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As predictable as spring.

It’ll come.

No matter what.


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  1. So many of the pyjama boy crew are stunned that they may be held accountable for their actions, and that they are being exploited by their handlers as the useful idiots/fundraising chum they are.

    The second aspect to this is that after their bail hearings, the 231 or so are now being doxxed by some on the alt_right, just as those on the left using doxxing as a threat to silence and actually intimidate.

    That’s going to slow the roll of all but the hardened operatives.

  2. It’s a thoughtful piece, but it assumes that pushing further will bring no consequences, as it did lately in Moscow-Near-The-Bay Berkeley.
    It also assumes that next time, some brighter mayor won’t call up Gov. Moonbeam, and force him to call out the Guard hisownself, whether he wants to or not. The alternative for Brown is abdication, which is about as likely as getting Red Delicious apples whole out of a horse’s @$$. And if it happens in 40 other states, by the time the Guard shows up, the local po-po will be policing up the bodies and collecting brass.

    “The moment boots on the ground show up the movement is legitimized and the color revolution has the optics they need.”

    Maybe in their bizarre fantasy psychoses, sure. In the rest of the world, and among enough of their own side, and the vast majority of the squishy middle, it’ll be good and present cause to declare the entire kit and caboodle a terrorist enterprise, complete with all the enhanced interrogation the ringleaders can handle, and no one but the black helicopter lunatard mob to cry for them, while they themselves are hounded from hedge to hill trying to stay one step ahead of the mother of federal dragnets, or rat out their buddies for a shot at less prison time, and cellmate Bubba’s amorous advances.

    Jeff Sessions is not Eric Holder, and this silliness will leave a mark that resembles Waco, minus the illegitimacy.

    And, probably, liberty for everyone dies a little more, because “never let a crisis go to waste”, right? From both sides of the statist PTB.

    That’s assuming our own side, who gets a vote in this too, doesn’t decide to go full retard, publicly or privately, and hunt the little shits down with some finality. Possibly even the minions’ minders while they’re at it. And if the feds never find the bodies, well, things are tough all over.

    • RICO the financiers of this hooliganism. Without money the buses don’t roll and hence the body count in the street decreases. Money is the mother’s milk of even ‘politics by other means’.

  3. I did post this yesterday at a different post but it fits better here and no I have no way of knowing if it’s true we can just hope.
    I once heard that in the LA riots of 1992 (you know somewhere is bad when you talk about riots there and have to put the date so every one knows which one) someone was about hurl a Molotov cocktail and one of the shop owners decided to show how good a shot he was with a 10/22 – you can guest the rest. Now we all know you should not shoot glass bottles but I think that time we’ll let him off.

  4. One Shot Paddy works here as well. When the terrorists assault, smash, and burn, and “Law Enforcement” does nothing. If the destruction has begun, it doesn’t matter which member of the mob gets ventilated. “Pour Encourager Les Autres

    As always, Paddy’s semi-auto is not a good choice in the surveillance state. Bolt action. Don’t eject the casing. Don’t even wait to see what was hit. Just disappear. And up front, make sure you’re not about to star on America’s Funniest Home Videos courtesy of a security camera.

  5. So what this story is so subtly implying is that, in the very near future, someone is going to get pissed enough to find out when/where the next ANTIFA (or whatever the hell nom de jour they call themselves) event is going to be held, make himself/herself a nice little sniper’s hide, rain down lead on these morons, then watch with glee the ensuing panic, screaming, trampling, stampeding as these assholes finally realize their agonizing absurdity has reached the limits of tolerance. I get it.

    Will that stop them? I doubt it. They will pull back, lay low for a while and regroup. The shrieks for gun control will go forth from the usual suspects. At first they will be a little reluctant to start up again, and they might find it a little more difficult to proselytize younger, would-be adherents. Eventually they themselves will become more violent, possible/probably armed. Yeee Ha!

    At least in the short term, it will escalate … dramatically. It will also be interesting to watch.

    • If someone were to “rain down lead” on these terrorists, he would most likely be caught by the hive “Law Enforcement” and, if not murdered outright upfront, the hive “Legal” system would do that instead. Communist terrorists can do what they want in the hives without fear. Don’t try to even look cross-eyed at them, however, if you don’t worship Mousey Tongue.

      • If the events in Dallas last year are any indication, I have my doubts. If the engagement lasts less than 30mins (shoot ‘n scoot) there will be insufficient time for them to assemble and contain.

