Stop Shouting: Review Of Poole’s “The Last 100 Yards”


Worth your time and worth your purchase.

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  1. the cover depicts murkin foreign aggression on a peaceful Sovereign Nation- yet again.

    invasion, rape, torture, and murder.

    the four traits that define Murka!

    “they that sow the wind, shall reap the whirlwind”

    • Dude, just read the contents. It is well done, no flashy graphics or “spin.” Read it and learn something, or don’t. It is not an issue of being triggered by a book cover, it is an opportunity to have a good baseline for a platoon’s operations in your hand at reasonable price. Disclosure- I wrote the review, not the book in question. It is in wide circulation at least in the U.S.M.C., at Infantry Regiments, Battalions and Companies. Platoon Sgts, Lts and all and sundry skim that for training. The politics are non-existent in the text, so you can impose what you will upon it that way.

      • jeeze.

        you read the review. REALLY?


        were you in the infantry?


        I was.

        • No, tfA, he WROTE the review. He is a former Mustang (bootcamp ’87, OCS ’95) who helped train 16 Battalions of Marines before they were sent to what was expected to be the slaughterhouse of Fallujah with a projected casualty rate of 75%. He knows his stuff. He saved lives. And he actually gives a shit.

          • Pardon me for asking this.

            Who’s lives did he save?
            The innocent civilians who had lived in their own country and culture since birth?

            or… a gang of heavily armed, armored, trained, and supported invaders from across the ocean in quest for empire?

            …A new study shows a huge rise of birth defects in Iraq particularly in the area of Fallujah where “more than half of all babies surveyed were born with a birth defect between 2007 and 2010.

            This should come as no surprise to many of us who felt that what occurred in Fallujah was a crime against humanity and spoke of white phosphorus being used which the pentagon itself later admitted to using…


            Meanwhile back at home…

            Here are the eight reports of police misconduct tracked for Tuesday, February 7, 2017:

            Ferguson, Missouri: The City dropped its appeal of a federal jury’s $3,000,000 wrongful death award to the family of an unarmed man who was tased to death by a now-former officer.
            Baltimore County, Maryland: An officer was charged with assault for actions after a pursuit.
            Temple, Texas: An officer was suspended indefinitely for improperly storing DNA, drug, and other evidence in his locker and patrol vehicle.
            Wichita Falls, Texas: An officer was arrested for domestic violence and is no longer with the department.
            Spartanburg County, South Carolina: A deputy was charged for coercing an 11-year-old girl to send pornographic images to him.
            San Francisco County, CA: A sheriff’s deputy was charged for falsely reporting that her gun was stolen and giving it to her boyfriend, whom she knew is a felon.
            Washington County, Georgia: Two deputies are being sued by a woman who claims she was arrested for criticizing one of them, her ex-husband, on facebook.
            Update: New York, New York (First reported 07-02-15): An officer who was arrested three times in a year and sent to rehab was given 4 years for heroin distribution.

  2. I’ve had my copy for quite a long time; you can get it much more cheaply @ his site: $28 plus shipping, I think. Nubes might care for, “The Tiger’s Way,” which is everything but the artillery and a few other tidbits. You can get the Tiger’s way on ebay, used, for $7 today here:

    Hope this helps.

  3. Cheapest one on Amazon is $80….wow.

  4. Pooles writings are a must read. For anybody interested in How To, and modern tactics.
    I’ve got the majority of his books, with the attached link and the greatly reduced pricing, I’ll be ordering the four books I don’t have, today.

    These books don’t require reading in any specific order to glob onto proven tactics.

    When it’s snowing, and 10 below, i put on some tasty classical music, build a fire and read this stuff. Makes for a great day.

    Another book that’s is also, required reading is,

    Internment and Resettlement Operations FM3-39.40.
    This shit will affirm the intent of our govt to gather the sheep, makes clear that US citizens are targeted aswell.



    If you cannot afford the book, take another look at FULL METAL JACKET. The last part of the movie when they were clearing the buildings had some real good, practical lessons to it. I actually was having some flashbacks to my own 11B training and my time as a cop.

  6. DOAF, thank you, very much. Ordered it for $20, and kicked in $5 for the Marines, G*d bless em’. I do every time I go to a gun show too. If the Army and the Navy ever gaze on Heavens Scenes, they’ll find the streets are guarded, by United States Marines. I’ll try and wear that book out, I know some young uns’ need some training up, and some neighbors I got who are getting a little nervous. NPP. It ain’t just for breakfast anymore. tfA-t, I was in the Regular Army Infantry, I’ve seen combat, and other overseas theaters. What was it that has made you so bitter, and hateful? One day, you may need friends and help, very badly. Could you not just chill a little, and be one of the gang, however loosely associated, and boost your own survival? We all may be just ordinary men, and ordinary men are often fools. But none of us is better than the other, or immortal, or super man. Maybe we can help one another, and that would be good.

