Fred: Reflections On Trump – Many Storms Gathering


His latest.


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  1. Fred. you have been reading my writing haven’t you?

    what’s more you agree.

    that makes about 7 the number who undertsnad.

    GO Trump!

  2. Wah,wah,wah. Aren’t you fortunate you don’t have to deal with Trump.Enjoy yourself in Mexico when it erupts like an infected boil. This is a global melt-down.All the turmoil,,shit-storms,corruption and dicking around was in place before Trump.Would you prefer Hillary? Those were the “choices.” People who are cognizant understand the giant pile of shit Trump stepped in from the Magic Negro and the Bush/Clinton crime syndicates. Quit your whining or come to the USA and fix it.Mexican.

  3. Now or later? Pretty simple answer.

  4. Freds bias is showing. While Trump may be a bit different from most “politicians” he seems to have Americas best interests in mind. Mexico is a FAILED STATE, totally corrupt. Their Cartels make ISIS look like JV teams. They have no politicos with balls at all, just Cartel puppets. We have supported Mexico for decades with our tax $$$’s. The wall should have been built decades ago. No American politician had the balls to do it because their pockets were lined with monies from Mexican Cartels and the American businesses that got dirt cheap labor all the while throwing Americans out of
    work. Around the world Trump is truly speaking truth to power. Where that leads I don’t know but it sure is refreshing to see. He sure beats the last 4
    girly boys we have had as Presidents. The storms are and have been brewing a long time and no one addressed them in any meaningful way shape or form. Keyboard commandos, dime a dozen.

    • murka will get back jobs.

      BIG DEAL

      as they tax the living shit out these no brain low-paying jobs.

      you see, it’s all been a scam. offshore millions and millions of good-paying jobs, destroy their healthcare and standard of living, let the common man suffer for awhile, then bring back “some” jobs at a lower pay scale. meanwhile, start as much conflict as possible to distract from what these bastards have done.

      a win-win.

      and the people cheered!

      GO Trump!

  5. “A poor politician is a poor politician” — old Mexican saying.

  6. Freddie’s been drinking far too much Patroń.

  7. All big-boy pants should be made of Rip-Stop.

  8. It was understood by the American military and political elitist leaders in the early 30’s that we were going to have an all out war with Japan. Timing being the variable, as it always is.
    Presidents are marginal players in these long term global affairs. The “choice” was Trump or Hilarity. I chose Trump and still do for the immediate relief he brings after 8 years of the Marxist-Moosie Reign.
    That another World War is coming is a Given. I’m thinking another Civil War is almost as certain, not quite; but still a close call.

  9. Smiling Steve

    Fred seems to have forgotten that the actions Trump is pushing back on were in themselves ultimatums.

    No-spine prior responses had emboldened these ultimatums, as there was little cost to those making them.

    It could be argued they were rewarded for their ultimatums by ZerO.

    No more, eh?!

    • Fred is an Only One, and as such is a Rove Republican, with all the character traits that pertain thereto. Hopefully you understand by now.

  10. Fuck Mexico. Seriously.

  11. What a dumb article by a hysterical ninny. Waahh.

  12. If you “value free expression here”, why do you moderate comments? BS.

    • “If you “value free expression here”, why do you moderate comments?”
      Don’t know the exact issue but if I may add my 2 cents… probably for the same reason I won’t let people on my porch yell stupid stuff at people walking on the sidewalk in front of my house or at passing cars. There are going to be practical limits to free expression while you are on someone else’s property because if someone takes offense it won’t be you who has to deal with the after effects.

      • Wendy’s got most of it.

        Two other points:

        1) A new guy walks in and starts announcing how he thinks the saloon should be run. How do you think that will go?

        2) The general moderation rule is “Will this post get me or the poster thrown in jail today?”. The other element is whether the poster has pissed me off. I don’t like to delete comments or ban posters, but I will and I have.

        I wouldn’t be rude in your place.

        Don’t do it here.

  13. Did I violate 1 of your policies? Why did you let 1 comment through, but not the others? I don’t get it.

  14. The Usual Suspect

    I’m going to be honest, I hope Trump becomes a Constitutional Republic authoritarian and all anti-American, anti-Constitutional Marxists and Socialists flee this country in droves. I hope he strips every single law from the books that violates our Constitutional rights and shuts down every government institution that makes laws through bureaucracy rather than through elected office. I want to see him remove all form of government assistance to those that are not citizens and all government assistance for anyone who is not disabled or unable to work. I want to see labor camps of people fixing our roadways consisting of illegal immigrants awaiting deportation and welfare leaches that fail to provide for themselves in exchange for food paid for by the tax payers. I want to see him direct the immediate seizure of all property, money, and possessions of anyone in this country illegally or anyone that hires someone who is in the country illegally. I want to see a fifty foot wall running the entire length of our border complete with a ten mile wide no man’s land of land mines to keep this country safe. I want to see an across the board weapons free, shoot to kill order against anyone who riots, destroys public property in protest or hinders lawful commerce by blocking traffic. Finally a complete withdrawal from the UN or any treaty that doesn’t put our nation’s taxpayers first.

