Drudge On The Future

From October, 2015, a very important interview on how media (in all forms) will be a primary corralling tool.

Watch or read the whole thing.

Got samizdat?

(H/t GVDL)

4 responses to “Drudge On The Future

  1. The “socials” are a trap.

    And not in the, “Ermahgerd! The gubbmint’s gonna get me!” kind of way.

    If people are too fucking stupid to realize that, they’re beyond help.

  2. Drudge & WRSA….my two daily reads !

  3. Alfred E. Neuman

    Reblogged this on FOR GOD AND COUNTRY.

  4. Robotic fake news that the sheep believe is real. No real surprise it’s Google and Apple doing this. There are a couple of 1st Amend cases headed for SCOTUS that could have far reaching affects on freedom of speech. Not that I GARA about SCOTUS decisions but some do. Matt says these decisions/cases will go against freedom of speech or so says an unnamed SCOTUS judge. He may very well be right… and it won’t matter who is President.

    Grey Ghost

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