WeaponsMan: Stealing The B-29

Interesting history.

Intel drives the fight.

12 responses to “WeaponsMan: Stealing The B-29

  1. The Usual Suspect

    One can only imagine the extent of military technology that the Russians
    and Chinese have stolen and improved/reverse engineered today.

    Some aircraft designs are dead ringers for ours, because they are dead
    ringers, difference being avionics and that covers a lot fortunately.

    I think !!!

  2. not stolen.

    sold or given.


  3. Not acceptable.

    Any (((media))) calling for assassination of our POTUS should be bombed or taken out by special forces. Literally.

    Fuck that noise. We don’t have to accept it.

    King Trump: call up the militia to protect you.

  4. .308 semiauto with 20 inch barrel for sniper work.

    10x fixed power or 4x-14x variable power scope?

    Leupold Mark 4 or Vortex?

  5. Love seeing them fly..and thinking, You could leave your metric tools home.

  6. For a full exposition of the Soviet intrusion into our government everyone here should read Diana West’s book “American Betrayal”. That bastard Hopkins was, indeed, a Soviet agent, among many. Joe McCarthy was a saint.

    She nails it.

    And, BTW, ignore the Radosh’s and Horowitz’s denunciations. All they are are red-diaper baby, jealous neocons pissed that she nailed it.

  7. Alfred E. Neuman

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  8. Must read, “American Betrayal”, by Diana West.