SLL: Balls

An instant classic from Robert.

Especially in light of what is coming.

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  1. One big problem at the end. FDR was a cowardly piece of socialist garbage who wreaked havoc on the USA, not anyone to emulate.

    • Yeah, that struck me too. A jarring end to a great article.

    • Pyrrus and Matthew Wilbanks,
      Point is well taken about FDR. I used him because he rallied people during the Great Depression and World War II with his optimism and yes, courage. I didn’t mean to imply any agreement with his policies and I’ve called him our worst president. I debated with myself using him in the way I did, but I was jabbing Democrats and FDR and JFK are the two presidents Democrats hold up as courageous figures. The piece is about courage more than policies, but you make valid points. I certainly don’t want Trump to follow FDR’s policies, but I hope he continues to exhibit an FDR-like scorn for his enemies and he continues to pursue his policies and ignores the scorn, as FDR did.

      • Matthew Wilbanks

        I figured you had to mean something like that. Even the most abhorrent people generally have one or two admirable traits. Thanks for the clarification.

  2. “The Bravest are surely those who have the clearest vision of what is before them, glory & danger alike, and yet notwithstanding , go out to meet it.”

  3. Matthew Wilbanks

    Lol phrrhus,

    I just came here to make the exact same comment. Generally I really like Mr. Gore’s writing, but I can’t think of one damn reason why we would want Trump to be anything like one of the worst, most authoritarian Presidents in history.

    The only positive things FDR had going for him were his poise and leadership, but neither of those means anything when you’re leadership is taking your people off a cliff.

  4. Perhaps not balls, but Fox Business has had the owner of Black Rifle Coffee on three times in the last 48 hours for an interview.

    At least they aren’t capons like big Faux is.

    Oh, and Lou Dobbs has balls.

    • so you’re carrying the water for these hucksters huh?
      like wasting TRILLIONS of the americans tax $s wasn’t enough for them?
      now they want you to buy theikr fucking crap coffee?

      how about this co. send 325,000,000 people a free sample?

      after all. we were forced to foot the bill for these dumbasses to destroy our country. and destroy it they did.


  5. I agree with Mr. Gore 110%. President Trump is going to need every Shit Lord in this country before this is over if we are to salvage our White Christian culture and create a legacy worthy of our heritage as Freemen.

    • your so G’damnd brainwashed it’s sickening.

      wake the fuck up

      • And you’re a vainglorious (look it up) self pimping, one trick, hate filled asshole whose major “talent’ is projecting sex laden death threats laced with references to bodily effluents and impossible bodily functions onto anyone who disagrees with you… which is pretty much everyone.

        MAJOR contribution to the dialogue. Way ta go, scat mouth!

        You ignoramous-snot-sity is only exceeded by your burroassery < your less than uselessness.

        Go on back to CrazyCatLady/

      • Your nastiness doesn’t work with me buddy. Your just blowhard loser with nothing to offer but hate.

        • nothing but REALITY.

          • Reality in your twisted world.

          • Your version of reality is quite different and appears to be based upon a worship of money. The almighty dollar being your barometer of human achievement. For someone who despises america and americans,you sure worship that dollar. .To the best of my knowledge you were not proclaimed,inaugurated,voted in or appointed resident know it all.Listening is a learned trait that is quite valuable. When you don’t listen,you are talking to yourself. You are losing your mojo, and your sometimes interesting take on subjects is overshadowed by your attacks. Trump is a brand.I think most WRSA readers get it.The alternative was too nasty for most people to accept. The smell alone made it unsavory.”Lighten up Francis!”

            • i know what worked for me.

              and it worked very well.

              most of you still slave the day away, and will till the day you drop dead.

              that tells me everything i need to know.

              i listen to others who have done better than myself. why would i waste my time with lesser?

  6. Trump displayed a full frontal fortitude never seen among the high and mighty he challenged.,..which is why he gave the Treasury jib to a guy named Mnuchin from Goldman.

