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Never Talk To The Press: The Insanity Of Thinking “It Will Be Different This Time”

No Rights Without Duties

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  1. I remember that time period very well and every county in Michigan seemed to have a self-appointed Kernal.

    Then there was the eloquent James Johnson with his statement before the senate in 1995 that “We’re the calm ones”:

    By 1997:

    Where is he today?

  2. Bottom line, do not associate with Dumbass.
    And if you already have, disassociate yourself.
    You just can’t fix Stupid.

  3. While they prance in the woods with their Chinese made optics the left is training on their own – and they’re not scared.

  4. pretty accurate summation. i’ve attended several musters of the MM around the state, and i wasn’t overly impressed with their physical readiness levels. still, better than pecking on a keyboard in a dark room. it was a good opportunity to meet and network with others who were more advanced in their skill levels and ideology. there ARE sub-groups within the MM that are very up to speed and willing to apply a higher degree of hurt if the need arises, but, they could very possibly be .guv agent provocateurs. i opted to stand back and OBSERVE, as it’s my preferred manner of participation – for now.

    • tfA-t,

      “…around the state….”

      Boy, that’s “province” to you. You’re in Kanada, Kanukistan remember ? Or is your proclamation denouncing 2/3 rds of fellow citizens as scum not deserving to live, along with declaring your alleged move to Trudeau 2’s socialist paradise, just more of your incessant bullshit ?

      Grab your mangina and back up your “badness”:

      1. Burn your passport.
      2. Renounce your Amerikan citizenship.


  5. I agree with JC on his primary point. Unless you are a trained Public Relations Person who has at least partial control of the final product or own the media you talk to, you should never talk to the media.
    Since those conditions don’t apply to anyone in the movement you should NEVER talk to the mainstream media..
    But I dont like absolutist statements… so.Friendly media outlets like certain Vlogs or Blogs can be an exception but ONLY after you have 100% verified the identity and if its one where ypou expect at least a semi professional packing in your favor.

    I do respect JC’s perspective and judgement.,
    However not all good people can 100% agree on everything so I will put in my 2 cents.
    As a movement we often have a trend to denigrate others..In the movement as unprepared, out of shape, unprofessional unskilled etc.
    Sometimes this is true.. but very often it is not… We as a movement are often the victim in our perception of our peers of the same propaganda apparatus we decry.

    When I went o my first non military tactical training 3 years ago I also in the back of my mind half expected some “half crazed miulitia types”.
    This is the caricature of our movement every modern american has been inoculated with.
    Including us.

    When I got there I found that all attendees, were serious, mentally fit, physically fit, well equipped.
    Everyone got 4 pout of 5 .
    Sure some guys were out of shape.. but they were working on it the fact that they were training was a “hall mark& Indicator” of that.
    Sure some guys had shitty gear, like a SKS… but they were learning and seeing thier peers negotiate lanes with ARs inspired them to improve..Some guys ran shitty competion setups that have little role in a tactical environment…
    But they looked at what others did and learned.
    On occasion you get the pure hobbyist but more often than not rubbing elbows with serious dudes would rub off on them…

    The term “militia” is a bad term because the entire public, ourselves included, has been inoculated as something to belittle and snicker at.

    Make no mistake… we as a community as a but of a social scene as well.. with the cool cliques and the outsiders (weak mutual aid groups with no good trianing or guidance resources that results in bad pictures)

    I would like to see our attitude, the cool kids, be more about teaching /advice aspect… have it play a bigger role vs the snickering at the not cool enough kids .

    We need to encourage as many people as possible to join the “tactical community” and if our online presence is polished and helpful… they will get smarter, fitter and better geared as a result .

  6. Good shit. Thank you.

    the old time commodities traders had a saying “Foolish faces appear in public places”. Fuck the media, most if not all are coopted commie agitprop progenitors. AKA traitors.

  7. I know how much fun it is to go into the woods and play soldiers but its just not realistic. If this goes hot, guerrillas in the woods will last a week, this is not Afghanistan. A more realistic scenario is urban warfare, sabotage, close range shooting, think more IRA, ETA, clandestine operations,…
    Sorry guys, but your little commando play, sniper bullsh… not going ta happen. Start training in the art of spycraft, clandestine cells,…

    • well, it’ll work just fine for those who already live in the woods and were soldiers now wouldn’t it?

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “think more IRA, ETA”

      Then shooting is only a small part of it. Those guys quickly moved to bombs – big ones – and mortars, especially remotely-fired ones. The IRA especially figured out the Achilles’ heel of the UK government: target commercial and financial centers. Killing high-profile guys like Mountbatten, or loads of troops like at Warrenpoint, got headlines, but little else. Doing a couple billion worth of damage to an economic center? That had an actual impact.

