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“How about a week?”

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  1. Hardees and Papa Johns will be busy that day

  2. Vacation!

  3. Relaxing

    • Bawhaahaahaaheee!!!!!! That course is the better than
      a think & grow rich Dale Carnegie course!!!

      “Every man to his family and his belongings”

  4. fuck those cunts.

    that’s what they’re for.

  5. If they promise to STFU for the duration I’d say give them a week. We could probably get this subsidized.😊

  6. I can’t believe I got suckered into WASTING TWO MINUTES of my life reading about that bunch of lazy bitches. I guess they are still pissed that Hildabitch got her ASS beat in the election.

    • Yes. And the Left has decided that this will be an escalating strategy moving forward, and violence will get ratcheted up logarithmically. It is disconcerting to me the number of that safe, secure and pampered middle and upper class women in my circle who should know better are entranced with this, and intend to participate – and their husbands are just standing by. They see themselves as this century’s “suffragete” movement, and for now, have swatted off the fellow travelers who are exploiting them for credibility and cover.

  7. Please, hit me again!

  8. Republican wife; no such luck.

    • I couldn’t get my wife to go to this March of I wanted to. She hates people like that.

      But she is a stay at home mom and wife. So I guess they hate her too.

  9. Well, since they’re paid $.23 less per hour, at least it won’t be as big a loss as if men did it…

  10. Just think how quiet it will be.

  11. How about we follow that up with a “A Day Without Men”. It will be a very telling contrast. A day without most things out society depends on not getting done. A day without farmers making food, truckers delivering it. A day without police, fire, or most EMT services. A day without garbage pickup, a day when you can’t call a plumber or electrician. A day without fuel deliveries to your local gas station, pipeline maintenance, electrical line work. A day you can’t get a tow truck, or repairs done to your vehicle. You know, all those dirty, thankless jobs that society can’t function without, fields dominated by men. Lets see which one causes a more disparate impact.

    Luckily for me, have no worries about my wife taking a day off from her responsibilities, just has she has no worries about me shirking mine. I highly doubt any of the women who would participate in this nonsense do anything productive anyway. I’m sure we will all function just fine if we go a day without any new lesbian poetry or social workers not showing up.

  12. Never trust anything that bleeds for a week and doesn’t die.

    If they all went away for a day, the element Bitchfestium and Catfightium would reach critical mass, and there’d be female body parts strewn from hell to breakfast.

    The reason historians know the poet Homer was either F.O.S., celibate, or gay, is that the only women that could lure men to their deaths wouldn’t be Sirens, they’d be mutes.

  13. “When did you stop beating your wife?”

    “When she started listening to me.”

  14. well i read about 60-100 comments, not one said i will take the day to focus on my family. women really need to take step back and examine why the communist, over the last 30-40 years have slowly change the prospective that being a good mother is less than desirable and having an income is success. I have had to the unfortunate opportunity to attend a few elderly women funerals. I can tell you this, it was not former co-workers, ceo’s, or board room members that attend. every one of the women wished they spent more time on family. My thought, 1. remove women from the household because the communist, globalist, broken US economics and ability the exist with one income households are very rare. 2. destroy the family and the state raises the child, the state teaches what the state wants to teach. the women think they are empowered they are being pawns in big ole game.

    • Women are the most useful idiots, no doubt. Even the Conservative women I know often say this.

      They have gone from having real choice, to working two full time jobs, having to make excuses to themselves and their bosses on why they are never good enough (never have enough time).

      They willingly (?) give their three month old children up to strangers to raise them.

      And what do they win? The ability to pay the mortgage because their husband’s pay was held down for “equality.”

      Pawns indeed.

  15. ‘What do you tell a woman with two black eyes?”
    “Nothing. You told her twice already.”
    I am going to rot in hell.

    • There are a very few times when something I read here really disappoints and bothers me.

      This is one of them. The fact that this was offered under the guise of “humor” shows how far we have fallen. I guess I am blessed to having been raised and surrounded by men who cherish, love and respect women.

