Sparks31: Why I Recommend The Uniden Home Patrol II



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  1. Ouch.
    That’s gonna leave a mark on some people.

  2. Antenna is suspect…… Otherwise great scanner.

  3. Got mine a couple of weeks ago. And here comes the recommendation: Buy It! I’m receiving from 20 miles plus! Ok it’s Florida and flat, but that’s some pretty good range with the out of the box antenna.

    Got it on Amazon and paid a little extra to have it optimized to my county. After reading the instructions and working with the menu driven main screen… you don’t have to get it optimized. Suffice it to say, it’s really easy to use!


  4. No offense taken (at least by me). Apparently times have changed since I last fired up a scanner and listened to the local police frequencies. Thanks for explaining about the APCO P25 thing. Needed a better explaination of why it was necessary to go the big price jump for the newer technology. I still think it’s a personal choice how people choose to allocate their spending (beans, bullets and bandages… and now radio receivers), but it is important to understand what you may be missing if you go the cheaper route (Like getting a Hi Point cause that’s all you can afford vs a Glock pistol, etc.). 🙂

  5. I own one, it is my 3rd (analog bearcat and digi handheld) and final scanner, not counting SDR Sharp….I’m a IT pro by profession and this thing is set it and forget easy…Comes w bnc adapter to connect an SO-239 pigtail to connect to my wide band discone in attic, where i routinely receive LE chatter 20+ miles away…

    The other nice thing is its portability, unplug, go to local festivities, sit in car and scan…nice n discreet….yeah, costs some money, but all things considered, the cost of this is worth way more the price of not knowing…

  6. My wife recently stated that she would like a police scanner but the departments like to scramble their signals and all. So I primed her on how much they can cost but also primed her on why we really need one even more than we used to living out in the sticks now. Then I closed the deal by reminding her that we HAVE NO CABLE OR INTERNET ACCESS at our house, and that the local news we have is poor at investigative journalism.

    All I have to do is work one single OT shift, and the Uniden PII is mine.

  7. It’s spendy, but nothing else works the way it does. Quite literally plug and play, fire and forget. As a tool to get anyone, and I mean anyone, up and running to monitor local traffic it has no equal.

  8. SemperFi, 0321

    I was out shoveling snow 2 days ago, town fire sirens went off, my neighbor flew by in the S&R Blazer, so I opened door of Jeep, and turned on my Home Patrol II, nothing! Heard one or two words but not one solid conversation or message came up.
    However, last fall I monitored S&R all day, they were bringing out a grizzly bear attack victim (took all day) and he died later in hospital after losing his face to the bear. I picked up local S&R, state G&F, county Sheriff, EMS, and air crew. Interesting to note what a clusterfuck they are also, G&F had no idea where they were going, or where they were. Newbies who did not know the area, and telling S&R they were somewhere else. Can’t tell you how bad I felt for that poor victim (who went back in the woods UNARMED to recover an elk he had shot the night before, sow and 2 cubs were already eating on carcass when he showed up).

  9. Sparks31:
    What antennae would you recommend as an upgrade.
    Does that recommendation change based on landscape/terrain? (supposing one lived a bit north of the 45th parallel, and a bit west of the Cascade Mountains).
    Thank you.

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