I have to go through the third degree for months before I’m allowed to talk to a troop of Tigers about wood craft, but they hand over teenage Scouts to the tender mercies of the CHP, who promptly start fucking them like some one just opened the candy store. BSA is long dead. It’s just a worthless tool of the leftists, and has been for decades. That ANY supposedly Christian Church has ANY sponsorship of a BSA troop, is only a testament to how depraved that church is.

  18. How many transgenders will end up pregnant?

  19. Boy Scouts started out as military scouts in the British colonial wars — a very adult function — and has steadily moved to a Puritanical system to deny adulthood to humans who are sexually mature.

    One old Boy Scout book I read showed high school age scouts having a campfire at night on the beach with a guitar and girlfriends, minus adult chaperones. That hasn’t happened since Fred Reed’s time.

    Isolating children in a single-sex environment is a perversion which grows warped personalities, just like single-age classrooms. The focus you gain from eliminating young women is not a healthy thing. It leads towards being a soldier, instead of a more mellow planning of a fruitful life together in civilization with a woman.

    Maybe there’s an evolutionary reason humans are so driven to pair bond and breed at that age. Let the young adults move out to independent households and start families at age 15 if they want to. Be a lot more educational in man-hood than all that braiding fake Indian wristbands crap.

    Wendy McElroy once remarked that freedom will come last to “children”.

    • wrong again, you communist fuck. It’s about destroying maleness itself. As per (((Gloria Steinem)))’s remark, as quoted above. In specific context, liquidating the White race. A (((project))) now well advanced, via (((bankster)))-induced fratricidal wars, (((Red)))revolutions, the kosher Culture of Death (abortion, porn, faggotry, feminism) crippling White reproduction, and universalist Tikkun Oam open-borders non-White hostile insourcing:

      % of world population White

      1900: 30%

      2000: 8%

      2100: extinct

      I DK who/what a “Wendy McElroy” is. But you can shove it a place where the sun never shines.

      • I say I want co-ed camping leading to new families at age 15. You say I want to destroy maleness and cripple White reproduction. I don’t think you read what I wrote.

    • “…Wendy McElroy once remarked that freedom will come last to “children”…”

      ROFLMBO– you mean the same ‘Wendy McElroy’ who pushes pornography for children?

      It’s always the godless liberal commie tree hugging baby killers who post ‘anonymously’.

  20. Frankly, I see a very simple solution. Normal people should not allow their boys to join. BSA will fold without participation. Then a group can rise from the ashes and start another group with the “old school” values and objectives of the formerly sane BSA.

  21. I guess “morally strait” is no my part of the scout oath.

  22. There is nothing gender-specific regarding the Scout Oath and Law. There is nothing gender specific about almost all the Scout outdoor activities, except for the shower and toilet facilities at Scout summer camps.

    However. I’ve been a Scoutmaster for 10 years. Allowing girls 11-14 to mix with the boys will irrevocably change the program. All the activities will have to be changed to accommodate lowest-common denominator girls. Whiny girls and their whiny moms cannot be resisted. As a result, the boys will be hobbled, forced to deny their natures, and become bored and quit.

    Boys of 11-14 are not in control of themselves, full of energy, constantly testing their strength and their ability to be leaders of men, and develop into young men at highly variable rates.

    I won’t do it. I don’t know how to do it. When the girls come knocking, I’m gonna tell them get lost, or I will. I will not accommodate girls in Boy Scouts. I will not believe any assurances any mom/dad makes that their darling daughter can keep up with the boys, and doesn’t need or doesn’t want special accommodations. They will all demand that all the boys have to change to suit the girls.

    Venturing/Sea Scouts is a different matter. With the minimum age of 14, from 14 to 20, they are all young men and young women, and they all know that we expect them to behave as young men and young women in control of themselves. And we believe they can. And yes, the young women are expected to keep with the young men, and for the most part they do. Young women of those ages are highly motivated to keep up with the young men, and show that they can do anything.

    • If you withdraw you would be teaching the boys and parents that grounded, stable American family men, leaders in the community, can’t stand up to average whiny American women. Maybe your Scoutmaster taught you that by his example?

  23. The BSA was on shaky ground for the last several years.

    They’ve now solved that in perpetuity, by leaping into the abyss headfirst.

    Now, they aren’t worth anyone’s time, nor a warm bucket of spit.
    Write ’em off.

  24. This is what the totalitarian freaks want to further push:
    “There are actually two systems, one for the Communist Party members and one for everyone else. And that’s very, very bad. And education is not education. It’s indoctrination. Plus, it’s not free because every school child has to spend his or her summer doing slave labor in agricultural camps.”
    In its entirety here:
    ‘Confessions Of A Cuban Boy’ Author Talks About Life As A Cuban Refugee

    “Every man to his family and his belongings”

  25. Jimmy the Saint

    – Zombie Lord Robert Baden-Powell

  26. My son and I started in scouting when he was a tiger scout. I became an asst troopleader. After a few years the councilheadquarters became increasingly dictatorial. The homo type decrees were only part of the problem. We live in a small southern town and boys and their parents started peeling off pretty quickly. My son and i jumped ship. I think the troop went from 60 boys to 3-4 in a matter of two years. Many went to Trail Life USA. These marxist/homos/freaks should understand when they corrupt an organization they will be left holding the bag….an empty one.


    This whole thing is part of the cultural and gender-identity destruction of this once-decent country. I was never a Boy Scout, but my nephew went all the way to Eagle. It used to be a fine organization. What we have here is another symptom of our terminal disease.
    It started in the 19th Century with the Fabians and Theosophists. They infiltrated the education system with John Dewey. Along came Margaret Sanger with her racist philosophies and Planned Parenthood. Add Albert Pike, TR and the “Progressives”, the 16th&17th Amendments, The Fed, Woodrow Wilson, WWI, FDR, WWII, Communist infiltration of our government and Hollywood, the murder of JFK, ‘NAM and the military-industrial complex, Roe v. Wade, the Bush-Clinton-Obama cabal, trillions in debt, border destruction and perpetual war. Did I miss anything?

  28. You’re not ever going to defeat them… unless you kill them. At the least, throw them is some dungeon and forget about them.

    But, but… that’s so Stalin! So… Mao! So… Nazi! So… anti free speech!

    Something like… giving them the freedom and liberty to kill the spirit, mind, and body. Those dead old white guys were real assholes. Why, if they would have “speeched” back more… forcefully, and made themselves more… better understood… they never would have had all the bloodshed!

    Let’s appeal to their common… decency!