Mosby: Skull-Stomping Sacred Cows — Reality Isn’t Nice. It’s a 2×4 to the Teeth.



Read and pass on.

You are in deep trouble.

And the cavalry is not coming to save you.

175 responses to “Mosby: Skull-Stomping Sacred Cows — Reality Isn’t Nice. It’s a 2×4 to the Teeth.

  1. I respect Mosby, and his acknowledged expertise.

    But on this one, Natzsofast…

    He needs to rethink things, and dial it down from 11 to about a 3.

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    • Samuel Culper

      Aesop, I read half your article. There’s a disconnect between what conditions look like today and what they’ll look like in the future. There are absolutely indications that the Left is getting its shit together. Have you read any of the Black Bloc, Antifa, and other resistance-oriented training and security guides? They’re very, very good. (And they’re much simpler than the military-oriented training literature we’ve been putting out for the better part of the last decade. Of course, along with being simpler, they’re also very basic. Their training literature will get them started, but it won’t sustain them. The depth of the FREEFOR training/ops doctrine will blow them out of the water once it’s actually adopted and applied on a large scale. Still waiting on that one…)

      And with millions of dollars behind the Left, just because they’re not forming Communist death squads today doesn’t meant that they won’t pursue a more organized application of violence tomorrow. Just look at the history (the long, long history) of communist insurgencies.

      Of the 20 or so indicators of organized political violence (to the ends of insurgency or revolution), the violent Left is exhibiting at least seven. That should be a cause for concern. It requires only 10-15% of the population to sustain an insurgency. They have that covered and them some; enough to be a real problem in the future.

      I’ve been doing social network analysis and tracking trends, specifically for the violent elements of the Left. The sentiment is there. There are Leftists re-thinking this whole “anti-gun” thing, and I guarantee you that they intend to catch up.

      So my response to you is, “Natzsofast”. You’re pumping the brakes too hard. John is right — the Left is much better organized and motivated, even if they lack a lot of firearms training. But they have plenty of cadre and plenty of veterans who can step in and facilitate that training; not to the ends of armed battalions, but armed individuals and small groups. And that’s how insurgencies start.

      • Good points
        Its easy to train and organization that is already in place. Not so easy to do it the other way around.

      • Perhaps, Sam, but I’ve seen and lived through far worse, from far better.

        Is an insurgency here impossible? Of course not.
        But in a country far more fractured, this kind of thing got exactly nowhere.

        The Left is much better hyped up, but I wouldn’t call that motivation, as much as the exuberance of youthful inexperience, and a lack of dental trauma.
        Better organized? More like better indoctrinated, less reflective, and lacking actual responsibilities in life, able to do flashmobs at the drop of a hat. But 10:1, or better, that all comes to a screeching halt the first time they take actual casualties. I’m talking bullets in the face, not a little pepper spray and a slap on the wrist.
        Sentiment is there on both sides, but it runs pretty thin when you’re betting your actual guts. Most of those kids drop the masks and go back to class at that point.

        There will undoubtedly be a few hardcore assholes. Which get mopped up like the SLA, Baader-Meinhof, the Red Army, and so on always do – one bullet at a time.

        As for more organized application of violence tomorrow, let’s say they get there. That’s the trigger point at which I suspect, as Matt Bracken has outlined, all those helpfully self-identified leaders from 1960-present start falling in front of trains, jaywalk in front of busses and limousines, cutting their jugulars while shaving, or simply begin not ever being seen anywhere again, like Jimmy Hoffa. (The southwestern deserts are really vast; and in the forests and swamplands elsewhere, there’s precious little ‘gators and feral hogs won’t eat.)

        Hollywood and the media think they’re brave by screaming for _____ Leftist Cause Du Jour, at an auditorium of adoring fellow-thinkers. When they get the “What’s the frequency Kenneth?”/Baton-ya Harding treatment, across the knees or the teeth, from out of nowhere, they’ll STFU. I’ve seen them up close, and they have the collective spine of a swarm of jellyfish. On their good days.

        Your analysis, as expected, of future intel and developments is as worthwhile as John’s is on weapons and tactics, and I appreciate your past efforts, and look forward to future ones.

        I’m also not saying everything is nifty, and gonna stay that way forever, because Trump/mom/apple pie/’murica. And I have no doubt of the vitriolic contempt in which the Left holds the rest of the country.
        That argues for an inevitable showdown, eventually.
        So I’m all for prudent preparations, in all ways and means possible.

        But I think it’s premature to punch us up to DefCon Two because a bunch of spoiled brats got a free pass to be Red Communists, in effing Berkeley.

        I’ll revise that when I see evidence of change in the opposition, or any appreciable improvement in their training, tactics, or strategy. The recent events do not appear to be it, but I look forward to any substantial developments you can share.

        When the mobs stop wearing masks, and start brandishing the obligatory AKs, you may be onto something. But at that point, even under the silly Iraq/ISAF ROEs, they’re fair game, and weapons free. Either TPTB will take them out, or the party will be well and truly on.

        John, per his article, thinks we’ve already had Fort Sumter. I seriously doubt we’ve even gotten to Brown’s Ferry. Time will tell who’s closer to the truth, and I remain open to all further evidence one way or the other.
        Wherever we are, I’m under no illusions whatsoever about how far or how fast things might change once they get rolling. Modern civilization is a fragile thing.

      • Correct – the left has been going on the long march since the 1960s and have the infrastructure to sustain operations in place. We are playing catch up.

    • You are indeed spot on. “Mosby” had one too many cups of coffee followed by several cans of Red Bull before he sat down to write that one. Stepping back to scan the horizon, I find myself amused at the shrill, shrieking call to arms over the “rioting” by a bunch of black clad Anarchist kids whose main goal was to beat up and intimidate a group of right wing, Godless Sodomites who gathered to listen to a Godless Sodomite Nancy Boy named “Milo”. They burned the foyer and entry of one of the campus buildings – at one of the farthest left-wing Universities in the country, outside of San Francisco. They beat on Gay Trump supporters out trolling for a tricks on campus. Hardly cause for “stacking high the Mealie Bags, the Zulus are advancing” old chap. Guys like Mosby are “Fire-Criers” in the theater of life.

  2. Take five minutes.

    Google: “Cartel Victims.”

    Click, “Images.”

    Whoomp – there it is.

  3. Mosby bad-mouths all the comments with essentially ‘Yeah. You ain’t done any violence to anyone/anything.’
    I guessing since he’s not in jail he hasn’t either.
    Is this a pot/kettle thing ?

    • Samuel Culper

      Pay attention to the message, not how he delivers it. Avoid the ad hominem, and just focus on the point he’s making.

      • Mr. C,

        In your opinion can you comment on why the Feds have not infiltrated these criminal organizations ? Is it because they themselves after the regime of the last eight years have become the same these left-wing organizations ?

