Sparks31: 2017 Classes


Details here and here.

Hope to see you there.

2 responses to “Sparks31: 2017 Classes

  1. Ok folks, while I’d like to do classes all across the US, the current situation with the day job prevents it.

    It’s 2100 miles from Connecticut to Wyoming. That’s a 2-3 day drive, depending on how much you hate yourself. It’s 8 hours flying. Most other locations are closer. There’s direct service from Denver to Riverton, and two general aviation airports where you can park your Piper Cub or Cessna. Hotels are cheap, and there’s enough public land to camp out on for the weekend.

    Despite all that, I understand money’s tight, so if you can make it out here, I can work with you on the class price towards some barter/trade items. Especially if you have ammo, PMs, uranium ore, good jade, Geiger counters, livestock, a Papillon or Pomeranian puppy, 1960s vintage Chevy C10 with a decent body, or anything marked Icom or Yaesu.

    • And lest anyone wants to lifestyle assumptions, the puppy and Chevy truck are for my wife. Everyone who’s met me IRL knows I prefer Ford.