You Cannot Reason With People Who Believe This


Especially on the weak steps taken thus far.

No more Muslims.

From anywhere.

Deport all non-citizen Muslims.


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    • today’s comic relief. Also needed: a “constitutional amendment” granting everyone a free baked alaska every 4 hours

      • oh, and BTW, Trump’s famous “Muslim Ban” expires in 136 days (or less). In the meantime, ragheads aside, another c. 1,000,000,00 non-White “new americans” will have legally/illegally poured into the country, while the White die-off continues and accelerates.

  1. The funny part is the ones here who take it upon themselves to kill the infidels seem to have confined the bulk of their efforts to places packed with liberals and assorted government employees. It never hurts to try and find a bright spot in these things. Yet they cry and throw temper tantrums at the idea of not importing more.

  2. Centurion_Cornelius

  3. I would support an all out ban on the practice of Islam. And the deportation of all Muslims, regardless of citizen status. Since they’ve all come here since the 1965 Immigration Act, it’s clear that that Act is Anti-Constitutional, anyone brought in since then should be up for secondary review, including the Native-Born 2nd Generation of immigrants.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “I would support an all out ban on the practice of Islam.”

      Slight First Amendment problem.

      • Islam isn’t protected by the 1st Amendment.

        • Agreed! islam is a violently dominant political system that is militarily expansionistic and totalitarian in action and nature. It cloaks its true
          nature under a false image of religiousity.

          islam is the enemy of all free people, it doesn’t belong at all
          in the West…nuff said!

          Yours in Liberty!
          NorthGunner III

        • Jimmy the Saint

          No religion is “protected” as such – Congress just can’t pass any laws prohibiting the free exercise thereof; any EO would almost certainly fall under the same. So yeah, any ban on the practice of Islam violates the First Amendment.

  4. Deport them. Look have you been to a Muslim country? Trust me you don’t want that shit here. You think Berkeley was a mess you have no clue. Ship them all out! Or if they want to stay make them renounce Islam tape it and post it to the internet for all to see!

  5. The rising smoke trail looks like an Islamic symbol or writing. I think that’s the hidden message the New Yorker is sending.

  6. Lance Colvard

    Why deport ‘just’ the non-citizen Muslim. I say deport ‘all’ Muslims who practice their Muslim Koran faith (small f), and that means anybody wearing a Hijab. I just returned from Disneyland with the grand kids. While at Disneyland I saw Muslims walking around in full burkas, and women wearing Hijabs. On our way home to Oregon while checking-in at LAX at Alaska Airlines a Muslim woman wearing a hijab was checking our group in. I asked her if the Hijab that she was wearing meant that she supports Sharia Law. (I already knew the answer) Her reply was, “I support everything that is in the Koran”. I replied, “then you should not be in this country that supports the Constitution of the United States which supports freedom of religion, go home, your religion is not a religion and is more of a political system that promotes submission or die. My wife and my daughter were red in the face embarrassed that I said what I said, and the Muslim woman was consoling them. How embarrassing for me to have a Muslim woman wearing a Hijab consoling my wife and daughter. We, all of us need to educate our families that whenever we see a Muslim woman wearing a Hijab that that means she supports Sharia Law – and that the Muslim woman is a termite preparing your mind and the future for Jihad.

    A little side-note is that for the first time I didn’t travel with my hand-gun because of the new Kalifornia gun laws in effect January 1st. However a TSA agent told me that it is still permissible to check our hand guns in our checked luggage as before. And of yeah, going through security at Disneyland I had to take my pocket knife back to my motel. Learn how to fight guys…

    • Check out Ed’s Manifesto on facebook/instagram/tumblr. Dude’s a former Mexican narco-cop who’s now training people in the US and Mexico on “escapology” and improvising weapons in non-permissive environments.

      I thought of this because he recently did a live video on nonmetallic knife options, and recommended, instead of trying to get something through a checkpoint, fabricating it on site once you’re through security. I bet there were plenty of metal, glass and plastic options available to you in Disney for a couple bucks and a little creativity.

  7. The statue of liberte was (and remains so) a beach head for nascent globalism. It is not of a woman, but the likeness of a man, more specifically that of lucifer.

    This was a gift from the masons, in the sense that Troy was gifted with a wooden horse.


    Further, the idiotic inscription “The New Colossus” penned by Emma Lazarus
    which has fueled the unfounded beliefs of generations as if cultural suicide was a founding virtue must be cast to the bottom of the abyss – kinda like a ring.

    Oh, I’m sure some here will be encouraged by the wicked pedia background entry for dear Emma:


  8. VooDoo6Actual

    EXPOSED: The Greatest Puppet Show On Earth

  9. Agree with statement. Our Constitution and their religious laws and requirements cannot coexist.

  10. Alfred E. Neuman

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  11. “No more Muslims.

    From anywhere.

    Deport all non-citizen Muslims.


    Few would argue for importing nazis with their state religion, or make an argument for why we must have Thugees amongst us. Thus it should be with followers of MoHamHead.

    They come in as visitors and don’t leave

    Past time to close the roach hotel

  12. After we deport all non-citizen Muslims we can start on revoking the American citizenship of some people who aren’t Americans. Screw the Constitution, its not a suicide pact