      • The Day Without A Woman rally is two blogs down the street.

        But maybe you can explain cherishing, loving, and respecting this:

        I’ll wait.

        • and now you’re sharing family pics with us?

          put a sock in it Potsie

        • Thanks for making my point.

          Those who identify as Liberals make up 21% of the population. The group in your photo represents less than 1/4 of women. The “Women’s March” specifically and loudly excluded conservative women, pro-life women, school choice women, etc.

          Keep conflating the majority of women who remain in the 75% with the theatrical minority used by the media to gaslight everyone else, and you’re doing their handiwork for them.

          The majority of women who self-identified as Republican or other “Conservative” (ie: centre-right Blue Dog Democrats) voted Trump. They did so in large measure in solidarity with their husbands, their sons, their brothers and they recognized that this election needed to be a watershed disruptive event and an opening for some breathing room. They didn’t “like” Trump. Many I know helped because when polled, stated they were going to vote Vagina, so that the opposition would feel overconfident and seriously underestimate the amount they needed to fraud to make up the delta.

          You can either be part of the solution or remain part of the problem. So many like to see themselves as Sparta, while simultaneously dismissing and devaluing the women of Sparta.

          Keep negating the idea that women have any value or any role to play or also reject the far-Left politics and the destruction of our culture, collective history and civilization. Please tell that to the many women who sacrificed throughout history and the roles they played in successful partisan and resistance movements to preserve those values.

          • That was not the point of the post, I hope you understand.

            “Those women” would have been a good phrase to use as part of the post.

            That being said, I respectfully submit that the 75% of females being OK as suggested by you may not jibe with others’ experiences.

            For both sexes, I’d be very happy if 25% of either were Ok.

            My swag is +- 10% of both teams are worth their salt when the going gets exciting.

            • If the comments here are indicative of majority opinion within the “Patriot” community, then we have already lost?

              Why would women who reject Pussy Nation join forces to rebuild our culture and something for the future want any part of this?

              • If you know of any such women who want to rebuild the culture, I can be reached at my website.

                OTOH, I can find you some tens of millions who are more interested in their yappy little dog, their job, their purse, their shoes, and Oprah, than they’d ever be about building a decent civilization.

                When the “good apples” start burning the bad ones at the stake, we can talk.

                • We’ll pass, TYVM. We’re married to men who are busy mentoring and building the men of the future and setting a standard so our daughters don’t accept less, and we’re too busy doing our own stuff – like creating homeschooling co-ops where our sons and daughters are challenged academically in a safe place, surrounded by kids of our own culture heritage, or being politically active and doing grassroots training to uplift and encourage others, or keeping traditions like Cotillion alive. When you have something of value to offer other than being a contrarian and snipe, please check back with us.

              • ytz4mee,
                You are missing the learning experience provided here. Take note of all the comments. They don’t represent your values but they are one step above the antifa’s. Use them for the speed bumps they are, but don’t let them in your perimeter. And have a plan for when it is all over, if you are victorious, to deal with them , how ever you must. They are planning the same for you. All thru history this has been played out.

        • 3rd one from the left in the front. I’d give her a chance.

      • Perhaps I can try explain. Being transgender (male to female) I am a bit fluent in both genders… It’s a guy thing. It’s how guys bond. Like women, they need their own space where they are not going to be overheard and criticised or judged for what they say honestly by those not in their “in-group”. Blogs like this are really mostly guys country. They do say some over the top shit but it’s just bullshit not to be taken seriously or to overheard or seriously considered a statement of actual intent by the wrong (“out-group”) people. They are not talking about what they would really do, they are just talking shit venting frustration.