    God Bless the Republic.

    • Yup.

      That definitely sounds like Freedom and Liberty to me.

      GO Trump!

    • Agreed. To also include closing all military bases on foreign soil, bring the troops home; not only withdraw from the U-N, but get it off American soil. Then deny funding to: All public broadcasting; no more 501C3 status; remove DOT, EPA, etc, funding; imprison any politician who receives any kind of remuneration from any business or organization for any reason whatever…

      Well, we all like to dream.

    • Pretty much agreed. Democracy/libertarianism are games that only work when both sides play along, therefore if you value those systems you pretty much have to keep out those who actively work against those systems, as they are very fragile.

  15. I don’t know. I guy who bitches about America, but is an expatriate who has run away to Mexico?
    I say he should come back and be a contributing part of America. Lord knows there is no lack of haters of America.
    Personally, no one is justified in bitching about my countries faults in the public venue, they get no brownie points with me, unless they are part of the solution and a contributing productive member of it.

    • “Personally, no one is justified in bitching about my countries faults in the public venue,”

      Now, or then? ‘Course there’s nothing wrong with you having your personal judgments anyway…that’s what it’s all about, after all.

      Most of the Super Bowl analyses gave short shrift to what happened. Tom Brady’s an amazing guy and his success there was a thrill to watch. But he was NOT the sine qua non of the Patriots win. When the Falcons were deep in field goal territory late in the game with an 8 point lead, ANY play call locks up the win for them with the field goal. Any run, any quick screen, even taking a knee for crissakes. Any play call EXCEPT the one they called…quarterback goes back out of field goal range for the pass. He gets sacked and the rest is history.

      Point? I dunno…maybe how much one mistake can mean. It led to several historic events that never happened before. Well that, and how much it pays to think things through carefully. Those principles you were yapping about under Obama didn’t suddenly become not-principles because of an election.

      Them Falcons were gloating something serious too. Didn’t help.

      And where you attribute to ME the “Resistance is futile” meme, is well beyond me. I’d be eternally grateful for a cite, but I’m pretty sure you don’t have one. Donald Trump is obviously a man of both intelligence and courage well above what anyone could’ve reasonably believed. Thing is, that still doesn’t take anything off of any of us. Further, I’d say it’s a disservice to even remotely suggest that it might.

      Look, you got it right…it’s about production in pursuit of values. But socially it’s not about which values they are; it’s about who gets to decide. I don’t wonder whether you know that; I wonder whether you care.

  16. Fred’s turning into a bit of a pussy in his old age.

    • Thats just it. The manjina’s and their vag counterparts who constitute the political rulers of the past are having menstrual cramps and psychotic pms over the fact us dirt people elected a White Christian Alpha Leader. What really gets them is the warrior instincts that are a part of the dirt people, being a nation of people who aren’t going to take any more crap from the traitors and cowards of the West.
      Fred is talking out his ass on this one. Who the fuck is he trying to bullshit with that alcoholic hazed tripe. We are supposed to surrender to the transnationalists and their one world organized crime banking/fiat syndicate?
      I don’t think so.
      It’s better to fight back against it no matter how it is spun.
      I for one will take a strong nationalist President over any of the balless wonders who have occupied the Oval Office since Eisenhower and Reagan.

  17. I keep hearing about a Trump Muslim ban but when I look it up non of these country’s are even in the top five for Muslim population – its a rubbish Muslin ban.

    Iran is at no. 6 with 74,819,000
    Sudan is at no. 10 with 39,027,950
    Iraq is at no. 12 with 31,108,000
    Yemen is at no. 17 with 24,023,000
    Syria is at no. 19 with 20,895,000
    Somalia is at no. 28 with 9,231,000
    Libya is at no. 37 with 6,325,000
    Somalia is at no. 28 with 9,231,000

    TOTAL 205,428,950

    As I said rubbish Muslin ban, he could have just banned Indonesia at no. 1 with 204,847,000 banded all most as many Muslims as these 7 country’s put to together. I have also found out that some of the people who a banded are – weight for it – not Muslims.
    So the one thing we can say is President Trump has brought about a rubbish Muslin ban (if it was a Muslin ban which it must be as the news keeps telling us it is, and they would not lie would they?).