        Please….your thoughts ?

    • Some of us have done plenty of violence overseas. Violence is violence, and the kind of violence where someone is shooting RPGs at you from behind a line of little kids that you know will be shooting RPGs of their own in a few years is one of the worst kinds.

      • so the tough invading murkins murdered the women and children of a Sovereign Nation right?

        What comes around…goes around.

        suicide works you know. it will free you from your sins.

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            I can’t wait until murka is invaded and you fuckers are put down like dogs – just like you did in someone else’s country.

            it’s coming and you are guilty.

        • TFAT, That does it, redneck.

          You are stupid enough to blame soldiers for the decisions of THE JEW?

          Fuck off, pussy. Your IQ is about 85.

  4. As someone who is playing catch-up at this stage and has basic arms, and basic skills, above average PT and still training, ( working on improving all of the above) at what point does considering a budget for basic body armor make sense?
    Realistically in my locale a direct armed engagement is a low probability and we all must prioritize the skills and tools we develop. In a rural above average income area at what point does considering basic steel plate armor make sense? Being in a state that you functionally cannot leaglly carry in, i carry pepper spray and a collapsible baton, the best low risk option I’ve come up with.
    Perhaps this is a newbie question but I’m learning as quickly as i can.

    • Always thought of it as something I’d rather have and not need than need and not have.

      If you start doing CQB or land warfare type training (another great way to dump your money, lol), you’ll likely have other people around shooting, so I think it’s a smart move to wear it.

      Wearing it for pull-ups/push-ups and trail runs is pretty sweet, too.

      Besides, you can put a good set up together for around $250, not counting pouches, way cheaper than it used to be.

      • Buddy was at a range full of LEO’s and a very-few others and a 25 year old guy carelessly shot him with a .22lr from a jammed pistol. Right into the vest above kidney. Much excitement! Bruise-only. Vests are good.

        Before the recent election, there was talk about restricting/licensing/taxing non-LE use of puncture-resistant vests. Terrorists, ya know. German police surplus vests sometimes are icepick + common pistol cartridge capable (~NIJ L3a?), and under $400, if you can find one.

        +1 on “move”, but people have obligations and hate change.

    • The best advice I would give is “Move”…;)

      • YUP

        the last thing i ever think about anymore is civil unrest.

        it’s so ahmuriken.

        what a bunch of idiots.

        • Yet here you are talking about it every. single. day.

          • get a fucking job punk

            the successful are tired of supporting your food card rations.

            • I do okay, and pay my people pretty well.

              But hey, there are some shadows flicking about in the city! Maybe it’s time for you to run farther north? Hurry, before the colleges release their legions of fire-eaters!

              They’ll NEVER find you in Antartica, you brave old man, you.

              Seriously though, if you’re running already- hard to make the case that you aren’t a self-loathing coward. Stop projecting onto your betters, old bitch.

              Sorry to pollute the board with this nonsense. I’m of the opinion that a lot of yall are making too big a deal out of a few handfuls of masked kids. I used to be one of those kids (though I still think certain globalist institutions are worth harrassing) and I know it’s only one data point, but I promise- the vast majority of them are kind of pussies. Easy to pick on femine young yuppies, another to fight through a real fight. Keep an eye on their handlers, keep each other safe, but dont lose too much sleep…

        • Two comments and I’m still wondering what you are contributing here. I’m looking for it. What’s your opinion on the article itself though?

          • Mosby knows his shit.

            Best answer to this fucked up cuntry.

            LEAVE while you still can.

          • Mr. Bryan, men like Tfat, bring a lot to the table. Their street rats, ” meaning” they just know who’s, who- and what needs to be done, and when

            This skill is not something you can learn. Your born with it. It’s a sweet skills set, means you can run/ walk either side of the street. Your comfy with street rats, and business men.

            We spend a lot of time here on WRSA poking, mostly in fun, but some is serious.

            Imagine where we would be here on WRSA, if we spent that time identifying our associates strengths, not their weaknesses.

            in my 60 years on planet earth I’ve only known a dozen men and women with these skills.

            I also thought T was a dumb fuck, then I started paying really really close attention to his words, their structure, and meaning.

            T, don’t for a second think I’m defending you. I’m not, I’m defending a skill set that is rare.


            • it’s called natural talent.

              I can do ANYTHING.

            • SemperFi, 0321

              He’s an asshole in social circles, but he also knows what’s wrong with this country. He reads, and knows who manipulates the fedgov/bankster puppets. For that I give him a lot of credit.

              • I know him.

                He has a plan.

                Or he’d be gone.

                • Really? A plan?

                  What would that be? To consistently smear and attack the very people who come here to learn, to express their considered and honest opinions, to seek advice and encouragement?

                  To smear and tarnish every thread to the point that I will not share them with the folks I’m trying to educate and influence?

                  To divert, obfuscate and distract from the topic, nullifying the effort and enervating the will, patience and tolerance of sincere commenters?

                  Middle school taunting IknowyouarebutwhatamI adds what to the conversation here?

                  That’s a plan?

                  Only if your trying to nullify your own stated goals.

                  I ask you to read every one of his ‘remarks’ in this thread alone and tell me how they add anything of value, or how they are not just filthy name calling. How ’bout that gutter thing and the loathing?

            • Thanks, but I’m good. He’s about a worthless toad as far as I’m concerned. Good to laugh at.

  5. Confederate miner

    I read somewhere something along the lines of” the south doesn’t have to rise again just remain standing as the rest falls”. Everyone who reads wrs need to have their shit together. I would emphasize financially. Put your wealth into hard assets (yeah silver) and there is a good chance when the economic shtf you will come out of it better off financially. With wealth comes power and the people we need with power are the ones reading this blog.

    • Miner, getting ” ones “shit” together is repetitive, not a one time gig.


    • Can I eat silver? Will it power my car or refrigerator?

      • Confederate miner

        Really? Can you eat silver.idk but you can eat a dick can’t you? My specific advice for you would be do not put your wealth ( with a comment like yours I doubt you have any) in silver. Put your money in government bonds.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        No, it won’t. It will, however, bribe government officials. That’s a useful thing in a crisis situation.

      • You can eat silver because farmers appreciate it, especially off-grid hippy organic farmers with RN wives. Organic food is good!
        Get pm’s after the food water tools situation is set for the desired amount of time (FEMA says more than 3 days now! City Emergency Response says “months” of YOYO). Gold is more impressive to .gov officials because they have to get it past their bosses, too. Value-density is important: Which of an oz of gold or a 100oz brick of silver raises more questions in your pocket? Imho, silver is going to earn me more gold than just buying gold, but there is timing & trade risk. I’ve been called an idiot (diversified!) for wanting tiny gold coins (.18/.11/.06 ozT) with higher premium, because they need less change (which no one will admit to having during a crisis) and hide/carry easily.