        They are not talking about you. They mean that generic bad nasty woman over there, or more specifically the woman who divorced them after they were working hard at a job to buy her that big house in a good neighborhood and new car to keep her and the children safe and happy. but she wasn’t happy with her life and thought she could do better without him – but still have him paying for everything. Going through the divorce he had to live in his car for a while until he could get into a small apt. and had to start all over again on his own. continuing all along to pay the child support to the friend of the court (no excuses or he goes to jail) plus paying his own bills. Stuff like that is the experience some guys have, and they feel betrayed and angry but being decent guys just grumble and say things that may resonate with their current views about women, but continue on doing what they are expected to do.

        They are not really going to give a woman two black eyes, they know the short term satisfaction is not worth spend the time in jail, paying legal fees and getting a domestic violence conviction on their record and losing their gun rights. So they say stupid things about what domestic abuse might be justified in the case of some women instead. It is insulting and demeaning but that’s how some guys are – and that’s the price you pay for being around the guys. You have to develop selective hearing and take it for what it is. It’s not about you. It’s just guy talk.

  16. What? You mean we’ll have to make our own sammiches that day?

    • My eyes! The redhead might have possibilities, but no doubt comes with a built in attitude. NO THANKS.

  17. I’m looking forward to the Female Android…as long as it is programmed by a man.

  18. “A day without a woman”. – This is every day for me. I did a cost benefit analysis a while ago and determined the costs far outweighed the benefits and gave them up unless one comes by that is as subservient as my dog; still waiting but much happier than most every man I meet.

  19. I need more training in order to deal with the high target density in this particular environment.

  20. There will be much silence across the land.
    Farts will go uncommented.
    Hot water will be plentiful.
    Entire movies and favorite songs will be enjoyed without interruption.
    Cake will be eaten for breakfast
    Jackets will not be worn to school
    Guns will be purchased.
    Fish will be caught
    Deer will be slain
    Porn will be watched on the big screen
    Ammo will be expended
    Adult beverages will be consumed

    It will be the greatest 24hours in the history of Mandom.

  21. YTZ4Mee, I love, cherish and respect women, and I was raised that way. Watching the woman you love and respect, murder that love and respect, right before your eyes, with a butcher knife, and an impish lil’ cute smile on her face is something that sorta puts the chill on things. Like has been said, many times, you can’t just shit on people, and walk away. Ask the men what I’m talking about, and you’ll see a forest of hands go up. I don’t want to get into a this and that, he said, she said contest. Every body has their gripes about the opposite sex, and a little honesty on BOTH sides helps clear the air, and solve problems. Because of a myriad of influences, mostly bad, men and women today have a real problem with the truth. So many lies, repeated, embellished, even institutionalized. Men are very angry, and hugely upset, that many women today possess NO grace, charm, or beauty, NO tenderness, love, compassion, or something that could be called, Female Instinct. You can’t love some one you don’t respect, and accusations of horrible behavior leveled at innocent men does not bode well for a relationship based on respect. Men instinctively know they should protect and respect women. When these same women angrily reject any such notion, they go against the grain of a mans’ instincts, and then what is he supposed to do, put on a dress? Young men today are confused, harassed, used, abused, ripped off, lied to, cheated on, and pawns of society. The women are the same. The balance between the two is gone, and instead of one complementing the other’s physical, moral, and spiritual attributes, they’re at each others’ throats. The Left did most of this, and continue to do so. When you hear the rancor, the animosity, the hatred and vitriol, you are seeing the fruit of the Communists. Bitter fruit indeed. Treasure the people, male and female, who have balance, whose head works, whose moral and spiritual compass works, that know what respect, love, and patience, and compassion really are. And then make more. The Left is ever more making as many defectives as THEY can. Why do we all just complain about the situation, and never DO anything about it? Is it that we can’t make the sacrifice it would take, because we’d rather BE a sacrifice? Love is the hardest thing you’ll ever do. That’s why the Left has to disrupt it, between men and women. Two people that love and respect each other is the deadliest enemy the Left will ever face. Love, hard. Bickering, easy. A man and woman that love and respect each other are mightier than a division of tanks.

