Schlichter: The Left Hates You. Act Accordingly.


And have an escalation path to outpace theirs.

Tempus fugit.

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  1. Before some of you dog-pile Schlichter, please keep in mind, that what he says is not only damned good, but that message is going out to the either newly awakened on our side, or those about to wake up. This is team building. All those goody-two-shoes that marched with the Tea Party demonstration in Washington, all those that wanted to go, but didn’t, all those people who pulled the lever for Trump in Nov., under duress. And countless more. Peaceable, tame, law abiding, tax paying, pick up the milk and bread and the dry cleaning on the way home, Toyota driving, Saturday morning late sleeper, people. Living a restrained, but good life. Worried about family, and the roof repair, just want to be left alone, and not shit on by the latest Leftist lunacy. THOSE GUYS. They are us, prior to us pulling our heads out of our asses, with a loud and painful pop. Just because we got the memo doesn’t mean we’re something special. We have a gift, worthless if we don’t pass it on, and fatal to ourselves if we keep it. Encourage guys like Schlichter, any way you can, and do what he does yourselves. How else the fuck do you think you became “aware”, osmosis? And just because the Eloi don’t “get it” on first, second, or fifteenth try, that doesn’t mean you write them off. Audie Murphy was rejected by EVERYBODY. Used to hunt rabbits not far from where I live now, to feed his brothers and sisters. Dad, disappeared. Mom dead. Rejected by every single service, save the National Guard. They took him. He did the rest. A giant who was 5’5″ tall. Get out there, and recruit somebody. They’re waiting for some leadership. Victory has a thousand mothers, defeat, only one.

    • You go Sean. Those are great words. More!
      Like you said lot of people got to hear this kind of message from rational people like you. Lot of new normies looking for an anchorage in this storm. They are beginning to understand it is a big storm and need to know they are in good company.

    • I agree with your assessment of what most rightists are like. The problem is that most leftists are similar. The author is describing a tiny minority on the left. Most of the left, and most of the right for that matter, are in the “mushy middle”. They take their kids to the government indoctrination centers in their minivans every day, just like their rightist neighbors. They don’t go around wearing vagina suits or screaming curses or crying uncontrollably because Trump won.

      How many leftists do you encounter every day? What percentage of them were wearing vagina suits?

      • You’re deluding yourself, PB.
        The Left is just like Muslims:
        Thee radical wants to kill you, and the moderate would smile if the radical killed you.

        Schlicter is spot-on with this, which is why he’s so at odds with the Usual Suspects and RINOs at conservatism-lite site TownHall.

      • Its not a tiny minority, at all. About 1/3 of the population thinks Obama was a great president. Hundreds of thousands showed up for the Million Woman March (or as I call it, the 500,000 Titty March) even though (especially because?) it was organized by radical muslims. How many showed up at DC Tea Party rallies? Tens of thousands maybe?

        I have a lot of ‘normies’ on my facebook page (where I pretend to be a civic nationalist), and virtually every liberal is batshit crazy. Even though I’m a mainstream conservative on FB, almost all of those liberals defriended me the day after the election, even before I had taunted them as I’d looked forward to doing for some time 😉

    • Hi Sean,

      Only fault that I have with your response is this”
      “Peaceable, tame, law abiding, tax paying, pick up the milk and bread and the dry cleaning on the way home,..”

      In my book that’s the text book definition of folks who are still firmly in the camp of the statists/collectivists..they’ve most likely been indoctrinated from day one to believe in the myth of ‘gov/authority’ and as such have VOTED for their own enslavement via being robbed (taxation) and being controlled by a parasite class via their badged orcs (‘law’/law enforcement’). They’re still living in the sheep pen oblivious to how the shepherd controls them and makes use of them.

      In reality they’re no different from ‘good citizens’ that enabled the regimes of hitler, stalin, and other monsters by ‘going along’ and ‘doing what they were told’ because they wanted to be ‘law abiding’.

      Until one breaks free from the most dangerous superstition one will NEVER be truly free..which is first of all free in their own mind.

      Yes, definitely spread the word about freedom, prepping and training especially to the younger crowd but remember it’s worthless without first seeing the myth of ‘gov/authority’ for what it is, enslavement.

