When Race Is Your Only Definition, Everything Is A Race Issue


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Now multiply by a score million or so.

There is no reconciliation possible.

And only mitigation of the inevitable conflict.

56 responses to “When Race Is Your Only Definition, Everything Is A Race Issue

  1. They should watch basketball then.
    Or cops.

    • It’s like being a hammer, everything looks like a nail.
      When your a racist, everything looks like racism.

      • The only people in this world who aren’t “racist” are idiot whites who are afraid of being called names. Racism just means taking care of your own. The only reason you are alive today is because your ancestors were racist.

    • Is this true?

      They shouted “winning is racist” and this was on (((CNN)))?

  2. That’s some stupendous butt-hurt right there, LMMFAO!!!

  3. It’s not about race (unless you take your eye – a little pun here – off the ball): it’s about culture and the clash of cultures within our borders: prorogated by those who wish us to fail. Again, be careful of who is setting the narrative and to what end ……

    • There is something to what you say.

      But do not miss the elephant for the weeds.

      Race matters.

      To them, even if not to you.

      • Race matters because race still matters to enough people to make it matter. They’re a loud one issue group.

        We see that on WRSA all the time.

        • Race mattering is a growth stock at present.


          All should act accordingly.

          • It’s a growth stock because they are making it one.

            When I was young (b.1967), nobody cared. Except when there were riots. Then we cared.

            One of my earliest memories was hiding in the attic with Mama and my siblings. Mama had a 12 gauge. Daddy put us up there. He was out and about with… something else, I imagine.

            In retrospect, not the smartest decision (because throwing petrol bombs), but he had stones and did what he thought was best.

            In the military, again, nobody cared. Until they made it an issue. Again.

            And here we are… decades later… them saying “race does not exist”, then in the same breath calling you a “racist” (NB how someone can be accused of raaaycissms when it does not exist is still a fuckin’ mystery to me… akin to calling someone a “unicornist”).

            Agree with your point. It might not matter to us, but it sure as hell matters to them… political ideology matters little when the petrol-bomb-throwers and bike-rack-hurlers and pipe-beaters are grading you on melanin content…

      • Yep. And they control the narrative all the time.

      • Race is only an issue to most whites because blacks make it an issue.

        Slavery was the worst thing to ever happen to this country.


          Worse to whom. Mr. Kane? Yes, it was a Mortal Sin. Slaves, however, were freed by the shed blood of WHITES. The worst thing that EVER HAS HAPPENED and continues to happen was/is the government-sanctioned murder of innocent unborn American citizens.

          • So you know, I’m against abortion in 99.9% of the cases. You can blame the .gov and they rightly deserve at least 33% of the blame but it used to be in this country and in western civilization as a a whole that white women WANTED to have babies and would give their own life for their unborn child. Sadly, that moral position is damn near non-existent because of the cultural marxist introduction and acceptance by women of FEMINISM and the brainwashing therein seen as freedom.

            Grey Ghost

        • Yeah, well the Founders thought otherwise. They thought very well of themselves as Whites. Your possible mistake? Whites dominated in your youth and Blacks behaved themselves accordingly. So Whites weakened and started thinking, “They just like us.” Blacks never thought that way. And they’re no longer scared.

          The moral: Bearing the hatred of the conquered is the duty of Conqueror. Too onerous? Perhaps. Thus Jefferson and Lincoln et al wanted to send them out of America, beyond all danger of riot, insurrection, murder, and mixture.

    • (((Cohencidence)))

      Culture is the software but it only run correctly on compatible hardware.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Race ultimately is a bigger dividing line than culture. You can tell race just by looking at someone. You can only tell culture by interacting with someone over time. Your race therefore becomes the uniform others will judge you by, since it is the quickest form of IFF there is. Sucks, but life isn’t always fair.

    • Dark Side of the Moon

      Race matters, always has and always will. It may not matter to you, but it does matter to them.

      Non-whites will play step and fetch it and tell you what they want you to hear to get what they need. But when the chips are down and things start to fall apart, they always and I mean always side with their own tribe. Something more whites should be doing instead of being a cuck for the other team.

      I live in a mostly white town. And life is good. Crime is rare. Mommy can go to the grocery store with her kidlets and not have to worry about being carjacked or the victim of the knockout game.

