Consider Black Rifle Coffee as a replacement.

Love the brands.

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  1. I wonder if my local Starbucks has an outside sewer clean-out plug so I can drop some ready-mix concrete powder down the pipe. Will the local Health Department close them down if their toilet is overflowing?

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Might improve the taste of that burnt shit they sell.

      As usual, Americans have absolutely no taste in coffee or beer.

  2. Shit, I got four pounds of that Black Rifle Coffee in the fridge, right now. One of my sons started drinking it, and then quit. But I’ll patronize StarFucks when they start handing out $20 bills and putting on Minstrel Shows at noon.

  3. You’ve heard of the new coffee drink that Starbucks is coming out with in honor of the 10,000 new muslim refugees they are going to hire?

  4. Planned Syncretism for a reason. There are no coincidences or random occurances in this Epoch / chronicle of time. This is planned diaspora – Hijrah – Agenda 21 – Codex Alimentarius et al Operation 100%. The usual suspects are identified clearly tonthose paying attention & consciously aware.

  5. Been years since I patronized this abortion mill genocide supporting hangout for losers who like bad coffee. Years.

  6. Picked up some of their Cafeinated As Fuck the other day. Awesome stuff!

  7. More likely to get windows smashed at a blm riot then anything.

  8. I haven’t gone into a starbucks in a few years. Now I will never go into a starbucks.


  9. never been in a starbux.

    is that where the sheep are fleeced of their fiat for heated liquid dung?

    most likely same types who tune in for the Stuper Bowel.

    GO Sportsball!

  10. No ttA-t,
    Starbux is where the online dating crowds congregate. They meet up there to see if the person they have been lying too online is hot enough in person to fuck.. if you eves drop, you can hear the same interview at every table. Short 5 minute conversations. The look on their faces, the size of their coffees can give you an indication of their compatibility…large coffees indicate they are willing to stay and endure the interrogation, hoping for a piece of ass out of the deal.. chocolate covered coffee beans indicate the person who ordered coffee is a huge disappointment in person, not worthy of their time… why they dont just go to the bar, get some chick drunk, take her home and fuck her is beyond me. They would rather play this stupid ” lets have coffee and see if we are a match”, game.

    • ah ah.

      it’s always about pussy.

      an easier way is to flash a YUUUGE wad of money in front of a dozen chicks… oh, and be very rude. 🙂

    • Funny you should mention that. You’re seeing the children of the coffee culture generation come of age.


      I think it started much earlier in places called “cafes” in France and look where the french are today…

      BTW, that show also had unisex bathrooms 20 years ago:

      Some call this predictive programming. Do a google images search on that for a trip down the rabbit hole sometime.

  11. lastmanstanding

    BRCC! I’m all over this! Going to get a few tee’s for at the gym…going to suggest a Satcong version!

    WE support vets religiously in our home and businesses.

  12. I can’t see paying $5 for a fancy coffee-based drink. In fact, I can’t see drinking coffee that has not been perked for at least 15 minutes. The fact that Starbux supports all that lefty shit makes me want to give them my money even less.

  13. coltsravensfan

    For the unhip and/or obtuse, for what is BFSBUXTW ? Searching yielded only WRS article. Thanks.

  14. i have watched the brain-dead autobots, with amazement and awe as they”discovered” coffee and all the frilly,special,fucked-up things they can do to it. I will willingly overpay for shitty coffee and tip the droid who hands it to me has become their mantra. In the seventies a group of mover and shaker chefs decided to “improve” the food being served in high end restaurants.The result was nouvelle cuisine. I referred to the mess created by the combined efforts of undisciplined and untrained douche canoes as martian food. Chocolate angel hair pasta with kiwi beurre blanc. I rather chew on an old shoe. I apprenticed and trained learning classical French cuisine along with Basque,German and Asian chefs. The result was a firm grasp of proven techniques and procedures. I vividly remember standing at the A+P checkout line with my mother ,in the fifties, watching her Eight O’clock coffee get ground by the cashier.The people who proclaim to have discovered new food ideas and presentations have not done their homework. Whatever you think you discovered has probably been done before. Carame,Lenotre,Escoffier,Taillevient,back to Apicius of Rome. Coffee done simple is coffee done best .Food and coffee must be allowed to stand on its own merit and distinct personality. Add too many ingredients along with complicated procedures and it gets fucked up. Mirrors of life.