Trial Balloon for a Coup?


A few days old, but indicative of a line of thought.

The odds of hostilities in CONUS go up daily.

You ready?

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  1. I’m on record as predicting the Cheeto admin using the DHS for nefarious reasons. I don’t trust any one of King Cheetos henchmen or himself. The Patriot Acts I and II, NDAA, and FEMA are all anti-Freedom and Liberty and they were written for specific purposes.


  2. Just read his piece and call BS on all of it. There’s another way to look at what Trump is doing and put simply? It isn’t business as usual, just as he promised during his campaign.

    I like the people he has around him in his “inner circle.” BTW, what president hasn’t had an “inner circle” of trusted advisors. And the actions he’s taken? If the Democrats would play fairly and hold confirmation hearings, Trump would have his cabinet in place.

    Typical leftist swill… ugh.

  3. Oh, and one more thing:

    In just one week

    Trump erased all mentions on the White House web site of “climate change” within an hour of taking the oath of office.

    Trump issued an Executive order to “ease the burden of Obamacare”

    Trump returned the bust of Winston Churchill to the oval office

    Trump withdrew America from the TPP treaty

    Trump erased all Spanish language from the White House web site. It is now “English Only.”

    Trump issued an Executive order starting the construction of “THE WALL.”

    Trump issued an Executive order banning funding to foreign pro-abortion groups

    Trumps new Secretary of Defense James ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis took the fight to ISIS by bombing them 31 times on his first day as the new Secretary of Defense

    Trump announced temporary ban on refugees from Syria and Middle Eastern war zones

    Trump imposed a media blackout at the Environmental Protection Agency and barred staff from awarding new contracts or grants

    Trump announced a ban on visas from dangerous Muslim-majority countries with inadequate screening

    Trump announced the end of “Sanctuary cities” and the defunding of federal funds for any city that chooses to continue breaking the law

    Trump announced the hiring of 10,000 new border agents

    Trump signed an Executive order demanding the Secretary of Homeland Security publish a weekly list of violent crimes committed by illegal aliens

    Trump signed an Executive order freezing the hiring of non-essential federal employees

    Trump said out loud the words “radical Islamic terrorism.”

    Trump stopped payment on Obama’s final hour giveaway of $220 million to the Palestinian Authority

    Trump used Executive orders to give the go-ahead to the long-stalled Keystone and Dakota Access Pipelines

    Trump got the State Department’s entire senior management team to resign in frustration.

    Trump announced his intention to withdraw From Climate & Environmental Accords.

    Trump announced UN Funding Cuts of 40%.

    Trump tweeted “Ungrateful TRAITOR Chelsea Manning, who should never have been released from prison, is now calling President Obama a weak leader. Terrible!”

    Trump announced he’ll begin a major investigation into voter fraud in the 2016 election.

    Trump got the chief of the Border Patrol to leave the agency in frustration at having to actually do his job!

    Trump fired State Dept Arms Control chief on plane; told to turn around and fly back!

    Miami-Dade mayor orders jails to comply with Trump crackdown on ‘sanctuary’ counties.

    Trump’s Mexico City Policy covers “global health assistance furnished by all departments or agencies”….not just USAID family planning programs…and covers “involuntary sterilizations,” in addition to abortion.

    Trump deported 95 Somalis and 2 Kenyans.

  4. Trump isn’t creating a “deep state”, or a “shadow government”, in the way we know the “deep state” and the “shadow government”… he is circumventing it. And THAT has a lot of people scared, up in arms, and the very real possibility of THE deep state/shadow government coup… against Trump.

    Remember, we have 3 branches of government, and none of them include any of these others listed, other than the 3: no matter how much these .gov agencies wish it so, or have operated in the past as a government, in the government.


    Okay. So the State Department is being purged. It’s about time. DHS stands poised to kick a bunch of Muzzie Green Card holders out of the country. Yeah,so? Putin allegedly offered The Donald interest in a Russian oil company if he won. Proof? And, The Donald is hiring his own security people. Why not? NSA, CIA, FBI, DIA, are all out to sink his ship because they have been ratted out by Snowden and have been in the pocket of the Clinton-Bush-Obama cabal for years.
    Where is the problem? And who will initiate the hostilities? I doubt it will be The Donald. I can see him reacting to them. I am hoping he starts pulling FEDGOV funding from Breserkley, SFO, SACTO, DeBlasio, and others. How about a secret Federal Grand Jury investigation into Soros’ funding these mobs of seditious thugs? That old reprobate would look good doing a perp walk.

    • “Okay. So the State Department is being purged. It’s about time.”