    Trump displayed a full frontal fortitude never seen among the high and mighty he challenged….which is why he and Gary Cohn from (((Goldman)))
    are gonna free up the banks so they can make money and have more winning!

    Trump is a Trump card, a Fabian placeholder. Believe the theater at your own peril. The reason Obamao waz chozen was to shive the oendulum so far left that even a slight return would feel like a warm spring rain in the Rockies, but thats not rain you feel on your backs friends.

    • So Tom, you strike me as a sharp guy, what are you going to do? Seriously, asking that of you literally.

      Allow me to rephrase that. Lot of guys on here see everything as a lost cause, there is nothing worth holding onto or believing in, America is toast, it can never be restored to any semblance of a republic, we will never have freedom and liberty so it’s not worth fighting for, the (((jews))) control everything, no political figure who ever lived is nothing but a con artist, the rest of us are only fooling ourselves, resistance is futile, and so on. I get that.

      (To me, that all above is just one set of reason why resistance is never futile, resistance is a lifestyle, a way of life. Resistance is accumulative)

      Ok so, I’ll buy into that world view for the sake of giving you, and others, the benefit of the doubt.
      What are we all to do then?
      You guys that keep saying we can never win, your all by your comments the self proclaimed experts on the end of America, tell the rest of us what we must do.
      Seriously, here’s your and others chance to set a goal for everyone based on your ideas.

      Or is there no goals and losing the only option here?

      And if losing is the only option, why are you guys wasting your time on WRSA telling the rest of us we have our heads up our arses?

      I’m not trying to bust your chops Tom, I’m really trying to understand this, because I’m either totally wrong about resistance never being futile, or what you contend makes no sense whatsoever, or, is being said because you don’t want to win, or you don’t want team freefor to win. Which is it?

  7. problem is, with Trump, it’s all show and no substance. Just today he did a 180 on NATO.

    today is also the 17th Day in the Reign of the alt-Right’s “God-Emperor”. During which span c. 120,000 Spic, Black, Asiatic, and Muslim ‘New Americans” have poured into the country….while the (((Culture of Death)))-engineered White die-off continues and accelerates.

    • POd American

      This wasn’t the first nor will it be the last flip… If you understand basic geometry, 180 + 180 = Full Circle. It just keeps on keeping on. The author also mentioned another of my favorites, Dennis Kucinich. What a useless tool (well maybe not entirely useless, he could be used as a doorstop).

    • It’s amazing how terrified of winning you are Haxo. I can see why Weaponsman banned you.

  8. Alfred E. Neuman

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  9. Well, CA, the verdict is hardly in but, which is it?

    “An instant classic from Robert.”


    Or all that sardonic cynicism above? The useful troopers don’t seem impressed.

    I’d put Gore’s intelligence, perception, discernment, literary talent and, yes, courage as weighting the scales so heavily that those guys have the effect of helium.

  10. I’m trying to comprehend the mindset of using – comparing apples to eggplant ?
    We are in a completely different paradigm than ever before. Why ? Simple, several reasons. The Technology is completely different & the composition of the US is completely different. The human intellect is not only different from earlier periods on our history it’s also been tweaked & psyoped. Socieo-economic variables, political & religious syncretism, psychotronic weapons, weather warfare, corrupt kakistocracy, broken system of extreme social programming, MSM brainwashing like never before & no end it sight. Hard to use past metrics as examples – benchmarks – bedrock – cornerstones – all see it’s not when we can all see it’s not remotely close to what is was.

    • at this point there are at least 6 preople here who “get it”. the rest are stuck in the cave and will be buried there unless they somehow unfuck themselves.

      • You really don’t get that your trollish opinion is so utterly valueless here now that if you were on fire, no one would even pee on you to put you out, unless they’d first downed two fifths of Everclear, do you?

        You’ve worn out your welcome and your novelty.
        All you’ve got left is infantile rage, and scraping your diaper to find something else to fling back.

        Just walk away, if only to save yourself from further embarrassment.