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  1. “BFSBXTW” I must have missed the explanation for this when you used it before. The BF is “because sex” and the final TW is “that’s why”, and I’m stumped about the middle.

  2. The neo-Bolshevik’s media lies are becoming more dangerous in direct proportion to their desperation to start Matt Bracken’s Civil War Cube.
    I thank the good Lord there is guys like Max and how they have taught me how to win the fight.

  3. The lobbyists for the migrants from India have managed to get “grants” for their demographic. And only their demographic. Free taxpayer money they don ‘t have to pay back. It covers the substantial down payment on franchises. Dunkin’ Donuts, 7/11’s, motels, etc. They are required to keep the franchise for 3 years, in order to keep the grant legal. After the 3 years is up, they “sell” the franchise to a close family member. That family member gets a grant to buy the franchise from the relative. In reality, the franchise stays in the immediate family. They’re just working a fraudulent system. Just doing jobs that Americans won’t do. What a country.

  4. Mike Bishop, if your reading this:
    (pic of Pepe)

    (Los Pepe, that “showdowy” group that hunted down Che’)

  5. Maybe we should be spending our money with our own people instead of mega corps…..

    “Fuck Hipster Coffee” – Black Rifle Coffee

  6. I can dig it, boss. I’ve always been able to make a better cup of coffee at home anyway, for a lot less. And yuppie lemmings lined up like ducks in a shooting gallery for a SMALL cup of expensive coffee, reminds me that our deadly enemies are watching and waiting to launch a little jihad when it suits them. They’re here, and the opportunities must make them salivate, at times. G*d help us.