    • So I guess I’m not really understanding how the comments on this thread are helping solve that problem by a blanket dismissal of 50% of the population and centre of influence/change. Or reaching people that have been intimidated into silence, because it’s easier to not rock the boat than to stand for something.

      • Silly me.
        I thought that comments were intended to mock the braindead women who think it’s a good idea in the first place.
        (Unless they meant that those in favor were all going to off themselves on the same day. It’ll kill ratings for The Spew, but hopefully those witches will take themselves out in the first volley.)

        And after several tens of millions of exemplars, it’s not anecdotal, it’s predictive behavior.

      • The good women you represent are not the targets of the comments.

        The bad women in the march, the referenced strike, and in each man’s experience are the targets.

    • women will do ANYTHING for $


      • POd American

        You must be referring to Hillary or Huma. There are women and men that won’t sell out to money or some power trip; they have a strong sense of integrity. They are as rare as frogs hair, but unlike Unicorns they really exist. Some of us actually married one. If you paint everyone with the same brush, you’re certain to be wrong.

  22. The Usual Suspect

    My Uncle Ralph was a visionary and could see these days.
    He always said ” Kid, if it float’s, fly’s or fuck’s, best to rent it.

  23. Somebody please find out…what do we gotta pay for two?

  24. Bimbos on parade

    Of amusement to me is the gratuitous profusion of the word “vagina” by these ‘tards.

    Vagina is Latin for sheath; a sheath exists solely to hold something, else it has no function whatsoever.

    By continually promoting vagina, they are continually & unknowingly promoting the purpose for its existence, and therefore highlighting their own empty, miserable lives.

  25. Lets work towards a week, we can start with monday, take it day to day..

  26. Completely agree – what do we have to do to get them to extend it to a week? I could use a vacation.

  27. Enjoy your vacation, boys. My husband will still have me and our girls tucked away in the house.

  28. Currently stockpiling sandwiches and ironed shirts.

  29. Jimmy the Saint

    Who will do all the nagging?

  30. The poor kitty cats that live with these idiots won’t get a meal, but box wine sales should be off the charts. A day to pout and whine and feel sorry for yourselves. Until of course the Moslem goes upside your head. Ha ha ha.

  31. My first wife hauled ass and left me with four kids back in 87′. I was a single Dad for seven years. So a day , a week, or a year without a woman is not unfamiliar territory.
    You never hear about the “deadbeat mom’s” out there, but there are plenty of them, and my experience is much more common than the feminists would have you believe.

  32. Penny Pincher

    I dunno what these Lysistratan “ladies” think is so bad about men, but their strike will doubtless have no statistical effect on the number of available sammiches or on the number of men getting laid that day.

  33. Wow, so many angry, bitter, and betrayed men here. From my professional arena I have seen it from both sides. Having lost my wife and engaged into the ‘middle aged online dating world’ I see some very bad trends. The number of angry, self-centered, and mistrusting women has surprised me. The sense of entitlement that many carry is disheartening, and I honestly cannot see most of them ever having a contented relationship. There is so much “me” orientation that will keep them from a fulfilling connection with a man.

    Certainly many women have developed this due to betrayals, but the men have as well. I struggle with a “chicken vs. egg” view of this: was it the loss (or abdication) of the traditional male role that lead to the change in women’s attitudes, or vice-versa?

    YTZ4Mee: you seem to take much of this personally. Why the need to defend half of the human population? If you are living a ‘traditional’ marriage and are appreciated for it, why so sensitive?

    Finally, as I write these words, I am taken back to the song ‘Real Men’ by Joe Jackson once again. He was 30 yrs ahead of his time, and he really nails the issues.
    – – – –
    CA: you recently removed a couple of obnoxious trolls from your audience. Would you not consider giving a certain poster what he is so LOUDLY screaming for?

  34. Deplorable B Woodman

    “A Day Without Whores Is Like A Day Without Noise.”

  35. “Date to be announced”

    Typical woman, can’t just pick a date. And they’ll change their mind at the last minute anyway