SWJ: US Towed Artillery Vulnerability Versus Near-Peer Adversaries


For the redlegs out there:

Adapting Towed Artillery Today to Meet a Near Peer Competitor Tomorrow


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  1. Fortunately, the insane destabilization of the Ukraine in the first place by the US and NATO has created such a third world charnel house that no nation would want responsibility for it. So the fact that NATO forces wouldn’t have a prayer against the Russian military won’t be a problem….

    • Centurion_Cornelius

      Roger, pyrrhus. arty gives 85% knock down power.

      “…in a combined MLRS and self-propelled artillery fire strike that lasted no more than three minutes, two Ukrainian mechanized battalions were virtually wiped out.”

      …180 seconds. ‘effin Ukies didn’t even have a chance to unlimber and bring into battery.

  2. Black Rifle Coffee Company (BRCC) , an up and coming, veteran-owned gourmet blend coffee business has countered Starbucks by announcing they will be looking to hire 10,000 veterans.

  3. “Similar to the Chechen’s, who trained and adapted in the mid-1990s to combat the lethal range of Russian artillery by “hugging”[15] and getting close to the Russian platforms to negate the superior Russian range capability. The tactical units cannot wait for the technology that will overcome range dilemmas ”

    Might work, but I suspect that the losses will occur in the withdrawal phase which there does not appear to be a satisfactory solution for.

  4. What author mentions as trng fixes is old school TTP prior to GWOT. Our towed arty has long been outranged and vulnerable. Massed fires does not mean you have to be hub to hub. Way back when (early 1980’s) we spread battery frontages out to half a klic or more. When we converted to platoon based organization we where even more dispersed. Nonetheless good article to refocus on fighting near peer adversary.

  5. This article, written by a cucked neocon, is the reason we’ve lost every war since Japan. The rebels were not led by Russian generals, they were led by boot soldier rejects. Motorola was a failed car wash attendant who was a boot soldier in the Russian Marines. Givi spent a couple years in the Ukrainian army. The towed artillery tactics were part of it. But he completely ignores that the rebels had no aircraft of any kind, while Kiev had fighter jets and helicopters. It was the excellent use of aniti-aircraft weapons that was more critical. The author completely ignores the horrific leadership of Poroschenko where he allowed his armies to get suckered into 3 devastating encirclements in a row, Iloviask, the Donetsk airport and Debaltseve.
    But it was something more elemental, more base, that was the key. The rebels had balls. The video of Givi giving an interview while ignoring the shrapnel he was being sprayed with from a grad rocket attack, while everyone around him dives for cover, became viral and a rallying point for the rebels (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K9k05CbXmqE ). On the other hand, Poroschenko’s soldiers were caught several times try to sell their armored weapons to the rebels. The rebels were willing to die screaming. While the Maidan troops just wanted to go home.
    It is idiots like this who suckered Obama into over throwing the legally elected govt in the Ukraine, thinking the Ruskies were a pushover. I do give the author credit. He’s finally figured out we’d be insane to tangle with Russia again.

  6. Artillery usually “owns” 50% of the rolling stock in a Marine Division. Artillery is a logistics dependent component like no other on the ground.
    That American forces have been stuck with mere product improvements in howitzers, our adversaries have gunned up a long time ago. Just look at GHN-45, or G-6 SP Arty. We are DECADES behind.
    Artillery also is not a weather dependent fires asset, like some air is.
    What I predict is a massive infusion of cash into procurement of much better systems in a license production model, as American firms with nothing on paper yet can get it out the door faster by doing this. We need to stop focussing on wonder weapons like Hitler did, and go for “close enough for government work”. Think massive hordes of MLRS type systems, providing massed fire unlike anything tube arty can provide. Think echelon of fires, bringing the 105mm back in quantity as we sort out the 155mm M198/M777 future. Bring lots a rockets, in depth, to as low an echelon as it makes sense. Hell, even use them for direct fire if need be. Rockets, Rockets and MOAR Rockets! We can DO this.

      • For sheer mass of fires, rockets are the way to go. So many more options. The launchers are a lot lighter (or can be).
        Now, it is not a probability of zero that the seething hordes imported under the perfidious former Obama regime have of bringing in HAMAS specialists into the homeland. I frankly would be surprised if they have not. That said, I hope that IRON DOME is ready to go domestically. The proggies are THAT nuts and yes, this is coming in my opinion. If they can do it from the West Bank and Gaza with little more than scraps and kitchen supplies, there is no barrier to such here. Think about that when you start seeing sharia zones, or even drive by existing ones.

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  8. The near-peer threat of counter-battery radar and the follow-on return fires made classic towed artillery a suicide mission several decades ago.
    The answer is pushing smaller, more capable weapons downwards, combined with more and more agile fire-and-displace weapons like MLRS.

    The only viable alternative would be the equivalent of railguns shooting from distances beyond counter-battery fire, and those don’t transport well.

    Otherwise the life expectancy of a redleg in near-peer combat is one or two volleys, followed by a large flash, and a closed-casket ceremony.

  9. Ukraine artillery has hit farm houses and villages, it has managed to hit the water treatment facilities at Avdiika and Yasynuvata plus transformers in Avdiika. Water treatment facility repairs completed today in Yasynubata. But hit actual military installations of the DPR … not. While the DPR has managed to take out Ukraine artillery. OSCE observers had to move back from conflict in Yasynuvata today (their yesterday). The Ukraine artillery is inaccurate for the most part and is hitting residential and commercial and not separatist military. Their purpose. G. Soros and company continue to attempt to expand the conflict. Remember that Kiev was actually originally a Viking trading post which later became the capital of Russia. The Obama administration spending millions to train and outfit a revolutionary group to over throw a duly elected president of a sovereign nation. Fucked up … it is what we do.