Blood Libels Of The Left

Members of the black bloc stand at Sproul Plaza during a protest against right-wing Milo Yiannopoulos who was scheduled to speak at UC Berkeley in Berkeley, Calif., on Wednesday, Feb. 1, 2017. (Doug Duran/Bay Area News Group)

Background on the AntiFa, the Reds’ current action wing.

They bleed when hurt.

And scream when burned.

83 responses to “Blood Libels Of The Left

  1. most of these morons are left-overs from the TWOT who have no skills other than being useful idiots.

    • speaking of useful idiots – no aesop, not useless idiots like yourself…

      Here are the seven reports of police misconduct tracked for Friday, February 3, 2017:

      Jacksonville, Florida: A now-former officer was given credit for time served, one year of probation, and ordered to undergo counseling for stalking his ex.
      Midland, Texas: An officer was arrested for public intoxication in September and subsequently resigned. A video of the incident was just released.
      Denver, Colorado: A deputy was fired for excessive force against a jail inmate. He provoked the inmate to fight him.
      San Francisco County, California: A deputy was arrested on federal insurance fraud charges for allegedly staging a home burglary.
      Georgetown, Kentucky: One officer resigned and another was suspended after an investigation into a drunken off-duty fight.
      Cleveland, Ohio: A now-former detective was charged with felony drug counts for buying illicit prescription pills. He is also named in an excessive force lawsuit for shooting a drug dealer.
      Update: Wapato, Washington (First reported 11-02-16): A now-former officer was sentenced to one year of probation, plus time served, for third-degree rape of a woman when he was off duty.

  2. Common theme whether Antifa or SWAT — “If its wearing black, it don’t go back.”

  3. Alfred E. Neuman

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  4. “And scream when burned.” – Is that not what Duct tape is for?

  5. Yawn..another “the world is coming to an end” article written by someone who isn’t old enough to have been around to observe the riots of the 60s and 70s. I suppose to some of you, the burning of some trash cans, the foyer of a building on campus, and beating up of limp wristed, Godless Sodomites at UC Berkley, who were there to listen to a “leaning right Godless Sodomite named Milo” (or troll for tricks during the expected protests) – that might seem like the end of the free world – but, it ain’t. And why isn’t it? Because that little group of “black clad, pole carrying (some also pole- smoking) bunch of heathens would last roughly 10 minutes up against a police force that would have actually been ordered to keep the peace and disperse rioters. Got that? The “violence” during the Inauguration? The burning of ONE limousine and the breaking of some storefront windows? Ooooooo…my…I am so worried, so darn petrified at the sheer magnitude of the violence. Geez louise – stop exaggerating, stop being afraid of your own shadow, and STOP being impressed with your own words – this is not the Arab Spring- unless you are wearing one of those full body Vagina costumes.

    • Yawning and the poo-pooing by many of those who observed, but never put any skin in the game, led to the republic we have today.

      The commies burned a few buildings on campuses in the 60s and 70s and then they took over education and indoctrinated the last three generations. Mark a win for the commies.

      And why would they have to worry about lasting 10 minutes with anyone in a real fight including the police when as you’ve observed they’re protected from prosecution. Mark another win for the commies.

      Looks like an earlier generation than mine fell asleep on watch and let the insurgents inside the wire.

      Go back to sleep. I’ll work on the republic you left. It needs far more than an oil change at this point.

    • Hi Chuck,

      Never forget that the police/”law enforcement” are the dirty arm of the narcissist/sociopath ‘ruling class’ that the sheep ‘voted for’…nothing more, nothing less!

      There’s no difference between SWAT/police than a carjacker or mugger..just ask Jack Yantis, Lavoy Finicum or those who survived fbi/delta farce at Waco.

      Thugs are thugs, regardless of their packaging or what they it “police freeze!” or “allahu ackbar!”

      Treat them all accordingly!!

