Thought Control

Read Scott Adams first.

Then watch the vid.

Sans free expression, you are enslaved.


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  1. I don’t know how many times I’ve said this:

    If you aren’t paying for it – YOU ARE THE PRODUCT.

  2. social media is a fools errand.

    those who live by it, will die by it.

    i have no cyber footprint.

    i challenge anyone to find one for me.

    • the coordinates of your private island already reside in the dronewarriors central computer.

    • thesouthwasrght

      Lol you post here, hence a footprint. Given your diatribes against LE I’d say your print strongly resembles an apatosaur’s.

      • i guess the southwasreallywrong then

        • But then, you’re guessing wrong pretty much all the time.

          100-200 mil dead?

          You might be right about that, but only if SMOD arrives or Yellowstone erupts, or that sick fuck Rense has also guessed right at least once.

          It’s not that your fondest wishes can never happen… it’s your slavering lust for them that is beyond comprehension and tolerance.

          I could suggest a more immediate and personally responsible solution to your existential fugue state: Russian roulette with a fully loaded 44 mag. revolver.

    • Rofl.

      Hey tfat I read that if you hang avinegar soaked dishrag up on your patio the contrails won’t get you.

      Best of luck with that grey man thing. Hope your posting on her from a burner phone.

      As you like to say “you do have a burner phone, don’t you?”.


  3. Good read & true.

    In other current enslaved Plato’s Cave ‘Fake News’


    NASA / NOAA Climate Data Is Fake Data

  4. I almost closed this video after the initial peppering of cussing. However, it is an important topic:

    I can also tell you this practice has been in use since the 1990s such as on the usenet/newsgroup/talk groups. But back then you could see posts on one computer, sit down at the computers to the left or right of that one and see the posts simply not be on those. If you complained about it via a post, you might get something back about a ‘possible glitch’ or even a ‘helpful’ email listing all your supposedly still available posts. ‘Look, sir, they’re all right there.’ No, they’re not. ‘There must be a problem with your computer.’

    But, if you talk about this stuff to any joe or jane on the streeet, especially when you’re saying fuck or shit every other word, you just come across as a nut. Don’t even bother rolling over into tempest or echelon or stingray.

    Then there’s that whole delayed typing thing…like 150 baud rate…what is this a morse code telegraph? Wonder what’s causing that….yeah, just a glitch in the matrix.

    • I’m not a big fan of all the swearing that seems to be so commonplace these days, but this guy was pretty funny in making his points.

      • fuck you puss bitch

        • yup – exactly what I meant.

        • Will you please post those assault wheelbarrow plans? Asking for a friend.

          And do chicks really dig the bald thing? Figured you’d have more hair…

        • Is that a request for service?

          You must be on the wrong forum…..

          I suggest Crazy Cat Lady Dating Feline Love/Anonymous Forum.

        • …such a delight to read you waxing so eloquent, and staying so consistent there, tfAg. as to your “footprint” – if you are so naive as to believe “they” don’t have your coordinates already in the computer for the upcoming dronestrike on your island, you are self deceived, delusional, and a fool – as well as a piss poor ‘warlord’ lol. all your rants are cataloged on the data farm in Utah, and “they” likely have an accurate count of the crabs in your boyfriend’s pubes.
          add to that the snail trail your pussy leaves as you slide through life, and I wager you’re a first shot cold bore kill.
          and we have more money than you do. and the cattle on a thousand hills.
          fuck off, pseudo canuck.
          I know, “fuck off. get a job. loser.” Your turn. Lose your shit in front of your betters, we fucking love the amusement.
          At least your consistent. Stupid, delusional, and boring. But consistent.

  5. Social networks…a bastion of faux freedom…where you’re being tried by a Judge, a jury, then sentenced…and none of them, your peers…ever.

  6. from the link
    “By the way, I don’t think Twitter or any other social media platform have evil intent. ”

    Think again. Harder this time.

  7. The truth is not out “there”, it’s certainly not found on antiSOCIAL media. Opium for fools.

    • Not a complaint …just a thinking point…….I contributed to TL’s “Lies of Omission ” ……….right away I get the obligatory thank you and in there they are asking me to ……..THAT’S RIGHT ! go to facebook et’all and spread the virtues of the project………………S O R R Y !!!…………………….
      ………ain’t going to happen…………found myself angry at TL for promoting the enemy and his control element and propaganda arm…………………..

      …………what are you going to do nowadays…..?

      • Or it could be that we wanted to maximize collections.

        • Yes, and that is why I wrote “what are you going to do nowadays ” sort of the…….. damned if you do damned if you don’t……..point of view.
          Every time I try to make one of these points….it gets mistaken for an attack…….MY BAD……..I guess…!
          But in case you couldn’t tell I am on what I believe to be the right side, and that would be your side…………’s tired and I’m late………

  8. Alfred E. Neuman

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  9. mothersmurfer

    If you use Twitter, please consider moving to

  10. the higher the rate of ‘cussage’ the more one is owned by the cultural demigods, it’s like a Pedo code for Dumb *sses

  11. Anti-social “media”… As far as I know, I coined that term several months ago.

    I’m sure it was mere coincidence. It’s so obvious that MANY folks thought of it simultaneously so, no attribution requested or desired.

    I. Don’t. Do. Anitisocialmedia. But my wife does… #fuckme.

    Any questions?

  12. I say social media is nothing but subtle brainwashing agitprop. It’s good for only one thing… poking your enemy in the eye. Otherwise it is totally useless.

    Grey Ghost