    • “…What was it that has made you so bitter, and hateful?… and be one of the gang”

      in a nutshell.

      rotten Senior NCOs

      rotten cops

      and stupid rotten people.
      and no I will not be “one of the gang”.

      a gang by any other name is still just a gang.

      it’s exactly what Freedom is NOT about.

      if I were like everyone else, I’d be like everyone else, and that is worse than death.

      • I bet you’re a hoot at a picnic.

      • Dude, your a fucking a true, national treasure. Does your brain ever shut down? lile a dam Timex watch.


      • tfA:
        I know that you have a lot to contribute positively, should you decide to do so. It is greater to give than to receive. Truly.

        Your anger comes from “rotten NCO’s”? You can choose to be a victim, or you can choose to live. My experiences were far worse than “rotten NCOs”. Quite frankly, if I hadn’t met someone with a truly open heart and taken a risk and immigrated to the US, it is highly unlikely I would be alive today. I have every right to be bitter and cynical if that is the emotional path I decided to choose. It is up to each individual to accept that gift of renewal or live in the soul destroying purgatory of anger and bitterness.

    • Sean,
      God Bless.
      There are young ones out there that are eager to learn, and seek a mentor.
      Thank you for stepping up and for caring.

  7. The Usual Suspect

    FAT TEE your such a pathetic excuse for a troll,
    ever did I see.
    Just waiting for the day, you go away.

  8. Whether you accept it or not, tfA-t, you ARE like everyone else. Being angry about it is not helping anyone, especially you. You are made of the same flesh, you feel the cold and heat, you hunger, you sleep, you eat. Being a member of the human race, is not a fate worse than death, it’s the fate we all have, like it or not. And what is always so terrible about belonging to a gang? Christians are gangs. Bricklayers are gangs. Doctors and nurses are gangs. So what? The group together does not cancel out freedom and liberty because they hold things in common. They re- enforce their own ability to remain free, because together they are stronger than as individuals. If you don’t like the gang, ultimately, because you don’t like what goes on there, you can leave. If you want an apology from a former Senior NCO, here it is. I had rotten Senior NCO’s too, on the way up, and on the way out. I got shit on by professional bastards, and to this day, I know a couple of them I’d like to fuck up in a vicious and personal way. But that’s just the way life works, chief. And you know yourself, it don’t end when you leave the Army. There are plenty of pricks just waiting for you in civvy world, and it don’t get any easier. So here you are, mad at the world because you ran into bastards who used and abused you, and you abhor gangs/groups/outfits, because you believe them the antithesis of freedom/liberty. Do you know what I do? I take things in my stride, and I use my hard won experience to avoid the pitfalls. I take it slow, I look hard at everything, I don’t crash into whatever, until I see everything I can, and I never expect something, or some one, to remain the same. We don’t slobber all over each other here, and talk about peace and love and dope all day. We’re mostly accomplished and professional men and women here. We’re none of us angels, and a dead certain bet is that we make mistakes, fuck things up, get it wrong. Have you noticed that the calmer heads, the wiser heads, back up, admit their shortcomings, laugh about it, and move on, wiser, and better for it? It’s all a person can really do, try, try, again. The bottom line of my apology is that I’m sure as hell sorry you’ve been mistreated, and that your very legitimate fears of trusting and aligning yourself with ANY group are well founded. I don’t have a magic wand to wave the pain or fear away, no one can do that. The healing, and the feeling good about yourself starts with you. You can decide, whenever you want, that the past, or present pain and fear are not something in your way. You have always had this power. You just make up your mind, you step cautiously out there, and mingle, and trust, a little, and leave that hate and anger somewhere else. You can go on with your life, and live it to it’s fullest, and really live it, out in the open, full of fun, and contentment. You don’t have to go to bed with things that make you feel bad, and you don’t have to get up with them looming like a thundercloud over you. I’ve been very unhappy too, in my life. I just decided one day I didn’t want to be unhappy the rest of my life, which won’t last forever anyway, and that I’d have a few laughs and pleasures, and satisfaction before it was over. It may not be easy, and there will be bad things happen. So what? They happened before. You can walk away from them like you did once before. Live, damnit.

    • That was epic Sean…You are a natural Brother and I would follow anything you were out in front of…Your a blessing to this forum and I am learning a lot from your calm wisdom along with quite a few others here… Thanks Brother…God Bless You…