Bracken On The Upcoming Dirty Civil War


Hi Peter,
I posted Mountain Guerrilla’s exchange with Sam C, and in general, a lot of comments are questions about how our own civil war will manifest.

In my opinion, it’s going to look a lot like the rollout to the “Dirty War” in Argentina during the 1970s. Almost all internet histories of the Dirty War are proggy whitewashes, where evil military bastards out of the clear blue sky suddenly decided to “disappear” and murder innocent social activists, community organizers, liberal professors etc. This is, of course, utter bullshit.

I’m looking for some better background on the origins of the Dirty War, but this link is pretty good. I think this is what the early stages of our own “Dirty Civil War” will look like.


Go to the link Matt sent for the text, which is filled with embedded links worth exploration as well.

Pro tip: Remember that absent total victory for side or the other, there will be some kind of post-war “Reconciliation Process”. People being people, don’t be too surprised to see non-trivial blue-on-blue rat finking as weak humans vie for peacetime status and position.

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  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. Here’s a good example Matt, the neo-Bolshevik’s CNN just did a serious psy-op job.
    You got to watch it, classic marxist straw man agitprop.
    I thank the good Lord there is guys like Max and you who have taught me how to win the fight.

    • This pisses me off because the super wealthy who can do this are the BAD GUYS who have the fiat dollars to do it FOR ALL OF THE REASONS WE DISCUSS HERE EVERYDAY. It’s maddening.

      In this world, literally the amount of fist dollar wealth a man has is inversely proportional to how much “real man” work he has done.

      Think about it.

      I’ve tried to turn a friend on to red pill and he remains a person who thinks only (((peer reviewed))) (((Harvard)))) studies can be trusted.

      Then a few weeks ago he sent me this link and said I might be right. He’s a tech guy–an engineer and a patent lawyer. He thinks the technological singularity will SAVE the human race!!!! Thinks when robots go all work the humans just sit by the pool all day. Like perfect communism.

      How fucking stupid can one be?

      No understanding that obviously violence will determine who gets to allocate the resources.

      Anyway, most of us rednecks who have predicted the collapse for years don’t have the fiat wealth to buy as much Ammo as we need let alone 500 acres in New Zealand.

      And it’s correlated. Many of us have white collar degrees but one cannot get rich in this world the last 20 years with out going along with the corporate PC antiwhite game.

      If a man refuses to do it, he could end up unemployed and homeless like me, even if he was too 5% at a top tier law school.

      It’s fucking sickening.

      • Fiat wealth, jewPhone!!!!!!

        Robots do all work. My friend thinks technology will solve all human problems!!! And he’s serious!!!!! Even the movie WALL-E shows the problem with that. (That movie depicts the present, by the way, not the future.)

        There will be a Negan or Negan groups in every “district.”

        There will always be a king and violence makes right. Period.

        Pisses me off that right now the fiat dollar is still needed to pay rent and buy Ammo and the fat evil Jew lawyers and bankers have 90% of the wealth.

        Many of them ARE smart enough to use their ill gotten dollars to buy guns and ammo and have patriots outgunned.

        Angry patriots are angry because (((the system))) fucked us the last 60 years.

      • Imagine flocks of quadcopters-with-pistols in numbers to block out the sun, technology used for humans to battle humans. The focus on 80% receivers shows a serious lack of imagination.

  3. Oh!

    Read that link. Aside from lots of reality education is the humbling part that says one rebel group of intellectuals and students kidnap and kill someone they deem the enemy….

    Sounds like pieces of a college campus from today… looks like ‘ol Milo got out just in time…

  4. Reconciliation Process? Shit, I’d rather move to South Africa!

  5. There will be no civil war because there is no opposition party. There will be no “Dirty War” because “conservatives” believe the same things the Communists believe./ S//

    • Spot-fucking-on.

    • Put the bong down, Steve.
      When a statement is so ridiculous you make Alex Jones sound calm and reasonable, it’s time.

      There will be no civil war yet, because so far all the Truck Fump FSA wants to do is burn Berkeley down.

      I’m still trying to find a down side to that idea, and wondering how to supply them with the wherewithal to pull it off.

      If they ever come to Mayberry, I doubt things will go anything like as they did last week.

    • what nominal “conservatives” believe is becoming increasingly irrelevant. When the debt blows up, there will be a hot, dirty, and extended internal war. So-called “conservatives”, who have conserved nothing, will be dealt with as harshly as the Reds.

    • The Berkeley riot reaffirms the axiom — “When a riot starts in __________, it stays in _________”. Seems to apply even when outside ‘assistance’ is being provided. My only disappointment is that the rioters did not burn down the whole campus.

  6. If there is a ‘period of reconciliation’ the losing Left will demand “justice” against the winners, and our leaders (almost always the Right’s weak spot) might capitulate in the name of peace and prosperity (esp the leader’s prosperity.)

    So how about no 1/2 measures this time, and no witnesses?

  7. Sorry. O/T (but not really). I was compelled to post  this.

    Absolutely impeccable piece of satire from Virgil! Too funny! You’ll be LYAO as you read this! I know I did.

    On the Deep State Committee and the Morlock’s plan to take out that “thing” that threatens their underground lair.


