Aesop: Get A F***ing Grip


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  1. aesop is lost in the crowd of brainwashed zombies that surround this Bread n Circus sideshow. he seems to be experiencing psychosis which is demonstrated by his complete lack of reality.

    anyone who takes politics seriously at this point is delusional. it’s a con and the voters have once again proven they are easy marks.

    the freak show we all witnessing is the NWO’s way of creating chaos and fear, but, it’s still just a sideshow… it’s a distraction, a ruse.

    the main event is still in the wings waiting to make it’s grand entrance.

    look past the man behind the curtain.

    you do have silver and gold ja?

    • Do you know it’s proper to begin sentences with capital letters? You’re so negative. Chill before you have a blow out.

      • That asshole tfa-t is partially correct. While I do believe that Trump is well meaning and sincere, wants America first, and to clean out the deep state/shadow government/globalists, let’s remember that deep state/shadow government/globalist Soros, et al. are the architects of the Color Revolutions and Arab Springs.

        I wouldn’t bet on them fizzling out due to lack of momentum, or the American yawn. All “3 branches of government”, the legislative, executive, and judicial, are heavily to the core saturated with deep state/shadow government/globalists. Every major federal agency is infiltrated by the deep state/shadow government/globalists. Our education system is saturated with deep state/shadow government/globalists. Our media is saturated with deep state/shadow government/globalists.

        And you can bet these deep state/shadow government/globalists have NO INTENTION of capitulating their position and agenda for the world. They are not going to just go away. They will do EXACTLY what they think they have to do, to keep the deep state/shadow government/globalists in play.

        So no. It is not time to sit back, eat popcorn, and watch them self-implode. They haven’t advanced their deep state/shadow government/globalist agenda all these years to just roll over and… go home defeated. The deep state/shadow government/globalists Think Tanks are actively scheming and plotting 2, 3, 4, 5 moves ahead… it’s what they do. It is what they have done for years. And they are the masters of it. And they will play Trump. And they will play you. And they will play their useful idiots. And… they will play the world.

        And whether we like it or not, the deep state/shadow government/globalists will win out, eventually, for a time. And it’s not going to be pretty. They will do to us, what we should be doing to them, right now.

        There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil – to one who is striking at the root:

        The ongoing battle for control of the United States of America:

        And I have to be honest, this “You’re so negative” crap is, as always, a grand cop-out. It’s like… “Man, if we just think positive and meditate on the good stuff, everything will be okay!”

        “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” – Edmund Burke

        But we’re eating popcorn waiting for them to self-implode!

        We never fucking learn. And the Master Fiddlers play us every frikkin time… because they are the masters of human emotion/nature. They study us, and have for hundreds of years, like a microbe under the microscope.

        And you know what the plan is? Hunker down until “it happens”. And the sad fact is, we all lose. In this world anyways. The only hope I have out of all of this… is my redemption.

        Keep on training if that is what you do. You’re going to need it.

        • and fuck you too dickbreath curtis

        • Excellent comment, and I agree with you!!
          Re: “this “You’re so negative” crap is, as always, a grand cop-out.” You’re right of course and I agree. My comment was fully intended to get under ffA-t’s fricking skin which I guarantee you it did. 🙂 He, she or it seems to have really thin skin and is fond of flopping comments like the one he directed right at you below. One doesn’t need much extension of imagination to know why he/she/it is so intimately familiar with ‘dickbreath’.

        • Those color revolutions failed to give the controllers the results they desired and many on here fell hook , line and sinker for them -especially the one in Ukraine. The doomers’ ‘analysis’ is worthless.

          • Ya know, this NWO/Babelism will come through chaos and terror I don’t think you are prepared to deal with. But don’t worry, most people in the world are not.

            And just so you know, chaos is the means… to the end.

        • This.

          The deep state besurocrwcy is simply ignoring his orders.

          Trump is just one man.

          He should call up the militia and then declare himself the king.

        • Get some perspective, Curtis.
          Think tanks were telling America that the proper course to take with the Soviet Union was to bow to their inevitable dominance in world affairs.
          In 1988.

          Some of us have seen this program before, even a few times, and we aren’t buying it.

          Don’t let think tanks, staffed with liberal dilettantes, do your thinking for you.
          They’re wrong about 90% of the time, if not more.

    • This is one of the few times we’ll agree.

