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    • And as a bonus, the original site lists individual’s emails, and the Google map helpfully pinpoints them to exact location.

      How thoughtful of them.

  1. Centurion_Cornelius

    Thanks, Matt! Here’s moar from these “indivisibles” wanting “angelic troublemakers”

    …and it’s still the cold winter season in most of FUSA…wait till the temps and tempers rise….”FUSA” kinda sounds like “fuses,” eh? burning, impact, delayed, proximity FUSES….

    • Ya, and “Indivisable” sure looks a lot like invisible in this context. Play on words like that is no innocent acident.

  2. At their website use the “Find” drop-down to locate the nicely mapped targets within your AO. Dollar-to-donut 80% are in close proximity to the campuses of the High Church of Akademia – unless the entire city is already a full-on DDR-West enclave.

  3. This is another incubator of neo-bolsheviks. The precinct system. Most of which is controlled by 5th column elements and is breeding grounds for local-local marxists. What is important about the precinct system is it’s where either the liberty or tyranny begins politically. And it is almost entirely controlled by the left. Which is ironic to say the least, because the precinct system of family kin tribe village was something Jefferson believed was the most effective form of government of the will of the people.
    Daily Kos has a nuts and bolts guide to “community” activism:

    • And another operational advantage as of today for the Reds versus the Whites.

      • Remember that Precinct Project back about 2009? Man, the agent provocateurs who infiltrated it, the hacking that was directed at it, left no doubt, no pun intended, how important the precinct system remained the domain of the neo-bolsheviks.

    • The Block Captain concept re-emerges. Sadly, we all probably have a low key busybody sleeper cell of these commies in our immediate vicinity.

      • I just discovered they (Indivisibles) are attending a local ‘town hall’ meeting in my neck o’ the woods. (I live in the only county in the future State of Jefferson that voted Hillary).
        The list of attendees are the usual Leftist women who pride themselves in never shutting up. And my local rag newspaper gives them all of the columns they need to explain how they’re right and everybody else is a multi-phobic, hating fascist.

  4. Right you are, Badger. Making themselves well known and evident is a coup that the Left is counting, FOR US. They may not realize it yet, but they are committing a grave error before actual combat begins. They’re hanging a great big, HERE I AM! sign on themselves, which is the first law of combat aggression. Where is the enemy? HERE I AM! Thankee kindly. Don’t look for them to keep that kind of thing up, once they figure it out. But narcissists often go right back to their own vomit, so,they’ll be little dividends later, since they can’t resist the mirror.

    • Almost falls under the category of ” Too Easy”. I’m not so sure they are that stupid. Take note of what crumbs they leave but watch the flanks.

  5. Folks, let use this to your advantage… If no group meet in your area create one and meet your opponents in your AO

    • you have it all wrong…

      these are your opponents.

      • That looks like the latest boy band, what’s their name Small Wiener Attack Team

        • POd American

          At first I misread the shirt sleeve and thought it said Squat….which would be fitting for this group of Elton John roadies.

          • ever been in the infantry? NO. I figured as much.

            the lean and wirey guys are the toughest. PERIOD.

            the bigger you are, the slower you are, and the larger target you present.

            don’t let the roided and tatted look fool you.

      • never under-estimate because of size.
        big = slow.
        these guys are mostly former military.

      • Dumbass. Actionable intelligence resource dropped into your lap and you’re still pissed about that speeding ticket from how long ago.

        You’re making excuses to not work. Oh, I’m sorry, I forgot, you “observe”. That’s your style, right? Gray man and all, on every fucking post CA puts up….

        Don’t bother with the standard ” what are you doing” riposte, you’re sure as fuck never going to do anything, let alone with me or mine. We have enough chair polishers as it is.

        • why would i risk my skin for the murkins? they’re a useless bunch.

          at least the folks here are humans, they help each other and can be trusted(no one shits in their own nest on an island). we’re just hoping they die-off in a rapid manner when the time comes. the world will be a better place.

          GO Trump!

    • That would be downright…sneaky.

      Collecting personal info and all.

      Next thing you know, someone’ll be burying “bomb components” and other contraband in their yard, and making anonymous calls to the po-po.
      Double bonus points for those using the items a couple of times, just to build in a nice chain of evidence.

      Tsk, tsk.

      Of course, for the boy scouts, there’s always using the groups and counter-programming events to undermine the real deals. Siphon off resources and funds, and repurpose them. Generally tie them in knots, and pipe the lemmings right off a cliff.

