Breitbart: “Women’s March” Pro-Sharia Operative


Read and pass along.

Their own worst enemies.

Both the operatives and their useful idiots.


20 responses to “Breitbart: “Women’s March” Pro-Sharia Operative

  1. And that lipstick on the smug face of four-eyes-and-burka would have earned her the ass beating of her life, in sharia land.

  2. Sansour is probably the ugliest fucking rag head I’ve ever seen. Oh, look, there’s Hillary’s bare ass……..

  3. So, where is Sarsour’s “husband,” or next-of-kin male counterpart (though they may be one in same) to act as her chaperone (or whatever the fucking word they use is), because I’m pretty sure she shouldn’t be speaking publicly.

    Not modest enough, you see.

    • She is an APOSTATE by being out and about unattended by a male relative. Where are her sorry “male” handlers? Is Islam going soft? If so, WHY?

      • She is practicing “taqiyya” right along with any “male handlers” she might have. Under shariah law, lying to or deceiving non-muslims (infidels) is legit. It’s is called practicing taqiyya, and so she runs around like an apostate, to deceive the people in her host country.

    • He’s having his way with the goat out back…much better looking.

  4. “in November, she attached herself to the cause of blocking Dakota Access Pipeline and made sure to bring her Palestinian flag.”

    Guess where she’ll be if building the border wall starts.

  5. A much more thorough unpacking of Sarsour from birth:

    This org is the go-to resource for facts on all things and people who want to bring us down. It’s been around for a long time and really should be on the blog roll.

  6. Related,  here’s a good, short analysis of the order that judge Robart issued to halt Tump’s EO on muzloids sneaking into our country:

    Looks like, in the end, it’s going to SCOTUS anyway: The commie 9th circuit is all but sure to rule against the DOJ in it’s effort to get this struck down.

  7. What would THEY do to deny legitimacy to something like an RKBA support march?

    it would be described in their terms – sexually insecure men parading their impotence or some such.

    Some filthy skank once said that ridicule is the most potent political weapon – use it.

    Thus the womyn’s march becomes the hysterical gals parade or flappers, a hormonal outbreak of penis envy, or whatever prods the most thus DENYING legitimacy.

    Make it fun – make THEM squirm under their own rulebook.

    Just a Monday morning thought

  8. Stealth Spaniel

    We need to become GREY men and women who don’t speak but act. Let’s see how they stand up to action. It is past time to cull the herd.

  9. you can bitch and moan about muzzies till the cows jump over the moon.

    you won’t do shit. wanna know why?


    that’s right. cops.

    they will destroy your life and your families too.
    they don’t give a fuck about you, your culture, or your future. they exist only to oppress and enforce. and of course, retire early with large pay and benefit packages. all traitors are paid well – look at Judas…

    you should re-focus on the real enemy.

    • He’s got a point.

      As to the OP, religion is not supposed to make sense. I used to be a catholic. We were told we were eating the body of Christ every time we went to communion. If it made sense, it wouldn’t be religion.

    • Spot on!

      In my book statist/collectivists are all bad..whether they’re ‘team mo’ or believers in the religion of ‘gov/authority’…same life denying/enslaving bs!

      Will definitely grab that visual and save/use it!

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!

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