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      NorthGunner. iII

      • What makes you different than Antifa?/ S//

        • What makes me different from collectivist thugs is that I DON’T commit aggression against innocent people and I don’t proxy aggression or theft out to a third party by voting for someone else to do it on my behalf or in my name..I live and let live..I don’t attempt to control others via the myth/fraud of ‘politics’ as statists always do!

          How are YOU different from thugs..antifa, swat/police or ‘team mo’?

          Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
          NorthGunner III

  6. I once heard that the LA riots of 1992 (you know somewhere is bad when you talk about riots there and have to put the date so every one knows which one) someone was about hurl a Molotov cocktail and one of the shop owners decided to how good a shot they were with a 10/22 – you can guest the rest. Now we all know you should not shoot glass bottles but I think that time we’ll let them off.

  7. SemperFi, 0321

    Depending on the amount of coverage it gets on Faux News, the conservative masses either don’t care or aren’t concerned. Many willfully stay ignorant so they don’t have to deal in reality outside their personal bubble.
    Just like the guy who never breaks the law, getting beat up doesn’t concern him either, because he did nothing wrong to have it coming his way.
    Waking up will be painful all around.

  8. Smells like more hysteria.
    “The Antifa are coming! The Antifa are coming!”

    Do not brush off these protests as the usual left wing rent-a-mobs. This is the stuff coups and revolutions are made of.

    Which is supposed to be true because…reasons?
    Less ominous handwaving from the author, and more facts please.
    They are exactly “the usual left wing rent-a-mob”, because that’s the only way the Left gets a mob to show up anywhere for anything.

    I had more intel on them than that piece just by reading the comments here this week.

    It’s also flatly ridiculous to imagine that the same people pulling crap in the Bay Area in the 1990s were the meat and potatoes of last week’s festivities, 18 years later. A couple of the Useful Idiot true believers? Sure.
    But most of last week’s crowd was a bunch of teenagers and twenty-nothings, with matching IQs, egged on by aging hippies from the 1960s with tenure. Most of them were barely in diapers in the late 1990s.
    They’ve only known two presidents: Chimpy McBushitler, and His Holiness, Whose Tears Cure Cancer, Barry Soetero the Great.
    They are the sensibilities of the Occupy rapefest, with fashion design by Hugo Boss, circa 1933.
    A mob is a mob is a mob.
    Absent a dictator, there has never yet been one that transmogrified into an army, or anything like.
    The deserve the respect one gives a pack of rabid dogs (and should be dealt with in the same way), but their martial prowess makes the Ugandan Army look like Delta Force. They’d barely make convincing redshirts in a Chuck Norris movie, and would be hard-pressed to earn enough to pay for couch accomodations in a group-rate basement, left to their own devices.

  9. One thing that people fail to realize is that this is not an argument between rational actors. Facts. Do. Not. Matter. While it might make us feel better to showcase the hypocrisy, it doesn’t matter in any real sense of the word. It’s an identity crisis of the kids who have been told their entire life that the highest form of virtue are these imaginary social justice issues. You are trying to debate people who are having an identity crisis, this is their super-ego, it is THEM. Facts at this point are far more irrelevant than we give them credit for. Nobody cares about them and no one is listening, the million dollar question is what a group of unemployed kids with a an identity crisis, a lot of hatred, and Soros money will do now that there has been virtually no blowback from fed or state actors.

    • Hopefully block a road within 1 mile of my friend’s balcony. He told me he won’t stand for pregnant mothers being prevented by an antiwhite mob from getting to the hospital.

    • The age of argument is over. We’re in the age of riot batons. That is the consequence of “liberty.”/ S//

      • Ah yes, aptly spoken by a self-confirmed statist who can’t wait to grab the riot baton and attempt to use it because it sends a thrill up his other baton….

        Try it, that’s all I got to say; my Fal WILL trounce your riot baton if you’re suicidally inclined to attempt to ‘go there’ in real time in regard to innocent people you fantasize about assaulting.