        • They may not be able to get you on the spot. But with their surveillance state resources, they WILL be able to figure out who you are, and get you when you get home. And the brass you leave lying around with your fingerprints will positively identify you for them. THAT is why I say:
          One shot. Bolt action rifle. And do NOT eject the casing.
          Nor leave anything else behind that might identify you.

          • Tom Clancy.
            Without Remorse.
            Character John Clark affixed a brass catcher to the suppressed .22 upper for his 1911.
            Others have used Clancy’s ideas to do grievous harm. Why not freefor? 20 gauge bangstick anyone?

          • I agree with you philosophy, Mark, but if it’s game on, then brass droppings will be the least of our worries. And besides, always wear gloves when handling ammo so as not to leave prints on your brass. A brass catcher on a semi-auto is a plus too.

    • Keith,

      exactly. A matter of time.

      You will note that the ” Koreans” on the roof are pretty much dressed the same,,same headbands etc etc. good luck picking the shooter out in a line up.


      • Ah, but if they leave any brass lying around up there, the “Legal” system can “prove” they participated. And the penalty for the person driving the getaway car is the same as the penalty for the person who shot the bank teller. Accomplices, one and all.

  6. Ben Richards

    The Roof Koreans…. I always say to me they are the most legit ‘militia’ I have ever saw. From the time I was teenager watching my city burn.
    The Political Officers of the LAPD ordered a stand down. Those Korean businessmen and families were on there own.
    And they held their shit down.
    Don’t strive to be a militia colonel.
    Strive to be a Roof Korean.

    • Do not underestimate Asian immigrants. a long memory of what happens when the oppressors come from the north. Just ask your self why was anti-gun CA Senator Leland Lee arming his Asian gang buddies with small arms and rockets from Jihadist. Me, I do not think this was just money deals, the Asians see the writing on the wall and in order to control the San Fran Bay area 10 round mags and bullet buttons are not going to cut the muster.

  7. Not mentioned is the very likely (as in 100% probability) formation of underground violent anarchist groups such as weather underground back in the 60’s.
    Do we get to hunt them back this time?

  8. Yeap, interestingly, was just reading something about
    gut health, saying that many consider the gut as the
    second brain, probiotics/bacterias and all…

    Time to up the “mineralization”

    “Every man to his family and his belongings”

  9. Have a friend who was a small army advisor in LA, in 92, their job was to provide assistance to the police. ,you should understand that the police wasted, few if any resources in the Korean hoods.

    Privately the Koreans were cheered by law enforcement for standing their ground. Not sucking up valuable man power and other resources.

    The Koreans had it together. The minute their elders recognized the threat was over those weapons were collected and stashed,,those cloths and headbands were removed from the area. for the next event.

    A lesson on ” how to”


  10. The picture shows the Rooftop Koreans. It does not show their backup. One fellow, who was there (now deceased), was a Korean War – Vietnam War combat Veteran. Retired 1st Sgt., married to a Korean lady.

    • Sanders, God bless your friend and those brave Koreans. I appriciate they stood their ground, understanding the consequence of their actions.

      Doing the right thing, for the right reasons is always the right thing to,do.


  11. Trump knows himself, and he knows his enemies. His operation thus far, has been to provoke and push the left in Congress, and elsewhere. Once they are lured into the open, and thoroughly agitated, he defeats them. He has the law, the Patriot Act, NDAA, and a hundred other ways to exercise power, and go right around them. He’s got both the juice and the legitimacy of law to back up his moves, and the Left does not have that power. This is his Battle Plan. Do exactly what he promised, or as near as he can. Do it in a way that is lawful, and out in the open. Pause, and let the Left lose their minds, and more importantly, their cool, seen by all. Go ahead with the plan, while the Left lies their asses off, and shows again that they are hypocrites, liars, and powerless, except to shriek. They can sue, boycott, protest, and raise all kinds of hell, Trump has the equivalent of Hitlers’ Enabling Act, to LEGITIMATELY run the table on the Left, and when they start breaking the laws, he can start breaking up their gangs, and arrest the lot of them. Trump will wind up on TV every week, or oftener, to explain that these lawbreakers have to be stopped and law and order restored. They are playing right into his hands and he holds all the cards.

    • Well said, and the statist rachet tightens another notch from the right this time.

      • Read the manuals.

        That’s the point of Leftist agitation: to force the government to crack down, and push more people to the benefits of glorious world socialism.
        The free Nikes and TVs, broken windows, and pissed off shopkeepers are just a serendipitous bonus.

        It’s when the various minions of TPTB get thrown into the sausage maker with the protesters by the victims of the protest that things get interesting.

        Lenin, Mao, et al didn’t see that coming, because they had no experience with well-armed proles.