MDT: Radiation’s Effects & How To Mitigate Them


The latest from JC on real-world survival in a nuclear war.

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See you two weeks after the blast.

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      • it’s boring being right all the time…but somebody gotta do it. Each day Trump issues another blast of hot air…and then nothing happens.

        day 16 in the reign of the alt-Right’s “God Emperor”. During which span c. 110,000 Brown, Black, Yellow…and Muslim…”New Americans” have, legally/illegally, stormed the disappeared borders.

      • Why does that make you happy?

        And why does anyone pay you any mind whatsoever?

        Most here are seeking solutions, personally, and for their loved ones, the nation, All That Is Good……..

        Even if you’re 100% correct (Bwaaaaaaaahahahahahahaha!!!)
        what good would it do?

        Only a cointelproagitpropshitdistuiberfuckup promoter of NWO/other anti human would insist upon the outcomes you promote.

        100-200 mil.

        You. Fucking. First. Demon. Scum.

        • the murkins are the stupidest fuckers on the face of the planet.
          the only ones who don’t see this are the————–murkins.

          believe, not one country gives a rats ass if it just goes away.

    • lon a follower

      Do you reckon Steve Bannon has a plan to kill everyone he meets? Planning to go to war years in advance instead of finding alternatives, is not the governance we want. Is it the governance we deserve or need? i would say yes, discovering why is the mission.
      “How to mitigate radiation”
      Early on as these things have progressed i soon realised no amount of prepping will be enough without Yahuah, through His Son. His seal of protection is one everyone should be seeking.

  1. I think people need to worry more about -repeated- EMP nuclear bomb blasts in space over the middle of the continental US rather than nukes taking out individual cities.

  2. Main linkie no workee.

    Mitigating the effects:
    3′ of earth or sand overhead, at all points, in all directions. More is better.

    And anything that supports 3′ of wet earth, or earth covered with drift snow, isn’t likely to fall over, get shot through, or suffer much from anything else, provided it’s not in a local depression or gully, three feet away from a creek at low water.
    And this

    looks like a lot more fun than this

    though both work in a pinch.

    Unless you ain’t got none of that.

  3. Misleading. Here’s why. Radiation exposure is Cumulative. I f you have a radiation dose of 1 rad per hour for 90 hours , you have a 90 rad dose. If you take a one RAD PER DAY dose for 90 days YOU STILL TAKE A 90 RAD DOSE. Radiation exposure is measured over a persons ENTIRE LIFETIME. It never “go’s away” and NEVER “GETS BETTER”. Fallout products from Atomic Weapons have something called a half life. That is defined as the length of time it takes for half of the radiation to disperse. The problem is that the radioactive isotopes can remain active , losing only ONE HALF of the radiation they have for decades or more (The half life of plutonium and Uranium is billions of years. Uranium and plutonium kill for what is effectively forever) The cold fact is that wide spread use of Atomic Weapons will kill all or most human life in 100 years or less, with no hope of recovery, and as JFK put it “The living will envy the dead”. “Surviving Atomic Warfare” is BULLSHIT. I have had cancer twice. I’d much rather be at ground zero when the H-bombs pop. Because that is the fate for ALL of those that “survive” Untreated terminal Radiation Cancer or “Radiation Sickness” that was still killing decades after Hiroshima and Nagasaki. (Hiroshima and Nagasaki . Go look it up. Actually read it. Its the stuff of nightmares) or human pre birth mutations (Chernoble (spell?) Hiroshima and Nagasaki The photos from them are worse) Nobody “survives” Atomic warfare. A movie from the ’80’s put better than I can. “The only way to win the game is not to play”.

    • Nobody survives life, Ray.

      There has been a drumbeat since late ’45 that use of nuclear weapons equals The End Of The Human Race.

      There was an anti-freedom, anti-human political agenda behind that false claim.

      Watch the video below, graphically illustrating all of the nuclear explosions on Earth since July, 1945.

      Remember that the vast majority of those detonations were above-ground tests prior to 10 October 1963.

      Everyone reading this comment today has survived the radiological effects of those pre-October ’63 atmospheric tests:

      See also and .

      Don’t believe the hype.

      For your family’s sake.

    • Horsepuckey.
      Also demonstrably false, as 70 years of studies of the survivors following Hiroshima and Nagasaki have demonstrated. Last I looked, even with that, plus Fukushima, Japan still thrives.

      The instantaneous deployment of 50K Megatons simultaneously worldwide would definitely f*** some shit up, but the vast majority of that would be groundbursts on open plains where (suddenly empty) missile silos are located, and the rest mainly on large cities and high value targets.

      It would be a problem, but nothing like the end of the world.
      And for most of the rest of the world, it would be nothing but news from afar, with little effect save the availability of American music, television, and movies.

      Save the doomer bullshit for the 1984 time capsule, and the Jackson Browne “No Nukes” Reunion Tour.

  4. How do we shield ourselves from financial fallout from radioactive cock suckers like this guy?

  5. Good articles, where can I get one of those CD Radioactive signs from, other then ebay or Amazon. Ive never seen that one before.