  8. Rights: an 18th Century meme with little connection to reality, that now serves the ruling class. There is no right to life. Instead, most of the time, most people won’t kill you. That’s the reality.

  9. Looking at the Videos that keep coming of the ProgreSSives, Anarchists, Communists, and Feral Gov. Tyrants; How can anyone think this is gong to end anyway but Worse? When the Economic Pin is pulled, then TSHTF for everyone, everywhere. Only a matter of difference in degree.
    60’s Agitation Again with 30’s Economic Stresses. CYA.

  10. HHH Old Vet.

    I Believe WE must seize Our Rights, No One will do it for us. Look at the Muslims, They Believe it IS their right to Kill us, to me it is our right to Kill them when they even talk like that.

  11. If your group is on TV, 99:1 you’re doing it wrong.

  12. FrozenPatriot

    “Most are civilians that never served and are now doing the militia thing because they wish they had served back in the day, but didn’t have the mental or physical motivation or guts to do the “hard thing” then ( I find those that are youngsters of the 18-22 year old variety who want to be in the militia, but not the military to be either lazy and/or gutless hypocrites) . They are also the ones who were too busy with “their life”, and didn’t want to be bothered. Then there are the types who want to be “overt” militia, because it is in vogue now to look “Operator” on facebook.

    “Is this ‘judging’ them? I guess…”

    Painting with a pretty broad brush there…

    Have you considered the possibility that some knew — even at the tender age of 18 — that most of what the national military does now is evil and unconstitutional? Standing armies, foreign invasions, assassinations, trade embargos, holding POWs, etc. ad nauseum…

    Most states no longer have state guards, leaving the only truly defensive (rather than invasive or empire-building) option of the local militia.

    How is it that so many here hold the national government in considerable contempt, yet you chastise a considerable percentage of them for not becoming an unthinking henchmen for said national government?

    When you lack the cognition to consider such a basic reason for not becoming an imperial stormtrooper, it makes me wonder (briefly) why I would listen to anything else you have to say…

  13. It’s interesting to compare this hit piece against American militias to previous Vice videos on militias in other countries which came across much more positive in tone. Just do a YouTube search for reports from Vice on The Russians are Coming and the Estonia Militia and Polish Militia groups they covered.
    In the Vice videos such as the Estonia Militia version, ( ) you see a much different militia. One made up of younger, more physically fit members. They are all in modern, matching uniforms. They are conducting training exercises with military gear and vehicles. They are being integrated into the national military response plans.
    In the Vice report on Polish militias ( ) we see Polish “paramilitary” units training with air soft rifles in exercises. The Polish military sent a General out to observe the militia exercise due to the some wanting to incorporate the militias into the Polish Army.
    Another Vice report ( ) on Polish paramilitary training shows young men and women practicing for a “military emergency” by conducting urban terrain exercises. This video shows some of the politics involved with some militia groups wanting to join with the military while others don’t like the idea and feel they will be relegated to rear echelon duties.
    Take a look at the videos I’ve posted here, watch the coverage by Vice reporters and take note of the way the Estonian and Polish militia members appear versus how our US based “patriot”, “Threeper” militias present themselves on camera.
    It’s no wonder the press uses groups such as the Michigan Militia or the Ga 3% Security Force to present a stereotypical, racist, redneck, dangerous example to the general public.
    Vice has plenty of coverage of militias but the ones focusing on those training in the US are always slanted heavily negative while coverage of militias and “paramilitaries” in other countries are often much more positive.

  14. The article makes some astute observations & truths….

    Today’s recommended viewing :
    Spoiler alert: The face palm by ‘Scotty’ is classic !

    Captain Kirk Meets Ashley Judd

  15. Alfred E. Neuman

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  16. most of the presently-constituted “militias” will be wiped out w/in 10 days of the Collapse. Not the least because almost all of them have long since been infiltrated by the Regime. On the lighter side, I recall some fun Max V. had awhile back with a video featuring a particularly lard-assed (and media-loving) Arizona militia unit. Their motto was, “wake up and smell the coffee!” Some unkind person commented, “these guys woke up an smelled lasagna”.

  17. Hence the need to be local and stay local. Guaranteed a bunch of those idiot ‘militia’ are .gov informants. Guaranteed!