      In my travels, if I enter a restaurant and it’s mostly black I leave. If it’s a mix of Asian, Hispanics and White, I’ll stay.

      And before you call me a racist, yes I am. Race comes first.

    • Culture to a large extent is biologically determined. There are always individual outliers of course, but you’ll never see a black-run polity be anything but a shit hole (by white standards that is, they seem to like it just fine). You’ll never see an asian polity turn into a free-wheeling libertarian republic.

  4. Oh I see the division becomes deeper and wider day by day. Even here in fly over country, the butt hurt leftists are stirring shit up. Keep your head on a swivel and be alert. The tension is perceptible and could snap at anytime.

  5. Trump had to go hard and RICO all those prog foundations starting with Soros. Stop funding these agitators and start throwing the book at em

    • Unfortunately, this matter won’t be settled in court or even with a keyboard. Worse yet, we or our children will have to settle it in the streets— something we not only don’t want to do but something we’d really rather not think seriously about either.
      Harden your hearts!

    • He needs an AG first. Then that AG will need to clean the sewer. That process can take a few months. Although the Faggeaux in Chief was able to turn the Do(I)J 180 degrees in just four months in his first term. No charges filed against the armed Black terrorists at the polling place in Filthydelphia.

    • Yeah. A book will help.

  6. Damn, I am a Falcon die hard fan and even I think this is the stupidest shit I have read in a long time.

  7. I detest the Falcons because I am a lifelong Saints fan. But the Falcons for several years (along with the Panthers) have sort of represented “black culture” in the NFL much more so than any other team. As a Saints fan, I end up interacting with fans of the rivals, and they are the same way, representing “black culture”. I’m no Patriots fan at all, but coaches like Bill Belichick (and Sean Payton, and many others) do not allow those type of “black culture” shenanigans in their locker room or on the field. Shortly after halftime I knew the Patriots would win and I knew it would be an epic meltdown by the Falcons, and I knew the liberal racists would be mad.

    • Went to my first Saints game in old Tulane stadium before the dome was built. Loud that place was.

      Glad the Pats won… if the leftists were for ‘Lanta then I’m for NE. It’s the contrarian in me. Love him or hate him Belichik is the best coach in the NFL. No one else comes close.

      Grey Ghost

  8. un fookin real….both teams a mix of black and white players, both with white QB, and they protest???? what blithering idiots.

  9. The ignorance of the lefts dichotomy is ass-tounding.
    But in all fairness it is what makes them dangerous.

  10. Prime Shit Lord Wins Revenge Tour in Greatest Comeback Evah.

    Because Fuck You Thats Why

  11. Yeah, I actually dug the race thing about the Patriots winning the SB. Seen it right off. Know what? It made me happy. Go, Team White! Want an apology, Leftards? The head of my apology dept. is Helen Waite. So if you want an apology, go to Helen Waite.

  12. Oh the cognitive dissonance of it all. The collective needs their diapers changed again. The question is not what everything is a race issue, the question is the total lunacy of have they left anything out of the race issue. Pretty soon the vacuum of space will be racist because of lack of color. More melty melty goodness hive disorder here:


  13. Anyone see something interesting in the way the Patriots played last night?
    For the life of me I’m watching them play, and it looked almost like they where subtly not trying to win. I know that is speculation, but I watched that game start to finish, and I’ll swear on a stack of bibles, they deliberately held back from their game, just enough to give the Falcons a fighting chance. The Pats never looked worried or off their game, they just looked like they where casually playing 75% against a roomy farm team. Then all of a sudden, bang! Like a light switch, the pats are on their game and controlled every aspect of the game, I mean cold anger domination, total focus, total confidence, outstanding play calls, they executed their game totally on their terms.
    Did you guys see the looks on the Falcons management when the change happened? They looked fucking shell shocked. The Falcons looked like a PeeWee team.
    Now whats the chance it was deliberate. You know, kind of like The Great Fuck You and Because Fuck You Thats Why?
    The Pats didn’t call it the Revenge Tour for no small reason. Goodall is a fucking shit stirring marxist creep. Look how many great players have been excommunicated for believing in God and other bitter clinging in sports the last 8 years.
    Me. I think the Pats did it to give the cultural marxist at ESPN, the NFL and the leftist fan base the finger of liberty.
    How “Sweet” indeed as Craft said.
    I’ll never be tired of all the winning.

