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“America is tired.” And suffering from dementia in her final stage of life while someone else exercises power of attorney. Her natural offspring don’t even know it yet, but her entire estate will be sold off to pay her old bills.

Best have a post-liquidation plan.

Mom ain’t coming home from hospice.

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  1. Point of order:
    “Hospice” is home.
    That’s the entire point.

    • Got it. Thought there were off-prem (non-home) facilities as well.

      I get the “home” aspect behind the concept.

      • hummus abedin

        There are “non-home” hospice
        facilities available.
        Most of the time, the patient is given
        the choice of passing at home (which helps comfort much more) or in
        outside hospice care.
        I’ve had relatives choose both options.

      • There are off-prem hospice services. Depends on the provider. Aesop is correct in the main however. (I know this due to my father passing a few months ago.)

        • We took care of my MIL for the last 14 years at home while her Alzheimer’s progressed. Hospice was a real blessing those last five years for sending in an aide five days a week. If was a joy and honor being able to help my wife take care of her. We wouldn’t have done it any other way if we had to do it over.

  2. Centurion_Cornelius

    Can’t tell you the NUMEROUS times I’d be in a nursing home room and Mom would be in her bed at “the hour of death,” and her worthless boy would hold the cell phone to her barely breathing lips and he’d keep repeating: “Mom! Tell your lawyer on the line that I get your car…your silver dollars,…your diamond ring…quick, Mom, before you go!”

    If flesh and blood can act this way to their own mother, who gave him life…imagine what faceless FED GOV, the elites, and TBTP finance has in store for us at our nation’s “hour of death.”

    Stuff to ponder….

    • Around my rural area some families looted the deceased’s home before the body was even cold. I’m talking free for all out the front and back doors.

      Make note of those families and don’t allow your children to marry them. If they do; write a will, move away, don’t give a forwarding address and lock your valuables up off site just in case.

      • typical behavior from the murkin people. anyone who says differently has their head up their ass. those zombies will steal a fucking garden hose if you left it unguarded. they can’t help themselves – it’s their way.

        200 million dead should clean things up a bit

  3. If you’ve ever personally watched one of those things happen, you know instinctively you never want to be in that bed yourself. All I want is a soldiers death, and it won’t be glorious, or dramatic, or important. I just want to go out like a soldier. I’ve been thinking like one since I was about six. Maybe I’ll get my wish. When I was younger, I used to think of that happening, and it made me quiet, and a little sad. Now, if it even occurs to me, I think of it like putting on my vest/chest carry, and walking out the door. No big deal. It is a fine thing, near the end, to come to terms with your own mortality. Having a relaxed mental attitude makes it easy to take your medicine. Since there’s no avoiding it, the job is easier, the planning is more logical, and you can perform like a soldier should. Without pity, without compunction. Few people understand what a blessing from G*d’s Grace it is, to arrive at that point. And understanding is a magnificent destiny. Those who think they are enemies of G*d, or simply reject Him, lack it. I’m a mercenary. I’m in it for the Grace. When I lay these bones down, I’ll probably be laughing.

    • MichiganderJim

      That was great. I get to the same place, but by a much different road. So did Epicurus a couple thousand years ago—RATIONAL Hedonism. Death is no issue for the dead anyway; might as well get a WIN while we’re here.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      My uncle was a Lt, shot thru the heart/lung on the retreat from Moscow, and his men carried him a while in a shelter half, then left him laying in a ditch after he passed. My dad had his Wehrpass wallet, all the photos and papers had a 7.62 hole thru them, ink around the edges from his broken fountain pen.
      I always figured same for me, just roll me up in my poncho and move on.

    • That was awesome!

    • Pretty much the way I’ve lived my life. I’m already dead. I truly hope the leftists jump off the rails as my plan is to take out at LEAST 100 of them sons a bitches before they get me.

      I watched my dad go to hospital for cancer treatment for 18 months before they killed him in a hospice bed. You don’t want to go out that way.

      Grey Ghost

  4. Oh, well. It was a helluva party while it lasted.
    ($20 trillion debt, $200 trillion in unfunded entitlement and pension liabilities.)

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Just read a book that said in 2006 the derivatives alone were already at 600 trillion.
      But that must be an exaggeration, the news says everything is still booming. And my friends brag to me of their upcoming retirement funds, money they will buy a new retirement home with. Somehow, reality is misinformed.

        • SemperFi, 0321

          This is the shit I’ve tried to explain to 2 of my recently retired friends, and both said “oh, but that doesn’t apply to me, mine is tied into US Federal retirement and we’re covered”. Covered by what, fake insurance?
          Can’t explain this when stupid is all they know.
          We’re beyond help, everyone somehow thinks they’re exempt when the hammer falls, can’t happen to me. Like getting inside an airplane and telling yourself, “this one is special, because I’m on it”.

          • the murkins are fucking idiots.


            FDIC doesn’t have squat for reserves.
            we’re all fucked and the orange king wants to increase spending?


            • SemperFi, 0321

              “increase spending?”
              but as you know the more they spend, the more they print (on screen) and the more interest they collect from newly mfg’d loans.
              Giving the ants a few more sugar cubes keeps them happy and the 1% still rule the world.
              FDIC, tried arguing that with folks too, including my financier brother in law, the brainwashing goes bone deep. They really fukn believe somebody will pay them off if their bank goes under, and refuse to understand FDIC is another broken cog in a fake system.

              By now you have to understand you might as well give up, the stupid is way too deep amongst the masses, and here too. They won’t wake up to reality, instead still worship mythology and sports idols. Total fantasy world.

  5. and this is one vote cancelling yours.

    • I hope that photo is not real, but truth is stranger than fiction.

      Another thing some of the families do here is kiss the dead at the funeral. Everyone walks up and plants a kiss through the open casket. Second cousin’s new girlfriend for the past week not exempt from the tradition if she made the mistake of showing up.

      Just no.

  6. it’s better to let the enforcers take care of gramma?

  7. my dad, who is over 70; talks to me constantly about the fear he has about the usa turning socialist. i don’t have the heart to tell him his generation was the last of the usa being on the top of the world. i figure mine and every one after will experience the usa as a slave to it debtors and to the decline in life that that entails. i think he knows it, but doesn’t want to let his offspring know their lives may really suck.

  8. “America is tired.” I believe is a misnomer. That should be “US Govt is tired”. To accept the first iteration is to assume that by some miracle the land mass of America is to be swallowed up and disappear. The latter correctly portends that there will be still be a land mass and some other arrangement of political affairs.

  9. DOG. Dangerous old guys who don’t give a fuck about the Grim Reaper. Tee off with a steel toe boot on the Reaper when he arrives.Black robed pussy. I will kick his ass. I have ‘died” more than once. .Been given last rites and had people mourn my death. I am not scared off the big dirt nap.Be scared of living a meaningless, wasted, existence.

  10. Hypothetically speaking, can they sell off what you can stand over and protect with extreme prejudice ?

  11. Hat tip, to Michigander Jim. See you on the line.

  12. The difference between me and those who have no faith our think resistance is futile, losing is for losers, I’ll never get tired of Winning.
    My Liberty is mine and I see no reason of giving it up. Ever.

  13. The old fashion “Way” works best, no matter what they say!

    “Every man to his family and his belongings”

  14. Alfred E. Neuman

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  15. Aint none of us getting out alive, the best you can do is feather up your bed. Live in a house thats paid for, with no stairs, a new roof, new plumbing and electrical… and you are out of debt.. anything more is gravy.. anything less will be shit you will be too damn old and too poor to fix, and only add to your misery.