  6. I think the slap in the face to couch warriors is justified. But no, I don’t think the left has that many people who are suitable to real warfare, especially at a distance…My SJW relatives would barely know which is the business end of a g*n….

    • Agreed. But they don’t need to. The goal is to push the State to move in the direction they desire, and do all the nasty work for them, which of course the State is only too happy to oblige because the monster must keep moving and growing or its starves to death. Look at your local school board employment statistics as a guide. How much of your mandated property tax is siphoned off “for the children” ? In most jurisdictions, it’s significantly more than needed for basic communal needs (law enforcement, fire protection, hospital/community care clinics, water and sewage, etc). Then drill down how much of that money actually goes to the classroom. The vast majority of the confiscated funding is a wealth redistribution scheme for the left and a jobs program. In many areas, the school board is the largest and most generous employer. It buys loyalty and it buys feet on the street to advocate for the status quo and to resist disruption.

      Just try suggesting that your local school district slash its funding and its employees by 50% and incorporate emerging technologies and new paradigms about “education” with the goal of providing students with actual skills, including analytical and critical thinking skills, innovation and problem solving and transition from extending the school day and its reach to placing students in more cooperative education and/or entrepreneurship test-drives where they can tinker, learn and experiment in a safe environment.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “But no, I don’t think the left has that many people who are suitable to real warfare, especially at a distance”

      Don’t they only need about 3% of their total number to be suitable?

  7. Mr. Bracken, I have sent you an email requesting some advice, and I’m letting you know via these comments as requested.

  8. Let me see if i got this right,
    Your enemy is Planning and preparing,so don’t underestimate your enemy, assume they will be armed in the near future and coming for you……(Now
    comes the beat down).. And you are all a bunch of nobodys, doing nothing, talking shit, so fuck you, and you, and you and all the other do- nothing keyboard commando warriors…

    Ok I get it, somebody else thats doing nothing is banging out his opinion on his Knee-perched laptop chastising everybody else… Got it.

    • You missed the part where he said black block leftists are getting hit in the face with riot batons and pepper spray. Some random stupid leftist might be getting hit with the baton (not in left controlled areas)but not the people he is worried about. Stop the flow of stolen Soros gold and none of these will be willing to take any risk.

      These are paid agitators that fly around the US. Put on a hippie costume and break the leg of their medic or the guy that directs them in their taunt( or steal hat), surround/pound & flee tactics. You can see on videos they use ugly females to come forth with pepper spray, treat them like men.

      If someone out there is not affected by poison ivy they could put on a hippie costume in the summer and make ivy contact with all of the identifiable black block members. A rainbow pot shirt and not shaving/bathing for a couple days would be all you need.

  9. California is the test run. Reds have been active in the streets for months and as far as I can tell their leaders haven’t been prosecuted by any level of government. In Arizona was anyone prosecuted for closing down the highway outside of Tucson last year? Let’s see where #hashtagcommie goes active next on the street and what the local response is to it. So far they’ve been given a green light with hands off. One might say they’ve been emboldened as a result of the kid glove treatment.

    • That is an issue of containment. No single or pairs PoPo is going to attempt to take down a crowd. To be able to manage such an event requires swarm tactics of an entire squad of officers. Last time that was implemented was during the Watts riots.

  10. The first combatives class I ever took gave me a rather eye opening experience.
    It was a full weekend course at a nice facility.
    I arrived on Friday evening and got my gear stored away in one of the rooms. We had some short introductions and I met one of the other students in the same cabin I was staying in. He was an older gent, and after a short conversation I could already tell he was the classic 1911 kind of guy. Retired Postal Service who had never done any kind of combative training at all and had really never had a class outside of the normal stand and deliver square range pistol affair.
    Well we head into the large training room and the instructor gives us a very short talk. He passes out training knives and tells us to start sparing.
    Now I was thinking to myself “what the hell have I signed up for” but Mailman was a deer in the headlights. I sparred with him for about 5 minutes and he wanted to quit. He didnt know what was going to happen and his world had been turned upside down. He had never given any thought to what hand to hand fighting was going to actually be like and he could not process it.
    He had to take a break and get his head around it. I moved on and started working with some other students.
    We all took a break and I told myself that to get the most out of this class I needed to spar with all the students. The biggest guy. The Brit guy who worked in executive protection. The tallest guy and even the females. That was the only way to see a real spectrum of ability.
    Mailman didnt do that. He only wanted to work with a few people that he felt comfortable with. Now I give him credit for getting out and doing it but he just could not bring himself to get completely out of his zone. He did well in the class but not as well as he could have done and I dont think he got as much for his money as he could have.

    Point is,
    this fight will not be what you think its going to be and you need to get your head around it while the blades are made of dull safety material.

    • Dude, are you saying I won’t be able to protect my property and loved ones with my M14 and a half dozen old out of shape scared people?

      But what about the neighbors who will rise to the occasion and allow me to lead them to victory?


      Future Agricultural Supplement

      • At least mailman showed up for some training. Most people who own guns and talk tough now won’t even do that. They’ll be nowhere to be found when action is needed in the future.

        • Randall Flagg

          Buddy of mine recently had jury duty. Large metropolitan area. Case involved felony possession of firearms. Initial question asked by lawyers was whether any of the potential jurors owned firearms. Out of twenty, three raised their hand. Next question to those three: Anyone own more than one firearm? One hand raised.

          I suppose some of them could have been smart and not raised their hand so as not to tip off authorities as to who possesses firearms. But I doubt it.

          Sad, but the vast majority of people in urban areas simply do not own (and presumably do not know how to use) firearms.

          Not a very good outlook.

          • i’d like to throttle your punk ass with my 1Ton truck. you fucking asshole
            Mind Your Own Business.

          • It would be nice to know the area, but I suspect some people might have omitted ownership. Especially if they weren’t under oath or took a Clintonian view of oaths.

            All those millions of guns over the years weren’t sold to the 1% of the US population who lives on family owned farms/ranches.

      • A lot of people have a future in bio fuels.

      • Lol, IMO the real question is whether wits can make up for the deficiencies. It’s true that words don’t stop bullets. OTOH it’s also true that a single well-placed round can outgun a thousand scattered ones.

        OTOOH wits only matter if peeps get a clue.

        • Klein,

          Your alter ego is back ! You’re like that moslem asshole Stuka Pilot. Confused or trying to bullshit the readership….but my money is on confusion.

      • You’re describing California Libertarians, I got a laugh out of that one, Boss.

    • It absolutely will NOT be.

      Given some of the comments here, some folks are going to find out that they either deal with reality or reality will deal with them.

    • the first combatives class i ever took was participating in a full scale riot between Detroits Denby and Finney High..nothing as dangerous as a cow pasture in cornistan.


      heh heh heh

      • No, slapnuts, your first combatives course was trying to avoid being raped in prison. Once it happened you were hooked. ETADIK

        • lick my anus fuckboy

          the best part of you ran down your mommas ass crack and made a stain on her sheets.

          another jealous pussy who has to work for her so-called “living”.