  18. The second link/article is superb!! Well done JCD and well said!!

  19. Marlo Stanfield

    I was standing in line at a rental range in Vegas. This group in front of us was armed and dressed the same. Old dude behind me said: League Night. That’s what these Militia groups remind me of. Dressing up like GI Joe replaced bowling. The Mosin Nagant rifle is always a red flag for me. Same for the SKS, Mini-14. We have gone thru 8 years of the O, and the M-groups have actually gained weight. I hear them locally saying now the have breathing room with Mr. T in office. Remember 80% of Americans are on Meds. I am guessing probably the same amount are consuming various booze products. Which means they are useless for going down range with. With the 8 years that have passed these groups and others should be meeting several times a week to run 10Ks. Or belong to some Cross Fit group and again x times a week in attendance. I think for future recruiting we should be cruising the running clubs and fitness spots. (In a straight way) Looking for possible like minded people. What people say now and what they say and do when the bus goes off the cliff is two different things. In the past boxers fighting Tyson in his prime had a plan, until the jeep knocked the shit out of them.   

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    • a lot of younger men have been run through the meat grinder called the justice system….

      if you can get ’em before the po po smack them with any garden variety of felony and ruin their lives along with any chance of possessing a firearm “legally”.

      Cops. Who needs em?

      Here are the seven reports of police misconduct tracked for Thursday, February 2, 2017:

      Causeway, Louisiana: An officer was arrested for allegedly stealing drugs and cash from evidence.
      Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: An officer was charged with six criminal counts related to domestic assault. Charges included terroristic threatening, assault, and violation of a protective order. He was suspended with the intention to be terminated.
      North Attleborough, Massachusetts: An officer was arrested for domestic assault and fired.
      Wichita Falls, Texas: An officer was charged with DWI after a crash that seriously injured a motorcyclist.
      Los Angeles, California: The City settled a lawsuit with a woman who was seriously injured when she fell out of police car that was traveling at approximately 30mph. She claimed that she was trying to get away from an officer who was in the backseat with her and inappropriately touching her. She was handcuffed when she fell out of the vehicle. The settlement was for $3,500,000.
      South Hackensack Township, New Jersey: The commissioner was arrested for domestic violence and smiled during his mugshot.
      San Bernardino County, California: A deputy was recorded threatening to arrest man on made up charges because he was legally recording an encounter in the police station.

  20. I suspect things will ramp up rapidly w/ this latest Weather Manipulation Whiste-blower information hitting the Alt. media for viral dissemination…

    Brought to you by the self anointed Architects – Creators – CFAFTsman of the Material World & Physical Universe matrix system we are in.

    World Leaders Duped Over Manipulated Global Warming Data
    NASA / NOAA Climate Data Is Fake Data

  21. I suspect things will ramp up rapidly w/ this latest Weather Manipulation Whiste-blower information hitting the Alt. media for viral dissemination…

    NASA / NOAA Climate Data Is Fake Data
    World Leaders Duped Over Manipulated Global Warming Data

  22. Stealth Spaniel

    Why can’t people just shut up? If you are looking to become a Hollywood Biscotti, then I can understand the old adage: all publicity is good as long as they spell your name correctly. If you are not an aspiring starlet, stay away from cameras and recording equipment.
    The only reason that I have a FB account is to help cocker spaniels, et al. I sincerely wish that I didn’t. I have been beat up verbally, harassed, unfriended, etc.-all because I do not suscribe to the Leftist insanity. People that have helped me rescue dogs from horrible situations, shelters to escape euthanasia, & have fostered them with no financial recompense have literally disintergrated in front of me.
    Please, everybody. Quit telling strangers your thoughts, desires, and hopes. They don’t care and will only seek to undermine you.

  23. I read here every day. Every Single Fucking Day. I read the articles, and I read the comments, because *sometimes* there is wisdom there. I have to say, I am fed up with all the back biting here. I am sorry I didn’t serve. I had my reasons, but they are MY reasons. I am sorry I am not in great physical shape anymore. My back is so fucked up that I cannot even stand up without pain, and I just cannot do the things I could when I was young. You assholes would look at me on the range as just another fat fuck, incapable of helping OUR SIDE at all.
    We are not all going to be the tip of the fucking spear. Thank God that some folks will be. In the meantime maybe you will need to get from one place to another. Maybe your rifle needs fixing. Maybe your generator is broken. I CAN fix that stuff. I have been living behind enemy lines for a long ass time, and I can get around here fine. The pics of the burning limo on Inauguration day? 2 fucking blocks from my house. But you can bet your ass I have my tribe…
    I just read a sneering comment on some “militia” guys in Az…. At least they are TRYING to get straightened out. Maybe some of you oh too cool dudes could help them out instead of dismissing them. Do you think the leftards treat each other this way?Not everyone “knows” how to do it right, and if you look at them and walk away, they never will. Way to WIN dude.
    I think I read it here first. There is gonna be a fight, LETS WIN!!!
    We are not going to win if we don’t cut this shit out and work together. I just cannot believe the fucking left has there shit together better than freefor does.