        Absolutely NO patience or mercy for wannabe thugs..statist or otherwise! I DON’T start fights but I DO finish them, pity the stupid asshat that crosses me after he/she’s been warned…

        Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
        NorthGunner III

  10. ALCON,

    Well….the linked essay only tells me, once again, to get to the range and get to the gym. At some point we/you/us/I are going to have to take action. Defensively or offensively.

    We ain’t heard the last of these antifa or their enablers Hillary Klinton and the illegal Kenyan soetoro-obama….both Marxists.

    What a pitiful and sad environment for our children….third world status is definately upon us.

    • Oh no need for that, Dan. According to some people here you’re over-reacting.

      But, before going to the range check your very infringed 2nd Amendment against all local, state, and federal laws before you actually exercise it. For starters you should check on federal infringements that happened in 1934, 1968, and 1986 under earlier generations. Possession of a worn sear or sharing the knowledge of how to install a shoestring could land you in federal prison.

      And, remember the gym is now a co-ed judgement free zone as long as you don’t wear a t-shirt with a message on it that offends anyone.

      • Dans a fucking asshole. the POS is a gubmint leech.

        • tfA-t,

          You do understand that your incessant, online insults would earn you a face-to-face ass kicking. Then again, your insults are all the backbone you can conjure up.

          Look, grab your mangina and:

          1. Burn your passport.
          2.. Renounce your citizenship.

          EH ? (See, I speakee Kanuck for you).

          BTW…..I see you’ve recently earned troll status. Congratulations.

        • tfA-t,

          “Dans a fucking asshole.”

          Why thank you for the compliment.

          Can’t live without a functioning and healthy asshole. You do know that if a sphincter ever gets mad and shuts down in anger, the rest of the body will get in step REAL QUICK.


          DAN III, proud to be a asshole !

          • being an asshole isn’t a bad thing.

            being a collectivist asshole is a different story.

            you are a collectivist.

            GO Trump!

      • and while on the subject of assholes and gubmint leeches…


        The TWOT has destroyed murka.

        Plain and simple.

        It has bankrupted the country, caused irreconcilable divisions, and a general dislike,if not hatred, of the murkin military, gubbermint, and the stupid bastard tools that support it.

        May God send his wrath upon that unholy hell called Murka and wipe it from the face of the earth.

        • SemperFi, 0321

          Until this entire shithole is burned to the ground, and has to rebuild itself from step 1, this shit will continue on, with a hearty endorsement from the masses. They loves being protected.
          I’ve listened here while they rave on about licenses, taxes, insurance and 401k retirement plans, are all necessary for us, and then you tack on 10,000 worthless gov’t programs and agencies who do nothing but make money for themselves and officials. This nation lives from leeching on itself and the donor ran out of blood long ago. And every yr more parasites show up, told of more free blood. And that’s just the gov’t sector!

          • I’d be content if God just got rid of idiots like Ebola Boy and the rest of the collectivists – which still amounts to 200 million.

            It’s always “we” with these assclowns. Because they can’t do anything by themselves.

            I don’t need anyone. You don’t need anyone.

            But, collectivists always NEED others. that’s why they’re fanboys of someone who has a level of success. Because they amount to nothing alone.

            • tfA-t,

              Guess I’ll ask you again….you bragged about moving to Kanuckistan and Mo-Fo’ed 2/3’rds of Amerikans and WRSA readers….yet here you are “needing” the readers of WRSA. So, why you still here needing us to reinforce your belief in yourself ?

              “I don’t need anyone.” Really….a sign of mental illness is denial.

              Another question I’ve asked you before that you won’t answer: “Do you read what you write ?”

              Lastly….if you hate fUSA so much and 2/3rds of it’s citizens, when will you:

              1. Burn your passport ?
              2. Renounce your citizenship ?

              Yours truly,

              DAN III the Asshole


              • you still haven’t figured it out have you?

                worry about dan.

                because there’s nothing you can do about anything else.

                GO Trump!

      • GS,

        Damned….you’ve depressed me enough I’ll think I’ll stay home.

      • I like your anger, brother. Join.

        Boomers still don’t get it.

  11. Never underestimate your opponent, the Marxist can get weapons on the street in record time and they will be fully automatic.

