The Younger Le Pen In The French Parliament

H/t GoV; transcript there as well.







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  1. While France may have a checkered past on this note, it is still carries at least some vestige of a Catholic country. And let’s face it, the Catholics are the ONLY group fighting the atrocities of abortion throughout the entire civilized world. Everyone is else sits there mostly silent, siding with the Marxists that it is a “women’s rights” issue.

    Meanwhile, as the population of Western (white) civilization steadily decreases (even in France)….

    • Jimmy the Saint

      ” And let’s face it, the Catholics are the ONLY group fighting the atrocities of abortion throughout the entire civilized world.”

      They’re on both sides of the fight, though (see, e.g., Nancy “My Catholic faith requires me to support a woman’s right to choose” Pelosi.)

  2. I think the French have finally gotten the idea. Whenever you hear someone shout “Yahoo Snackbar!” in public, search to see where the shouter is. If he produces a weapon, or if he is wielding a weapon, shoot him dead. End of episode. What could be more simple?

    Oh, and cary your sidearm, every day, everywhere you go.

    • Yep definitely daily carry here!

      Hmmmm…makes me wonder if this was a trial run/warm up for the kind of diversionary attack that Matt Bracken wrote about in his upcoming work?….

      When encountering a “cultural enricher” going sudden jihadi and yelling his aloha snackbar bs, target CF (center of face)..shoot him/her from behind if necessary/able…survival ISN’T a ‘fair fight’!

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty – Furthermore islam and its enablers/supporters MUST be destroyed!

  3. There’s only one way to deal with muslim adherents: Kill them. Kill them all.

    Anyone who tries to reason with someone bent on killing them deserves to die.

  4. The British “Islam” stencil is Banzai! with two thumbs out, and two middle fingers up.

    Somebody making up those stencils could do quite a bit of business, and make quite an impact thereabouts, for a very small investment in paint and cardstock.

    While the Bobbie is iconic there, the same effect would work equally well here, except with the traditional three monkeys. (If they also happened to look a lot like a jug-eared former President, well, that’s none of my affair.)

    Just an observation.

  5. Alfred E. Neuman

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  6. an innocent art-lover, denied entrance to the Louvre on the basis of his religion, then gunned down by trigger-happy cops. Ce n’est pas qui nous sommes.