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  1. hummus abedin

    One From Twitter:

    From Gatewa Pundit: VIOLENT FAR LEFT PROTESTERS Shut Down Conservative Gavin McInnes’s Speech at NYU
    IT HAPPENED AGAIN– Violent leftists shut down another conservative’s speech tonight.
    Gavin McInnes was scheduled to speak at NYU tonight.

  2. Jimmy the Saint

    Brings to mind Fran Porretto’s quote on legitimization: “A behavior deemed generally unacceptable, if permitted to continue without being redressed, thereby becomes legitimate. Not approved, mind you; just moved outside the scope of the law . . . “

  3. Ms. Teller is incorrect.

    If one side quits playing democracy, the game isn’t over, its forfeit.
    And the penalty box is made of pine boards, with a matching lid.

    If the other side wants to skin their smokewagons and get to work, we can start watering the Liberty Tree in due course. A lot of us learned what makes the grass grow in boot camp, and haven’t forgotten that horticultural tidbit in the interval.

  4. SemperFi, 0321

    Hey, it’s Super Bowl weekend. Find something more important to post.

  5. Look only ONE side ever “plays” in a democracy… the mob +1. This country is NOT a democracy.

    The “torch of civilization” should be “western white civilization” and it is under attack by a Muslim INVASION everywhere, U.S. Canada, EU and assisted by leftist governments. IF the .gov does not ship them back… the people will have to take care of the situation or die trying.

    Grey Ghost

  6. Civilization Exhaustion. If you ALWAYS have milk, and butter, and cheese and eggs, you soon grow tired of them, and you have something else. Go totally without these things, for a week, or a fortnight, and tell me how you feel about them then. Liberty is not a torch. Liberty is air to breathe, solid ground to walk on, wind in your hair, sun on your brow, and knowing that these things are only yours if you MAKE them yours, and KEEP them yours. Liberty is a lifelong labor for something you love, and must always pursue.Liberty is something that makes you think, all the time, and starts to move away from you the moment you decide to to be lazy, greedy, or stupid. Liberty is a blessing from the Hand of Almighty G*d, and once you get cavalier about it, He’ll show you why you wanted it in the first place. Want Liberty? Humble yourself, to G*d and man, and realize that Liberty is Grace. You don’t deserve it, or anything else. But you can get it. G*d’s Grace is reserved for the humble in spirit.

    • Sean: Your comment was a SOLID kick in the nutz…. it will haunt for the rest of the day while feeding hay……THANKS