    • Yes, saw it. Wondered the same. Bellicheck Brady plan or $$$ for the mob or both. Yeah I’m cynical enough to think the whole fcking thing can be rigged for bookies. Lotta money there.

      But then again, I don’t believe Bldg 7 was hit by a plane either. Or that some ragheads with some training flew jumbos like stunt pilots eitiher. Seeing Poppy toss the coin was priceless though and JFK was still unavailable for comment.

  14. Sorta difficult to get my head wrapped around the idea that all those black guys were fighting so hard for white supremacy.

    Or maybe just to win a football game?

    • There’s no figuring that circular logic. It’s directly related another circular object, a cultural marxist’s anus.

    • I assume its the same as how black and asian cops who shoot black criminals are being mind-controlled by the white patriarchy

  15. The Usual Suspect

    I don’t see the brothers at Camp Perry , white people always
    be winning there.
    BLM should mull that one over before venturing out into
    suburbia when the inevitable happens.

  16. Ignorance is to the bone!.

    Odd, out here in the woods, ain’t but a hand full of blacks, and a few muslium store owners.

    Even more odd, the Mexicans hate both groups. Up here, if your not working, your starving. Or on the southbound AMTRAC, back to Oakland Ca.


    • I was buying fish (salmon) for Ekuk Cannery in Bristol Bay some years back, standing on the dock looking out over the bay, when three black guys come up to me looking to be part of my crew. They struck up a conversation with me…with their black slang, ghetto way of speaking, telling me how amazingly different it was up here in Alaska then Stockton, CA where they came from. Seems the cannery was scraping bottom to fill their slime lines and those three boys didn’t want to work in there. I told them we didn’t see many black folks up in these parts (remote) and they laughed and nervously said that they had never been around so many white people just as a pod of around 12 beluga whales surfaced, spouts blowing, diving back down…chasing the salmon runs of which they feed. They were pointing, eyes wide, mouths open…speechless at the sight of the snow white belugas rising and sinking so close to the dock where we stood and I said, “yeah, even the whales up here are white.”

  17. Imagine what race relations would be like if Obama hadn’t done so much.

  18. Glenda the Good

    RACE is historically the most divisive term that can be used to defame and destroy someone. Being called a racist is an insult to both republicans and democrats. Democrats will do double back flips and apologize like a serial offender to avoid and or redeem themselves from being called a RACIST.

    The vast majority of Republicans are not made of sterner stuff. The majority of the rino;s will squirm and squeal and cry and whine if they are called racists. They, the rino’s think that they are part of the home team (MSM plus inside the beltway) and being labelled a RACIST places them firmly on the outside.

    Trump does not care if he is considered inside, outside or above the beltway. Because he does not have that Pavlovian response to the accusation he has been abandoned by the rinos including McLame and his tagalongs.

    The supporters of Trump are not so thin skinned. If the left persists in promoting these riots I do expect that his (Trump) supporters will start to rise up and if anything, the movement will be made stronger by the marginalizing behavior of the progs.

  19. Stealth Spaniel

    Race is everything to these people. EVERY. THING. Go to your local Walmart & see who feels extra privileged, has the right to not be slighted, and who sees every act, thought, word, and deed as about them & their privilege. We will not be able to keep this country together as a melting pot but we can get rid of the troublemakers. After that, the spices will blend in.

  20. And, the oh so predictable march of the perpetually aggrieved continues…. If they had any idea how much enjoyment I take from their whining, they’d shut the fuck up but, they’re incapable of that. hahahahahahahaha

  21. Nate Krummholz

    These people have been telling us that race is the foundation of identity for years. Maybe we should start taking them seriously.

  22. The Patriots are the whitest team in the NFL because they have 18-20 white players on a 53 man roster. Less than 1/2 and that includes the backup QB and kickers.

    • Thank you. The Left is ruthless and inexorable when it comes to our disappearance. And the minorities are straining at the bit because of it.

  23. Alfred E. Neuman

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  24. Fred Seymour, Jr.

    So they identify by race?……that’s easy……game on!

  25. The butt hurt lefties are going to die from colon cancer with the constant irritation.

  26. I am whatever they say I am.F it.F em.