    • lastmanstanding

      Thank you for that G…extreme food for thought…and future action.

  11. This guys right, the bravado around here, amuses the shit out of me. I’m just as bad as the next guy. I have a much different view of how this shakes out.

    underestimating ones enemy is a deadly mistake.

    Thinking this gig is going to happen on a day of your choosing, on a bright sunny afternoon with your coolest camo on, your ice chest full of colorado’s finest.
    Metallica blazing away on your 300 watt stero in your 15 foot high 4×4, with all your Magpul, and Daniel Defense stickers strategically placed on your 4×4 for better viewing.

    Do you think the opposition isnt doing their due diligence? Their wicked good at battle planning ? Do you think their not on WRSA, reading, learning, identifying? You would be wrong.


    • Agreed.

      The importation of vibrancy into whiteopia is a concern that many have discounted, because “those people” live in enclaves that we ignore or pass by.

      Mobs with enough emotionalism, mass and momentum are very, very dangerous. They don’t need weapons, and become triggered at the slightest provocation. Any of the military or LEO I speak with have brought this up in increasing numbers. One in particular said a mob of angry 13 to 14 year old vibrant teens is more dangerous than the “traditional” threat most envision.

      Not very many training plans sketch out a response to that.

    • Everybody has a plan until they get hit.” – Mike Tyson

      Call me when the Free Shit Army takes a serious shot to the chin, and doesn’t fold up like a road map.

      I’m not estimating (under- nor over-) at all, I’m just observing that they’ve done even less prepping than their nominal opposition, going back to ever. I don’t assume that’ll always be the case, but they show no signs of growing a brain at this point in time, nor any evidence of noticing its lack.

      That’s going to become painfully obvious for them, about a minute too late.

      • you wouldn’t make a pimple on tysons ass.

        but you know that already. Huh?

        scumbag who works as a bedpan attendant.

        give me a break.

        and you think your something more than that?

        • I’m sure you’re much more familiar with Mike Tyson’s ass than I am, so I defer to your superior experience.

          Maybe snark isn’t your game, Ike.
          I know, let’s try a spelling bee!

        • tfA-t, Have you ever been in conditions where you are just
          not capable of getting out of bed, to leave a leak (not take
          a leak), or a number two? Have you seen “bed sores” practically
          from lack of circulation being bedridden and ones butt practically
          rotting away where you can put your fist in?
          Just to name a few….
          But best of all, have you ever taken on the responsibility of
          avoiding that to simply help your fellow man/woman/young
          Not easy brother, but it is what it is.Many a times one should
          humble him/herself and do what has to be done, and do it
          right, and avoiding the “good enough for government work”
          Plus, it is amazing what one learns, physically, but most
          important – Spiritually – Works hand in hand.

          “Every man to his family and his belongings”

      • Jimmy the Saint

        Their rank-and-file may be untested, but their shock troops are veterans.

        • finally, an intelligent comment.

          these morons are so busy playing collectivist due to their piss poor situation in life, they missed the whole deal.

          most of the unemployed TWOT vets will fight on whatever side is paying for their pathetic so-called lifestyles. They really don’t have any other options at this point, being that FUBAR war and the gubmint they supported drained the country of prosperous small businesses. I called it quits in 05 and bugged out. after 10 years, I bugged out even further. your fucked up country has a MONUMENTAL ass whooping coming to it. and I for one will enjoy watching every fucking minute of it

          • Jimmy the Saint

            “your fucked up country has a MONUMENTAL ass whooping coming to it. and I for one will enjoy watching every fucking minute of it”

            A major intra-American war would likely very quickly become a major inter-North American war. For anyone on the continent, observers would rapidly become participants.

            • not so much up here.

              sorry JtS you’re wrong on this one.

              from my back door, you can travel straight to the North Pole and not go thru any towns, if there where even a road- and cities don’t even exist.

        • True Jimmy, but one requires the other to be effective.
          Peeling them apart would be the strategy to employ, and making the lemon not worth the squeeze with either the risk of violence or legal consequences, or both, would be the tactic.

      • Punched in the mouth.

        Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.

        Even “women.”

  12. SameNoKami, he’s making reference to the fact that if you haven’t actually done the mayhem you’ve been threatening, then you’re just making idle threats. He hasn’t been charged, arrested, or caught doing the mayhem because he’s not stupid. He knows that winding up and being in prison when it all goes south is not the best place to be at that time, vis a vis your life, and your families. Not pot and kettle. More like, save me the, “I’m a bad ass/killer/operator/your description here”. The man who brings victory is prized above all others. Protestations of bad assery and mighty deeds are laughable, upside some fucking ACTION. The Left is out there, kicking asses, fucking shit up, getting the press and video, picking up funding, infiltrating the bureaucracy, counting heads for the next mission, and OCCUPYING THE BATTLEFIELD. Where, oh where, are we? Are we on the battlefield? Are we gaining experience, know how, funding, recruits, positive media spin, and are we anywhere near the battlefield? Crickets. Fucking crickets. Unless you count the tappity, tap,tap,tap, like I’m doing now, on this keyboard. Let him who puts his armor on, not boast as him who takes it off. Mosby is cold water on the face, and a much needed dose of salts. He is what I call The Real Thing. I’ve seen it, understand it, and I ain’t got no patience for the bullshit either. People like him are rough on everyone, and thank G*d for that.

    • “”SameNoKami, he’s making reference to the fact that if you haven’t actually done the mayhem you’ve been threatening, then you’re just making idle threats. He hasn’t been charged, arrested, or caught doing the mayhem because he’s not stupid. He knows that winding up and being in prison when it all goes south is not the best place to be at that time, vis a vis your life, and your families.””
      Like Wow !
      That’s exactly what all those people Mosby badmouthed are doing ’cause they ain’t stupid.

  13. LaVoy ‘ s death isn’t headlines as thr FREEFOR movement did all it could to talk shit about the Bundy stand in Oregon.

    I saw it here; most 3% were AWOL while their allies were taken down by the FEDs. They were borderline traitors to the cause.

    • Most people knew what turned out to be true in the trials. There was more agent provocateurs than those arrested. Even Mama jugs and the gun range guy who did security at the bird sanctuary were on the feds payroll.

    • Detroit, dying for a cause is one thing. Dying for someone elses poorly thought out cause is entirely different. Think I’ll pick my own issues, my own moments.

      LaVoy Finicum was a good man, a natural leader. His priorities weren’t mine, I would not follow the Bundies anywhere, while I admire their conviction, it’s not my conviction.

      What most don’t seem to recognize is that LaVoy Finicum was murdered for a reason. He was a natural born leader. He, his style resonated with freedomista’s, the govt, can’t have leaders like that running around, his kind create huge huge problems for them.

