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I don’t know if the rules here are similar in vein to Vox Day’s on this subject (that is guns are always on topic). Since this is a gun owning area of the internet, I wanted to get some thoughts on what are the best (reliability, durability, accuracy) top five to ten 9mm or .40 cal sidearms (combat/fighting not concealed carry) on the market in the opinions of the readers here. Would love if you might post it as an open post.

If not no worries.

Have at it.

Open thread.

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  1. Prosecution: “The defendant was found to be in possession of a Glock pistol of exactly the same variety identified in the video footage of the shooting.”
    Defense: “Objection, your honour. My client also has hands and feet like the man in the footage. Glocks are literally the most common pistol in the world.”
    Judge: “Objection sustained. Jurors please disregard the prosecution’s last remarks.”