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I don’t know if the rules here are similar in vein to Vox Day’s on this subject (that is guns are always on topic). Since this is a gun owning area of the internet, I wanted to get some thoughts on what are the best (reliability, durability, accuracy) top five to ten 9mm or .40 cal sidearms (combat/fighting not concealed carry) on the market in the opinions of the readers here. Would love if you might post it as an open post.

If not no worries.

Have at it.

Open thread.

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  1. Soy 226 solid full sized semiauto sidearm 15 shots all metal preferable to clock imho.

  2. Nothing has changed since this was written:

    Side note:

    Your pile of smokewagons should look more like an arms room and less like a museum.

    TL;DR – Stock Glock 9mm. All day. Every day. Fuck bitching about shit like, “grip angle”, “souless” and your feelings. A firearm is not an extension of your personality, it’s an extension of your goddamned will.

  3. Glock 19.
    One can pretty much fix anything on it (unless you totally destroy the frame) with the “glock tool” that is a pin punch.
    Spare parts and mags are easy to get, and aside from the “plastic place holders where real sights go” it’s pretty much good to go out of the box.
    Small enough to conceal without much fuss, big enough to shoot accurately, and carries a nice load of ammo.
    Glock 17
    Just like the 19, but a touch big for “concealed carry”.

    I vote against the Springfield 😄 due to its “Grip Safety”.

    Smith’s M&P is decent…but not quite what I would call “proven”.

    See an awful lot of Glock 40 caliber “PD Trade-ins” (the 9mm are few and far between this way…gee, I wonder why) at local FunShops, so if you’re looking at “budget” (besides ammo) then you might look at one of them. Just remember, some of them “look very used” but may have only been used to “qualify yearly” and some will actually have been shot regularly for practice. Either way, stack a pile of spare parts (especially…magazine springs and recoil springs) because it may need them sooner than later.

    My .02, worth both pennies if I do say so.

    Pretty much everybody is trying to duplicate the Glock due to, well, they work. Durable, and though not “race gun accurate” they do just fine. Plus, they’ll work when you need them to.

    View From the Porch did a series on several budget handblasters. Cleaned, lubed up once, then taken to the range to fire 2000 rounds (no, not all at once, but the sessions were “blogged”) and show their reliability, (or the not but most of that was ammo related)

  4. Randall Flagg

    The one pictured (G23) is my go-to CC weapon. However, I’m also a fan of the 92FS/M9 if size isn’t a concern. While I don’t own any, would not think twice about picking up a G19. YMMV, and I’m sure this debate could go on for eternity. In the end, just pick one you like and stick with it.

  5. Matt Bracken

    Glock, Springfield XD, Sig, in no order. You can’t go wrong.
    They are all more accurate and reliable than the human holding them.

  6. Carlos Danger

    A lot of people love Glocks of all calibers. .40 or .45 are good and very good for stopping power. I myself like steel 1911s. If you have big hands get a hi cap. ParaOrdnance is probably the best hi cap. Kimber is good but expensive, as is Ed Brown. Rock Island is a very good 1911 for a budget 1911. Llama made a decent 14 round capacity knock off which can be had on Gunbroker for about the $350-450 range. None of the parts match a Milspec 1911. I still like them. I also recommend the Springfield XD. Great safety and site layout.

  7. Glock 17 9mm maratime cups installed night sites and threaded barrel

  8. Glock, Sig, Colt, Beretta, there are lots of good ones out there, to name a few but the bigger question is what have you used or tried? How does it fit in your hand? Find a place that will let you try them before you purchase.

  9. Fuck, and I’m still stuck on 1911. Carried one for 25 years, Got more then 10 but less then 20. I like my old 1911s. Novak sights, and chip McCormick 10 round mags. Can’t go wrong.

    Got Glocks, and p-35s for the wife and guests!


  10. You did say a combat cary

  11. Glock 17 and anything that accepts those mags.

  12. No one mentioned Ruger. They are usually cheaper. Like a Timex they just keep on ticking. That said, I only carry a Glock 23. Everywhere. NOG

  13. lastmanstanding

    I’ve got a Ruger SR9c that has had lots of rounds and different ammo run thru it. Bought it when dbag got elected in 09. Shoots real well for anyone who fires it. Only ever had a couple jams…paid under $300 I think. We have sig’s, glock’s, ruger’s.