      • C is on to something there. Wonder how much Soro’s bucks could be acquired. Think of what you could do with that kind of funding.
        You could set up an entire pseudo group. the intell alone would be priceless.
        You could run black counter psy-ops and frame the sonofabitches on Soro’s bucks.

      • Exactly sir. It like a letter of Marquee, without the inconvenience of the letter.

        • That’s actually a classic comedy bit, adapted to current events:

          That’s not how you protest Trump, this is how you protest Trump!

          Astroturf an entire group, hold your hat out, divert the funds, bring in some useful idiots, continue running them in circles, lather, rinse, repeat, and gather intel out the wazoo from start to finish.

          When you, the cat, get tired of playing with the mouse, or they start itching for more direct action, you send them off to do something either useless, pointless, or liable to get them Malheured, and let events eat them.

          I love it.

          Bonus points if you can create strife or actual conflict with other Leftist pet causes and groups.

  6. See what they did there?

  7. I just love it when people in those groups use Twatter under their real names. Please, nobody tell what the letters COMSEC stand for.

  8. Maybe It is time that true Patriots supportive of The Republic showed up to these Commie anarchy strategy meetings and see if we can “talk” some sense into these fools and stop a bad thing before it starts….

    • I believe you will find that MOST of these meetings are done in the hives. And if you show up there, you had better understand that hive “Law Enforcement” are still Rove Republicans who will do whatever they are told, as long as that paycheck keeps comin’ in. And that paycheck comes from the hive mayor, who luvs him some Soros dick.

      What that means is if you try to “talk” some sense into them, they will be allowed to assault you in any manner they choose, but if you touch them, you’ll be jailed for life.

  9. Dr. Jerry Pournelle has always been an inspiration of freedom for me from the time before I was a teenager.
    This observation by Dr. Pournelle speaks to the heart of the base of the marxists, it is how they grift the rank and file into becoming true believers. Read it with a mind of how the hive is created and sustained. One of the best definitions of the progressive cult there is. This isn’t about the Soros’s and obama’s of the world, this is about your neighbor, your towns mayor, your sister, your grade school social studies teacher and their do gooder “intensions”. It is hideous, but it is real. This is who makes diversity and the transnationalists, the media, what it is, where their power comes from. They are the totalitarians among us, the do gooders who believe they have a divine, unquestionable right, to meddle in your every affair, or exterminate us. The ultimate opinionated.

    Dr. Pournelle, from ‘There Will Be War’ Volume IV, (1984):
    “The virtue of prudence is not much discussed today; yet it lies at the heart of one of the fundamental issues of our time, the conflict between ethics of intention and ethics of responsibility. The “intentionalists” argue thus: “what I intend is good, and I do what I intend; therefore my actions are good.”
    Their opponents say “what you intend is of little matter; it is the Result of Your action that must be judged. Just because you thought you were doing good does not excuse you. You must take forethought and act prudently, with due regard to the consequences of your action”

    See the cognitive dissonance here?
    -My intentions are the only right – Therefore I am always right-
    Thats some seriously fucked up shit.
    There is no arguing with a drone.
    It is like the highly opinionated person; their opinions mean more to them then the people around them and how it effects those people, I’m right, therefore you and what happens to you don’t mean shit.
    Taking it to another level with SJW’s and the rest of the toxic cultural marxists, not only do my intentions override everything, but because I am right, and you refuse to comply, you are worthy of extinction because your in the way.
    It is why I call the motherfuckers the human extinction movement. Because, in order to keep their meathooks on the levers of cultural superiority, anyone or anything must by rights be destroyed because they or it stands in the way of those intentions. Nothing is more important to those ends, but even more important is the fact that to stray from those intentions is existential to those intentions, hence the people who believe they are right have nothing to support or justify that personal power over others. Without that rationale everything falls apart. It is why the Truth is so dangerous. At the crux of it, intentions become power, hence, the totalitarians among us. This doesn’t touch on the higher order of power overseeing the hive, other than without this hive of intensionalists, that higher order totalitarianism has nothing, no power.

    Dr. Pournelle goes on to say about Marxist theory; “There is no oppression worse than the rule of theory.”

