Do You Understand Yet?


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22 responses to “Do You Understand Yet?

  1. I don’t know the premium policies or prices but, as i see it, and to eliminate any disparity between the elites and the laymen, why not offer the same medical insurance plans, available to those in government, to the rest of this country’s citizens?
    And, as for saving Social Security and MediCare, let’s eliminate those “golden parachutes”, only available to members of congress, and let them suffer along with the rest of the country as we try to “live” on fixed budgets. Just watch how fast Social Security gets bolstered…

  2. Alfred E. Neuman

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  3. The dead elephant party in the House loves to brag they passed a repeal of Obamacare on several occasions when the magic negro was President. Yet NOW they can’t do it. B.S.! They could get rid ot it if they wanted to… they don’t want to. The only thing they should replace it with is the free market. Anything and everything else will be a yet another miserable socialist failure.

    Grey Ghost

    • I agree. Free markets are best leaving it to competition to drive prices down. We should be able to buy it right along with out car and house insurance.
      That said, however, since WHEN did it become necessary to HAVE health insurance? I remember when pay-as-you-go worked just fine and doctors made home visits ( I just dated myself, I know).

    • Grey Ghost, the reason why they aren’t “ready” is because they were spending the last couple of years stealing themselves up to fold like lawn chairs under the diktats of clinton. Ryan, like boehner before him, doesn’t like being in charge because it would require them to actually do the hard things. They like being the minority party, which allows them to bitch and moan without having to do anything. They never actually intended on repealing this, or any other destructive things passed in recent years, because they never thought they’d have the opportunity. They were planning on another 4 years of ‘compromise’

      If you guys ever find yourselves surprised by any of this, just remember, congress holds the purse strings. You can hang that 10T new Obama debt on the republicans shoulders as much as you can obama’s.

  4. shaken not stirred, different colored bottle:

    1) “obamacare” orginated @ Heritage Foundation, a Republiscam neo-con tt
    2) with prime input from 2 principal Republiscam cartels: insurance and pharm
    3) beta-tested in Massachusetts by Republiscam Gov. Mitt Romney, who added “buy it or else” socialist mandate
    4) socialist mandate redefined as a “tax” and declared Constitutional by 5-4 Republiscam SC
    5) then sleazed through Congress w/o final vote by Repubiscam rep. Paul Ryan
    6) only substantial Obama input was employer mandate…and this never activated.
    7) next up: TrumpCare. Same old.

  5. Just an excuse. What has the GOP been doing for the last six years?

    • POd American

      The same thing they’ll be doing this year…..not a f*cking thing! Stinking lying scum sucking rat bastards. The insurance companies have bought and paid for the majority of politicians RINO bastards and Demonrats.

  6. Letting the days go by…..

  7. tfA-t, I give you an A+++ for the one about the Veterans Package. And thanks for letting the blood show in that one. I prefer the real thing, to lies.

  8. They’re going to get a hot minute to decide to “replace” it with NOTHING.
    The answer to an abortion with a coat hanger sticking out its heqd isn’t a better-run abortion.

    It’s to stop doing it, because it was a jackassical idea, and it fails every time it’s tried.

    What health insurance you want is just like what kind of car do you want:
    IDGAF, since you’re paying for it.

    I’ll make it easy for them:
    Public Law 111-148, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (AKA “Obamacare”) is hereby repealed, in total and in perpetuity.
    This law shall take effect immediately upon passage.

    If they think they can identify any parts of it worth salvaging after that, they can re-introduce them, separately, and if after full and free debate, find any merit in keeping any small parts, they can try passing them again, and getting presidential signature into law.

    Next item.

    And before anyone loses their minds over this, remember it’s Day 20 of this administration, and with weekends, it’s the 14th actual working day.

  9. The Usual Suspect

    They haven’t done anything yet because they are not done investing
    in the replacement machinations.

  10. Reference the latest Jew spew from Bill Kristol, son of Irving and old Bolshevik.

    Bill Kristol calls for demise of white American working class.

    • Yet another war mongering communist jew masquerading as a CONservative. Why anyone even listens to this jackass is beyond me. I do think the white working middle class has a different idea as to what will happen and this useful idiot just might not like the result.

      Grey Ghost