    It is with me day and night.

  14. Springfield XD-9, no frills. Glock-esq. If you can tolerate the grip safety, holds 16rds. Not really for CC but everyone I lend it to loves to shoot it and its accuracy.

  15. From A Reader,

    My choices,

    Colt 1911a1 and numerous clones. 45 ACP of course.

    CZ 85 Combat – 9mm

    CZ P-01 or it’s European designation, 75D Compact – 9mm

    Springfield XDm in 9mm or .45 ACP. Small bit of caution here….the striker retaining pin is prone to coming loose after 400-500 rounds. Easy fix.

    Glock 19 with RMR RM06 – 9mm. I use it as a CCW. But many use it as a “combat” weapon. Don’t know what drawing from concealment is called, “combat” perhaps ?

    Lastly, the Browning 9mm Hi-Power, BHP, P-35. The original Hi-Cap 9mm. Still in production. Will never fail you. Plus, it is beautiful, especially the “Practical” version no longer made.

    Also, anyone whining/complaining about 😄 and XDm pistols having a grip safety have no idea what they are talking about.

    Suggestion….get rid of the vaunted 3-dot sights and equip your “combat” weapon with XS Sight Systems Big Dot sights. You’ll never have the ability to line up those “more accurate” 3-dot sights in a gun battle. Put that Big Dot center mass and shoot the bad guy to the ground.

    Suggestion #2: Stay away from .40 caliber. Excessive recoil, expensive to buy, extensive abuse to the frame of your weapon and fewer weapon choices chambered in .40 caliber.

    Suggestion #3: Procure no fewer than six (6) magazines for the pistol you decide on.

    Suggestion #4: I also suggest you buy a MagLula “Lula” loading assist device. Your thumbs, when loading those mags, will thank you.

    None of my listed pistols are in any particular order. I own and shoot them all. Just never enough time to shoot as often as I would like.

    Good luck. Be safe.

  16. My go to is the Glock 19. 15 shots with a standard mag, 9mm has a very mild recoil, great for concealed carry, availability of ammo is universal. I have shot almost every type of semi auto and I have never had any problems with ammo digestion with the Glock. I know that when I pull the trigger it will send lead downrange.


    US special operations forces appear to prefer the Glock 19.

    My list, in random order. Reorder them as you see fit:

    Glock 19, Glock 17, Glock 22

    Sig P226, P229

    H&K USP

    Beretta PX4 Storm, I’ll add this one in for some variety, and because I think it fits the bill.

  18. Centurion_Cornelius

    9’s, eh? the Glock 19 is gtg. the SIG 2022 ain’t bad either. whatever you choose–practice the shit outta it! punch paper or steel for starters. work your way up. WORK IT!

  19. Thomas The Tinker

    A fine pair of leather shoes are worn every day.. they are a good fit and comfortable to wear.. they are the ones always picked out among the others as they have never failed to please… They ‘Fit’ you… no other…

    A fine personal fire arm should be as fine a fit… if not… it will find it’s way to the back of the closet… the back of the sock drawer… a ‘Safe Queen’ forgotten until you must move it out of your way for… another one.

    A poor ‘fit’ will always remind you of your poor judgement and ego driven wants…
    Finding that good fit may cost you some amount of money… it will take trial and error…
    A good fit is not about who made ‘it’… nor what reputation it has earned… nor ‘it’s’ … Tacticool looks…
    I walk in my own shoes… I train with and carry my ‘shoes’ everywhere… I have a good… Fit.

  20. Dirk,

    Don’t apologize for running a 1911. I have three of them A Smith & Wesson and two Kimbers. I’ve curtailed shooting them due to cost of ammo. Literaĺly twice what 9mm costs.

  21. Carlos,

    Llama ? Good Lord man are you serious ? With all the fine new and pre-owned pistols out there why would you bring up that thing. Hell, I’d consider a slingshot before a Llama.

  22. After years of assorted 1911’s I wanted something with more capacity and better at feeding high performance ammo. With the option of familiar cocked and locked carry the HK USP fit the bill and I haven’t looked back. Not a fan of the striker fired combat handguns.