      I want ‘rightful liberty’ not only for myself but for others; I can’t support/believe
      in the most dangerous superstition and be true to that at the same’s
      either total freedom or slavery and I choose freedom!

      The Most Dangerous Superstition by Larken Rose
      (it’s the full book; hardest part for people is to READ/understand what’s
      in it and if one thinks clearly that’s a no brainer!)

      Yours In Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      NorthGunner III

    • …damn. way to hum, Sean. that right there made my day. too many spend too much time everywhere but the “recruiting depot”. It’s going to take ‘us’ changing hearts and minds, being a reasonable sensible and ultimately obvious, better alternative. “We have a gift, worthless if we don’t pass it on…”
      And we need to do so most ricky tick. Time is ticking away. Bravo Zulu brother, for putting this out there.

  2. Hate ’em back… for me.

  3. “A misdemeanor a day keeps one limber for the Coming Excitement.”
    Had to laugh. Most Americans probably commit at least one of those a day without even knowing it. There still just as clueless.

  4. Listen, use their infastructure against them. Their orginized, well orginized. Almost like shift work. They riot, take a break, eat back at the busses, in their safe place.

    Remove any one of their safe space structures and their plan goes to shit. Remove their transportation, they are stuck, in a place their not equipped to deal with.

    Remove their food chain, their supply chain, their logistics, and their stuck. They the individuals don’t have the tools to think it thru, it’s all done for them. Like taking a tour.

    Your not going to beat the orginization, break it down. Identify their street leaders, understand their leaders have their own security. You address the leader, your going to have to address their security.

    Easy Pesy.

    Dress like them, integrate with them, move with them, watch observe, learn. In less then an hour you should have a good idea of who leadership is.. ” look up” looking for over watch.

    Use their tools, leave their kind of evidence.

    Address leadership, not the useful idiots. Understand how a pipe to the side of the head works, or to their knee, or their foot works. Just like a battlefield. Maim them, don’t kill them. Takes at least six to remove one.

    Understand how to make a Molotov cocktail. Not just any glass but glass that shattered easily. Buy your fuel out of area, use white pump, or race fuel if possible.

    For those more inclined, you can still purchase photocells at RadioShack. Think Mercury switch, using light. Last time a signature was required. Cash and some bullshit name works. Please don’t use your fucking debit card.

    And don’t shop at your local RadioShack.

    Matts taking the time to provide links, names and orginizations. A lot of Intel here for those inclined to put a face on the enemy.

    Understand that in the end, you may be surprised in fact dismayed at who is really, behind all this. At some level ol uncle SAMs gonna get caught, for his small but significant contribution.


  5. FrozenPatriot

    Our appropriate and inevitable response:

    It was not part of their blood,
    It came to them very late,
    With long arrears to make good,
    When the Saxon began to hate.

    They were not easily moved,
    They were icy — willing to wait
    Till every count should be proved,
    Ere the Saxon began to hate.

    Their voices were even and low.
    Their eyes were level and straight.
    There was neither sign nor show
    When the Saxon began to hate.

    It was not preached to the crowd.
    It was not taught by the state.
    No man spoke it aloud
    When the Saxon began to hate.

    It was not suddenly bred.
    It will not swiftly abate.
    Through the chilled years ahead,
    When Time shall count from the date
    That the Saxon began to hate.

    by Rudyard Kipling

  6. So many brainwashed white people.

    I blame the Jews who took over education 50 years ago.

    Who could plausibly I’m wrong?

  7. ALCON,

    In my mind the issue is simply that the left is well-organized, courtesy, as I understand it, from well-heeled folks who are funding their attacks, while the right fails to have an ideological “sugar-daddy funding right-wing counterattacks.

    Thoughts ?

    • lastmanstanding

      It is always easier organize those who do not have a mind of their own that need direction…then, throw in a bunch of free shit/funding and wallah, you have a mindless mob that follow one another. fuck’em, every last one of them.

      I don’t follow anyone. I never have. Wife that way also. I/we do choose to connect with like-minded people and tackle worth-while issues together. I am and can be a team player, just not the way these worthless fucks band together.