    This is the best article I have read yet concerning the ANTIFA group. These monsters were born in Europe with the help of the Marxist and will have sharp teeth and support on the MSM. We will be cast as the aggressors no matter how the fighting begins so never forget that.

    We are beginning to hear noise from the media that President Trump will have them assassinated. They are trying to immunize themselves for the fight. However that will not succeed since patriots will eliminate the talking heads quickly when fighting gets serious.

    • Smitty,

      “….they will be fully automatic….”

      So what ? Ever fire a centerfire cartridge weapon on full auto ? It’s not the select fire function of choice unless you’re clearing a room or employing area fire 600 meters out.

      BTW….what is your source to confirm full automatic acquisition by the scum in question ? Where did you secure that intel ?

      So please….refrain from reading like Diane Sweinstein and Chuckie Schumer. All you do is folllow in the foot steps of the Freedom-denying scum like the aforementioned.

      • Indeed, while select fire weaponry in fun to play with, if you (a civilian like me) find yourself needing it, your in the wrong place. Besides all that, it is my opinion that these antifa assholes can and should be dealt with via long range fires, ala a scoped .30 caliber weapon pushing a bullet in the 2700 FPS area. All this unasked for wisdom from a former 11Bravo…….

      • Dan when was the last time you spent time in a communist or former communist country with an active insurgency. I worked in many countries, many under civil war or having an active insurgency. You are one of the fools who underestimates his opponent and gets slaughtered. Good luck when the fighting starts.

        Put automatic weapons in the hands of untrained fighters you get the Spanish civil war or any serious bush war in Africa. But some bright fellow like you would understand that. Study history before opening mouth. An automatic weapon can turn a large group of unskilled motivated fighters into a very dangerous adversary.

        As for getting automatic weapons, the democrats/Marxist like the politicians of the Spanish civil war and many other nations with Marxist insurgencies will make sure it happens.

        Anti gunner Senator in California busted for illegal weapons importing.
        Yee discussed helping the agent get weapons worth $500,000 to $2.5 million, including shoulder-fired automatic weapons and missiles, and took him through the entire process of acquiring them from a Muslim separatist group in the Philippines to bringing them to the United States, according to the affidavit by FBI Special Agent Emmanuel V. Pascua.

        Keep living in your fantasy land Dan III.

        • By the way ANTIFA is a world wide Marxist organization. With that sort of reach they could get their comrades to help them in the weapons acquisition.

          Here Reddit banned a group discussing the ANTIFA group.

          They are a real group of sweethearts.

          Gates of Vienna discusses what happens when ANTIFA decides to get automatic weapons.

          Never underestimate your enemy.

          Never forget how radical our left wing politicians have become. They will help their comrades in a fight just as others around the globe have helped in the past.

        • Smitty,

          Oh but contrary to your ridicule….I AM quite bright and experienced.

          Beyond your bullshit bluster of telling me how important full auto capability is you never answered the question….did you ever fire a centerfire cartridge on full auto ? Of course with your VAST experience of working many “civil wars” you certainly know the axiom “Spray and Pray”, correct ?

          “Spray and Pray”. IOW….full auto….it is ineffective as regards the ratio of rounds expended to kills acquired. Giving such capability into “the hands of untrained fighters” will insure ineffective fires and a rapid expenditure of ammunition….with few if any kills. Not a very dangerous adversary except for the fact they have a firearm. The full auto selection is fucking irrelevant.

          In closing, please name, three, not one, but three of the “many countries” you worked in “under civil war or having an active insurgency” . Include the dates and who your employer was during those periods. In the meantime I call your lack of credibility and blustering simple BULLSHIT !

          • Here are a few places I worked.
            Algeria during the civil war 1995 got to see the implementation of citizen militia. Algeria defeated the Terrorist with that militia policy.
            Venezuela when Chavez gained power. Got to see how marxist operate after a takeover. Lots of American civilians helped that pig.
            Chad Africa during the Christian wars for the oil patch.
            Iraq 2005 during height of insurgency.
            UAE during bombing of Libya Air force support operation..
            Cameroon Africa.