  23. 1911 lovers amen! Well if we are talking side arm, aka “get off me gun” as I’ve heard in NC, I’d bet most interested here can hit targets with a Colt 1911!
    From research done, the Wilson Combat mags are the top shelf compliment for reliability and/or possible issues. Also it seems that design and function wise, ball ammo is safest bet for “bet your life” reliability. Never seen an issue w hollow point. But for comfort sake, first round in mag ball ammo is great way to get running.
    Pie plates at fifty yards great fun.
    And who can hate the 230 grain at close range for easy plinking?
    Our great nation can always use some thank you prayers!
    Heck, if it worked for father Geo. Washington, bending the knee seeking “The Almighty” as he called Him ….. can’t be a bad bet for the rest of us!
    God bless!!

  24. Springfield XD9 Service, It’s what im best on.

  25. Springfield XDm. That said, do you really want to know what the best carry gun is? It’s the one YOU feel comfortable with in YOUR hand, it’s the one YOU trust, it’s the one YOU will practice with, YOU will enjoy, the one YOU find easy to get on target. It’s your gun. They all kill and are reasonably easy to handle. Find a range that rents and have at it. Try them all, even the ones you don’t think that you will like. I say the same thing to rookies and pros. It’s your gun!

  26. +1.

    Fighting is no time for sympathies.

    Multiples of the G19/17 should be high priorities for everyone. I’d even suggest the G21/30 as well.

  27. Glock 19…and a tip…if you’ve got a Glock 23, you can easily convert to a 19, just buy a 9mm barrel, and mags….tada…it’s now a 9. Cheaper, and as mentioned earlier, less recoil and abuse to frame. Same goes for conversion from Glock 22 to 17.

  28. Duty: CZ 75 SP-01. Makes me shoot 10 times better than my ability. Has a manual safety.

    Concealment: CZ 75 P-01 (a/k/a CZ 75 Compact). Comes with a decocker and no manual safety.

    Hybrid: CZ 75B/75BD Omega. My first gun and my first carry gun. Can have a safety (75B) or a decocker (75BD) depending on your purpose/intent/preference.

    All of these take all of the standard CZ double-stack 9mm magazines (16-rounds and up (similar functionality as the Glock G-17-19-26 platform).

    Sigs are nice (P226/P228/P229). I also think Springfield Armory makes good shooters (some folks like the grip safety; others detest it on principle).

    For daily carry, I am currently carrying a Springfield XD(m) Compact 3.8″ in 45ACP. However, I plan on switching to a Walther PPQ M2 in 45ACP as soon as I my concealment holster arrives and I do some reliability checks at the range on my self-defense ammo (Hornady Critical Duty 220-grain +P). My prior daily carry was the P-01, and I may go back to the P-01 in summer months.

  29. Good to see another CZ fan!

    Thinking of getting a Les Baer 1911 as well.

  30. I own a number of SIG pistols, all of them function flawlessly, all in .40 S&W. However, any caliber you choose, a SIG is a good choice, just not the only choice. Only one of them has an accessory rail, I don’t like them.

  31. To quote Col Cooper-” Almost any gun will do if YOU will do”.

    Personal side arms are personal, and your choice should reflect your preference, not mine or anybody else’s. That said, there is much to be said in favor of arms that are widely supported in both caliber and parts. The Glock is the most commonly issued LE sidearm in these presently united States, and the 9mm caliber is the most popular.

    As regards reliability, the Glock is without doubt the most reliable pistol out there by actual test.

    Do I like their appearance? No.

    Do I prefer to shoot 1911s and revolvers for fun and in contests? Yes.

    If I had to pick ONE handgun in a SHTF situation, what would I grab?
    A Glock 19 with 6 extra magazines.

  32. “…Suggestion #3: Procure no fewer than six (6) magazines for the pistol you decide on.”

    If I may; my suggestion is to multiply that number by 4 or 5, and do it for everything MF gun one owns, IMO.

  33. I asked the question. Thoughts on why I asked are things I have read or heard:

    Don’t buy a gun that was not designed around the cartridge in question.