      His profilers recognized and correctly identified his unique skills set, to lead from the front.

      We will not see many men or women with those natural skills sets. Their few and far between.


  14. It’s all about attitude IMHO and that is the main point of JM’s article. There is real hatred out there and a hatred that historically people have been killed by. I’m not saying it’s only on one side but I do see one side very much willing to act. To not take it serious would be a mistake IMHO.

    For those of us behind enemy lines; being prepared for the worst is of the upmost importance.

  15. Along with others trainers and SME’s, I respect both Mosby’s and Aesop’s take on things (not that either give a single fuck one way or the other about what I think), but FWIW, here’s my .02:

    Mosby’s frustration with the FB chest thumping culture is palpable and justified, IMHO, because anyone can say anything about anything with little or no accountability or requirement to prove how skilled they are; I’ve seen this for years on private forums as well (don’t do FB…never have, never will) and, the same thing can, unfortunately be said about the commentariat in the blogosphere (that right there oughta get me a boatload of ‘what the fuck do you know’ and ‘fuck off and die’ replies), here and elsewhere.

    However, on the positive side, the entire piece is underscored here, by this statement: “Quit focusing on some macho, redneck John Wayne image of conflict, and focus on doing what works. Right now? That still means organizing, because, while it’s not “tacticool,” it’s way more important than running around in the goddamned woods in cammie jammies. That means, instead of worrying about running raids and ambushes, you should be focused on gathering intelligence information about the opposition’s leadership cadres in your local area, so you can set about changing their mindset, by focusing your PSYOP activities on a specific target audience (them). It means training with your EDC concealed carry weapon, to protect yourself. And yes—you knew it was gonna get slipped in somewhere—it means doing your PT and combatives training, so you at least have a chance of fighting your way to an escape route when you get caught in the middle of a protest-turned-riot, and then getting away, instead of getting knocked the fuck out, so you have to be rescued by the local riot police.”

    The net is a double-edged sword; a hell of a lot of people think they can watch you tube and ‘get it’…and don’t see the need to push themselves physically to ensure they, ‘get it.’ Those who have been places and done things others have sometimes lose patience having to read/listen to braggadocious statements from some. Case in point: 10 years ago I was training a group of concerned citizens, gratis. Put a lot of hours in preparing the training, scheduling areas, etc. A couple of the loudest voices demanding particular training ALL.WAYS. had a reason not to attend. Ok, no big deal by itself, what drove me nuts was the follow up: “But don’t worry, if SHTF, I’ll be there!!” Finally, my reply when hearing that would be, “To do what? Be a fucking sandbag? Because that’s about all you can do.” So, FWWIW, I understand the frustration.

    OTOH, Aesop’s rebuttal has some interesting points that raise a few questions.

    He says, “Second, the monkey would have to have an AK or AR, wouldn’t he?
    There is, to date, zero evidence of wide-scale (or even narrow-scale) up-arming by today’s Che wannabees. By contrast, as noted by others, the Right in this country buys enough small arms every three months to completely outfit the current Russian and Chinese militaries.

    Questions on the above statement:

    – If the anarchist lefties, ARE in fact, arming, and it’s not showing up on NCIC checks, is it possible that the armaments in question are being provided from stockpiles, from say, some sort of ‘Fast & Furious’ operation? A percentage anyway?

    – Could that percentage possibly be ‘swimming in the sea of the People’ as the Oathkeepers claim they did to infiltrate the Berkley and other leftie anarchists groups?

    – Could a percentage of the opposition have infiltrated conservative clubs/groups/range teams and are now looking for training?

    – Could they not be be here learning?

    Another gold nugget: “The people cracking other folks in the head with bricks, putting the boots to them, and throwing Molotovs, are doing so only and entirely because there is a chance approaching ZERO that they’ll be stopped, investigated, pursued, or prosecuted for doing so. And just in case, they’re doing it wearing masks, because why risk TPTB having a change of heart later on?

    Calculating? Certainly. Dedication or bravery? Not so much. Chickenshit? Five-starred.”

    The above is very true. There’s more from both posts that is good, solid, material, at least IMHO, but there’s a lot of frustrated chaff, too. Nobody is doing anybody a service by spleen venting on our own people, basically, eating our young. I give you this from here:

    “Before some of you dog-pile Schlichter, please keep in mind, that what he says is not only damned good, but that message is going out to the either newly awakened on our side, or those about to wake up.

    This is team building.

    All those goody-two-shoes that marched with the Tea Party demonstration in Washington, all those that wanted to go, but didn’t, all those people who pulled the lever for Trump in Nov., under duress. And countless more. Peaceable, tame, law abiding, tax paying, pick up the milk and bread and the dry cleaning on the way home, Toyota driving, Saturday morning late sleeper, people. Living a restrained, but good life. Worried about family, and the roof repair, just want to be left alone, and not shit on by the latest Leftist lunacy.

    THOSE GUYS. They are us, prior to us pulling our heads out of our asses, with a loud and painful pop.

    Just because we got the memo doesn’t mean we’re something special. We have a gift, worthless if we don’t pass it on, and fatal to ourselves if we keep it. Encourage guys like Schlichter, any way you can, and do what he does yourselves. How else the fuck do you think you became “aware”, osmosis?

    And just because the Eloi don’t “get it” on first, second, or fifteenth try, that doesn’t mean you write them off. Audie Murphy was rejected by EVERYBODY. Used to hunt rabbits not far from where I live now, to feed his brothers and sisters. Dad, disappeared. Mom dead. Rejected by every single service, save the National Guard. They took him. He did the rest. A giant who was 5’5″ tall.

    Get out there, and recruit somebody. They’re waiting for some leadership.

    Victory has a thousand mothers. Defeat, only one.”

    And those who are dog piling any of the trainers/writers out there? Lead by example, be my guest, show everyone else how to do it the ‘right way.’

    • I’ve an open mind regarding intel on weapons “finding their way” into the wrong hands.
      Or any of the rest of it.

      We could assume the Antifa are all 12 feet tall, and thirsting for our beating hearts for supper.

      But I’d rather base my actions on what they have shown the ability to actually do. Which, at the end of the day, is damned little.

      And I don’t see the dearth of equivalent crybaby moonbats on our side, and therefore not making the six o’clock news as violent retards as a bad thing.
      That perspective stops when they leave the campus of Progressive HQ Central, and venture into my local area.

      It’s easy to yell “Let’s start shooting people in the face!”, just as it’s easy to find excuses to never do anything at all. I understand Mosby’s impatience with the latter.
      The hard thing, the thing we need to do, is have the patience and discernment not to start shooting people in the face until it’s the clear and necessary choice.

