WRSA Again In Top 300 Conservative Websites By Traffic Listing, February 2017


Full list.

Thank you to every one of you readers, commenters, contributors, and critics.

(H/t GVDL)

29 responses to “WRSA Again In Top 300 Conservative Websites By Traffic Listing, February 2017

  1. CA, YOU, are the WRSA, a giant among blogs, and a damned fine blog it is too. I believe Patriots of old, were not treated with the respect due them. I don’t know what we could do, to show you the proper respect, but perhaps we’ll find a way. And you are loved and respected, by more than you know. Gentlemen, I say ye, Concerned American.

  2. You earned this yourself.

  3. I’m not losing the irony here when memri is 232 and WSRA is 233.
    Nothing beats correlations in web click-throughs.

  4. Peter,

    Congratulations. You certainly work hard at producing WRSA. Surely, it is a labor of love.

    You and Drudge….my two favorites.

    Thank you for your extensive efforts.

  5. Congratulations!

  6. Congratulations, CA. It’s been a pleasure reading and learning from you and your guests.

    God’s blessings for continued and increasing success.

  7. Why am I not surprised? Congratulations. People know this is the place to come to for serious and sensible talk. My day wouldn’t be complete without tuning in to WRSA for my daily cattle report! Keep up the great work. I’ll bring as many here to you as I can.

  8. Literally my #1 site for filtering the propaganda. Invaluable and may i dare say lifesaving. Keep the faith.

  9. Being my first daily read click, WRSA is most enjoyed when accompanied by a hot cup of coffee right out of the pot…everyone else gets read when the Community Coffee is close to room temperature.

    So describes my focus…congrats and thanks CA!!!

  10. Sir: I am indebted to your efforts, you enrich my every day……thanks so very much…..

  11. Yes, it has been good reading since I first stated reading. Many
    topics which bring light on these gray days. CA must be very
    busy keeping the juices flowing and making sure it comes & goes
    out, “A job well done” Thank you CA.

    Having my coffee with honey and a squirt of coconut oil – Yeah
    I know, but hey, my teethes cannot handle sugar (it starts inside
    anyways) 🙂

    Again, thank you CA.

  12. Well done! The other heartening part of the list is how far up ZH and Drudge are moving, beating many MSM outlets, such as the Hill and Real Clear Politics. Goes to show how people have lost trust in the MSM because of their steady line of BS.

  13. WRSA’ers,

    Here’s an example of how good you, we, I, us have it at CA’s free speech zone aka Western Rifle Shooters Association:

    The last two days I had occasion to post at AR15.com. Topic being a new product revealed at Shot Show 2017 that I had just received via FEDEX. I identified issues that should not be present in the device. Of course, some fucking know-it-all challenged my observations. In my reply I pointed out some specifics and identified his challenges as “bull dung”. A term I used knowing the multitudes of pussies and mangina-possessing males who occupy that piece of cyberspace.

    Wouldn’t you know, some ARFCOM regular declares my use of the term “bull dung” as unprofessional, vulgar and profane. No wonder I’ve only been there 50x in 7 years !

    This ARFCOM crap today reinforces how fortunate we are to have the blog author believe in free speech. We’re lucky this ain’t like AR15.com !

    BTW, did I happen to offend any of you pussies ?


  14. lastmanstanding

    Great job, right in the thick of it with some pretty big names!

    “don’t go down without one helluva fight”

  15. Congratulations–well deserved. Thanks for all your work. You are with me everyday. I have gotten more other blog sites to follow from you by far.

  16. Reading WRSA is always on my daily to do list. I’m constantly amazed at your ability track down and share all this great information. I never hesitate to pass the word along to others, as well.

  17. Fairly new here…definitely a needed breath of fresh air. Don’t get MSM news at all…don’t have TV…only web. Top site.

  18. Thank you sir so very much for being here and offering this platform. It warms my heart to know that there are men who will not go without a fight, will not get on the train cars, ever. Just when I thought I was the only one who understood, the only one who saw what was happening to my country, the only one who wanted to be free, I found this place and others like it. Please remember, when you think that it may be a waste of time, that men like me find your site. I don’t comment much and nobody knows me but y’all are loved.

    May the LORD bless you and prosper all that you rightly endeavor to undertake.

  19. Congrats !
    Although my online activity has fallen through the floor this year, I still rarely go 3 days without a drive by(used to be multiple times daily); I only do better than that with drudge and zerohedge.

  20. It’s good to have a place to unload and bitch without having to dance with censorship..That said, the list of sites that have banned me from commenting grows ever longer.