    Thus for a 9mm get M9/M92 (ARMY SELECTED) (or Glock)***
    for .40 get a HK USP (or Glock)
    for .45 get a 1911 (ARMY SELECTED) (or Glock)

    Other big vote getters seem to be:

    9mm – Sig P226, Sig P210, Sig P320 (ARMY SELECTED), (Glock)
    .40 – Sig P229, Beretta PX4 Storm HK P30, (Glock)
    .45 – FNP-45, HK-45, (Glock)

    I have a something in all of them:
    9mm Beretta 92FS (because standard Army Service/history)
    .40 Glock (because standard Police Service – most not all)
    .45 Full size 1911 (traditional Army service/history)

    But been thinking of possible new additions

    .9mm Sig P320 (just selected as new Army service)
    .40 ?????
    .45 ?????

    My original question is not fully clear, but just wanted to hear thoughts on some additional, perhaps forward looking, combat/service type sidearms.

    I tend to like metal or polymer, hammer over striker fired, but thankful for others thoughts/opinions? Thanks.

    And thanks CA for the open gun thread.

    *** DId I get the Glock guys covered?

  34. I don’t give a fuck if you choose a custom 1911 or a high point. Shoot what YOU are comfortable and capable with. It’ll be different for each individual.

  35. And thanks for all of the above responses.

  36. architect,

    “….no fewer than six….” meaning the minimum.

  37. An aside to why I ask is that I am a revolver/wheel gun guy. Love the .357 and the .45LC.

    I have googled away on these questions I asked here above, but those answers are from just some bunch of random, insane maniacs on the internets and gun web magazine shills.

    Y’all are my own little family of insane maniacs on the internets.

  38. NOG,

    Ruger. Don’t ask me why….but, I’ve never had a desire for a Ruger of any type. Don’t know why. They just don’t appeal to me.

  39. Concealment: Glock G19 (2x OEM G19 magazines and the rest should be G17 magazines).

    Go to War: Glock G34

    4x req’s for every Glock in your fleet: extended slide release, metal sights, plug and SS or Titanium Guide rod (Gen 1-3).

    Holsters? G-Code RTI

    If you have the resources, “Rolandize” one of your G19s.


    Bill Buppert

  40. I prefer my 1911s, and am not a fan of the Tactical Tupperware.
    That said, the Glocks will shoot and shoot and shoot and shoot and keep going like the Energizer bunny, and one could do far worse than to have a matching pair (one to wear, and one to spare) of Glock 9mms (whether 17, 19 or 26) and get damned comfortable building up the muscle memory of drawing, shooting, and reloading them with speed and accuracy.

    They are the textbook definition of “most bang for the buck”.

  41. Agreed
    all handguns should be Glocks
    all Glocks should be 9mm
    all 9mms should be the M19

  42. Had me going with that second graf…but you brought it home.


  43. This. Buy conversion barrels (you can turn a 40 into a 9). Spare part kits (Top Gun Supply) are around $35.

    One is none.

    I stock pistol ammo for guns I don’t shoot in case a friend comes over. Rifle ammo, not so much because we are all on the same page.

  44. Sig 226
    Browning Hi-Power. The older Hi-Powers are also available as a C&R buy; win-win.

  45. Glock 23 still the best HANDGUN.

    22 for open carry.

    FUCK (((FBI))) 9mmCOMMIE propaganda

  46. fuck this discussion….the only value to a pistol is to fight your way to your battle rifle………………and then start seriously killing these motherfuckers……
    G19 with G17 mags at least 6 mags …………+1 in the weapon

    And your best Hombres to watch your back……..

  47. The pictured gun belongs in a museum.

  48. Agreed on the Deschain special – if you’ve got the cash.

    An RDS-equipped pistol is everything but a gimmick. My accuracy at distance took a massive leap forward after RDS’ing up.

    For the fuddy duds, if the dot should fail, you’ve still got a boob-tube of death that’s smaller than a man’s shoulders at 7m. Bonus points for cowitness irons.

    The biggest advantage of the RDS is allowing you to roll with biology and maintain threat-focus.

  49. Carlos.....Danger

    Mitch Rapp is amongst us..Oh My.

