Help Vlad Tepes Preserve His Video Library


GoV sends, indicating that the Bad People are moving to terminate Vlad’s voluminous counterjihad video collection on YouTube.

Anyone got an efficient way for all of us to mirror or otherwise preserve these vids?

In the meantime, do what you can.

21 responses to “Help Vlad Tepes Preserve His Video Library

  1. A search on YouTube itself reveals several possibilities for downloading entire channels in one fell swoop; FreeMake looks promising; I’ll give it a whirl accordingly.

  2. 1. Tubemate on Android will download videos (suggest max resolution)
    2. Google “takeout” will put vids into an archive, then do a bit-torrent to some site so anyone can get that archive.
    3. Sort them and get on and give links to the torrents.

  3. Alfred E. Neuman

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  4. The program Internet Download Manager will rip videos straight from the YouTube page you have open as you go, in as many file formats as it’s posted in.

  5. FireFox Add-Ons – Download: Easy Youtube Video Downloader Express – Go to video you want to download – See Green download arrow left bottom of “subscribe” – Download as MP4 360p or 760p – Re-upload to your own page.

  6. If someone wants to use the Google Takeout option and create a torrent, I have the capability to DL that torrent and seed it for quite a long time.

    Please – one torrent, not multiples.


  7. Fourth Horsemann

    Well, I see the jooz got to the mods of this site via brainwashing and PC). This site is not off of my bookmark list of everyday reading.

    Facts are facts and no matter how you cover them up, they will still be there. Pathetic that those that purport to be defenders of the Constitution cannot even defend the 1st Amendment and still buy into communist cultural marxism. .

  8. Fourth Horsemann

    Correction. IS off my bookmark list

  9. I suspect that if Google started having problems with their operation, activities such as this would quickly cease. Not that anybody might have a way to crimp the Schmidt out of Eric’s toys…

  10. taminator013

    You can download videos from Youtube with RealPlayer in mp4 format.

  11. Dark Side of the Moon

    CA, I use It can only be used on android phones or an android tablet. I think you can use it on a Windows PC but I have a chromebook, so it doesn’t work.

    It will also download videos from Daily Motion, Twitter, Facebook and many others.

    I downloaded it on my ATT go phone. I go to any video on YT and hit the share button. It will ask what format, gmail, clipboard, etc. I hit the videoder Icon. It will download the video in formats from MP3 to high def MP4 1080 HD. You can then move the files to your PC and watch them on your video player on your PC.

    It’s by far the easiest downloading software (free) that I’ve ever used.

  12. If you are using linux, try youtube-dl.

  13. Fahrenheit 451 was apparently an instruction manual, after all. Funny, how the Left operates. First, they want you to be silent. Then, they want you to forget. If I didn’t know better, I’d say they want you just as brain damaged as they are themselves. What? They do?……But….. ok, never mind. The Left. Promoting and sponsoring silent and stupid sheep, since forever. Another tip for spotting the monsters, and knowing when it’s “time”. If all you hear, anywhere you search, is the Leftist Line, it’s time. Impossible to miss, and inevitable. Don’t think so? Who runs Barter Town? Enormous vats full of pig shit ain’t the only thing that stinks, these days.

  14. SemperFi, 0321

    It’s nice to see this, shows a bit of Gung Ho attitude.
    Do you see what you just did? People helping each other out, instantly, to help preserve some FreeFor documents.
    Why can’t we do this all the time, instead of screaming at each other over ignorant minutia. Yes, I admit I’m guilty too, just reminding myself at the same time also.
    I believe this is what Pete had in mind when he started this blog, no?

    • Hoo rah, brother. A voice of sanity calling out of the electron wilderness! I heartily concur, Semper Fi; and yes – I’m guilty as well, and this kind reminder was well said.

    • Agreed!

      I use Firefox; have Video DownloadHelper, works great just remember to
      engage the file conversion addon and there you can save the
      file in any number of formats, even format playable by DVD’s.

      Just finished downloading and saving Dr. Bill Warner’s latest video
      about the Louvre Attack.

      Download, repost, save, share and repeat!

      Yours In Daily Armed Liberty!
      NorthGunner III

  15. Quick and easy, use 4K Video Downloader:

    Free version is good.
    $15 for full strength version – worth every penny.

    Grabbing GoV vids now. Thanks for the heads-up.

  16. damaged justice

    Since Gates of Vienna requires I run Javascript before I am allowed to read their words, I will assume I am not welcome to view their videos either.