ASK Sends


A letter on The Swamp sent by the RadioPatriot yesterday.

As a system becomes more unstable (hint, hint), the prospect of catastrophic failure becomes ever greater.

Put another way:

If you were hip-deep in a global multi-billion bribery and influence racket, what wouldn’t you be willing to do to keep the good times rolling?


12 responses to “ASK Sends

  1. I guess the $64,000 question is,
    How many people are willing to be fully red-pilled…. and act on it.

  2. payetteriver

    Where things are going. This is civil discourse January 2017. Remember folks, California is a few years ahead of everywhere else.

    A little gem here, an unlisted video of Ruth Bader Ginsburg speaking to students at Stanford. I watched this *live* yesterday. Straight from the Ivory Tower. NEED ANY MORE PROOF OF WHAT W.R.S. AND COMPANY HAVE BEEN TELLING YOU?

    And I will close with this

    Even Justin Trudeau and his ilk will not be spared in the coming festivities.

  3. You don’t drain the swamp. Electrify and fry everything in it.Water itself is not a great conductor, however water with impurities(fecal swamp) is a fine transport mechanism. Fry the parasites in their own shit. Flip that switch.

  4. This is fake news. If you publish such a thing and don’t freaking get to the punch line, or make a point other than ‘…when it come out….’ it’s fake news and thus isn’t worthy to line a bird cage.

    No more bullshit. No more fake news.

    • just one of the Pedogate e-mails:

      “at our next meeting, only one slice of pizza will be available. So we’ll be dividing it 5 ways”.

      presumably you have an IQ above room temperature? Oh, you don’t? Sorry.

      also true is the fact that nothing will be done about it until the entire (((System))) collapses.

  5. The King will abuse his power. He’s not wasting anytime before his political capitol is exhausted. Some still cannot understand that all successful businessmen are politicians.

    “In order to meet official mission requirements, the Department of Defense is working through appropriate channels and in accordance with all applicable legal requirements in order to acquire a limited amount of leased space in Trump Tower,” Lt. Col. JB Brindle, a Defense Department spokesman, told CNN. “The space is necessary for the personnel and equipment who will support the POTUS at his residence in the building.”

  6. How about an emp that knocks out most power for more than a month or two? And, no, not monsieur trudeau!

  7. Even if every single one of these accusations was true, no one is going to jail, no one is getting punished. If any of you guys are still thinking otherwise, do yourself a favor and forget it.

  8. No I wouldn’t keep it going. Nor would have a say.

    This is why the Company Men select only other Company Men. You know why there are so many pedos in power? Because the one’s who said “NO THANKS!” aren’t in power.

    It would do us good to always remember those who have kissed that ring are just as culpable.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Think of it like making your bones in the Mafia. To get into the club, you’ve got to commit an act that could ruin you – it’s your ticket in. You’ve shown your willingness to do something terrible. You can’t betray them, because they’ll betray you better and faster. After that, you all protect each other.

      • “To get into the club, you’ve got to commit an act that could ruin you – it’s your ticket in.”

        It’s also the “twist” that the others have on you. One hang, they all hang.

      • That’s exactly it.

        And I anxiously await for these people to be exposed. Their sins can only be cleansed via the judicious application of lead.