Codrea: Growing Talk of a Coup Reflects Progressive Projection, Lust for Power at All Costs



Sides have already been picked.

Even if you have not done so.

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  1. Continue to train. Build community and tribe. Continue to purchase ammo, food, fuel. It has not started yet. Be ready. It will start soon.

  2. The US is not a country. It is a soap opera./ S//

  3. Alfred E. Neuman

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  4. trumps worried like a snowman in spring.

    he stands to lose BILLION$ when the ponzi is collapsed.

    that’s the reason he’s playing ball with the (((banksters)))

    they’re still planning on throwing him under the bus, but he was and is a good pressure relief valve for the brainwashed patriotards in fly-over country.

    meanwhile, (((they))) are funding and equipping the left with what they’ll need to finalize the coup. it’s all been set-up long ago…

    and to think some thought they could vote their way put of this.


    • Evidence?
      You like to spout absolutes, but you are absolutely off base.

      • and your evidence is?

        my evidence is fucking reality.

        do you not understand the country is in bankruptcy?

        • Do you not understand such has been the case for decades?

          And please, stop fucking reality.
          She’s got a headache, and says your dick is too small.

          • you’re a kid. you don’t know shit.

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              Once in a very great while, you contribute something original, thoughtful, hell – even insightful, here. But most of what we see is your same tired childish bullshit, and because you seem unable to grasp self control, you just can’t help typing faster than your mind functions. And since you’ve left ‘murica’ (thank God) – you have no dog on this fight, pseudocanuck.
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              • Randall Flagg

                Hear! Hear!

              • Thank you, Grandpa! That ass clowns (tfA-t) idiocy has been getting tiresome. He (or it) really needs to take his (or its) medication as prescribed.


              • Very well said Grandpa. I love a good conspiracy theory as much as the next guy, but Tfags gibberish is just annoying.

            • 1) You have no idea whatsoever how old I am.
              2) I know shit, hence my response to you, when I bother.
              3) I spin no tales. Like my namesake, I pass along moral lessons.
              4) Those idjits you disparage so casually are paying the “social security” you’re doubtless sponging off on of the other side of your face.
              5) Your repartee is withering…for the grade-school set. Hereabouts, you aren’t even comedy relief.

              Look, by universal acclaim, you contribute nothing to any discussion ever opened, your stumbles into minor truths owe most to the proverb about blind pigs and acorns, and you’re neither witty, wise, nor worthwhile to find here.
              The only thing you bring is tedium and distaste, and the only thing you leave behind is a foul odor and wrinkled noses.

              Go find another bridge.

        • tfA-t The Terrible,

          “do you not understand the country is in bankruptcy?”

          Which country ? The fUSA or your beloved Kanuckistan ? And why would you care ? You’ve claimed to be living it up in the socialist paradise of your pal Trudeau 2’s Kanada. You’ve MF’ed 2/3rds of all Amerikans saying we all deserve to die unnaturally. Oh, and you have a vast horde of gold and silver Maple Leaves. So, why the hell do you care what is going on “south of the border” ? Of course, unless….

          You’re the flaming liar you most certainly are. You have no wealth and you have no Kanuckistan residence….heheheehehe….do you ? That’s why you haven’t:

          1. Burned your passport (don’t have one).
          2. Renounced your citizenship (you have to be in Kanada to do so).

          Grab you mangina tfA-t. Put you “money” where your “keyboard” is. Or STFU !

    • Coup, coup… coupcoupcachoo.

      Fuck You.

    • tfA-t,

      Shouldn’t you be counting your alleged wealth instead of coming to WRSA where 2/3rds of the commenters here don’t deserve to live ? I do notice you don’t “brag” too much lately about being up in Kanuckistan with your socialist homey Trudeau 2.