      A sugar-daddy would be nice, just not our style brother.

      • lastman,

        I don’t believe it’s a question of following. Rather it is one of organizing. And organizing ain’t cheap.

        • lastmanstanding

          “organizing ain’t cheap”…no it’s not Dan. I don’t have the answer, most of us are just regular people who want to be left alone.

          I’m just hoping that the earth will repel garbage that show her no respect…and I really hope that she lets us help. 😉

          • Jimmy the Saint

            “most of us are just regular people who want to be left alone. ”

            To quote the movie “Ride With The Devil”: “And that is why they will win. Because they believe everyone should live and think just like them. And we shall lose because we don’t care one way or another how they live. We just worry about ourselves.”

      • MichiganderJim

        “A sugar-daddy would be nice, just not our style brother.”

        Well said. I’m not sure which I despise more, looters or moochers. At least thugs I can figure out. I never did understand the appeal of being a mooch. Who’d want to live like that?

    • Jimmy the Saint

      The Left is also on the same page – their differences will be settled after they win. The Right is trying to settle its differences first, then fight the Left. Hence, our side is badly disorganized and more interested in fratricide than in victory over the Left.

      • Jimmy,

        “….more interested in fratricide.”

        That’s a thought-provoking comment. Accurate too.

      • “their differences will be settled after they win”

        yup. and this is how they will do it. useful idiots don’t have a future afterwards…

        • MichiganderJim

          Pretty sure there’s no other way to do it. Doesn’t tell you who’s going to win though. You can buy white cloth or sell it; just another choice.

      • “the same page”
        I think this is true for educated Lefties, but their minions are very fractious, more likely to kill each other. Note how most Leftist violence actually targets Leftists…

  8. Glenda the Good

    If you are a conservative and are and have been conscious since the onset of the Clinton administration you are more than aware that your values and beliefs have been under attack. Vigilance requires you always stay on the ready for new attacks.

    The left hates anyone who disagrees with them. They are insecure and fragile beings who only are confident in groups and if spotted alone by conservatives they will panic and run and hide. Exceptions to this are those who use the echo chamber of the media to spew their socialist beliefs.

    On the contrary, the believers of the right are far more self confident. Their beliefs all echo self reliance and independence. We, conservatives are the diametric opposite of the socialist movement in our society and like matter and anti matter our opposing views will annihilate each other when they meet. The left cannot tolerate being negated by legitimate arguments so they mass together and project their fear of being irrelevant as hatred towards the right.

    The author is spot on.

    They hate us. Get used to it. Don’t play defense. Play Offense.

    • “We, conservatives are the diametric opposite of the socialist movement in our society”

      Show me a conservative without his kid in a government school, or who refuses entitlements like socialist security and medicare, and I will be impressed.

  9. We are blessed with a target rich environment.

  10. The Usual Suspect

    Oh, I understand them all too well, having family members who
    are out there in LA LA land.
    I do not argue with them, they are impossibly indoctrinated to the
    leftist ideology, why waste my time.
    I don’t visit, converse, send Christmas cards, they are dead me.
    Harden your heart ??? Well ya, and they are family, the rest of their
    herd are just biodegradable targets.

  11. David Sadter

    As my father used to warn, when someone’s behavior was getting out of hand; “You’re breeding a scab on your nose.” He always said it calmly.

  12. Alfred E. Neuman

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  13. Quoting The Wrath of the Awakened Saxon is getting to be a bit of a cliche. It is also historically inaccurate. The Anglo-Saxons lost their kingdom in just one battle and never mounted an effective rebellion. This was because the Normans were a far superior fighting force and their military technology was better. The Anglo-Saxons may have hated the Normans but eventually the two cultures merged. And got on with whacking the French.

    • “and got on with whacking the French.” Until they were defeated by a girl.

      • Whom they burned at the stake.

        Followed in due course by an emperor, whom they defeated, serially, and ultimately poisoned in exile on a secluded island in the middle of nowhere.

        The lesson endureth:
        Beware the wrath of patient men.

        • Jimmy the Saint

          “Beware the wrath of patient men.”

