America Is Tired


A view from outside.

Part of the power struggle is over the role FUSA is to play in the world.

Modesty, prudence, and self-interest.

Certainly a minority position.

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  1. Centurion_Cornelius

    Yepper. Think and do: LOCAL.
    Home Sweet Home–God, Guts & Guns

  2. He almost swerved into the truth: That politicians have set the nation on a course that benefits them personally (MI complex for example) to the detriment of everything else.

    We, the deplorables, have had enough of that shit!! Their ain’t no putting that genie back in the bottle either.

  3. lon a follower

    Babylon is flailing, world babylon or mystery babylon i believe has been a group effort.


    The people are tired. And, the people are fed up. Year after year, our honest earned wealth has been siphoned off by the Leviathan to “protect” us from non-existent enemies when the reality is the protection went to Wall Street and the Bankster Community to protect their “markets”.
    But the people/sheeple are also stupid. When Bush, Cheney, and Paulson stole $850+ billion of our money and gave it to these thieves, there was nary a whimper. I have not flown my flag or voted since that day. I do not participate and I do whatever I can to hide by belongings and thoughts from those who would steal them. Yes, I still pay taxes because I have a family to sustain. But, beyond that, I consider myself absolved.

    • MichiganderJim

      It’s why The Great Compromise could work—“You assholes can keep all the money, but we’re keeping our wealth.”

      • There is a certain Truth to that. Don’t know (and don’t give half a shit)
        whether or not that’s your point but, fiat debt bucs are not and will never be, WEALTH.

        We have and own what we earned and are willing to defend.

        It’s that simple. all the faunching about concerning who “owes” or “owns” what and to whom boils down to that.

        Own it. Defend it. Or lose it.

    • Yep the 2008 (((bank))) bailout done over the People’s clear objection exposed (((everything))).

      I’ve been seething for 8 years. Sucks to be right.

      Ignorance is bliss.

  5. “America is tired.” And suffering from dementia in her final stage of life while someone else exercises power of attorney. Her natural offspring don’t even know it yet, but her entire estate will be sold off to pay her old bills.

    • Quote of the Month in Monday’s edition.

      Well said.

      • CA, I still abide by the axioms you put up frequently from the start of WRSA.
        “The Center can not hold”
        “Lets Win”
        “Hearts and Minds”
        BFYTW is a great evolution of hearts and minds that embodies that revolution. Because revolution it is. And revolution as it is happening in this FUSA is evolutionary, it is evolving, I maintain that is one of if not the most important components of a winning revolution. it builds a foundation that is resolute and indomitable.
        Therefore all three still hold their vintage, if anything they get better with age. Again, Because Fuck You Thats Why speaks to that part of us who will never bend a knee, never say die, and all things resistance, defiant, and rebellious spring from that.
        Remember, “If you are reading this, you are the resistance”?

        You were right, you where always right, about hearts and minds are required for Lets Win. That before everything, to make everything possible.
        Indeed, the essentials are just that and they are inviolate. You always hawked that which matters most.

        Of course it isn’t that cut and paste. Life is complex, but many of us are learning things long forgotten what it is to be Freemen.
        From what seems like an age ago when you began WRSA, do you realize how many hearts and minds you have effected positively? That is revolutionary in itself.
        It was a wonder of wonders, a revelation to find WRSA. There was nothing like it, there still isn’t. I still go back to the archived original site to refresh those revelations, because they really matter. I’ve become a lurking bystander, a voyuer of liberty and self determination in action, always looking for venues like WRSA, (never mind the resource WRSA is to me and how what you have steadfastly maintained as a venue where no holds are barred and the truth is spoken here in all its beauty and its warts. How it has been transformative in my own individual self determining journey to liberty), how from you more than anyone I have learned the art of eclectic perusal of the truth and where you find it, to set aside my prejudices and preconceived perceptions. WRSA, is exemplary of what hearts and minds is about.

        • In your list of quotes, don’t forget “harden your hearts”, that advice from some years back to deliberately do a misdemeanor per day and a mal prohibitum felony per week … at least.

          Had a near miss today, it wasn’t until after 1000 that I got my misdemeanor. On the bright side, that was just fifteen minutes after leaving my place, have been snowed in some here this winter.

          • Resist by all means. Defy. Rebel. Revolt. Break one defacto law a day keeps the statists at bay.

            • Every. Day.

              Every single day, by the simple exercise of my natural right of being alive, I commit several “felonies” just by walking around with the intent, and the means, to defend my life and protect the lives of those I care for.

              Because I can and should, that’s why.

              And, you know….. BFYTW!

      • Thank you.

        For an encore how about:

        Killing rooms and safe spaces coming to a neighborhood near you.

    • but her entire estate IS BEING sold off to pay her old bills.

      <–there fixed it for you.

      The jackals in CONgress still aloud to insider trade? Yup.

      The fed still printing fake money? Yup.

      MIC and Pentagram revving up to fight new boogymen? Yup.

      Goldman still have it's deep in America's Fedgov? Yup.

      Your statement is dead on GS. Thanks.

  6. CA- I replied to your inquiry about model numbers of ranging monoculars over at Kenny’s. I wasn’t aware of these things before, and did some research. They’re pretty slick!

  7. Sputnik news is certainly the Russian point of view.

    While it diverges from the leftist media, it is also aimed at pursuing Russian goals, not American ones; even if one accepts the premise that American strategic goals at present are not good for the country, neither are Russian goals good for America.

    Just sayin’.

  8. ‘Full Spectrum Domination” is not working. Intelligence w/o application or implementation is not pragmatic. Education w/o application (praxis) is stagnation – usleless. The System is failing & crashing by design.

    Long past time to come out of Plato’s Cave.

    F*ck That: An Honest Meditation

    • Meditation can be a vital training tool, the Hwa Rang warriors used it. So did First Nation warriors, like Tecumseh and Crazy Horse. Ninjutsu operatives also used it. Ocean/beach is good, cussing confuses the meditation. (IMHO)

  9. Alfred E. Neuman

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  10. She may be tired, but there is a fight coming. So let’s do what it takes to win.

    Grey Ghost

  11. America Is Tired

    America is Thru


  12. Announcement: Today’s Totalitarian Groupthink exercise was cancelled due to lack of interest.

    I Will Not Comply. BFYTW

    Try to remember that the next time someone starts whipping up a froth about the next Trigglypuff Riots eating the entire world.

    And FFS, please bear in mind that the average still or video camera is pointing at a 30-degree slice of reality, in a 360-degree world.
    cf. smoke and mirrors

    Show me on the doll where the bath mathematician hurt you.

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