Herschel: This Is Why Constitutional Carry Will Fail This Term In Texas



All of these issues will be decided by active engagement outside of your home.

By the winning side.

Choose wisely which side your actions/inactions support.

11 responses to “Herschel: This Is Why Constitutional Carry Will Fail This Term In Texas

  1. “I’m not hearing people say [permitless carry] is a priority…. Where are the Texans?”

    The same texans who don’t make constitutional carry a priority are the same ones who don’t care that China holds some mineral rights in their state. Those texans are the majority. They don’t live on ranches and ride horses; they live in suburbia and take their kids to school in minivans.

  2. I live in TX, 25+yrs to date. I am all for dropping the fee requirement for open carry. However I am not so sure that flushing the training requirement is wise. It is pretty damn lax as it is. Taking the training just to know what actions do/don’t cook your posterior legally is worth the price of admission and damn sight cheaper than asking/hiring a lawyer after the fact.

    • It is philosophically questionable. Also hard on poor folks or people working two jobs, who have no time for government-mandated classes. A revolver ain’t that complicated a tool. Anyway there are a million websites that tell people how to handle a gun.

  3. Active “engagement”?

  4. DrDog09, you’re kidding yourself if you don’t think you’ll need a lawyer after a justified shooting. Criminal first while the DA parades charges and likely a good civil attorney after the dindu nuffin’s family finds your assets worth taking.

  5. I’m all for it however lots of gun owners here love their infringements.

  6. Born a Texan, raised in the North and lived the rest of my life where Uncle Sam sent me until finally settling near the Blue Ridge Mtns, this I can tell you: Texas and other states pushing for the “permitless” Constitutional Carry is a foolish pursuit of trying to turn back the clock, or, as one put it, put the toothpaste back in the tube. Much better to pursue a Federally mandated National Reciprocity law allowing ALL who have obtained a CCH License to carry legally in all 50 states. Trying to eliminate the Concealed Carry Handgun education and licensing requirement is foolish. Why you ask? Because after having qualified for CCH licenses in 2 different states, one with a training requirement and one without – I am CONVINCED beyond a shadow of a doubt the training is absolutely necessary. Your average civilian “yoot” now grows up in a gun hating culture with many having single moms like Ashley Judd, both kids and psycho mom drugged out and brain dead. Guys are growing up emasculated and girls, well, they don’t wake up and realize that Taylor Swift ain’t so swift until age 23 – or, after they’ve been assaulted and or beat up at least 3 times by the emasculated guys they thought were so cool. These kids have NO clue about how to carry, shoot or even pick out a decent firearm – for any purpose. They have not a clue about how to shoot, how to maintain, or in 95% of the cases, load the damned thing. It never ceases to amaze me how absolutely ignorant young people, in their 20s, 30s even 40s are when it comes to firearms – especially since I have been teaching the CCH Safety and Certification course now for almost 15 years. So no, don’t get rid of it folks – not now, and unless the whole world blows up, not ever.

  7. I always hear about the fedgov and how evil they are. The fact that we are having this conversation shows state gov is no better.

  8. I’m all over this. Yes, I know, education with firearms is a plus. But what you eloi don’t understand is, that over time, asshole govt. Inc. will USE EDUCATIONAL AND QUALIFYING REQUIREMENTS TO EVENTUALLY STRANGLE SECOND AMENDMENT CARRY RIGHTS. Just like they can also use the fee requirement, right now. Anybody heard anything lately about hungry state govt. budgets, looking for revenue? It ain’t a “right” when you got to dance to some fucking govt. tune, and pay a fee, GET IT? Nobody required Davy Crockett to get a carry license, now did they? And he came in from out of state, and drank a lot.