      As per the original:

      “Trump undid eight years of HopeyDopey’s executive orders in about an hour…. He’s going to build the border wall.”

      Can he? Will the Hill vote on funding for it before another sequester settles in? Are you sure the same protesters blocking a pipeline won’t show up to block a wall? Will this get done in the next 4-8 years? Are you sure the next POTUS won’t make a big show of tearing down the wall?

      I just watched one federal judge block Trump’s EO on the partial travel ban and 3 more federal judge refuse to reinstate it this weekend. Funny how judges can suddenly be found who are willing to work on weekends. Looks like they were all able to block Trump in about an hour. Trump spent the rest of the weekend BMWing on twitter about this (while being surrounded by 3000 protesters on the ground).

      Elsewhere on twitter:

      “1st Iranian off the plane. Her daughter is giving birth in 2 weeks, she was afraid she wouldn’t make it. She’s thankful for American judges”

      Patriots, let that tweet sink in before you drink too much beer later today.

      How about this photo from conservative lily white Utah yesterday:

      Let’s do some compare and contrast:

      Anyone here ever heard of Mance v Holder? This was a federal case 2 years ago when a federal judge declared that the ban on interstate sales of handguns by FFLs did not hold up to the strict scrutiny of the Constitution. He told the Justice Department not to enforce a portion of the 1968 Gun Control Act.

      Can you go to a gun store in your neighboring state, buy a handgun over the counter from that FFL and drive back home with it today? NO, not legally. No new rules were ever published for FFLs to change how they did business (so they won’t do it) and another federal provision was still found making it illegal for people to bring home handguns purchased out of state. Last check, MvH has been on appeal for a year with no action taken. That’s more like the usual federal court speed compared to this weekend.

      In America today non-citizens can keep flowing over our entire border unimpeded (and be greeted by supporters at the airport), but American citizens still can’t transfer firearms over state lines to each other without ‘federal assistance’. Yeah, now that’s free-dumb.

      Looks like the stage moves around and different actors have shown up at the Kabuki Theater, but the old script remains the same. The Constitution still appears as dead as the paper it’s written on. Dead. DEAD.

      “Let the Looney Left tear itself to bitsy pieces, and sandbag yourselves in with beer, pretzels, and popcorn, and after the Superbowl, settle in to watch these antics until the idiots run out of cannon fodder, or energy…”

      Hey, patriots, don’t get too comfortable and fall back into that fat, drunk, happy slumber. That’s what got us into this mess.

      • The Congress allocated funding for the border wall waaaaay back when Dubbya was president.

        It’s just that no president for the last 16 or so years has seen fit to spend the bucks.

        I’m shocked. Shocked, I say.

        • Aesop,

          “No president….has seen fit to spend the bucks.” Perhaps not….on the border defenses. But I’d venture to guess it’s gone.

          Two years ago Congress allocated $10,000,000,000.00 for the Veteran’s Choice Program. Reports are the VA is spending the money elsewhere while Vets are denied access to private practice healthcare that “Choice” was to provide.

          I wouldn’t put it past the scoundrels in D.C. to have spent the money you referenced, elsewhere. Just like the social security money Bill Clinton stole to balance the budget….that border money is most likely longgggg gone !

          • i get private health care thru VA. they must have had enough of your bullshit – dan


          • “But the pension fund was just sitting there!”
            -Uncle Duke

            Yup, just like the social insecurity ‘trust’ fund….
            All smoke, mirrors and outright bullshit convienently
            displaced behind NFL super sunday, 15 min pizza and
            beer and bbq flag waving on July 4th..while few people
            honor April 19th…

            Not duped here…

            Yours in Liberty!
            NorthGunner III

          • No doubt.
            The point is, getting the money from Congress to build the fence hasn’t been the sticking point for 15 years.

            Finding someone serious about doing it has.

      • This.

        BTW districy judge has no such power obviously.

    • Why are you even here? You have said toooo many times to count, that you are sitting out any coming shit-storm by withdrawing to your island (treehouse). You have said time and again you have no interest or intention of associating with us un-washed, psychotic, unrealistic, delusional, side-show freaks, so why even bother to waste your time with us? btw, I hear your mommy calling….