      Aye. And this should give you a ‘warm and fuzzy.’

      Worked with a army ‘foreign area officer’ back in the mid-90s whose task was to ‘tour’ the embassies in South America before assuming duties in the Peruvian embassy.

      Said the air force milk runs to supply the embassies included cases upon cases of lobster, caviar, champagne, etc. Sumtin’ tells me the marine guards weren’t the partakers of these delicacies.

      Hopefully Tillerson at the helm can trim some of this fat.

  6. I’m calling bullshit.
    That was a lot of hazy horseshit cobbled together into a statue of Spam.

    And the federal injunction(s) on the Terrorist Ban can and probably will be overturned in a New York minute, based on simple black-letter law readings of the applicable U.S. Code. The president is well within his legal rights to ban all immigration, or any select group, at his own whim, and for any term he desires, including indefinitely.

    Judges who continue to obstruct the administration of federal agencies within the law can be impeached. And the ability to issue injunctions ends when federal marshals walk into one’s courtroom and frogmarch you off to jail.

    I realize the federal justice system is unaccustomed to following federal law for some good time, but this isn’t a very bright idea over which to force Trump into a showdown, when the law, the Congress, and most of the country will back him up.

    • jus as I did with your ebullshit drivel.

      Got to work and pay your taxes.

    • Yep. Noticeably missing from that piece is the part is recognition that past administration(s) did operate to eliminate national sovereignty and hand us, lock, stock and barrel, over to UN governance.

      I count it a blessing that we still have “simple black-letter law readings of the applicable U.S. Code” and that this President is literate enough to do so.

      Also missing was the disclaimer regarding the method and means of enriching the Clinton Foundation, the SOP of the Clinton Global Initiative, and at least an Honorable Mention of the Obama bank balance(s) pre-and post-Oval Office Occupation.

      I agree…no branch of gov. has been required to follow the law in such a long time that mere contemplation of such brings on a migraine.

  7. All this guy’s worst fears and inferences from insufficient evidence, are just what Obama would have done, if he were clever enough and could have gotten way with it

    Too bad. “Elections have consequences. We won! Move ON.”


    Most of the things listed that have/actually are happening are necessary and timely payback for decades of leftist usurpation and treason.

    So, suckit traitors.

  8. Cheeto the 1st, is a businessman. He’s a hustler, a CON man. You do not become a Multi-Billionaire being a nice guy. He’s said himself he’s the king of bankruptcy – murka is bankrupt… CONfidence men know exactly the right things to tell his mark, in this case his political base, the Dirt People. Just as Soros is using the lefts drunken tools and college idiots,(but I repeat myself), trump is using the right/alt-right as his power base. He also has control of DHS which happens to include just about every ABC agency in Fusa. This shit has been a Yuuuge set-up, it never mattered who “won”. TINVOWOOT……Trumps a Judas Goat.

    I give it till spring or summer.

    wake. up.

    Heh Heh

    • Key board gung fuc is not equivalent to truth or wisdom.

      How does it help anyone for you to denounce, demean, disparage, discredit, discourage and disgorge your infinite bile upon everyone and everything?

      If you intend no help at all, if there is not a shred of human heartedness, charity or compassion in you, why do you bother to visit your descent into darkness upon us all, who are seeking some means to redress the grievances?

      What purpose can you possibly serve here? and Why should anyone give two damns what you comment? and Why does Pete permit it?

      Go dip your enormous wick in the cold water and tell yourself how magnificent you are.

      We neither believe it nor would care if we did

      • One cannot change their view of reality, before one sees the truth and then accepts it for what it is.

        No matter how awful and ugly it may be.

  9. A coup would clarify things. Doesn’t matter who pulls it off./ S//

  10. ALCON,

    The blog author asks “Are you ready ?” For me I can state “No”. Do I have assorted preps with the required armaments and munitions ? Absolutely. Have I been PT’ing….yes. But, can anyone except those with specific knowledge be ready for a massive, hypothetical, national upheaval ? I doubt it ?

    Reading the attached essay of this Zunger character, I have to wonder where his analysis of the criminality of the unconstitutional soetoro-obama has been ? Yet, here ol’ Zinger , errrr Zunger falls right in line with the whining of the left that Donald John Trump is not righteous. In between the lines of Zinger’s narrative I can feel the love for Hillary oozing out between the lines.

    Zinger bemoans the alleged purging by POTUS 45, of State Department senior staff using the provided diagram by Emily Roslin. However, looking at the diagram Roslin shows only THREE (3) of 50 senior staff positions as being “purged”. The bulk of the remaining State Department political appointee positions have simply not been filled yet. Shitcanning six percent of State’s senior staff (read unelected, appointed bureaucratic hacks) is a far cry from the “purging” Zinger alludes has been executed by bad boy President Trump.