  8. (((Their))) profound hope is that there will be no need for overt kinetics as it would/will scare the sheep. They have bought copious amounts of time with the Trump presidency as many have simply put their red hat on the fireplace mantle and declared victory. If it becomes plainly obvious that Trump is indeed a “trump” card then plan B would be to pick a fight with Iran. The “fed fiat paper rich” are building bunkers because they fear neither plan will work since we currently resemble Rome in almost every aspect imaginable.

  9. It’s not just us quinnine clingers who are starting pools of when the first Kent State of 2017 will begin. AoS, of all the supreme pussy phuck-me-in-the-ass #nevertrumper RINO cucks, has promoted his own crystal ball (and seems to be buying calls).

    When it gets to that point, well, there ya are.

    … ”
    Politicians, “journalists,” and “celebrities” are actively encouraging punching people they call “Nazis” (which means anyone who disagrees with them; they should just say “Pagans”) and “setting it all on fire.”

    The TV director who made this pronouncement said to open a history book — it’s the only way, she advised.

    She should open a history book herself. She should point to me a single case where rampant political violence from one faction was not quickly met by equal or even greater political violence from the factions that were being preyed upon.

    Does she think people are going to sit back and let themselves be beaten because the “arc of history” demands they take their lumps agreeably?

    No, sister. Soon the people you punch will start punching back, and then, not long after that, they’ll start punching first.

    And what moral ground will you have to object to it? Your rules, Vagina Warrior.”

  10. If Matt now sees the future as an Argentine style roll out, then it’s really more of a state sponsored purge than a civil war.

    It’s a Civil War when the guys with West Point rings are shooting at each other.

  11. VoxDay on the Berkley riots and a link to Molyneux interviewing the woman pepper sprayed.

    “Notice that both the pepper-spray attackers were women. These are not fearsome streetfighters, they are relying on getting in and out without being touched.”

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  13. Way off base for Mosby to run down Levoy Finicum, who alter all died confronting the FedGov beast. To hold him up as an example for ridicule, as the author does is both rude and ignorant.

    Finicum did something, as much as the black block you compliment in this article, and he wasn’t on the side of evil, what ever his shortcomings as a tactical guru. He was, by all accounts, the best spokesman the group had. And let us not forget he was led into the ambush by one or more rat traitors.

    Until I see you stand up and confront the Beast you have no standing to mock those who have, particularly those who paid the ultimate price.

  14. The Jew who wrote the commentary on “Days of Rage”, and the guy who in the comments showed an old ’68 copy of Captain America, getting between the Jews and Neo-Nazis about to go at it,( and shaming them both for it) is a perfect example of seeing the danger, and coming up with bullshit to deal with it. Both the Jew, and the commentator want to roast both sides for going violent, when the truth is, just like during the Holocaust, violence and death are not effectively resisted by harsh language, accommodation, or virtue. Jews stupidly still bleat like idiot sheep, for their own destruction, and ours, here in the US, under the guise of every evil Leftist doctrine. Don’t fight! Reason and restraint! Dialogue! The Moral High Ground! The Left knows all about the box cars, the ovens, the gas. They’ve brainwashed a new generation to not only get in those box cars, but to cheer lead every one else into to them as well. THE NAZIS WERE COMMUNISTS BY OTHER NAMES. When the time comes to actually fight, and I mean knock-down drag-out killing time, and we don’t get our skin in the game, the game is over. And that’s what the Left, and their little helpers, want. The Left knows their Sun Tzu, better than we do. The General who can defeat an enemy, without even having to fight him, is the one who shows true skill, and is the one to be admired above all others.

    • Jimmy the Saint


      They’re a bad point of comparison for just about anything, since they were basically a historical one-off. They were nationalistic, and kind of fascistic, but they wanted a return to an agrarian past, not moving forward to an industrial future. They were of the Left, but didn’t really mesh with any of the other types of Leftism.

  15. I can also see the similarities & hybrid type warfare to the Provisional IRA conflict as a possibility.
    Until that day….

    **** Recommended viewing for today’s laughs.
    (Spoiler alert : the face palm by Scotty is classic)

    Captain Kirk Meets Ashley Judd – ‘I’m a Nasty Woman’

  16. The Usual Suspect

    How very interesting, especially the additive responses.
    Things look to get really sporty when it warms up.
    Got lists ?

  17. RE: my comment – I may have misunderstood who the author of the article is, if it’s “Mosby” , if it’s someone else, that’s who my comments are directed to.

  18. looks like Plan B. Once the temporary ban on (some) Muslims from (some) countries expires – 135 days and counting – and the Regime needs to distract attention from a renewed raghead invasion.

    Muslims aside, during the first two weeks of the reign of the alt-Right’s “God-Emperor”, more than 100,000 other non-White, illegal & legal “new Americans” have poured across the disappeared borders.

  19. I was a kid in the ’60 when ROTC buildings were being burned and bombed. Still remember it well. That, by the way is how Barry the Kenyan’s blow buddy Bill Ayers got his chops. That will happen again but this time it will be Churches and conservatives being assassinated.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Not much need to hit the churches – most denominations these days are reliable witnesses to Jesus The First Communist / Our Lady – If-That’s-How-She-Self-Identifies Of The Fabulous Self.

  20. The Usual Suspect

    One can only hope .

  21. SemperFi, 0321

    Bottom line, there is no easy way out of this.
    If you start beating those women with the pepper spray, it escalates.
    If you start shooting all the black hooded commies, it escalates.
    If you do nothing, it escalates.
    This will not go away all on it’s own. Look at 1919 Russia or Germany. I’m still going to put my nickel on Freikorps.