  2. Uh, the muppets who are out now, making bigger jack asses out of themselves than they have ever been, are going to be replaced by some people who are going to engage in some serious shit. Amateur Leftists are going to be replaced by Professional Leftists, and these Pros mean to get their way, not just whine about it. When the Socialist fails, the Communist takes center stage, and the blood will begin to spill. Every body hold on to your butts, because the Communists have plenty of support, and money, and they are going to show that they in this to win it. Team Right will probably wind up playing catch up for a long time. Goody Two Shoes has to learn how the Big Boys do it, and it will be war to the knife, and the knife to the hilt. I’ve warned you all before. To make these people stop, will require the ugliest of warfare methods, and nothing will be off limits. Anything less, and you can just kiss all this shit goodbye.

    • If and when they are replaced, and do anything of mild concern, it’ll be a fit item for consideration. Come the day, I’ll be happy to “Shoot a Commie For Mommy”. The remarks of the Swiss army general to the German ambassador in 1936 or so come to mind.

      Nota bene that doing anything noteworthy would be a first for them in this country for any time in anyone’s living memory.
      And once they commit to violent revolution, they can’t walk it back, or half-step it afterwards. It’ll be all or nothing, with the odds heavily favoring them getting nothing, except a lot of pine boxes.

      But perhaps we can agree that “You still don’t have enough ammo.”

  3. “This past week, in response to news that Milo Yiannopolis was going to speak there, the Special Snowflake Brigade of the Free Shit Army, along with the Crack Suicide Squad of the Judean People’s Front, smashed windows and set fires in Berkeley, on and off the campus.”

    That is the best paragraph I have read all week.

  4. Those who do not listen or learn must feel pain.

  5. Jimmy the Saint

    He raises a fair point; however, the last time a bunch of people lost their shit after the wrong candidate won, it took us 600,000+ dead to get everything calmed back down. Yes, *right now* it isn’t at that point yet. But then again, it wasn’t at that point in late 1860/early 1861, either. Will it get there again? Who knows, but that’s the thing with uprisings – while most fail (many of which simply fizzle out), you never can be sure. Complex systems come with so many variables that trying to predict outcomes is little more than tea-leaf reading.

  6. Centurion_Cornelius

    Hell YES! Watching the Left/Commie/Marxist/Musloid Team self-destruct is bettern a seat at the 51st SB today! Damn–I’d pay cash money to get these “Berkeley Bombers” sent over to the East Coast and torch the rat’s nests known as: Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Columbia, Wellesley…all of ’em!

    Yo! Keep double-down on pushing that “Self-Destruct Button” Visiting Team.

    We Home Team have another glorious day out sharpening the axes!

    • I recall from the 1960-1970s when the left burned down a few buildings on campuses:

      Then they took over education in America and indoctrinated the last 3 generations.

      • I also remember: the niggers-run-by-Red-Jews burned down whole cities and fought running gun battles with U.S. troops. Then, as you say, (((they)) did their Long March Through the Institutions…and now control them all: Central Bank, MSM, dis-education, political class, Pentagon, police. So, this time around, the police and soldaten will – at least for awhile – be on their side. Not ours. Right now, with the campus trashing, beatings, and so forth…the Reds are not “making a mistake”. They are just practicing. Warming up.

  7. I’d donate to that cause!! I wonder how much sodium metal a person could transport without getting caught?

  8. Thank you, finally. As a commenter at Aesop’s site said, am a fan of not obstructing the enemy while they’re making a mistake – even to the point of facilitating what they’re already desirous of doing. Starbucks has lousy & over-priced coffee anyway. Disclaimer: Did not click on musical links as they would spoil the coffee that is in my hand. Maybe the campus screamers should be renamed the Starbucks Vocal Band (SVB).

  9. lon a follower

    Milo, Why do we have so many (meddelers) from the u.k. and elsewhere?
    And what a class act he is. (sarcasm, sorry.)
    Another catholic and or gay christian stirring the proverbial pot. ‘Witch’ reminds me “Lady ga ga” on stage today for the annual ‘sun-day festivity.
    None of this is funny nor to be taken lighly.

  10. Now let’s look at this strategically:
    Communists are burning “higher education” and the hives.
    The hives and “higher education” are the core of support for the One World Government crowd.

    Tell me again, what’s not to like? Especially since the hive leaders instruct their “Law Enforcement” to look the other way?

    Now on the other hand, as soon as any of these show up in flyover country, it might be nice to help your Law Enforcement officers deal with them appropriately. I mean, if they deputize you, then you’re officially an Only One. Do you want Jerry Waller to tell you what that means?

