Claire Wolfe: Principles In An Age Of Realpolitik


Discussion, mostly regarding immigration, on “what would be nice” versus “what can rationally be”.


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  1. There is zero doubt that Trump’s orders are both constitutional and authorized under the text of the law. Jimmy Carter used the same powers to bar travel from Iran, and to deport Iranian students in 1979. The other problem libertarians like Claire often have is understanding that welfare states don’t mix with open borders, and that mass immigration means cultural destruction and ultimately war.

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  3. Mostly mental masturbation, though with the saving grace of noticing that some people’s wistfully ignorant principles “don’t work in the real world”.

    That’s usually a sign that those principles, like most capital “L” libertarianism, or the even worse Randian nonsense that piggybacks on that sow and rides it to full retard, are entirely full of shit.

    Most of the jackholes calling for open borders hypocritically have locks and doors on their houses, and think that they own property. They can even grasp the concept of a corporation; but suddenly they lose their shit when someone posits an entire nation having the same rights.

    This is a flaw in mental capacity and historical understanding, not a problem of philosophical consistency.

    People who notice cattle stampeding into the living room and shitting on the carpet build fences and doors, they don’t argue about whether such is a good idea.

  4. “In Libertopian Neverland…”

    Funny how Libertarianism and Marxism have the same end state.


  5. ” serious freedomistas” LOL.

    “In theory, I believe in open borders. In Libertopian Neverland, there would be open borders. Or to put it more clearly, there would be no national borders, while groups of property-owning voluntaryists would be free to fence off any tracts of land that they happened to own, and fence them off so thoroughly that they could freely deny access to anybody they wished.”

    “Trump is handling this long-neglected immigration issue: with unconstitutional executive orders.”

    BTW…Executive Orders have been perfectly legal, Constitutionally, since on or about 8JUN1789, and repeatedly considered appropriate use of Executive power and subject to Judicial Review. You may not LIKE IT, but it’s REALITY.

    • Amen Brother…The irony is great isn’t it…You know what’s even a greater irony is if they got what they wished most of them would be dead or wish they were…Most of them barely have a pot to piss in but they want the Ted Turner’s to own the land instead of “We the people” so they can have free trade…What a joke they would be homeless and starving before they knew what hit them…

  6. CA, i have no way of linking uTube videos here, but late last night I saw one from David Zublick on pizza gate who says the lid is about to be blown off once Sessions is sworn in and *many* high and mighty U.S. Politicians are deeply involved. As of 2300 PST it was only 6 hours old.

    I’m not going to describe it other than to say it was deeply disturbing in some aspects, hopeful in others. And he names names, both R and D, claims sources within the FBI and within the incoming DOJ. He’s a good presenter and didn’t sound like a crackpot to me.

    You may want to check it out and perhaps post it.

  7. The rose-colored glasses of Libertarians are always fun to see come out, especially in light of their history, of which they have none. Just like the Quakers, these parasites exist only in their own dreams, never having been in power, and actually had to accept the results of their policies vis a vis Libertarian govt. activity. In Libertarian Happy Land, all these cute ideas and wonderful, exciting ways of introducing and expanding true liberty, especially in the area of world relations, come out smooth as silk, and man’s true liberation is at hand. Just like a five year old knows that if we just hug each other, that the bombs will stop falling, Libertarians true believers are convinced that their own ineptitude and their scrupulous swerving away from reality, and it’s consequences, is all that’s needed to bring the Bright and Shiny. You have to have a frame of reference, to start from anywhere, and go to where you want to go. A basic one, is human nature, or, the way people actually are, versus the way we THINK they are. Serial killers love this shit. Sometimes they’re able to convince millions of people of their love for all mankind. Libertarians are victims in waiting, only they’d like a little company, while we give peace a chance. They’d like us to believe that, while waiting for utopia on our dime, they should have a chance at the wheel, and show us how it’s really done. Parasites always do. A lot like Obongo, and his fundamental transformation of America. He never said it would be good, or pleasant, just transformed. Want to try the Libertarian Way? Be my guest, but you should fully expect whichever country is the boldest, meanest, and strongest to replace whatever it is we have here now. And afterwards, the Libertarians? Two fates await them. Death by their former fellow countrymen, or slow death at the hands of their new masters, who are nothing but amused at how naive and suicidal some people can be. Libertarianism is an idea, but not a logically workable plan for a more or less united group of people to provide for their own common defense, their general welfare, or establish any domestic tranquility. It IS an idea, how ever, that will produce nothing but confusion, war, and destruction. But don’t take my word for it, give the hippies a shot at it, and find out. You’ll discover that Libertarians are Leftists, without the charm.

    • You do have a way with words Sean and can turn a phrase like no other…I agree completely…Amen Brother…

  8. I dont give a flying fart who sends them out the door or how. if it were up to me unemployed Vets would be contracted to do this job. Wed be sending shitloads accross TJ and other garden spots. 8 million would be a good start. Stay frosty.