      I didn’t even begin to get into why these little provocations are designed expressly to trigger a violent over-reaction from our side that’ll be YouTubed to death, then bounced around the media spin cycle echo chamber non-stop like the Rodney King beating video, and used to justify the next hue and cry to do everything, including round Trump supporters up and put them in gulags, “for the children”. Anyone who doesn’t think the local TV affiliates in Berkeley were just waiting for that footage to come in, I have a bridge to sell you, cheap.

      I know where my tripwire lines for direct action are, for the most part; every person is going to have to decide on them for themselves. And the list of things that can be done, that won’t make the evening news ever, to monkeywrench these leftist/anarchist f**ks relentlessly, should be spread far and wide, and repeated until everyone can recite them from memory.

      Are the idiots from the Left here already? I assume so, just as I assume the feds troll through sites like this on a daily basis, looking for threats.
      And why not?
      I’m on a couple of dozen prog sites weekly, at least. (Which is no small part of why I’m less than impressed with their mad skillz and notional capabilities. They make Italian bankers and Zimbabwean engineers look competent by contrast.)

      But I applaud Mosby’s efforts to train people and up their game.
      If stupid shit ever does kick off, I want our side to be the Canadians, and their side to be the baby harp seals. That’s my idea of a fair fight.

      • you’ve an open oral orifice waiting for your next load of jizz.


        • tfA-t,

          Good Lord boy ! Folks are trying to have an intelligent dialogue and you interject your ignorance with your adolescent profanity, right out of junior high school.

          You are truly pitiful.

          • All I get from his “plan” (as CA puts it) is to be so disruptive, profane and obscene as to make some people decide to refuse to link or refer others to visit.

            That point has been made more than once.

            This is CA’s house and his rules, but I have my rules.

            • look.

              when someone swings at me, I’m gonna swing right back and keep swinging.

              you must be a millwhatevr, x, y, or z and your feeweens are hurt.

              don’t start none – won’t be none.

              get a clue and grow up little one.

      • Aesop – Thanks for the reply!

        • And thanks, DTG, for the sanity and reason so conspicuously absent in many another comment here.

          Sean’s comment cannot be repeated often enough either.

          Good job, Sirs, both of you.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        “I’ve an open mind regarding intel on weapons “finding their way” into the wrong hands.”

        In Northern Ireland, RUC/British weapons kept “turning up” in UDA/RHD/etc. hands. The Interahamwe got supplied by the Rwandan Army. It happens pretty regularly in other conflicts, no reason it wouldn’t happen here, too.

    • Every household in Iraq had an AK47 under Saddam, an AK47 during the US occupation (my time there), and during their current civil war. Of course, there were more than just AK47s as far as guns go. I can honestly say I saw all of them from antiques onward. There was a never a shortage.

      One of the most frustrating images on video a couple years ago for me was seeing hundreds of Iraqi army fleeing in armored vehicles (better than my uparmored piece of shit) and then less than 1/2 dozen ISIS guys with AK47s show up in a car and motorcycle. Might it have made a difference if some of the iraqi soldiers had stayed behind, mowed them down and put their heads on pikes on the way into town? Could that have given the ISIS following them a pause? We’ll never know. What we do know is where ISIS was unopposed they swept in and men who stayed and surrendered were shot.

      Damn, where were their guns? Dropped? Left behind? Yeah. Because mentally they still thought they had a way out. They thought they’d just suck up to the new boss, the old boss, or whoever came out on top. They didn’t care who was boss. Their grave error was not understanding fanaticism. Jihadis are fanatics. Commies are fanatics. Those guys under 40 had no idea what a real fanatic was. They were too young to remember the Iran Iraq war and had lived under Pax Saddam followed by Pax Americana. Beheadings and summary executions along the road might have happened to a second cousin once 10 years ago, but usually it was on video to people they never heard of. It was distant at best and never seemed real. Americans are even more detached.

      Bottom line: Each time the new tough guys arrive on the block to fight, the vast majority of people stay out of their way and wait to see who is The Negan. Possession of guns among the general population makes little difference (at first). Willingness to use force makes the difference. Fighting can be done without weapons or even throwing a punch. That is only one form of warfare. In any case, most people wait on Negan’s rules and won’t challenge him.

      Strapping claws on a sheep won’t make them challenge the wolves or a rabid sheepdog. They’re still sheep and they do what sheep do: run, cower and wait for help, submit for shearing, and eventually die not at a time of their choosing.

      I hope I am wrong, but I see nothing that challenges this here in CONUS.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        “Possession of guns among the general population makes little difference (at first). Willingness to use force makes the difference”

        Yup. The formula for power has always been: (numbers + resources) x will.

  16. Thank you.

  17. Things are not normal, and if you’re still stuck in your normalcy bias about “Make America Great Again,” you’re WAY behind the learning the curve.


  18. The Usual Suspect

    Ahhhhh ! Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall.

  19. Better no to be years early than one second too late.
    You need weapons training now
    You need a reliable AR now
    You need body armor now
    When the balloon goes up it will be too late to take remedial action.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “When the balloon goes up it will be too late to take remedial action.”

      Except that every arms dealer on the planet, from individuals to governments, is going to be flooding the US with everything imaginable once the shooting starts. A major civil war here would be a windfall to many around the world.

      • Indeed.
        Anyone seriously think cartels that ship drugs with impunity and by the fuckton across the southern border and over the Gulf and Pacific at will would shrink for one second from providing everything they could flog to cash-rich and machinegun and grenade-poor gringos?
        On both sides??

        Not bloody likely.

        And at that point, as predicted, we live in Beirut, circa 1983.

  20. Didn’t read it closely, but if’s fun watching everyone tell a guy who knows what he’s talking about, that he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Tomorrow they’ll tell me how I can’t think and maybe Thursday they’ll teach Tom Brady how to play football.

    Funny how it’s always the other guy for whom they know so much. Anything but having to make the choices themselves. Or so their story goes, as if their choice to do nothing isn’t a choice to do nothing. Anyway, I only cared about this…

    “the stupidity of the ‘Let’s Be a Martyr’ mindset of Finicum”

    That’s an unevidenced extrapolation, possibly built of projection. Lavoy was quite clear about his position, and he stated it explcitly—he ain’t going to jail. Others can debate how foolish his values would be for them, but they were his values and he stuck to ’em. Living in accordance with one’s highest values is what this is all about and it’s offensive IMO to imply that Lavoy did what he did out of a desire to have others see something a certain way. He did it out of integrity and courage, and there’s nothing else to it. Just watch his videos.

    • Jim, for all our wrangling over the years, I have to give you big props for that last paragraph. Exactly right, and a much deserved clarification for the character, courage and and dignity of an exemplar of what it will take to win.

      He may not have chosen his companions or the “plan” wisely but he sure as Hell owned up to the responsibility for it all. That is something rare in general, but absolutely crucial to any kind of kinetic action… I wonder how many projecting this or that action against our enemies realize that most plans are uncooperative with perfection. Who is willing to be responsible for their own actions and the success of the mission and the lives of their compatriots? Who can even guess what that’s like?