    Zinger’s #4 point is a positive happening for me, if it in fact it DOES and SHOULD happen. That is, Zinger claims the President plans on “crushing various groups – Muslims, Latinos, the black and trans communities (interesting how negroes and transvestites are lumped together), academics and the press….”. Seems most appropriate to me, particularly after the violence by communist instigators and criminals, as exhibited by them at the recent Berkley abomination. All those named being what middle America calls “the left”, communists, socialists, collectivists. If only George Soros was included in Zinger’s “crushing” list, the list would be complete.

    After reading Zinger, errr Zunger’s essay, I can only conclude this is the whining of another Hillary Clinton loser and Barry soetoro supporter. Zinger, who dismisses the criminality of both the former soetoro-obama regime and the Red Queen Hillary Clinton. Yet, with only 2 weeks under his belt, Mr. Trump is depicted as the biggest problem to ever occupy the West Wing.

    Coup my ass. The coup was successfully executed on 8 NOV 16. What happens now is just the mopping-up and consolidation operations.

    • “Coup my ass. The coup was successfully executed on 8 NOV 16.”

      That’s it, right there!

      Get behind it. Own it. Support it.

      Nothing is perfect. Nit pick all you want, people, but this is the last best chance to hit back hard after 50? 60? 100? years of creeping tyrannical fuckedupedness.

      Trump is showing that he meant what he said. He is continuing to hammer the enemy with body shots at a pace they can’t even understand, let alone counter. Just as he did to win the nonination and the election.

      They are reeling, floundering and disgracing themselves, all out in the open n ow for all to see. If Trump never does anything else, how is that not a strategic victory for us?

      Use it!

  11. Sounds good to me. As long as he Makes America White Again, I don’t care if he gets filthy rich at the same time.

    Seems unlikely personal wealth is his real goal though. He is motivated by ego, not greed. To paraphrase DT, “money is just a way of keeping score.” MAGA/MAWA are what will put him in the history books as one of the greats of history. Pulling off a big $$ score will earn him disdain and scorn.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      He’s already filthy rich.

      The guy is just *driven*. I can’t remember who it was who said it (years ago, might have been Letterman), but if you dropped Trump alone onto a desert island and came back in 6 months, he’d have built three hotels and a casino.

      • “He’s already filthy rich”

        you don’t understand these types. no such thing as enough.

        “…he’d have built three hotels and a casino” with other people’s $.


        he’s in bed with teh bankers.

        • And you’re in bed with? Nobody.

          Way to go. Great big fucking help you are.

          I hope you get your wish, X 10. Last “man” on Earth… no money, no pussy and no one to fawn at your magnificence. Probably would suit your shriveled heart and soul.

        • it appears that Trump has started down the road to war with Iran/Russia. That’ll catalyze all sorts of interesting events. I’m actually unsure whether Iran/Russia are currently accepting dollars for oil. if so, it’s a bluff; if not, it’s war for sure.

          • It appears that you have taken leave of whatever credibility you had left.

            Of yeah… “Mrs. Clinton” left the building with the remains.

  12. If there were any concerns I had about the Trump presidency, this article struck that nerve. I’m not fully committed to its premise, as for the most part, with president Trump taking the reigns, 8 years of imbedded liberal progressive policies would most definitely look like a purge, as is going on now. There is not much to do now, except to watch and see how this all pans out. We live in interesting times…

  13. Well it’s interesting to see such a refreshing and honest review from the Left.

    Or not…

    • Mark.

      Hard to take anything you say these days seriously.

      The is a definition of flip-flopper most certainly includes YOU.

      • tfA-t,

        You bragged about moving to Kanada. You bad-mouth the Amerikan peasants for not being as wealthy (alleged) or smart (alleged) as you claim you are. Worry about Ottawa and your more intelligent Kanuck homies.

        In the meantime….I’ll keep waiting for your lying, hypocritical ass to:

        1. Burn your passport.
        2. Renounce your American citizenship.

        You do have some mangina telling MM he can’t be taken serously. If anyone commenting here is full of crap, it is the tfA-t of Kanada.

  14. Given your link above and this additional post

    View story at

    This guy is basically writing for the “Trump is Hitler” department. I guess he had to ignore: Trump continuing to enforce the EO to protect LGBTQ in the workplace; and regarding the Holocaust Remembrance Day statement, Trump didn’t mention any group by name. There were many victims of “Nazi terror” just in the Balkans.

