The Anonymous Pro-Trump ‘Decius’ Now Works Inside The White House



And again:


UPDATE 1735E 2FEB2016: Link now fixed.

11 responses to “The Anonymous Pro-Trump ‘Decius’ Now Works Inside The White House

  1. This Is Fucking Awesome Agitprop!
    What they don’t realize is the jokes on them, they are right and us dirt people approve.
    Trump was always an insurgent. It is why He is The Great Fuck You. Us dirt people started a revolution and the self proclaimed red diaper baby “revolutionaries” never saw it coming. They still don’t see it.

    ( from )

    • Notice (((they))) want their brainwashed 16 year olds to vote.

      I called this issue 2 years ago. (((Disney))) has been pushing it as one of (((their))) weapons against white babies.

  2. And so many of you sphincters said Trump was a fraud.

    F. U.

  3. “The writer is a senior national-security official in the Trump White House, nearly a decade after serving in a similar role for George W. Bush. ”

    Whew for a second there I thought maybe he was one o them there swampy creatures that destroys our freedumbs. Apparently he’s with us ’cause he’s not with the terrorists? It’s either or dontcha know.

  4. Bush…Iraq…Murdoch…Citi…Blackrock. Maybe the skunk can change its scent. I doubt it, but we’ll soon see. Borders and Iran will be the touchstones. Anyway, for now it’s entertaining….Performance Art, just like during the election. Today, 2/2, was a howl: Trump tells Australia to keep its Muslim rejects, threatens to invade Mexico, and gets into a public row with Schwarzenegger over “Apprentice” ratings…which’ll probably double the ratings. Just like he turned Megyn Kelly from nobody to somebody and then a multi-millionaire. It’s…”winning”!!

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