  21. Posted without comment: a good one by Virgil:

  22. The always entertaining Ann Barnhardt had a suggestion for dealing with OpFor a good while ago. My reading of the various posts, responses, rebuttals and comments reminded me of the old saw I learned at Dad’s knee “Doers don’t talk and talkers don’t do.” As ever, Mosby brings the sharp end of the truth.

  23. I have to admit, that after seeing this, just goes to show
    who their motivational speakers are, and how effective
    they can be with their chattel:

    “Seek ye His Kingdom and His Righteousness”

  24. Just noticed the Mast Head.

    What does a guy who wants no part of leadership, or leading others,

    But, refuses to follow, Do?.


    • Teaches others, hopefully.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      “What does a guy who wants no part of leadership, or leading others………..”
      Looking at all the wonderful comments here, who the fuck even wants the trouble of herding all these cats? It’s a nightmare of inflated egos and arrogant exceptionalism, and heading downhill every day.
      Until something explodes in your neighborhood, nobody is even willing to listen or pay attention, afterward it will be a whole other story. There will be a very attentive audience in panic mode, and a day late getting training.
      Mosby is 100% correct in his evaluation of this scenario, but you all know better. Good luck with your continuing education. Something tells me it will be very painful too.

      • The smart ones want nothing to do with this goatfuck.

        The smart ones have already left.

        the stupid fuckers are all fighting for a front seat on the Titanic.

        GO Trump!

        • tfA-t,

          “The smart ones want nothing to do with this goatfuck.”

          Do you read what you write ?


          • you’re stuck in the mud.

            you’re a dead man.

            you’re all skeeered.

            and you should be.

            you are watching in realtime your way of life being up-ended and there’s really nothing you can do about it. your squirming like maggots, and it amuses me.

      • 0321, their is a consolidated metric ton of skilled people here. Some have turned their skills sets into their livelihood. Rightly so, their time their skill sets are marketable, for a 800.00/1000.00 weekend, a students walking away with a new or renewed view on specific skills sets. Don’t forget the networking components made.

        Leadership, for most is a learned skill. We are taught the concept of leading. We as individuals, develop the style, of our leadership on our own.

        I’ve worked for perhaps the worst leaders on the face of the planet. I mean piss poor, cowards, who shouldn’t have been put in charge of the piss bucket. We all have worked for these shit stains.

        I don’t know Mosbey, or Bracken, or Culpepper, or any of the guys who daily write or I think it’s called blogging. I agree with a lot, and not so much with some of what I read.

        I’m a patient man, if I don’t grasp the bloggers intent, I realize that the specific point will be made soon, by those writing, perhaps a week, or a day.

        As a younger man, I thought it would be cool to have a thousand people reading your stuff, your thoughts, observations, actions etc etc.

        Then I realized I just don’t give a fuck what anybody thinks about me, or my ramblings. It dosent matter, what I think, or say.

        So when these men do step up to the plate. Develop,a following, a presence, give em a chance, they also have lives going on away from the keyboard.

        If you break,down what their saying, it’s generally close to our own direction, ” we wouldn’t be here on WRSA” if we didn’t see the world thru like eyes.

        Leading isn’t fun. People get hurt, people get killed, people get butt hurt, just like everyday life. Read it, learn, or don’t learn it’s a choice, we all get to make.


        • SemperFi, 0321

          I know you addressed this to me, but are you actually writing this to a 12 yr old that hasn’t been around the block yet?

  25. Article has a lot of truth to it. How many of the people here would be able to take down half a dozen frothing screaming rioters with their hands, or even with a sidearm?
    We decided to move, away from the shit. We have a good community with very like minded people in a small town. ALL the progressive dirtbags in the community have been identified.
    If you decide to stay in an urban area, there is no amount of training that will save you.

  26. There is no question a shit storm is coming but ” preparing” isnt just for the youngins… If you are in the age group where colonoscopys are more frequent than a piss-boner in the morning, it means you tend to focus inwardly. It’s not important to have a group to motivate you, or set out and find a fight, you are past that age, you have family…. if you did it right, you have your own house, and it’s paid for, you have no debt that prevents you from adding to your self preservation, in whatever ways you need.. and you have a good relationship with your neighbors. I know all my neighbors, we talk, borrow, loan, help out, and look out for each other.. We do it deliberately and we do it often, we dont just wave as we drive by. In the highly unlikely event an armed horde of masked assholes came rifling thru our neighborhood, at the very least we could put up a fight.

  27. Mosby, as usual makes great points. Some don’t like his style, but really, who cares?

    A couple things.

    The chest thumping ‘open season on commies!’ crowd, just by making such comments illustrates their lack of mindset and training. The more you train, the more you realize you DON’T want to fight. William April sums it up wonderfully…”We win every fight we avoid.” I’ve heard numerous students who have taken Shoot House type classes, that the last thing they want to have to do is search their own house. When talking about a scenario …if they come home to a door kicked in, many have remarked “Screw that, I’m not going in…I’m calling the cops!”

    Secondly. The point about leftist type insurgencies and their success rate. Yes, lets not forget the Leftists ARE the revolutionaries. How many “conservative” revolutions can we point to? Conservative and Revolutionary are at contra temps with each other. I said a couple years ago that its going to be hilarious when the Left goes to gun against the Regime before the chest thumping III’ers and patriots.

    Per the left and training. Indeed, some hipsters marching with safety pins don’t scare me. Black Bloc may be another story. The mere WILL to engage in violence is huge compared to the natural law and order status of the typical Donald Chump supporter. People making silly claims about being ready to go to war against the left on the net, generally are the type of people who haven’t had their heads bashed in, their hands broken or been throwing up after a fight because of the adrenaline dump and trauma suffered.

    How much ‘training’ did the average IRA assassin or bomb maker have in patrolling techniques, team tactics, weapons manipulation, malfunction remediation, shooting on the move and transverse shooting, unorthodox positions and trigger management? Did the Volunteer in 1920 Ireland receive all this training when they were handed a pistol and a couple rounds to take out an agent of the Castle 5 minutes before Collins gave the orders? Something to think about. Shooting is only 10% of a gun fight. I dont know the exact percentage but the mind set to resort to violent action is high in that equation somewhere.

    Andy Stanford had this stuff figured out years ago. The more I can deter, de-escalate and avoid, the better off I am. Lots of focus on the Art of Gun-Fu and talking a good game, but little about the mindset to avoid the fight all together.

    • Some fights can’t be avoided, and most of those that can’t, shouldn’t be.

      Neither of those truths is an invitation to go looking for fights.

      But there’s no reason not to be prepared for them when they come along uninvited.