      Seeing as you can’t get back into fUSA (legally) without one’s Amerikan passport, I find your refusal to burn your passport and post the video to be cowardly. Further, as you hate Amerika SO MUCH I’ve implored you to do the honorable thing….renounce your citizenship at the nearest consulate or embassy in Kanada. For some reason, you have not done so….and I would expect you in your great possession of humility, that you would BRAG about:

      1. Burning your passport.
      2. Renouncing your citizenship.

      Seeing as your so busy running your keyboard I’m going to provide the contact information for the Amerikan embassy/consulate of your choice for you to do the honorable thing. I’ll even provide you the Internet link for the below addresses….as a “courtesy”:

      Here you go tough guy….renounce your citizenship here:

      U.S. Embassy in Ottawa
      490 Sussex Drive
      Ottawa, Ontario K1N 1G8 Canada
      Tel: 613-688-5335
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      U.S. Consulate General in Calgary
      615 MacLeod Trail S.E.
      10th Floor
      Rocky Mountain Plaza Building
      Calgary, Alberta
      T2G 4T8
      Phone: 403-266-8962
      * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

      U.S. Consulate General in Halifax
      1969 Upper Water Street
      Suite 904, Purdy’s Wharf
      Tower II
      B3J 3R7
      Phone: 902-429-2480
      * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

      U.S. Consulate General in Montreal
      315 Place d’Youville, Suite 500
      Montreal, Québec
      H2Y 0A4
      Phone: 514-398-9695
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      U.S. Consulate General in Quebec
      2, rue de la Terrasse-Dufferin
      Quebec, Quebec G1R 4T9
      Telephone: (418) 692-2095
      * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

      U.S. Consulate General in Toronto
      360 University Avenue
      Toronto, Ontario M5G 1S4
      Phone: 416.595.1700
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      U.S. Consulate General in Vancouver
      1075 West Pender Street
      Vancouver, British Columbia
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      Phone: 604-685-4311
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      U.S. Consulate in Winnipeg
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      tfA-t, you’re a blowhard AND a coward.


  5. The Progs don’t have the wit to recognize they have always been the foreign power Hamilton was talking about.

    And in 110% of cases, their “fears” are entirely self-projection onto those who know and recognize them for the psychotic loons they are.

  6. Medieval Man

    Excellent observations by Mr. Codrea.

    One point he overlooked, however, is most law enforcement detests leftists and will be a factor in any political violence.

    If, or when, the time comes where the left becomes mobilized, where they begin to take their violence out of the cities and into the suburbs and countryside, expect a vigorous law enforcement assistance to those of us who would attempt to counter left wing assaults upon our towns.

    It probably won’t be overt, but it will assistance that is rich in intelligence. Bracken mentions this in his ‘When the music stops’ essay. Once the left begins an offensive outside the cities, watch for their leader’s names, addresses, etc to become well known in the patriot community.

    While law enforcement might not have a chance in obtaining an arrest warrant from leftist prosectors and judges for a leftist scumbag, they will probably be more than willing to share information with those they ideology align with; us.

    A dirty war might very well be coming, and as organized the left is and as violent they are willing to become, it won’t take long for an organized response on our part.

    I could even imagine the cops themselves, off-duty and masked, getting a bit of payback on their own. After all, it’s happened all over the world…

    • One point you overlook is that the Only Ones’ allegiance is to the Blue Wall, not to the Mere Citizens. And they are Rove Republicans, with no morals nor scruples nor principles nor honor. They do whatever they are told, as long as that paycheck keeps comin’ in. And the hive “Law Enforcement” are paid by the hive leaders, who LOVE this terrorism. Nope. You sure had better not count on the Only Ones being any more useful than they have been in these terrorist attacks so far.

      And please do understand that the “coup” threat is very real. During his eight years in office, the Nigger in Chief removed all honest men from senior military ranks and replaced them with Communist maggots. Let me assure you that, at very least since November 9, they have come up with a “surgical strike” plan to arrest or kill President Trump, and they have no difficulty finding soldiers to do that. Think the “Numero Uno” division from that serialized novel about a year ago. They understand that, if they remove President Trump, Pence and the rest who would would take his place will enthusiastically suck the dicks of any One World Government type they present. How about Lyin’ Ryan as President, based on the order of succession?

      But as I have said, if this country goes there, I will no longer stand down. And I will act locally.

      • Medieval Man

        Point; but irregardless, they hate the left more than normals.