  15. Wow. That goes nearly to leftist levels of overreaching and delusion.


  16. “Given that a sizable fraction of the campaign funds from the previous cycle were paid directly to the Trump organization in exchange for building leases, etc., at inflated rates, you can assume that those campaign coffers are a mechanism by which US nationals can easily give cash bribes directly to Trump. Non-US nationals can, of course, continue to use Trump’s hotels and other businesses as a way to funnel money to him.”

    I managed to read to this point.^^ To even remotely suggest that President Trump can be bought is pathetic, not to mention downright stupid. FAKE NEWS!!

  17. I love reading the lefties’ paranoia and fear. Their team, with the help of the GloboHomoRepublicans, built the presidency into an imperial power with a weaponized bureaucracy and activist judiciary that ignored the Constitution for decades. They thought TheCunt’s win was inevitable and the coup de grace to end all resistance to their one party rule.

    The Deplorables and Vulgars rose up and put a guy that knows executive power and how to wield it into the imperial throne they built. Now the Reds are Thomas Fuckin’ Jefferson reincarnate, champions of American Federalism, and awakened to the power of secession and self-governance.

    Their taste of fear is our taste of victory, and like Team Trumpenreich, we need to press our advantage down onto the throats of the Reds until they run out of oxygen.

  18. It’s not a coup. It’s a counter coup.

    Thank God.

  19. Check out who he works for on his twitter page.

    Explain much?

  20. So which coup are we talkin’ about………………the one fer ‘ him or the one agin him?

  21. Read your article very interesting. This is what I have to say. You work for Google a left wing Hollywood loving Global. Company, which hate America.
    I have watch the blue collar worker made fun of, destroyed by elk like you. Coup D’ETAT, I am on Trump’s side. I would rather die fighting for him, than grovel for crumbs from the elites such as

    • lastmanstanding

      Hope/think you meant “ilk” not “elk”.

      Elk are very, very good in every way.

  22. Somebody’s gotta do it… (((Yonatan Zunger.)))

    There ya go fellas, saved ya the trouble.

  23. This guy is a closet Pinko. He wants to sound reasonable while at the same time shrieking that Trump is Hitler in Progress. Hell, where was he when Obongo was fucking up the works? I can guess. Put all his fears together, and you got nothing. Just fear. I am perfectly aware that this stage is open, and dictatorship is just standing in the wings, waiting for it’s prompts and lines. Has been, for a long time. Throw enough money and corruption around, and you get what we’ve got. All we’re really going to get to do is watch a lot of this, and fear, along with apprehensive dread of the next act is what people that remain in their seats do. I’ve gotten up and left a few shows in my time, got my money back, and marked who came up with the flawed performance well. Only in this game, you’re going to have to DO something about what you saw, not just walk out. Because what goes on at that theater is going to follow you out to the street, and to your home, eventually. But I’m like any million dollar nigger and his agent. Show me the fucking money. I don’t want no whispers, I don’t want no stories, and I don’t want no gold plated spitoons, all I want is mah monnnneeeehhhhh.

    • MichiganderJim

      Oh, you didn’t hear of the Great Compromise? The assholes can have all the money, every worthless drop in existence. But from here on out, we’re keeping our wealth, every drop of it.

      Too bad it can’t happen until peeps at least figure out who owns their own damn selves. Oh well. Whenever it is, it’ll be over when nobody can even remember what the hell a property tax was in the first place.

  24. The author is projecting. Pure BS conspiracy rant.
    Should there be some sort of attemp at ousting the POTUS, I think the proverbial straw will have been found and used.
    The result will be piles of dead leftist bodies. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  25. Centurion_Cornelius

    … you know coups were like uh, like fleas on a dog and Johnson said I don’t wanna hear anymore about this coup shit, I’ve, I’ve had enough of it and we’ve gotta find a way to stabilize those people out there.

  26. their are going to be winners and losers. If he’s going to beat deep,state, he’s going to have to circle his wagons, and encircle theirs.

    He has already made moves to,real in the FED, great article over on Misha’s” regarding a letter sent to Yellen, basically a cease and desist.

    Shits happening quick, this blitzkrieg, is intentional.

    Hard to hit a target doing the speed of sound.

    One thing needs to be understood, your either in, or your not. Ain’t no sitting on the fence for this gig.


  27. Ain’t got time for this bullshitery…I got some forest to clear.

    Trump too, yes?

  28. Some Guy in WA

    The “coup” is against the Deep State. Which shouldn’t exist, thus it is not a coup. Either way, this gives me a boner.