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“Bash The Fash”: Leftist ‘Fight Club’ Trains UCF Students To Punch ‘Fascist’ Republicans in Face

The Reds are on the move, and they believe the Whites will not fight.

Not an unfounded belief, to be fair.

So far.

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  1. Uh huh.
    Clearly those stooped fuckers never learned the First Rule of Fight Club.

    Ask them if they know what happened to the mouthy pre-teen twat on Dr. Phil who told people to “catch me outside”, and got her bluff called.

    Liability insurance for that place just went through the roof.
    And dental repair in that area of FL just became a growth industry.

    • like your pansy ass has ever fought anything other than a used bedpan.

      go lay down

      oh nurse, nurse, mr crapo has had an accident and needs to be cleaned up.


      • Good comeback, Potsie.

        • it’s the truth.

          • Good comeback, Potsie.

            • keep it up you cock smoking REMF nurse boy.. what’s it like to be a loser in murka?

              I wouldn’t know.

              • You’ve never known anything else in your entire pathetic life.
                If you had any real ambition, you’d be a sociopath.
                Instead of a pitiable and pathetic little troll on a side-canal of the internet.
                Walk tall, pseudo-man.

                Every tortured attempt at a sentence you bang out paints you the clearer, and shows how little you know about anything else at all.

                Fat, drunk, and stupid is no way to go through life, boy!” – Dean Wormer, Faber College, 1962.

      • Got a 32 gun in his pocket for fun. They based the character of Sonny Crockett from your autobiography

        Youre such a bad ass. Tell us again about the mean streets of Detroit and your one hundred Perfect push-ups, uncle tFat.

        I used to watch Rocky and Bullwinkle and there was this guy, Commander McBragg….

  2. Centurion_Cornelius

    Works both ways, Lefties. Be advised:

    …be careful what you wish for…
    P.S. Jest love those “combat boots” your SF are wearing with your battle flag. sure scares the hell outta me, NOT!

    Look–since I was 16, I’ve got my front teeth busted out so many times and my ivories capped in street scrums ‘n scraps, I don’t pay a bash in the face much mind anymore.

    • CC,

      WTF ! I’m a “leftie” myself. Yep.

      Had to start shooting “leftie” due to eyesight issues. My “advise” ? Practice your shooting from dominant and weak sides both. You never know when your eyes may poop the bed.

      So you “see” (pun intended) CC ? Us “lefties” may end it too ! 😆

  3. Already posted at

    Have these people lost their minds?

  4. A few years ago I taught my little sister how to throw punches. Fuckin scary, right?

    Someone tell the NYT…

  5. Interesting piece, IMO.

    “Generation Z is growing up in the age of YouTube, twitter, and for better or worse, LiveLeak.”

    Tellingly, he forgot to mention that they’ve also grown up watching and digesting World Star HipHop uploads.

    I agree that “Generation Z” on the whole is more conservative, realistic and red-pilled than their older cohorts. They don’t know of a world that hasn’t been “the internet of things”, and recognize the systemic failures baked into the cake of “the internet of things”, and the potentiality of real disruption that lies therein. Interconnectivity is the ocean they swim in.

    They also understand the foolishness of heading to the streets to take these groups on in some type of updated iteration of “Gangs of New York”. The ones that I know also understand the need to travel out in the world in sizes of a fireteam or more, and are very good at looking out for each other.

  6. So, we have infiltrators crashing their fight club party, right?

    • AR, we crash their party, looking for tidbits of goodness, why would they not crash ours.

      A good example is read Ol Remus, today. Military trained men, fit, fighting age, either ex mil, or ops time in a street struggle.” How about from an Intel shop” say Humnet, folks.

      These people have what our side lacks, resources. People on their side are getting paid full time to create hate.

      Don’t misunderstand. Should one engage on the streets, your going to be rubbing shoulders with all kinds of alphabet undercover types, along with city, county. And state crews.

      All their developing Intel.

      At the end of the day, who exactly stands to gain the most from these events.


      • All I can say is that I really wish Old Mike Vanderbeough was still around. He’d know exactly what to do to properly counter these people.

  7. How about a comparison? The Left is at the stadium, warming up, checking out the cheerleaders, waving to the owners in their sky boxes, doing interviews with the media, lining up endorsements, and making plans for where to go after the game. They’re wearing new uniforms, and have the deadliest coaches in history. They are young, and in great physical condition. The Right? They’re in O’lathe, Kansas. They’re sitting by themselves, apart from one another, aloof from one another, on a bench overlooking a football field. There’s no game going on. It’s noon, and they’re sitting there in their work clothes, eating lunch, daydreaming about playing football, someday. They’re young, in great physical condition, know how to play football, but never have done it. Several of them are staring at their I-phones while they eat, and none of them is interacting with the others, in the slightest. A Luxury Greyhound Travel Bus pulls up, and a few of them actually notice. A man steps out, a damned fine coach they all know, and says, “Hey, who wants to go play the Big Leagues? I got transportation right here, and we can play the other guys, soon as we do a little training, and some scrimmages, and I bet we can take em’!”. A couple of them grunt, one of them farts real loud, most of them look at their watch and head for their pick-up in the parking lot, to get back to work. A few stand around and debate whether to get on the bus, or even if they should play. They look up in surprise, to notice that the bus has already left, empty, save the coach. The afternoon goes on, and the warm air breezes over the empty field, with a little dust blowing, and no one there.

    • Is the difference that the Left is funded and doesn’t have to work and the Right has to show up for work ?
      You and Mosby are probably gonna be surprised at some time in the future. Decent people want to stay decent as long as they can but there is a point when enough is enough. Everyone will know it when it happens.

  8. Right out in the open on the news. They ain’t hiding

    • She’s been doing this since last summer.

      She promoted “militant integrated direct action” (see below) and put it into practice on the streets. Multiple people were stabbed at the state capitol. She was never indicted at any level of government.

      Compare and contrast to the treatment Finicum received by local, state, and federal authorities.

  9. Alfred E. Neuman

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  10. OSINT opportunity. As of an hour or so ago, the facebook page for the lefty boxing club wasn’t locked down. Plenty of names and faces of people “following” and “liking” it. Doesn’t mean everyone who does is a sympathizer, but a quick stroll through their posts and photos should provide a good idea of who’s on the team.

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  12. I was thinking the rumble would be a lot like West Side Story, but with more dancing.