    Once again, folks dont study history. IRA, Basques, Macabees, OSS, Resistance…the call of duty crowd that dreams of large scale conventional combat is going to find themselves in a mess from lack of Intel gathering, and covert action options. .Gov combat arms units have a word for unorganized light infantry its called a speed-bump. (show me the “Militia” group with 12x SU-25 or Bradley platoon and I will shut up)

    Pictures of Senator Lefty left left with that 12 year old, played properly does more damage than 4 guys with no training and good intentions and loads of gear. Having people inside the opposition to cause havoc is even better, look at what the feebs did at the wildlife refuge, there were more infiltrators than protesters and they played the protesters like a fiddle.

    Most valuable firearm for the coming fun?

    Hammerless Airweight Jframe (when I Shuffle up to mr. Bad guy with my cane, and shoot him through my coat pocket, leaving no brass behind)

    Ruger .22Auto (Mki,Mkii,Mkii,Mkiv) Suppressed (figure it out)

    Glock 19/BHP/Sig226/etc. etc. etc.

  50. I’ve got a 70’s model Llama 1911 that I’ve had for 15 years. Replaced one recoil spring. Several thousand rounds without a problem that wasn’t ammo related. I’d carry it into a fight.

  51. DAN III,

    And what I’m saying is the minimum should be no fewer than 24.

    Thanks, I can read just fine.

  52. Halfway down the comments, I had to return to the page top and re-read the querry ‘cuz I was gonna suggest a .357, Ruger, Colt, or S&W (I don’t use foreign made revolvers). However, if one has the size to fit the stones, there’s always the Coonan .357 ‘1911’ model. At $1200 it’s probably a steal compared to some EUro trash.

  53. +1

  54. Phased plasma rifle in the 40 watt range. Uzi 9mm…problem solved.

  55. Fred Seymour, Jr.

    Any fire arm, with a stock pile of Determination!

  56. Alfred E. Neuman

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  57. Jimmy the Saint

    Rugers definitely aren’t pretty, but they work.

  58. If this helps in any way, it has worked very well for me.
    The best handgun and caliber?
    The one you fucking carry all day everyday, even sleep with it.
    What happens is your weapon becomes a part of you. It always reminds you of what you are. It keeps you left of bang. Condition yellow. Becomes condition always conscious of the environment around you.
    That goes for my combat rifle. It goes everywhere with me in the truck. If I can’t go someplace with either or both, I have a rule, I don’t go there.
    I never break that rule is the #1 rule.
    There is no rule #2
    Thuearou said “Simplify, simplify, simplify.”

    There’s an axe, a shovel, and a knife in my truck also. Because an axe a shovel and a knife is for men who never forget what a rifle is for.
    I’ve taken to hunting only with my carry pistol and rifle. 5.56 rifle and .45 pistol. Deer get either, and my 4 inch SA .45acp within 50 yards drops them on the spot, they lick the entrance hole, and die. The 5.56, right in the neck, they never take a step. Turkeys, 5.56 in the neck, done. We got a lot of feral dogs in my neck of the woods, owners sneak thru at night and abandon them up on this ridge, they pack up, attack your pigs, sheep chickens and calfs, me and my neighbor nailed 17 last year after our livestock. 2 this year already. One 55 gr FMJ and they are toast. With the AR, if you can catch them in a single file you can walk rounds right through a few before they scatter. They are fast and low, pretty tuff to nail out past 100 yards once they start to high tail it through the trees. But it is great live fire practice in the woods.
    Been a fantastic way to become intimately familiar with my 1st line weapons. They become a tool in a sense.
    Hope that helps.

  59. Someone quoted Cooper earlier, Awerbuck used to say “It’s the Indian, not the arrow.” Louis was not PC…..

    What pistol you shoot is far less important than HOW WELL you shoot that pistol, and how well you can shoot that pistol when you have to have both hands and your brain to keep your feces coagulated is what will tell the tale.

    Mindset, Skillset, Toolset…. IN THAT ORDER. That’s a paraphrase of COL Boyd… Note that hardware comes LAST. Concentrate more on the other two…..

  60. Pastor Brooks

    CZ-85B 9 mm , Citadel .45 3/12″, Springfield .45 “Loaded Edition”

  61. mine as well. Yesterday I err’d, put it on a sloping surface. It slid, dropped 5 ft. on to concrete. Checked it out, still perfect. Glock23 what a rock. And they built it to fit my hand.