          You’d think China would be scared shitless about Tibet, then. 🙂

    • Yes, but psychologically it describes well where we are now and how our hatred came on slowly “and will not soon abate”. Kipling may have been emphasizing the Saxon to avoid any taint of Frenchness. Also it should be remembered that the Normans came with many Welsh and Breton warriors, eager for revenge against the hated Saxon. Some of these men found a place in the new order I believe. Here’s another important one left out of the Jewish edited anthologies:

      The Stranger within my gate,
      He may be true or kind,
      But he does not talk my talk–
      I cannot feel his mind.
      I see the face and the eyes and the mouth,
      But not the soul behind.

      The men of my own stock,
      They may do ill or well,
      But they tell the lies I am wanted to,
      They are used to the lies I tell;
      And we do not need interpreters
      When we go to buy or sell.

      The Stranger within my gates,
      He may be evil or good,
      But I cannot tell what powers control–
      What reasons sway his mood;
      Nor when the Gods of his far-off land
      Shall repossess his blood.

      The men of my own stock,
      Bitter bad they may be,
      But, at least, they hear the things I hear,
      And see the things I see;
      And whatever I think of them and their likes
      They think of the likes of me.

      This was my father’s belief
      And this is also mine:
      Let the corn be all one sheaf–
      And the grapes be all one vine,
      Ere our children’s teeth are set on edge
      By bitter bread and wine.

      Rudyard Kipling

      Poems by Rudyard Kipling : 480 / 549 « prev. poem

      • Never read that… wonderful.

        Applies so well not only to the usurpers of our culture and country for 100 years but as accurately to the muslim and mestizo invaders.


    • The anglos got double-teamed though, having had to defeat the Danes then quickly march to face the Normans. Back then wars often were decided by 1 battle, although there was still a lot of mopping-up to do.

      Genetically England is still mainly A-S rather than Norman,

  14. A deliberately empowered minority of the country. Rome has been using syncretism for thousands of years behind the scenes driving Revolutions – COUP’s etc. We cannot stop syncretism (religious – political or social syncretism) only be in awareness of the tactics & inform. Empowering (which is what Obozo – Soros have & are doing w/ impunity which tells you it’s rigged) Special Interest groups such as LBGT- unemployed millenials – hipsters – SSRI – SSNRI – Anti-depressant – Amygdala Hi-jacked – Barking Moonbat freak show on display. All Machiavellian asymmetrical non-linear dispersed warfare works this way. It does no discriminate & it’s only purpose – function is to create tension – fractures – division schisms – chasms in society no matter where it is implemented. Identify – Target – Infiltrate – (gather & parse EEI) – Exploit (leader archetypes) (ITIE). The 4th Turning look to be en-route at some point. Don’t have the ‘when’ but do feel it in our guts & see it for those who are outside of Plato’s Cave.

  15. “Seek the truth, hear the truth, learn the truth, love the truth, speak the truth, hold the truth and defend the truth until death.”  -The Great Zero Gate

    ‘The Alt-Right is a conscious, even contemptuous, rejection of cuckservatism. It is not cowardly. It is not terrified. It is not defeatist. It is committed to the truth. It is committed to science. It is committed to the lessons of history. And it is committed to the idea that Western Civilization is a better place to live than any other societal ordering of men, including the various dyscivilizational notions created by utopians from communists to libertarians.

    That’s why, if you have any regard for Western Civilization at all, you should be on board with both the Trump Train and the Alt-Right Revolution. Stop cowering. Stop cucking. Embrace truth and tribe, and start winning.
    -Pat Buchanan

    In 2004, Richard Poe, in Velvet Revolution, USA, outlined the seven-step strategy used by Soros to topple Milosevic. This strategy, Poe writes, is the same “blueprint” used repeatedly by Soros in other countries: Form a Shadow Government, Control the Airwaves, Bleed the State Dry, Sow Unrest, Provoke an Election Crisis, Take the Streets, and above all, Outlast your Opponent.
    Stay vigilant. We Are at War. They are within the gates.

    Any of that familiar to you?

    • Soros? That childless bastard is 86, and while he’s outlasted his wives, he won’t beat Death forever.
      And then his empire dissipates overnight, as always.

      It’s useful to track his efforts, but he won’t be around very much longer.