  12. The book “Liberal Fascism” should be required reading round these parts.

    Good piece, although a bit of cuckery comes through in the aftertaste. There is no sense in trying to convince anyone that those on the political right are NOT Nazi or racist or any other invective thrown our direction. It does not matter. While I do not condone providing ammunition for people making that claim, they don’t care what we are or what we believe in. The only factor they are looking at is “are they opposed to the progressive agenda” period.
    The Political spectrum, however is not a line nor a circle its a 3D cube.
    You cannot have an actual intelligent conversation or rationalize with one of the AntiFa types. They will only understand a bloody face.

    • Correct. Racism is realism. America and Europe are for white people, obviously.

    • He’s a Jew and he doesn’t want you to know what Fascism means so he conflates it with Liberalism. Fascism means “America First”. They don’t like that you see. Add race – as you should – and you have National Socialism. They like that even less.

      • Fascism does not mean “America First” it means “Government first”. National Socialism means “White Government first, in Hugo Boss”

  13. Any cuck who thinks David Duke is a “monster” is not worth reading.

    Establishment garbage.

    Hitler was elected for a reason. We want a white country as it was prior to the (((1965 Immigration Act))))

    Keep cucking, ignorant boomers.

  14. (((American Thinker))) is a neo-con site, and this was a hysterical neo-con version of “antifa”. When the masked marauders stop rioting in their own cities and on campus and get out into the ‘burbs and countryside, then I’ll take them seriously…and shoot on sight any I see in my neighborhood. So far (and a branch of UC is about 2.5 miles away) no targets.

    • Utility of the piece is not here, but there and their audience.

      Likely most have associates who do or would find WRSA too bitter tea.

      But AmThink…AmThink is respectable.

      Different tools for different jobs.

      • Agree. “Gateways” should be left alone. You don’t scare people in the recruiting office. You wait ’till boot camp. 🙂


        • The fact this has to be said is depressing. Good people don’t like assholes unless there’s a compelling reason for it. A sales pitch is a sales pitch and we shoot ourselves time and again in the foot in that area. It seems many people forgot the path they took to where they are now, and that involved someone, somewhere who made that first nudge in the right direction. I’m fairly certain none of us came out of the womb totally clued in, but perhaps I’m just the slow kid in class. The cannibalism has to stop if we want progress.

  15. O/T 

    Now Breitbart has featured  Black Rife Coffee!

    He’s gaining strength! Good on him.

    Star FuckBucks.

    • NO.

      Fuck that baby killer rifle coffee fucker.

      • this is gonna happen in murka and you can thank the troops for it all.

        thank you for you service– spit. you fucking assholes.

    • I’ll bet $10,000. this asswipe does not hire 10.000 anythings.

      it’s just another bullshit patriotard story.

      pretty fucking sad really, one fool sells t-shirts, another pushing crap coffee. most vets come home and shut the fuck up. not these turds, they’re proud of what they’ve done. (look up) fucking pathetic. hopefully this bearded, grinning, shitstain kills himself to atone for his crimes.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “Now Breitbart has featured Black Rife Coffee!

      He’s gaining strength! Good on him.”

      Zombie Breitbart? That could be interesting.

  16. Fred Seymour, Jr.

    Translation: “What happens to an unarmed country” …….

  17. “When Democrats characterize mainstream Republicans and conservatives as members of the alt-right, they aren’t just on a slippery slope, but a sheer vertical drop from which there is no return. If this continues unaddressed, they will have our blood on their hands. ”

    I know some local AntiFa’s. So far, I nod and smile, while they tell stories of meeting “a NAZI” at the bus station and beating him to within an inch of his life. Not sure they actually knew who the individual was, but the doing violence seemed like the point of the story. I wondered out loud if the “NAZI” changed his mind about politics after that, which didn’t go over well, since that wasn’t the point.