      • You are stating the obvious. No one is advocating not training…Im merely pointing out that Black Bloc is no where near my homestead located at Beast Lick, Appalachia. Hence present they no credible threat to me. I do not intend to initiate an operation to go to Berkeley for Counter Protest Ops the next time an Alt Right speaker is scheduled.

        Engaging in the fight is mandatory, after the A, D and D axiom has been exhausted. Those are the fights I prepare for.

        • SemperFi, 0321

          Many of us are already as far off the grid was we can get, I’m 75-90 miles from any small city in Wyoming (5,000+ pop.), no need to leave here and look for trouble in Denver or SLC.
          So in actuality, these problems don’t exist for many of us. Progressive neighbors?, yes, riots?, no.
          We’ll let you urban dwellers work out the small stuff, remember; local, local, local.

      • you couldn’t fight your way of of a full catheter bag.

        you fucking REMF bitch.

        all you have ever done is spin tales of bullshit to the ones who are dumber than you. if it’s even possible to be dumber than you.

        I’m still waiting for ebullshit to wipe everyone out. whew!

  28. Alfred E. Neuman

    Reblogged this on FOR GOD AND COUNTRY.

  29. Two observations —

    Wash out rate. Taking a life is hard to consider even in the heat of the moment. But the bigger loss is after action when one’s mind has time to dwell on it. We see it in PD’s all the time, officers hanging it up because their psyche can’t handle it. (A good thing I suspect in a normal situation, the man is not trigger happy.) That group of defenders one has might very well melt after the first successful defensive action.

    AO. It seems that the cognitive theme of a civil or dirty war is urban. ie Sarajavo or Argentina. It is still likely, but for how long? Assuming in the first exchange the Nationalists move out of the urban areas ceding the territory to the Leftists then what? To provision and attempt to control Leftists have to leave that battle space and eventually arrive in the exurban arena.

    Now the shoe is on the other foot. The exurban space favors small teams and fast transport. The current preference of the Left is to amass numbers using buses. Not effective in the exurban space. Their tactics are to flood the zone with people. A large body of personnel in a remote area face logistical problems unlike the urban environment. Worse if their mobility is hampered they become sitting ducks for their opposites that know the terrain and choke points.

    I could rationally see a stalemate developing around the 15 MSAs. Neither side being able to penetrate the other till natural forces may tip the balance one way or the other.

  30. Elisha Sheldon

    Cut to the chase..
    Dont go where protesters are going to be protesting.
    Dont go walking around with your trump hat and rebel flag t-shirt looking for trouble.
    Carry concealed, blend in to average society.
    Mind your own business.
    * i live in a very liberal city, hand guns are practically illegal, im polite and courteous to everyone, reguardless. Dont engage in political or religious conversation..

    Train hard, be prepared.

  31. at what point do we acknowledge were behind on the oodaloop ? its beyond time for action ,behind the scenes down and dirty provo tactics !Tiocfaidh AR la !!!!!!!!

  32. these people can walk into a gun store and buy the same stuff mr patriot prepper and the other sunshine gun owners buy.

    The big difference between them and mr patriotic prepper is theyre willing to use em.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      “Well, you know how it is, gotta hold the high moral ground, can’t act like ghetto monkeys and all that do do.”
      A rule I learned a very long time ago; he who hesitates loses. Deciding to play Mr. Morality will get you killed.

    • Yes, holding them sideways, gangsta-style.

      So they’ll have to learn how to use them, and on when, and on whom, or they’re just a herd of baboons with guns, whose self-discipline and respect for authoritay have been their weak points from the get-go X forever.

      And they’ll have to deal with the consequences once they tote them out in the open, realizing that every step they take, they’re the target, from every direction, 24/7/365. That will multiply the shit-stained shorts, and weed out a whole lot of cannon fodder before things even kick off.

      Then they’ll find out some folks they’re facing have been shooting things, including people, for 10, 20, 40 years, near and far, and aren’t afraid of a new batch of children with bangsticks and little brains.

      And then the winnowing starts in earnest.

      They’ll be able to pull a trigger. But hold a defensive position? Patrol a sector? Recon an area? Fight as a fireteam or squad? Treat casualties anytime, let alone under fire? Communicate with anyone?

      Sh’yeah, when monkeys fly outta my butt.
      They’ll be lucky if 33% of their own casualties aren’t fratricide.

      And that’s all before TPTB weigh in with their vote.

      You think no one on our side is willing to use weapons?
      You tell me: who should we shoot in the face, right here and now?
      Show your work.

      • ” respect for authoritay”


        better respect ou’re a statist to the ‘authoritay”

        you’re a statist to the bone. and hence, my enemy.

        polygonal battle space

        and i’m much more smarter and stronger than you, oh and i have $ to back it up.

        you not so much.

      • “who should we”

        who’s “we”

        fucking collectivist.

        you’re sick and delusional.

        you’ll be one of the first to catch a round.

  33. A couple of poster got close to it, IMO, but the real lesson to be learned here is study of how communist insurgencies operate.

    The is a mass of relatively untrained useful idiots used to commit violence, instill fear in the population, and create chaos. there are the sea in which the fish swim. While the forces for stability are chasing down those idiots, and upping the body count, the goal of escalating the level of violence is being achieved.

    Meanwhile the core group of real revolutionaries, trained in many elements of unconventional warfare, use the destruction of the useful idiots to distract the opposition, learn about the competencies of their opponents by sacrificing their sheep to allow for the identification of their high value targets for elimination. That elimination will be performed by the professional revolutionaries, along with other selected tasks against the key points of their opponents.

    For the TL:DR crowd – while you are celebrating your victory over the pajama boy rock tossers, the pros of the revolutionary movement will stage a hit on you.

  34. Marxists spent $1.2B to try to get HRC elected. What % of that do you think they’d be willing to spend to arm up their minions? 10%? 50%? 200%? Some of the richest of our (((enemies))) make 4-6 BILLION dollars per year (top hedge fund managers). The cost to arm up their minions could come out of their chump change.

    There is another aspect many don’t think about:

    Right Wing Gun Owner:
    “HAH when SHTF kicks off we’re gonna clean up, kick ass left and right! Only Bible-toting Constitution-thumping people will survive! My personal plan? Oh, I’m going to bug out to my cabin in the woods until the radio says everything is safe.”

    “I’m going to be the one who kicks off SHTF, and then I’m staying in the cities to help our masters exert their will on the political and manufacturing centers that have always been the keys to controlling a country.”

    Look at 1 of your enemy unmasked. Look into his eyes. Do you think he’ll feel anything other than elation when he kills your family in front of you?

  35. Thanks to CA for letting this go on so long.

    Lots of questions, a few answers to questions not asked.

  36. What a bunch of butt hurt candy ass pussies complaining about Mosby’s choice of motherfucking words in his god damned well fucking written article about very fucking serious shit. All you stupid pussified fucking keyboard commando’s go off yourfuckingselves.