      • His 5 kids may disagree.

      • he has 5 kids.

        you’re as dumb as you seem..

      • You’d be wrong… Soros has a son and he inherits all the money. He is even a more rabid leftist than the old man.

        Grey Ghost

      • Soros has several children. 1 of whom is currently a student at Berkeley…

        Also, he is hardly alone in his efforts to destroy the West.

      • Aesop, why do you say childless? I believe he has 5 children, all ready set to follow daddy’s footsteps. All radically left, all set to be multibillionaire power brokers on the radical left. Perhaps not coincidentally, Alexander Soros is working on his PhD at….Berkeley.

  16. wealthy farmer

    The Left had quite an amazing 8 years under Obama. Aside from the Mao-like presence of the elegant deliciously black, ivy league, sexually ambiguous thin smoking man, it was also a Golden Age for bull dykes and trannies. The Left ran WAY ahead of its societal supply lines, caught up in the crazy excitement of smashing any and every norm that might still exist. And middle America spoke back, in the only way it can presently, in an all-or-nothing binary election.
    Our distinct advantage is that the Left does not think, it FEELS. Thought leadership in the Left is restricted to a very carefully vetted few, mostly academics. Those feelings can be manipulated.

  17. The libs have a real advantage now, due to the deep pockets of Soros and their complete control the ‘deep state’. But they’ve painted themselves into the mother of all corners. By supporting unlimited muslim immigration with no checks of any kind, there had better no more muslim terror.
    But get ready for a shitstorm because Gert Wilder is leading the polls in the Netherlands for next months vote in March. The Imans have held the terrorists down as best they can, but if Wilder’s wins, look out Europe. Muslim and antifa terrorist attacks are guaranteed if Wilder’s wins, and the next month, France votes. If there is violence leading up to France’s election, Le Pen wins big, as she is already ahead. I’m guaranteeing that if Le Pen wins, the terrorists will go batshit in Europe and here too. By Merkel’s vote in May, Europe could be in flames and judges here will falling over themselves to enforce Trumps ban. As I said, Wilder’s is already leading in the polls. Prepare to turn your eyes from the horror.

  18. Fuckin pikers. I hate them right back and far better than they’ll ever hate anything in their whole miserable crybaby excuse for a life. They’ve successfully “dehumanized” me and it’s time they reap what they’ve sown.

  19. CA, must see.

    Background on left wing militia in California:

    “The left is far too timid.”

    “A few broken windows is nothing compared to the lives at stake…if that’s what it takes”

    “This is about organizing and fighting by any means necessary”

    “Trump must go by any means necessary” below:

    • Noted.

      And she calls the event “stunningly successful”?
      She’s just another barkingly deluded rabid moonbat.
      And she’s writing checks with her mouth her supporters’ bodies can’t cash.

      She must also think she’s bulletproof.

      • Six weeks after the Berkeley Unified School District placed Martin Luther King, Jr. Middle School teacher Yvette Felarca on administrative leave “pending an investigation into concerns that have been raised,” the teacher will be returning to her classroom.

        And, surprising no one, she’s a Berkeley middle school teacher and out-of-the-closest frothing Communist who’s already stepped on her vagina with TPTB.

        She probably already has an FBI terrorism file two inches thick.

        It is to laugh.
        She’s on a par with people showing up for media interviews in full Nazi uniform.

        • And it just keeps getting better and better:

          She’s been smacking her bloody head against the brick wall going back years, and she’s not tired of it yet!

          Go, Yvette!
          You’re just the psychotic delusional asstard on the other side that conservatives pray for!!

          • I see someone who organised a militant riot last week and who hasn’t faced an indictment from a local, state, or federal prosecutor.

            By comparison Lavoy got shot dead in a snow drift on a way to a meeting.

        • Jimmy the Saint

          “She probably already has an FBI terrorism file two inches thick.”

          Needs a covering of quicklime, dirt, and grass seed about a foot thick.

    • wealthy farmer

      Oh, she’s QUITE a piece of work. A vile little marionette. Mao made great use of women such as her, as they take cold ruthlessness to extremes. But then he would kill them, as they are dangerous to the organization. How would ISIS manage her?

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