Two From TL


As he shoves off for editing of completed footage for Lies of Omission, consider these posts:

The Great Social Earthquake

By Force, By Us

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6 responses to “Two From TL

  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. Vaya con Dios, TL.

    The rest of you, armor up.

  3. Actually, it’s not just the globalists vs the nationalists. There is a third party, anarchists – though not those so-called “anarchists” who destroy property and actually belong in the globalist camp. True anarchists will either stand by the side, or they may ally with nationalists; but at the end they will oppose imposition by whomever wins the battle, be it nationalists or globalists. If the nationalists have any sense, they will try to accommodate the anarchists by leaving them alone, or by exploring structures like Panarchy.

  4. The opposition is led by Barack Obama and George Soros. They are busy hiring their army and stockpiling arms. The hinted at training camps in the US are theirs. They will sew discontent until they think the time is right to make a direct assault to overthrow the government and install Barack Obama as dictator.

    Why not Justin Bieber?

    And he’ll fly into DC atop a winged unicorn, too.

    I used to laugh at people who believed in the Easter Bunny, or chased Bigfoot.
    Now I owe them an apology.

    And I’m sending money to anti-drug abuse groups.
    The explosion of LSD use has got to be reined in.
    Either TLD is trolling at the Jedi Master level, or the butter has slipped off’n his pancake stack.

    Seriously, guys, Shrillary lost. Check the newspapers, I think they’ve covered it.
    The Left is in epic diaper-shitting frothing insaniac meltdown, because they lost an election. And they’ve been hyperventilating and losing their shit over reality for something like three months non-stop.

    And you’re worried about them starting a coup?
    The can’t even take over their own sorry party.
    You’re fleeing in terror from a nursery room of quadriplegic retarded kids, like they were Martian overlord with death rays and a giant battle droids, scything down foes like Genghis Khan with a case of the chapped ass and an air cavalry division of killer zombies at his beckoned call.

    Trigglypuff is not 300 feet tall and coming to eat your children.
    Learn how to piss on your enemies’ severed heads, and shit in their breakfast bowls, with a hearty laugh and a happy grin on your face.
    And then, do it again tomorrow, because you can.

    And for the love of sweet baby Jesus, get a f***ing grip.
    It needs to be said.