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  1. Hognose x’d my comment re the NFL shitbowl so I’ll put it up on this outstanding Free Speech site instead:

    why the f*ck would anyone – other than neo-conx and cucks – bother with the latest scam from the National Black Felons League owned by open-borders Jew billionaires?

    Kev also objected to the commercials. I pointed out that the Madison Ave. ad agencies are completely networked by faggots and Jewesses. Who actually rollerskate from cubicle to cubicle.

    • Haxo/Stuka Pilot/(Not So) Wise Cave Owl/ Mohammed,/et al,

      “Hognose x’d my comment….”

      So, your homeboy got a momentary sense of responsibility and denied you a moment of exhibiting your moslem hatred ? Waaaaaaahhhhhh….So what ?

      He banned your moslem ass 3x and you circumvented it each time. Then he embraced your sorry ass. Just a little lover’s spat between you and “no integrity” Kevin.

    • Thy mudring stingeth??

    • As usual, y’all missed/ignored/deliberately obfuscated the point of the post, in favor of your pov du evah!

      I believe the point is that whoever owns the fuckin’ space, sets the rules.

      Ain’t got a ticket? Too Bad! Get back south, Beans.

      Build the the fuckin’ Wall!

    • Hognose told you on more than one occasion what would happen if you posted anti-Semitic remarks there again.

      Only his generosity lifted his ban and let you come back and start commenting, but you proved you’re the perfect example of the Scorpion in the old tale.

      It’s apparent you’re again proven yourself to be nothing more than an asshole guest who will crap in the living room of their host. It’s just your nature.

      You know it and now everyone around here can’t say they don’t know it.

  2. Americans – The World’s Most Over-Entertained,
    Uninformed Know-Nothings


  3. Ha Ha good & so true.

  4. Need that wall built on the Mexican border too.

  5. Randall Flagg

    Never has been mine.

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  8. whats the score………………………………………………..?

  9. Many people lost their way.Many got passed by the rapid advance of technology.Obsolete and irrelevant.Family and friends ravaged by drugs and alcohol..Obesity,shitty diets and brains full of mush. Things are moving quickly. The timetable is accelerated.Trump didn’t just upset the apple cart. He strafed it with a Warthog.
    How many Super Bowl stadiums would fifty million aborted fetuses fill? At this immediate moment we need salvation and saving from ourselves.It has never been about confronting an adversary or bogeyman. Many people are their own worst enemy.It has always been about confronting bad behavior/decisions and eliminating negatives from your life.That is the only thing you have any control over.The rest is bullshit. Bread and Circus.

  10. Just for giggles, take a look at the faces of the positions across the NFL that require intelligence: QB, center and OG. At least 75% white faces. The niggers who are OT are the smart outliers; the exceptions that prove the rule. And they only started appearing about 20 years ago.

    I have a theory: Goodall has a hard-on for the Pats because it is, and always has been, the whitest team in the National Felons League.

  11. I am so glad this was a Super Bowl where the game itself was the star. That doesn’t happen very often.
    Also, stow the ”Negro Felon League of sportsball” crap. What? You don’t like movies, art (http://www.woodpilereport.com/), music or movies either?
    I enjoy some entertainment, I suspect in the future there won’t be that much of it. When SHTF the NFL will be toast, it can’t even function without a lot of things we take for granted (like air travel, that was proven right after 9/11).

  12. lastmanstanding

    Pats won in and amazing comeback…first overtime ever…hmm.

    We had other more important things to do yesterday but having seen just the info I stated above, this is a mini-synopsis…

    Revenues are/were down big time so they needed to stretch this fucking fiasco out to the max. It is about the $ generated for the corps.

    Not to mention that the sb is the largest human trafficking event in the US.


    The one shining light about last night’s spectacle is the absolute rage over the come-from-behind win by Brady and the Patriots. It seems that Mr. Brady and the coach are huge fans of The Donald. I believe that is why everyone was rooting against them. It appears that nothing transcends politics, Liberalism, while being a mental disorder, is also the politics of envy and spite.

    • My granddaughter,age seven, asked me why many people talk smack about the Pats.My response,”Envy and hate.” unfulfilled,empty,meaningless lives. People who live vicariously, through athletes, may want to do a self-examination.

  14. Panem et Circenses

    The masses still in Plato’s Cave on display in Neo-Rome’s Colliseum cheered as the consciously unaware & consciously ignorant slit they’re own throats.

    And the crowd cheered as their former pagan Neo-Roman Emperor & his ilk destroys them from within…
    President George H.W. Bush Super Bowl coin toss – Falcons vs Patriots 2017

    The crowds go wild at halftime as Neo-Rome’s Caligua brought in the MK Ultra mass programming entertainment of Lady Gaga for the serfs & peasant slaves still stuck in the depth’s of Plato’s Cave…

    Lady Gaga’s FULL Pepsi Zero Sugar Super Bowl LI Halftime Show | NFL

    • fuck that old prick. may he rot in hell with the rest who sold out America.

      but at least they left us with murka in it’s place.