  11. Except that part about the super bowl. Fuck that! Nobody that reads this blog should be watching that shit show. Go clean a gun or make some ammo….or fuck me….read the Bible.

    • Bowman,

      I’ll be doing #2, making ammo. Although you’re correct….I should spend some time reading the Bible.

    • Hey, Lady CACA is going to be in the halftime show!!!!!!

    • lastmanstanding

      All great ideas, we were hoping to go to the range but the ice on roads and everywhere right now is the worst I have ever seen in 20 years. So, we’ll split some wood, prep our steep drive for the upcoming work week (if not so bad, hit the gym for pt) and sit by the fire researching the building of a rocket stove to heat a greenhouse that I am building this spring. I want to be able to have/grow greens all year long from here on out.

      For those of you ‘on the edge’, check out an interesting interview over @ with Clif High.

      Disclaimer from lms…I have always tried to live ‘on the edge’ and I like any intel from those ‘there’. I have my own mind so I’ll use it (the info) as I see fit.

      Thanks to all here for their views and opinions. Regular folks seem have the sanest of ideas.


      Shoveling snow, going to the store, paying bills, and commenting on this great website. Lady Gaga?! Seriously?! Let the fools have their bread and circuses. I would not walk across the street to throw water on that mutant if she was on fire.
      Now, let’s get sober. I do not want to be a wet blanket but the comment above needs to be seconded. When the socialists leave the stage, the communists enter. Next time, it will not be Berserkeley. It will be a Catholic Church because of their pro-life stance. It will be Trump’s business properties. It will be corporations supplying materials to build the Wall. And, it will be the people involved in anything The Donald is promoting.
      I am old enough to remember the 1960’s and the Weather Underground and their bombs and sabotage. These people are smart, dangerous, and committed. We have had a little taste of them over the years with Earth First and PETA. Yes, those were pinpricks. But remember the UNIBOMBER. If his own brother and sister-in-law had not ratted him off to the FBI, who knows how long he could have gone on and how many more would have died.
      Stay vigilant in your A/O. Take names. write down license numbers. Listen to conversations at Starbucks and other venues where the Cosmic Whites hang out. These criminal psychopaths will not go gently. They have been feeding at the trough too long. Most of them are the product of brainwashing by their commie-liberal parents and commie-liberal schoolteachers. Bleib ubrig.

      • I don’t disagree with that.

        But if something (or three of them) of theirs goes up for every act against something of ours, the lemon isn’t worth the squeeze.
        And they’ve been anything but shy about outing their own infrastructure the last 40 years.

        And meantime, if we can induce them to burn Berkeley to the ground all by themselves, we owe them a solid before we even start playing tit-for-tat.
        (Speaking of which, as Dennis Miller asked, “What is tat, where can I get some, and how do I exchange it for the other thing?”)
        Imagine if you could get them to burn down a newspaper or TV station.
        They’re just about stupid enough to go there, already.

      • Amen Brother…I look at these riots as a precursor to something bigger…Look what teams do for preseason games…They pick usually someone they can beat up on to build team spirit and to work out the kinks before taking on better team’s….I think they are doing the same thing and what easier place to do it than their home turf…JMHO

  12. F the stuoporbawl and the highly overpaid ballmonkeys playing a kids game.Morons who vehemently selfidentify with teams and players have some serious issues.As for lady gag gag,if you had seen her 10 years ago looking like some goth/punk freek you would have swore she was the neighborhood shopping cart baglady.She played some dank grottos with 6 people in them and 2 of them were the bartender and waitress.Her 1 note droning”melodies”have about as much musical talent as a turnip.I guess its not who you know,its who you blow.Change your style and fame and fortune follow!

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Another one of those pre-qualifiers for me too, if I don’t see reading books in someones house (Cabelas catalog doesn’t count either) or them wearing sports jerseys and stickers all over the place, time to move on. Not someone I want to spend time with. Brain deads who sit in front of TV 24/7.

      • bumper stickers are the first ‘tell”.

        anyone who puts stickers on their $50k+ vehicle is missing a screw here and there.