        When the BLA terrorists began assassinating cops en masse last year, I truly believed we were only a couple more Dallas events away from many police officers deciding a bit of payback might be in order. It would be nothing that was even winked at by the sold-out police administrations; rather, it would be a small group of tight friends who wanted revenge.

        Read Bracken’s “When the music stops” essay. He points out how local, street-level law enforcement would assist those trying to cull the bad people. But even more than that, revenge, as the world has shown, is a tremendous motivator to step outside the norm. Paycheck or no paycheck…

  7. Maybe I’m one of those millennial snowflakes everyone likes to piss on, but: do you people really believe in this guy?

    I get the “BFYTW” rationale, but does he stand out as a thoughtful leader with a real message and plan? The kind of guy you’d trust with your car or your daughter, much less your country?

    The Silvermans, et al of the world are yelling into their echo chambers if they think the military is going to give him the boot and install Hillary/Bernie, but – whatever their motives, for better or worse – I think you could get a lot of both sides of the aisle to back impeachment, Amendment 25-ing, etc. and putting Pence in.

    • But would such a thing actually improve the situation?

      Trump is drawing fire, at the least.

      It is an open question as to whether or not FreeFor is using its time well.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        “It is an open question as to whether or not FreeFor is using its time well.”

        Does “preparing endless internal purges” qualify as a good use of time?

        • For some of these fuckers, yes there needs to be bingeing AND purging.

          • Jimmy the Saint

            This is one thing the Left gets right: win first, then settle internal scores. The Right always seems to get it ass-backwards.

    • I don’t think “most Republicans” or even a few would vote to impeach Trump…If the situation goes feral, such folks would be in serious danger. Stability is always a lot safer for the establishment…

    • If TPTB wanted endless open revolution, trying impeachment and putting Pence in would be a splendid way to announce the fact.

      A coup, even a legal one, is a great way to start a bloodbath, going purely by history, and our tendency is to go super-size on that, which would make Antietam and Chickamauga look like little league warm-ups.

      Whether anyone “believes in” Trump is immaterial: he has the job now, legally and lawfully, and therefore gets to run the show within the limits of the instruction manual. Just like the last asshole.

      The alternative is Sarajevo 1992. Which we may get to anyways, but wrap your head around the idea that ethnic cleansing in wholesale quantities and ducking random sniper fire to go to the market isn’t how most Americans would chose to live their day-to-day lives, which would be the inevitable result of what you contemplate in trying to replace him.

      It would, quite literally, destabilize the world, and start global war.

      One side knows that, and the other one keeps taunting the tiger.

    • People keep saying Trump is dumb, or doesn’t have a plan, or whatever. Yet he keeps winning, and incomprehensible things he did before somehow had a hand in that winning.

      Trump is playing 88D Chess while the globalists are playing checkers.

      I agree there is a decent chance the globalists try to impeach Trump. The amount of money they’d be willing to spend to do so would be staggering, even to jaded Republican Congressmen…

      This would most likely trigger a real civil war. As long as Trump is president, nothing resembling a CW will happen as Trump would crush any long-term violent resistance.

      • “The amount of money they’d be willing to spend…”

        Their little “Indivisible” efforts they’ve seeded to the winds (previous topic this location by Bracken) has website development/content-hosting being done by Squarespace, a NOT low-end firm in NY,NY, with offices in Dublin and Portland, OR. They’re not cheap & it’s a drop in the bucket to them.

  8. How about re-elected, just to make your heads explode with finality.

    • Given the likely muslim-black Democrat ticket, a chimpanzee might win on the Republican ticket in 2020 if the roof doesn’t completely cave in…

  9. Like 5th Grade dodge ball at recess, you don’t want to be the last one picked, so pick a side and get to it, folks. bring value to the table in whatever capacity you can. There are plenty of “operators”, but it is the infrastructure and auxiliary that will win this. Operators operate sporadically. Auxiliary is continuous, just like chow, sleep and camo. Do some introspection and go with God.