  6. Caveat that none of this works for Gamma.

    R100 dust mask
    Tyvek or other impermeable dust suit

    Bucket with lid of soapy water outside your shelter
    Long handled scrub brush
    Bucket with lid for used gear
    UV stable plastic sheeting
    Duct tape
    Electrostatic air filters

  7. Sorry “CA” but you are 100% WRONG about my “Hype”. I have studied nuclear medicine for 35 years and know more about radiation exposure that an EX Army NCO, or you, ever will . Let me assure you. LONG TERM SURVIVAL after an Atomic war is NOT POSSABLE. I could wright 50 pages on the subject but I’ll just say this. After an Atomic attack there will be “survivors” but they won’t be happy about it . All forms of Civilization WILL end. Because all HOPE will end. The “survivors” WILL get cancer’s that cannot and will not be treated and die horrid, slow pain filled, death. There will be no “next generation” as almost all “survivors” WILL be sterile . Most crops will not grow or the ones that do will be inedible from absorbed radiation products. “Life” (if it could be called that) will be ugly and violent with nothing at its end but pain, despair, starvation, violence and regret. What you are discussing is Armageddon. Hell come to earth. The Book of “The Revelation of St.John The Divine”. The ending of human life and civilization. Anyone that believes this survivalist nonsense DESERVES the horrid fate that awaits them. I myself do not WANT to “survive” an atomic war. —— P.S. Compare the increased cancer death rate world wide and the Human/Animal Mutation rate since the end of WW2 with the above ground/underground Atomic bomb test and reactor accident data. Overlay that with the published fallout and wind maps from the same period. The Pentagon did it in the late 50’s , early 1960’s and it scared the crap out of them.(it has only gotten worse since the 60’s) Or did you think they stopped testing and building reactors because it was “bad”? 99% of everything you think you know about “surviving” an Atomic War and radiation is pro nuclear war propaganda created by the Reagan Whitehouse and Pentagon in the 80’s . It is factual in a highly limited way and designed from the outset to mislead. “The Truth” about Atomic warfare ended when the Government decided to end the “shelter” programs of the 50’s and just let the bulk of the people just die quickly Vs. slowly. There is No “after” an Atomic War.

    • Supporting data, please.



    • ” I have studied nuclear medicine for 35 years and know more about radiation exposure that an EX Army NCO, or you, ever will” and yet you’re still here Ray, is that because you used precautions, or is all your talk theoretical? BTW, Please tell me who said they would like it? Just like combat, you don’t gotta like it, you just gotta do it. Go ahead, dig your grave, while we dig our shelters. With that attitide, you’re dead regardless. Everything is about scale. Nuclear warfare is just a bigger scale than a smart bomb or a bullet to the head. All of them will kill you if you are at ground zero. This post is for those that are not.

    • From the 70th anniversary of the bombings –
      “”The average age of the 183,000 registered survivors of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki attacks rose just above 80 for the first time last month.””

      These guys evidently didn’t get the message that a nuke attack is not survivable.

    • Odd that they use gamma for food sterilization. As much space milk as JC and I have had, along with every other vet, should have made us walking tumors by now.

      I can only imagine the gnashing of teeth in the oncology department when they read your reports….

  8. Japan Declares Crisis As Fukushima Reactor Begins Falling Into Ocean And Radiation Levels Soar

    “Every man to his family and his belongings”

  9. It looks like Bunkers are back in style and anyone with a welder thinks they can make one of a lot of money. Here in the UK I was looking on ebay for bunker (I had to much time on my hands) and found this one “Underground nuclear bunker ” – £30,000 ($40,000 US)
    It had no details so I sent a list of basic questions that any one who knows the basic about bunkers should know even if all they have done is read Nuclear War Survival Skills by Cresson H. Kearny. The questions where;
    ” Is this a floating or non floating design? What kind of secondary exit is used? ie. sand trap est What kind of air intake is used? ie forced, passive est Can it be fitted with a KAP? Given average cover what would the PF be? What would the overpressure rating be?”
    I get this back “Sorry Its just a steel fabricated shell only. Sounds like you should be making them ???”
    So trying to be helpfull I sent this
    “Just one thing read Nuclear War Survival Skills by. Cresson H. Kearny (the old Ed is fine the new ed has only a added half page) you can get PDF copy for free from a lot of web pages and you will know what buyers are talking about.”
    and that got this back
    “We are welders and just want to make these shell only, thats all we know nothing else about them. nor want to”
    So I sent them back a email;
    At £30,000.00 you have to know something. I’m a Plater (steel plate worker) by trade and for that kind of money the customer has a right for you to know about the item you have for sale. For that kind of money when it goes wrong the lawyers are going to cost you a lot more.
    The way I see it if your trying to sell a bunker for £30,000 the buyer has a right for the seller to know some thing anything.
    and got this back;
    Look I tried to be nice but who s the f@@k are you with your opinions Find a hole crawl into it and well you know what to do F@@k off
    Me being me sent this back:
    I’m the guy who writes on the website about bunkers – guess what I’m going to be saying now. Any one with £30,000 to spend on this is going to do there homework.
    and got this back from a man who wants £30,000 (about $40,000) for something he knows nothing about and is not safe to do.
    “Good for you write the fucker on your website you opinionated prick
    Mr bunker expert,player,writer,know it all
    Try keeping your big f@@kin nose out before it gets squashed.
    Now f@@k off dick head and get weighting [I have no idea] Prick Get a life
    Just because you may write. Should you then go round giving unwanted opinions
    Once again f@@k off”
    So if your in the UK don’t try to get Andy Rady of Blackwood Quarry Engineering Ltd to build anything for you he knows nothing and thinks downloading a free book on anything is to much hard work.

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