  13. Right, everyone take a moment to reflect on what just happen. A monumental change in realpoltik has taken place. Us dirt people rose up and threw the bums out, we gave them The Great Fuck You. That didn’t happen by accident. Look how pissed off the enemy is. That says a lot. Everything changed overnight because us dirt people withdrew our consent, the most powerful weapon ever devised, and we still have our guns if it comes to that. And the repercussions of resistance to the fuckers has just begun. People are resisting, they defy, they kit up, prepare, discovering the blessings of self determination and self sufficiency in numbers some said, and still say will never happen, it is becoming mainstream, accepted common sense, and the prudent thing to do. That in itself is an evolution of revolution.
    Where do we get a better deal than that?

    On top of that greatness, seems to me like President Trump is doing two main things. He is honoring his pledges to Americans, and call me a monkeys uncle for saying it, but I get this wild notion the guy is flushing the enemies of this republic out of their lairs and out from under the slimy rocks they hide, doing so by dumping so many actions as quickly as possible to keep the enemy knocked back on it’s heals and the effect is they have to play by his rules, it causes them to have to act out of sequence, rush things, and it exposes them which is disarming them, and they make mistakes and misjudge events. A large component of their supposed power is predicated on maintaining illusion and subterfuge. They do nat have the numbers or widespread support required to become the physical Bolsheviks of Lenin’s diaspora, hell, they have to hire rent a rioters and need a 5th column media to inflate their dirty deeds. Take those two operations elements out of the picture, what do they have?
    But what is happening as a result everyone can see what stinking rats they truly are in the light of day. Trump is crazy like a fox, good crazy, and under the charm and sincerity, ruthless. He has set a trap and they are walking right into it. I’m thinking he knows just how entrenched and nasty the actors behind everything going down are, that to defeat this enemy, these grifters, he knows the only way it can be done is with a vast majority of the people behind him, with him really.
    I think also, Trump is a master delegator, he is a people person, and an accomplished experienced leader. And how you win is to unite people in a common cause. Thats solidarity. Solidarity is the total opposite of the lefts strategy to divide and conquer us.
    If you look at President Trump’s nominations, he has picked uniquely astute leaders, people who have a solid track record of getting things done, people who have a certain courage of their convictions. Thats character. He also knows, if his comments are an indication, a people in solidarity doesn’t have to agree on everything, they only have to be united in a mission and be results orientated.
    This is an incredible time to be alive. Trump has essentially poked a hornets nest with a flame thrower. Looking at it this way, how else can you begin to win against the people out to destroy this country. It’s sound strategy really. It is solid organizing, solid goals, and focus on results. Don’t let your enemy rest for a second, keep them off balance, roll up their flanks, and then hit them in their rear. Hit them hard enough they begin to loose cohesion and make serious mistakes.
    By law and rights, Trump can go after the ring leaders and the key instigators anytime he chooses. If he does, he is going to need overwhelming support of the dirt people, and rock solid proof of who and why these people are unquestionably domestic and foreign enemies. As that is becoming ever more apparent as the days go on, it provides clear truths, the consequences are the regular joe on the street is able to make informed decisions about where he stands in all this, and choose to get behind Trump and his fellow man, which Trump is solidly garnering.
    We all have made mention things can never go back to “the way things were”, OK, sure, thats not so bad, the idea is we make thing better than they were, but the flip side is the left can’t go back either, and that is bad for them. They have never had the grass roots movement, the insurgent mentality, nor the physical and geographic support to take over this Republic. Their success has always pivoted on the illusion of political legitimacy, moral superiority, and the physical force of a usurped federal government to put the jackboot of threat of force and use of violence to make people comply. That is an entirely different critter than grass roots organic support and consent of the people. The statist quo offers us dirt people nothing. Because it has nothing we want. As that becomes ever more readily apparent, the left looses it’s power to coerce and use fear as an instrument of power.
    I can only speak for myself, I am not afraid, I’m actually quite pleased and relieved of late. In fact, I believe we end up better for all that has gone down, that it brings out the best in us, the worst of us can go to hell. That in no way implies I am not prudent nor should I let my guard down. The left is cunning, it is as evil as human beings can be, no lack of proof of that as history shows. But do I think the left is capable of attaining it’s avowed agenda of destroying this great nation of people, no fucking way. Ain’t. Gonna. Happen. Why? It would have happened already if they where able.
    Because Fuck You Thats Why.