    AntiFa’s don’t worry about a little blood, yours or theirs. They are mostly male of military age, and have pretty good group-cohesion, like a criminal gang. The motivation is political, not primarily economic, which makes them more of a domestic terror org than a criminal enterprise.

    Names, images, background, on lists. Lists are good.

  18. (drumming fingers…)

    I’ve had some experience and confrontations with Atifa. Reading up on their evolution (in the real meaning of the word) I was struck with a nagging historical similarity.

    Then it dawned on me. The “Incident on King Street” in 1770. Then they were called Antiki.


    • So basically you’re saying Antifa is modeling Sam Adams’ ‘Sons of Liberty’ actions to speed up the vortex and solidify ‘street history’ as opposed to fact? If so, that tells me you believe the guerilla war has already gone hot, though the communists are not openly shooting yet. Correct? If not, please set me straight.


  19. Go ahead and bite. This guy did and they came down like a ton of bricks in record time. The antifas aren’t organic, they are a .gov operation. Soros can fund but he cant call off law enforcement agencies. I have no worries that conservatives can respond in kind, its just that the state seems to be trying for that, and I hate doing what they want.
    They’re burning Berkely? Give em a medal! Shut down Portland? Snow does too. Let them try somewhere like Butte MT with success and then I break out the battle gear.


    Eventually they will get guns. Eventually they will get training. If they take any lessons from the IRA, they could start sniping at cops. That would provoke a reaction which might be deleterious to all of us. Martial Law, anyone?
    The fact that these Marxist hooligans are being profiled is enhancing their credibility. I am old enough to remember the protests on my college campus, ’65-’69. When the SDS and the BSU got really sporty, the LAPD Metro folks were there to crack come heads. The end result was the College President ended up with 24-7 LAPD protection due to death threats for a period of time.I have posted that their next target will not be their Vatican, but maybe one of ours.
    No one really knows where this will end up. Mrs. DeVos was confirmed today as Secretary of Education. I am sure all of those smug Marxist dykes and manginas at the NEA are rending their garments and gnashing their teeth as I write this.
    The Donald calls them as he sees them and appears to be giving back to his Deplorable voting base. This is also more grist for the Soros’ useful idiots. Billy Beck once opined that all politics is just a run-up in preparation for the next Civil War. I believe this is true. I am prepping accordingly. Bleib ubrig.

  21. Feral Underclass

    Well, at least I now know how to pronounce antifa.

  22. Start shooting the fuckers.

    Tear gas, buckshot, and the NG worked at UC Berkeley in the 60’s, when than Gov. Reagan said “negotiate what?”

    Vids on YouTube.

    I hated hippies than, and I hate hipsters now.

    “Organized in paramilitary tactics.” The Black Bloc,,,,,,,,

    I defer to my opening statement.

  23. One day, the Globalist/NWO/Babel crowd are going to lose their shit.

    Today may be today. But rest assured, there is a tomorrow. And some day, in some tomorrow, while some of you want to sit back and eat your popcorn and poo-poo all this, as the Globalist/NWO/Babel crowd, self-implodes, as some may gander to thunk while eating popcorn… you will be surprised, when they explode in your face.

    They already know they won’t get their way by consent. So they will attempt to get it by conquest. That is written in stone.

    And if you are wont to, you can poo-poo this comment until you barf popcorn for all I care.

    These are just birth-pangs. Some are going to feel pretty stoo-pid and unprepared when the baby is delivered… and you start bleeding and burning.

    • Many of us are already prepared for that day, just not willing to go charging off in all directions, with neither intel, nor plan, nor supporting infrastructure for more than an afternoon, and with absolutely no likelihood of trusting their mutual defense to hastily-met “brothers in arms” federal stooges”.

      Malheur was instructive in that respect.

      Far more likely is that the nails standing up over yonder, and cleverly pinpointed by all their social media yakking, start to get pounded down, randomly, one by one, or pulled out completely, and never found.

      Not staked out, to up the ante, nor left to be found, and thus martyred, just disappeared, as if they never were, leaving their minions unsure and uneasy, and bereft of liaison or leadership.