    Basically what we Freemen, us dirt people are faced with, is there is no truce with Kings, potentates, dictators, mayors, senators, dog catchers, SJW’s, bunny inspectors, the whole lot of them. There is no other choices for us here. Evil though, is self limiting. Eventually. Liberty on the other hand has a pretty good track record so far. There are no limits on what liberty can attain. We are looking at it, proof positive America exists and everyone outside liberty is trying to destroy it. No other proof required as to the motive power and audacity. Liberty is a rather relatively new practice. It is facing it’s third and most critical test, it’s a doozy too. It’s nothing like Civil War I. This time the do gooders get their comeuppance. The dirt people have taken a baseball bat to it. And they don’t like it one bit, the hive is swarming.

  10. President of the Board……………EZRA LEVIN……I think he must be a Norwegian ,

    second in command is…………….LEAH GREENBERG…………

  11. First the media, then operation control centers.

    You want traction, ever notice how all those shiny buses those shit bags get off of, line up or assemble at. A PLUMB target. No ticky no laundry. Take out their wheels, in most applications it’s a long fucking walk home for those lazy sacks of shit.


  12. Shane, dead on, and extremely relevant. What a Patrol Leader would say.

  13. Such easy targets for infiltration. Once they figger it out no more publicizing their meet ups, which in turn, exponentially draws down their numbers.


  14. That link seems to contain/convey a great deal of information about the referral source – might want to poke into the site from the front door.

  15. Stealth Spaniel

    Okay, this is fairly close. Notice it’s at a middle school.
    Events near you:

    Our First Meeting
    February 07, 2017 • 7:30 PM
    Fern Bacon Middle School
    4140 Cuny Avenue
    Sacramento, CA 95823
    Get Details & RSVP
    Want to host an event?
    Host At Another Location
    Then they conveniently give me more info:
    Fern Bacon Middle School• 4140 Cuny Avenue, Sacramento, CA 95823
    Host Contact Info:
    Action by: Jaclyn Moreno
    Here are the contributors for a toolkit: (T-Fat, make of it what you will)
    A Partial List of Contributors to the Indivisible Guide:
    Angel Padilla, Billy Fleming, Caroline Kavit, Ezra Levin, Gonzalo Martínez de Vedia, Indivar Dutta-Gupta, Jennay Ghowrwal, Jeremy Haile, Leah Greenberg, Mary Humphreys, Matt Traldi, Sara Clough, and Sarah Dohl.
    Evidently my toolkit will tell me how to be a community organizer, tricks of the trade for getting press coverage, and having a big impact. I also get tips on:
    Spread the word! Invite people to come, ask them to commit to joining the meeting, and follow up with them beforehand to confirm. Think about how to invite a diverse group that includes people from communities most impacted by the Trump agenda, such as people of color, immigrants, Muslims, and LGBTQ people.
    I then get advice on tracking my Congresscritter, newspapers, technical tips, and of course-this:

    Always always always get a video or picture of your action: Whether this is a local group meeting or a visit to your Member’s office, the way to show Congress that you’re taking action is to literally show them. Capturing your own video and photos and then sharing them with media is the single best thing you can do to amplify your voice. If you want help amplifying, send your videos/pics and your stories to Include these 3 pieces of info in that email:
    Short description of photo/video

    Name of group w/ applicable links to social or web

    Names of people in the video/picture
    THEN! Comes the important info:
    watching out for right-wing activists and media. It goes on-ad nauseum-but the wholesale wipe is here:
    Let your own ethics and values be your guide.
    It all out there in black & white.

    • Tying themselves to the Google enterprise; mail, calendaring, oh boy.

    • I hope no one spams the hive HQ site with hours of useless video from a dozen to 100 different emails with “indivisible” tags, or something.

      That would be a problem for them, wouldn’t it?

      Live by the electron die by the electron.

  16. Alfred E. Neuman

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    At their website use the “Find” drop-down to locate the nicely mapped targets within your AO. Dollar-to-donut 80% are in close proximity to the campuses of the High Church of Akademia – unless the entire city is already a full-on DDR-West enclave.

  17. I have an old Meetup account and for some reason it is now sending me potential Meetups like #resist (city name in my local area.) About 8of them in the past 48 hours…I have been deleting them but they don’t seem like grassroots meetups because all the descriptions of the groups are the same. The descriptions are standard progressive buzzwords.

  18. Speedmonkey405

    Their planning guide for how to organize and astro-turf members of congress is definitely a worthwhile read:
    Might be useful for spotting groups and tactics in the wild, know your enemy and all that. Oh look, you can even search them by zip code…My area even has a FaceBook group 🙂