  14. Talk about not putting new wine in old sheepskin. I think some
    of you would get the overall message from the following:
    Keys of The Kingdom
    Part One:
    [audio src="" /]
    Part Two:
    [audio src="" /]

    “Every man to his family and his belongings”

  15. About Milo. Love him or hate him, he’s doing the job most Americans won’t do: smoking out the true enemy.

  16. What’s a “Superbowl LI” ?

    • only the 2nd greatest show on earth.

      next to politics…

      • MichiganderJim

        Collectivists already destroyed the Greatest Show on Earth—Barnum & Bailey to close soon.

        I can hardly wait till this crew gets its wish—Church on Sunday and otherwise lockdown. Until Church is outlawed too, anyway. Just gotta have the right laws, right? Glad it ain’t never gonna happen…losers lose.

        • and as long as the murkins are law-abiding and support their local poLICE Staight they will get everything they want and then some.

          have faith in your masters ability to remain good and just..

          just in case you missed yesterdays shining light…

          Here are the seven reports of police misconduct tracked for Thursday, February 2, 2017:

          Causeway, Louisiana: An officer was arrested for allegedly stealing drugs and cash from evidence.

          *** Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: An officer was charged with six criminal counts related to domestic assault. Charges included terroristic threatening, assault, and violation of a protective order. He was suspended with the intention to be terminated.

          North Attleborough, Massachusetts: An officer was arrested for domestic assault and fired.
          Wichita Falls, Texas: An officer was charged with DWI after a crash that seriously injured a motorcyclist.
          Los Angeles, California: The City settled a lawsuit with a woman who was seriously injured when she fell out of police car that was traveling at approximately 30mph. She claimed that she was trying to get away from an officer who was in the backseat with her and inappropriately touching her. She was handcuffed when she fell out of the vehicle. The settlement was for $3,500,000.

          *** South Hackensack Township, New Jersey: The commissioner was arrested for domestic violence and smiled during his mugshot.

          San Bernardino County, California: A deputy was recorded threatening to arrest man on made up charges because he was legally recording an encounter in the police station.

          this seems to be a recurring problem with these enforcers…

          “it’s only a few bad apples” —Riiiight.

      • panem et circensus

        • : bread and circuses : sustenance and entertainment provided by government to appease public discontent

          aesops writing qualifies for the circus part. seriously, he writes as if this audience is impressed by his sensationalized cartoon-ish rants.
          seems to me, he tries desperately to mimic Mosby’s style, but fails miserably. he needs to go back to his TV, coloring books, and silly-putty while he and blows bubbles through his nose.

          • The ring leader called.
            He said you should get back in the Volkswagen with your fellow riders, before they turn the tigers loose in the center ring.

            Those of you down on the Superbowl should pay attention to what dissing the heartland got Shrillary recently. Colin Kapernick was not available for comment.

            If you’ve really got better things to do, or simply uninterested, fine, good for you, ROWYBS.
            Some of us have the odd hour to spare, from time to time.
            Individual liberty: it’s what’s for breakfast.

            We now return you to the bigger circus clown show; in last week’s episode, insane clown posses were looting Starbuck’s, and setting Berkeley on fire. Hopefully, this week’s episode with be a rerun of that.
            Maybe they’ll even march on Frisco.

            If that happens, let me assure you: you don’t have enough beer and popcorn.

    • “LI” is Roman numerals for 51. This will be the 51st SoooperBowl.
      I = 1
      V= 5
      X = 10
      L = 50
      C = 100
      D = 500
      M = 1000

  17. Alfred E. Neuman

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  18. outlawpatriot

    Well, there was the Ebola thing. Think I’ll pass on Aesop. 🙂

  19. Confederate miner

    Well Victory is definitely not ours yet. But all the power of the crown comes from consent of the people without that and it crumbles down.i think Bastian said that not sure. People are waking up though. I know several people personally who if you told that there were no extermination camps in ww2 they would have less than a year ago ridiculed cussed and laughed at you. They have since changed their minds. It definitely isn’t time to sit and do nothing. Make conscious decisions about everything you do not matter how small. Do you aid the enemy by keeping your wealth in a corrupt monetary and banking system? Do you support the commies in Hollywood? Quit
    Don’t pay another dimension for cable television which is nothing but degenerate filth content created for the purpose of weakening your soul and will. I wonder how many of us are wasting the better part of a Sunday watching grown men get overpaid to play a game when they could be say teaching their son how to defend himself with his hands? Anyway just be aware of all the choices we have.