  10. Impeach Trump just to replace him with Pence? Doubt it…

  11. wealthy farmer

    Easily 90% of the street ‘protesters’ that we see razing hell are PAID provocateurs who are being bused in.
    There’s nothing there.
    Pussies who think it’s clever to provoke some shit then hold out their cell phone to video, like it’s a magic wand that can protect them.
    The Left is rotten to the core and intellectually WEAK.
    Next big protest: 1) Silence the drummer (a paid operative)
    2) Divide and conquer with wedges
    3) Brutality. Snowflakes have never been in a fight. Punch them in the nose.

    • #3 We have a winner.I grew up on a dairy farm with six brothers. We constantly kicked the shit out of each other.Brutality wins every fucking time.The first one to deliver a “Scottish Kiss.” on target ,usually prevailed. Thick skulls with small brains have served us well. No rules. You knew that if you tore off a testicle or bit off a chunk of nose ,you would get your ass handed to you by Pop. Unwritten rules of permissible brutality.I kept my stitches in a baby food jar. By the age of 13, I had over seventy.. Anyone want a good old-fashioned ass-whopping? Look me up. I never fought “fair” in my life. I am not about to start now. One hit wonder. Est-wing shake hammer/framing axe. Sap gloves inside kevlar gloves.Party time,Snowflakes.

      • Sap gloves inside kevlar gloves:


        Off the shelf item?

      • and by the age of 13, I was carrying a .32 cal pistol and had my first gunfight on the streets of Detroit.

        now what about those cows?

        • tfag, you are so full of shit, you don’t even believe yourself. just fuck off already, troll. “gunfight on the streets of Detroit at 13”.
          yawn. Fucking niggers in Detroit would have gang raped you in front of Cobo Hall at noon on Friday, for sport. Laughing.
          That’s why you’re in Windsor, isn’t it?

          • i left because you are all assholes down there in he KWA

            you are a pussy PERIOD

              • you’re a fucking nurse. a nurse.

                once again a lowly POS nurse.

                I’d bet $ I could kick the living shit out of you and dan and grandpoop.

                let’s meet.

            • tfA-t,

              Aaaah, but the pussy is YOU !

              You are a coward. You are a liar. You don’t live in Kanada. Nor do you visit. Do you ?

              1. Burn your alleged passport.
              2. Renounce your citizenship.

              Simple. If you had any convictions.

              Next to your moslem pal Haxo, Etc., Etc., and your fellow Detroit weasel MichiganderJim aka MichiganJim aka Jim Klein, you’re pitiful. However, I will give you credit. Unlike your aforementioned butt buddies you at least can keep your screen name straight !

        • tfA-t,

          And by the age of 9 I had sex with my big-titted teacher and impregnated her !

          “now how about those cows?”

    • Or…hold em by the nose and kick em in the ass.

    • All.You. Said. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

    • It would be good for you to note that the Leftists still run the hives in this country. If you dare touch the terrorists, the hive “Law Enforcement” will be all over you like stink on shiite, even though they look the other way as those terrorists smash, assault, and burn. Now if you are a Preferred Species, you might be able to get away with what you propose. But if not, you had better be ready to feel the full brunt of this country’s “Law Enforcement” and its “Legal” system.

      And don’t expect to get jury nullification for your acts in the hives.

  12. Just so our finest understand:
    I am standing down as long as President Trump is not assassinated or impeached or otherwise removed from office. I ask nothing more from “Law Enforcement” than what they have consistently done and been for years now:
    They can continue to be the proud Rove Republicans, with no morals, nor principles, nor scruples, nor honor. All they have to do is whatever they are told, as long as that paycheck keeps comin’ in. But they do need to understand that, at least at the Federal level, it is now President Trump who signs that paycheck. State and local “Law Enforcement”, of course, get their Judas silver from the state and local governments, which is why you see the terrorists running free and unopposed in the hives. So beware in the hives, because the Faggeaux in Chief still reigns there.

  13. Do. Learn. Now while no one is shooting at you.
    <—one of the best articles on the above topics

    WE need to take this country back. We bought some time with Emperor Trumpus Maximus Fabianus but that knife cuts both ways. THere are people in the mix on the proggy side that understand violence and aren't afraid to use it. Think you could take a wad of cash and round up some hood rats to thump some white folk in and around the hives? Yup in about a half hour.

    When the time comes and it will, you may hesitate but hopefully you will act anyway.