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  1. They definitely DO NOT:

  2. If it is actually war that these fools want, it is war we are quite capable of giving it to them.
    Then here them cry, and want their mommies.

  3. Triggered Thumb sucking snowflakes practicing goat yoga in their safe places one minute, rioters, arsonists, vandals and mean spirited little fucks the next. i dont think I would have a problem shooting one, just to watch them revert back to the latter.

    • Hell, the sight of me shouldering my Fn-Fal while indexing the receiver would be enough to get these collectivist bedwetters to start shaking uncontrollably and crying for their mommas!

      Bunch of cowardly piss assed mangina punks with their collectivist skank GF’s.

      Yours in Liberty!
      NorthGunner III

  4. You do know what happens to snowflakes when the heat is turned up….right?

  5. You guys want to dance, it’s best done suppressed, from a covered and concealed position, with you spotter/security. Infil/Exfil plan, and mission plainly written, with B,C,D, etc. along with alternate targets, support, friendly locs, the whole nine yards. May as well start off that way, because if any of the loyal opposition survives, they will be quick to copy what you do, and having them play catch up is a lot better than watching them step up and swing. Don’t forget to treat your ammo bearers, spies, and support people with family-like courtesy and respect. For every 100 fighters, 500 support people will be needed. And don’t forget the money. When you hit these birds, leave them feeling like they’ve just been bare-ass-dragged over broken glass, and hosed with hot sauce.

  6. The Usual Suspect

    ” Here kitty, kitty “

  7. “This is war”?….. That’s adorable. Trust me, these assholes will know when it’s “war”.

    • Oathkeepers says a fair number of ex-military people are involved with the fucktard crowd. Obey and maintain all learned protocol pursuant to kicking the shit out of them. Discipline and SOP are to be maintained against all hostiles.Never underestimate your enemy. The battle is won or lost before it is fought.I am a firm believer and proponent of scorched earth.Stomp them into the fucking ground! Remove their capacity to wage war.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        “Never underestimate your enemy.”

        Yep. Make a list of all of the countries/peoples that the communists have conquered, and all of those that have successfully repelled them (especially without any outside help.) They may take heavy losses in the process, but their W/L record is decent.

  8. CavGuy, (me cavguy, too, 1970) right you are. But Lt., that was in the Infil/Exfil order, ja? Still, it’s nice to know that some are using their brain bucket. And it’s also why two hombres minimo. Cuatro ojos ven mas’ que dos. (Two heads are better than one)

    • Ojos are eyes.
      Cabezas are heads.
      And your quote says “Four eyes see more than two.”
      You were looking for “Doz cabezas son mas mejor que uno” if you wanted to get to “Two heads are better than one.”
      Just saying.

  9. The Cheeto is having the same effect on the left as shillary would’ve had on the right.

    Plenty of prior service mixed in there on both sides.

    Just remember… what one man can do- another man can do.

    on a side note. doesn’t anyone think having your daughter as “first lady” is a tad bit odd? it disturbs me, but, i actually use my brain most of the time.
    anywho, things are going right as planned by the New World Odor types…

    • not at all. Trump is, as he has publicly stated, very fond of his daughter.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Enh, given that “First Lady” is purely a ceremonial designation, it doesn’t really matter who fills it. Ivanka’s as good a choice as any for the spot. And it’s not unprecedented – James Buchanan’s niece was First Lady, though that’s because Buchanan was a bachelor.

  10. “War” with these wastes of skin and oxygen would look like Kent State, 1970.
    Just like it looked at Kent State in 1970.

    I think you’re looking at this the wrong way: if we can get those fucktards to burn down the entire Berkeley campus, then we’ve saved someone else the trouble later on. As a bonus, they don’t have anything left to protest at the smoking hole formerly known as UC Berkelely, and the state and local .gov is no longer their friend.

    More fires x faster = better, please.
    (Like anyone would believe it wasn’t radical students.)

  11. Follow the money instead of these social distractions, the real war mongers are their paymasters and disbursement cadre.. wonder how much their payroll would be these days.. head of the snake too.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Yes. These aren’t college students rioting, they are paid professionals. Notice the same uniforms? Communists stirring up shit, hoping it leads to bigger riots, but I wonder if they know it will lead to a shooting war, or is that what they really want?
      If I were in an area of interest (nothing happens here in the middle of BumfuckistanWyoming) I would be dusting off my old Freikorps uniform and cleaning my can for optimum performance.

      • Freikorps vs. Spartacists, redux.

        Thing is – this time, the Freikorps – if it stands – will not be pre-hardened by four years of early 20th century total war.

        Place your bets.

        • Jimmy the Saint

          Some of them will be hardened by 16 years of war, though. There is that.

        • Let’s be fair: a good hunk of Freikorps was hardened by 15 or so years of early 21st century dirty war.

          Never bet on the amateurs once professionals get involved.
          These are modern day VC: agents provocateurs, and cannon fodder, in that order, just like the first time around.