  62. SemperFi, 0321

    Glock 23 for EDC, or G20 10mm if I’m in the woods. Aftermarket Storm Lake bbls and heavier recoil springs since I cast and shoot a lot of 175gr TC hardcast. A 18 lb recoil spring really smooths out the snap in a G23.
    Will second the idea of a spare bbl in 9mm for the G23 (next on my list of additions). .40 S&W easily shoots out of my 10mm’s also in case of ammo shortage.
    Couple 1911A1’s since that’s what I grew up with, XTP reloads, and a ton of hardcast reloads for practice. Hardcast 260 gr. SWC for woods carry with heavy recoil spring/buffer.
    PPK clone appendix carry for those times when I can’t easily CC the G23.

  63. now we agree on 2 things. Glock23 and ((()))

  64. all of them. every handgun I own works just fine and they all get a workout. There are several brands and sizes. Scanned but I didn’t see any support for the revolver(s). when I ride in winter (trek and Harley) I often transition to my S&W N Frame 357 mod 327 TRR8. I got warm clothing on so it’s easy to conceal under whatever jacket I have on. Chest rig. 8 shot 357 aint no joke. So don’t be a fool next time a cyclist gets in your way on the road. We can pedal only so fast. You never know…One of my favorites is my S&W 629 44 mag. 44 specials are excellent stoppers yet tame as. Practicing 100 yard revolver shots is a true test of skill but is not that difficult. Mostly I’m glock 42, 17, 34, 21. Was a Sig shooter for 22+ years but $per caused me to switch. Sigs are awesome. MUCH more important to know your gun than anything else. Looking at a shield and gp100 match champ now. they’re all excellent. Be safe.

  65. Nothing wrong with a wheel gun in either of those calibers, especially if you shoot ’em well.

  66. robert,

    I’m happy for you.

  67. architect,

    “I can read just fine.”

    Coulda fooled me.

    24 ? I consider that bordering on ridiculous. Why not 22 ? Why not 26 ? Hell, go for the whole enchilada. Up the stash to 100 each. Nice round number.

    But, it’s your money. Enjoy.

  68. I ate the firing pin roll pin out of a cz75 p01 with home dry fire practice and it failed on the second stage of a competition. Ready, beep, click, click, click. We reset, not aware of the particular failure. Ready, beep, click, click, click. But this time the wind blew over the first target as I shot clicks at it. R.O. Looked at me like I had magic powers.

    I get the CZ to the spool table with a gunsmith/fellow competitor and he starts tearing down my baby with 5 guys stand over it in awe like its heart surgery. He takes out the pin. It has a bite in it. So he spins it and shoves it back in. Works fine. I complete the stages then go home and order a solid pin.

    Whole thing scared me. Should I just stop carrying and work on my telepathy? Kidding.

    Lesson: Imagine that competition was a real gunfight. I was holding a paper weight for 5 minutes which a guy with knowledge made into a gun 30 secs later. There are lots of good tools. Even good tools break. Choose reliable and test that. Bring 2. Learn to fix it. Buy parts.

  69. architect,,

    By the way….what IS a “MF gun” ? Was that at Shot Show 2017 ?

  70. CZ 75. Eats anything.

  71. Bishop,

    I have 2 different 9s with Trijicon RMRs. My target acquisition is much quicker with the red dot. Also, both pistols have suppressor height sights. If cost wasn’t as big a factor I’d probably RDS my CZ P-01.

    FYI….My Glock 19 slide was milled, top plate provided, Trijicon suppressor sights added (got rid of them replaced with Big Dots), slide Cerakoted and an RM06 mounted and zeroed for < $900, courtesy Glockmeister.

  72. Amen – And that is not a bad price at all for that setup.

    I’m in the process of finishing my second build around an RMR. Anyone who hasn’t tasted its sweet nectar is missing out. After personally experiencing every metric outside of draw time improve, its advantages, for this guy, are indisputable.


    Thank you, sir. I carry a S&W Model 12 .38, 4* bbl + a Model 37 as my New York reload. Practice and situational awareness are the key. And, my friends, always remember a handgun us something you use to fight your way to a shotgun, carbine, or rifle. Bleib ubrig.