      Then all one need do is start dropping hints and some decent frame jobs, that it was a supposed ally that dimed the last guy out, and you’ve got the ending of Reservoir Dogs.

      Good luck fighting in that ‘tard army afterwards.

      And that’s city-only.
      They will venture out of town about as often as the Soviets did in Afghanistan, and largely with the same results.
      If (when) their activities cause official and unofficial roadblocks to start popping up, they’ll be fixed, with the dual-purpose result of pissing off the innocents inconvenienced by their fucktardery.

      But hell, it’s a mostly-free country: all you folks itching to get mobilized, go ahead on, and let’s see how it works out for you.

      In Afghanistan, it was the stupid ones that got killed pretty early on.” – everyone who ever fought in OEF

      • Actually, the Soviets won in Afghanistan. The Taliban who took over after the Soviet withdrawal were a creature of the US. The rest is history.

        • Sorry Steve, I must have missed the noise of their triumphant victory parade over the sound of their entire empire collapsing around their ears as they skedaddled out of Kabul.

          But I have no doubt they declared a victory, and unassed the AO, just like we did in Vietnam.

          With the exact same results, too.

          • still no clicks on the st00pit report?

            you’re not a warrior, and never were.

            you are a sad little nurse who didn’t train with the men.

            now you try desperately to convince yourself you are something other than – a nurse.

        • Very well stated. The CIA really screwed the pooch on that one.

  24. Here’s a novel thought: since they want a war, howzabout we give it to them, instead of just talking about it.


  25. Xavier Xelente

    The AntiFa and Black Block dinks are city kids playing city games. That shit won’t fly in the suburbs or the more rural parts of the country IMHO. Do they bear watching? Of course. Are they a threat to us? I don’t really see it. They don’t operate in the same world we operate in. I’m no stranger to working 12 hour shifts in the rain, or the same in 110° heat. I’m no stranger to physical discomfort. I’m no stranger to doing what needs to be done, and I’ll be damned if I’m going to be afraid of these assholes. Their idea of “war” seems to be breaking windows and pepper spraying women.

    I know Mosbey says that if they get rifles they’ll be a force to be reckoned with, but a gun doesn’t make someone strong, it doesn’t make someone able to endure. A gun is a tool, and these children are not of the mindset or constitution to do the work of being insurgents.

    Further, how would such an insurgency look in the suburbs and the rural areas? They would quickly become the targets, not the other way around.


  26. Jimmy the Saint

    “Further, how would such an insurgency look in the suburbs”

    Where do you think they came from?

  27. Last summer a hundred or so of them came to shut down a small demonstration by two dozen White Nationalists in a Sacramento Park. They were armed with knives and clubs. The Brothers crushed them, taking their knives away and using them on them instead. Amazingly none were charged – the Police accepted that it was self defense.

  28. I think they will win the war, just like they won 100 years ago in Russia.
    While those in the heartland hide in their cabins…No offense – but they are organised. and attacking.

  29. “They are incredibly well-networked, trained in effective paramilitary tactics, and have a nuanced and sophisticated understanding, use and manipulation of the internet –…..”

    Find the source of the funding, kill it and put an end to this bullshit.

    • Hey another adult in the room.
      In order to find the source one must collect information. In order to collect information one must observe, infiltrate or covertly monitor.
      So that is what we must do.
      We must pinpoint these organizations and discover the higher echelons. Follow the food chains up and disrupt the LOC.
      Culper is working in doing some ID work as we read this.

      Those of you who think that you can just wait them out are fools.

      • Well said.

        My wife had a conversation 2 days ago with an acquaintance that shared some critical intel with her about a certain professor at a well known college in NY that is attempting to coordinate riots and ‘spontaneous uprisings’ behavior between NYU, Columbia and Bryn Mawr College in PA. The NY professor was trying to recruit the woman my wife was talking to to coordinate at Bryn Mawr. It’s all planned and well coordinated. I have names I’d like to get to Culper….