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Sure glad we are importing other murderous bastards to augment the domestic inventory.

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  1. Mir auch. Too bad Lincoln got whacked, he had this idea … it would have prevented a lot of today’s troubles.

  2. glad there are cities for these ‘people’.

    the only problem i have with them is being forced to support it all.

    • tfA-t,

      “….forced to support it.”

      How so ? You’re in Kanada, like you brag about, correct ? You mean your socialist hero Trudeau 2 is making you pay for all those socialist programs in Kanuckistan ?

      Or are you whining and whimpering like an overweight bitch about paying taxes to Amerika ? Well don’t. I gave you the solution a dozen times with street addresses:

      1. Burn your passport.
      2. Renounce your citizenship.
      3. Never pay fUSA taxes again.
      4. Per 1, 2, & 3 above you can cease crying about Amerika.

      Simple. If you have the ‘nads. AND….if you actually are in Kanuckistan, EH ?

      BTW, I was wondering….do you squat to urinate ? Or are you one of those new femi-Nazis who pees standing up ? Inquiring minds want to know.


  3. A national treasure.

    Maybe her whiteness sickatated him? I hope she didn’t upset him more while he was strangling her. Poor guy.

  4. The main reasons she’s dead is that:

    1. She chose to live in an environment where ‘guns aren’t allowed’

    2. She most likely never considered that her safety/protection/self-defense was HER responsibility and not to be picked up by a statist third party thug with a badge wearing a overpriced Halloween costume.

    3. That she would ever NEED a gun for self-defense but most likely didn’t believe in it herself.

    4. She didn’t have ANY situational awareness which allowed the predator to close with her and successfully carry out the attack…she obviously DIDN’T fight back viciously enough.

    She has FAILED the final exam for survival 101!!!

    Lessons definitely to be learned here…

    Yours In Daily Armed Liberty!
    NorthGunner III

    • Oh..and

      5. She may have reacted to him initially with pity and outgoing friendliness as shear have seen him as a person from an “endangered ethnic class”

      Obviously people don’t remember ‘Native Son’.

      She’s met her ‘Bigger Thomas’
      Derbyshire was definitely spot on here!

      Yours In Daily Armed Liberty!
      NorthGunner III

    • Your analysis is spot on with a caveat. Most women are not primed by society or lack of training to think in those terms. Can they, sure. My wife or daughter will argue about two shades of blue that I cannot detect. Show them a topo map and they are lost. I mark it up to social priorities of gender roles. Its no excuse, but it is the case.

      • Medieval Man

        And don’t forget, she took a neighborhood ‘self-defense’ class where she was able to overpower the big ‘ol ugly man after spending an hour practicing tactics with a bunch of other women. Heck, she probably has a certificate somewhere in her residence indicating that she is trained in self defense…

  5. I hate linking to a statist POS owned website, but this is a great thread to read to truly understand the demented thinking of the criminal.


  6. The dry water taps during a summer heatwave will hasten the expiration of many. It would drive many to consume untreated water from places like the East River in NY, waterborne diseases would then spike, creating some serious disposal issues for the Dept of Sanitation. They’d have to find places to start mass burials, as they won’t go the pyre route like the Jawas when their sandcrawler was hit.


    As the song lyrics say: “New York, New York, it’s a helluva town…” These liberal democrat fools created this mess. Let them deal with it.

  8. I’m two blocks from the same type of savages. I try to stay out of their area if I can. When it gets sporty, they need to stay out of my AO too. Everyone in the house is a good shot and there’s enough guns and ammo to go around.

  9. …and you’ll probably read very soon that it was either the victim’s fault she died or blame placed on the evil white society folks. If so, another example of how perverted our overall society has become ….. and counting, one – two – three …….

  10. Avoid blacks. Lincoln was right about one thing. He believed the best option for American Africans was to be sent back to Africa. In his words, “But even when you cease to be slaves, you are yet far removed from being placed on equality with the White race.”

    —The Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln, edited by Roy P. Baler, Rutgers University Press, 1953, Vol. V, pages 371–375.

  11. According to the NY Post, the crims “father” refuses to believe his sons guilt, even though the son already confessed and they have found his DNA on the girl, including under her fingernails. The lunatic said that his son is too compassionate to commit a crime like that.

    • the boon is not a lunatic. He simply understands the Judeo-politics of group entitlement: innocent because Black. This will, in fact, increasingly be the case. Assuming the murderous nigger is convicted @ 2nd degree, he’ll serve 12-20…maybe not even that. If the System decides to plea bargain down to manslaughter, the nigger will be loose in 3-5.

  12. The Usual Suspect

    She died because she was stupid.

    • Got that right.Mother Nature will cull the weak and stupid.Remove the man-made obstacles to the process.Free food,clean water,free medical care. The pavement apes,white trash and lazy bastards will rip each other apart.Coming soon to a theater near you. Take a look at a map. Half of South America is Brazil. Venezuela and Brazil are in the bottom of the swirly. Shitstorms of gigantic proportions are at the door.Hear that knocking?

  13. Dick Summers

    OK, twenty comments and nobody has said it. “if BHO had a son he would look like…”

    • not likely. Look at the killer boon’s nose…almost pure Black African that. Almost no link missing between that and an ape. Remember, BHO was half-White.

  14. Steady Steve

    Typical Negro Behavior. Lacking in impulse control and future time orientation. Prepare for the great chimp hunt.

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