  74. pistols:
    In no particular order, HK, Glock and the new and mostly unknown Rex 01. 45ACP, 9mm and 10mm. I’m new to 10mm and have to say I really like the punch and accuracy, but it’s definitely not for everyone, especially if you are sensitive to recoil and shooting a full rated 10mm load.

    Grey Ghost

  75. Matched H&K USP .40 compacts for carry and spare, Sig 938 for summer light wear, Kimber and 😄 9 for extra spares. Wife has a S&W 65 and Sig 238. They all work.

  76. Springfield X D 9

  77. Walther PPQ. CZ75 and derivatives. XD’s and derivatives. Glock for those without imagination. 😉

  78. SemperFi, 0321

    I’ve been playing with 10mm for about 5 yrs now, a G20 and S&W1006. The S&W is what they built this round for, it eats and shoots ANYTHING I feed it. Did put a heavier recoil spring in since I shoot a lot of hot 200-220 gr hardcast loads, and super hot 200 gr. XTP (1300 fps!).
    The G20 has been finicky, aftermarket Storm Lake bbl with tight chamber and 20-22 lb recoil springs, Wolff 10%+ mag springs too. Some loads stovepipe since the mag spring vs recoil spring timing isn’t exactly in synch. Still experimenting since I like to carry the Glock more.
    Factory 10mm is anemic, it’s a 40 S&W+P load. So I bought Underwood and DoubleTap ammo, hottest loads on the market. Underwood is honest with their velocity and specs, price is best on market too, DoubleTap highly over rates everything and costs twice as much. Been reloading to the upper end of what is possible, since it is a hot cartridge and will reach 800 ft lbs with the right loads.
    I don’t have a problem with 10mm recoil, since I stepped down from the big revolvers, .45 Colt++P, .454, .460 S&W, .500 S&W and .500 Linebaugh (mostly all my friends guns). I find these pistols to be so heavy at the end of the day, I’d rather carry a big bore carbine or shotgun for our local grizzlys.

  79. What’s the energy on that 200gr load?

    Sounds like fun.

  80. Some good data here to go by. They produced energy graphs for every barrel length. Quite a bit of work by these 3 guys. I refer to it all the time.

  81. Some of the results these guy got will surprise you. It almost looks like some ammo is like fishing lures, more to catch the customer than the fish.

  82. Concealed.S+W 38 Airweight, shoulder rig,crimson trace grips.KTW 38 SPL.
    Open carry 1911.ACP Kimber custom target II,FMJ 230 grain
    HK 91 SAR-8 Hellenic,South African 146 grain.
    Barrett MRAD 338 98B. HSM 230 grain.

  83. SemperFi, 0321

    My 200 gr. XTP is about 1310 fps, and 750 ft lbs!
    Recoil is not at all bad in a G20, I think it’s a comfortable shooting auto and I’d much rather shoot this than a .357 revolver, never mind the 15 rd mag advantage.

  84. Prosecution: “The defendant was found to be in possession of a Glock pistol of exactly the same variety identified in the video footage of the shooting.”
    Defense: “Objection, your honour. My client also has hands and feet like the man in the footage. Glocks are literally the most common pistol in the world.”
    Judge: “Objection sustained. Jurors please disregard the prosecution’s last remarks.”

  85. Peter F Lessler

    + a lot on 1911’s and Browning P35’s. But then, I’m an old fart who likes old proven things.
    Glocks are ok but I can’t stand their triggers. Too spoiled on Browning designs I guess. The only one I’d ever own would be a full size 20 in 10mm for a hiking sidearm (bears, cougars, and feral dog packs). If I ever went 9 it would be the P35 High Power without a second thought.

  86. Peter F Lessler

    So? Since when can only “new” models get the job done, and since when do “old” guns suddenly lose all the effectiveness they ever had?

    It’s the Indian, not the arrow. Miculek with a wheelgun outshoots the average Joe-Glock-owner every day. Skill matters more than the tool, within reason.

  87. Insane maniacs? Now here, I thought we were deplorable and irredeemable. I am not going to be able to keep up with all of these labels.