    • I wonder if you keep hearing ‘muzlim ban’ because the MSM is who is touting this screed. Trump made an ‘immigration ban’, which means the whole country listed, not just the muzzies.

      Gotta take a breath and realize MSM has an agenda to misinform you all it can.

    • Banned. Not banded, like a wild bird for study.

  18. There is an alternative for Mexico. Back in the day, my little high school mind ponder this problem and what might be the solution. Since we are going to be a multicultural state no matter what be damned.

    Then it is time to invade and take over Mexico. The Mexican states can become the next 32 states of the US or regrouped in some way into less.

    We begin mandatory English taught as the official language. The new Mexican US states are allowed to vote, but their votes will not actually count, just a show of their viewpoint. After 100 years or so, they can be normalized into true voting status as long as they are fluent in English.

    Clean up their politics, their degenerate drug cartels, and forcibly assimilate the into Western Civ.

    In return we get natural resources and great beachfront property / retirement areas.

    • Assimilate them into Western Culture like in Iraq/Afghanistan? Or the blacks whose ancestors have been in the country at least 2x as long as my ancestors? Culture has a genetic component; you can force people to mimic a culture, but as soon as that force disappears so does the mimicry.

  19. Otherwise, shut the border down and they must all go back. Tariffs to the hilt on the trade with them.

    I remember when you could by tools made in the USA that had lifetime guarantees, but you didn’t need the guarantee because things did not break and were made of quality materials and craftsmanship.

    It is no vice to love and take care of one’s own people. It is no virtue to give away our children’s future for the other (to virtue signal our goodness by throwing our children out to take in the children [and adults] of others).

    Charity begins at home. Anyone who does not provide for their relatives, and especially for their own household, has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.

  20. Fred can rightly go fuck himself.

  21. Poor Ferd. Apparently feels the need to signal his social consciousness to his senorita & her offspring.

    Ferd, unwilling to acknowledge that those actions which spawned current consequences are in his hazy past; while (rightly) noting that NAFTA was a Bad Idea for Mexico, he somehow believes that repealing same would Punish & Humiliate Mexico.

    Yes Ferd, Mexico has been exporting its poverty & misery to the US.
    It has been the Official Policy of Mexico for decades.

    Grab the back of your thighs & give a mighty yank to enjoy air again!
    Real change in Mexico will occur only when the Mexicans have had enough of the endemic & systemic corruption.

    Look hard upon Mexico – conditions there are the face of globalism.

  22. Hey! Fred! Here it comes again, as simply and truly said as possible:

    “Look hard upon Mexico – conditions there are the face of globalism.”

    And that’s exactly what America will look like if Trump fails to do as he has said, and as we elected him to do.

    Put down the tequila and slowly back away, apologizing to your former countrymen.

  23. We seem to have as President…
    Unless he moved back to America, unless outspokenly expatriate Fred votes here at all, then he’s a hypocrite talking out of both sides of his mouth.

    We get that he doesn’t like Trump either; trying (poorly) Marc Antony’s “…but Brutus is an honorable man…” speech plays poorly to someone famously not even living here in the first place. He sounds more Mexican than the Mexicans do, despite the fact that they’ll never let him be anything other than another norteamericano gringo. When his pension and social security explode, and he’s begging for handouts there, or trying to claw his way back here, it probably won’t be quite as spicy a gig.

    He should send his screeds to the Tijuana Trumpet, and see the adulation of his houseboys and maids increase.

    China has built artificial islands in international waters, and there is nothing other than “or else” to describe what follows that sort of thing. The Chinese knew that when they did it.

    The Iranians waited until lame duck Obama was out, then flouted the treaty that no one, even HopeyDopey, ever expected them to adhere to.

    And the corrupt Mexican kleptocracy uses America as a tampon to absorb the mestizos and criminals too crooked or stupid to function in that failed state.

    All of which, using the bully pulpit, Trump called out.
    How shocking! A President recognizing existential international threats.
    Compared to recent history a novelty perhaps, but not particularly worthy of any great commentary, let alone Fred’s bile.

    If any of this is news to Fred, I would council less tequila, and more research.
    If he can even see, through his jaundiced eye and from his feathered nest among the kleptocrats, how precarious his own position is there, he probably wouldn’t be so sanguinely damnatious about the only country where he’s free to shoot his mouth off, which he doesn’t live in. As a visit from the local rurales or cartel minders will help him recollect, when it happens.

    The storms gathering aren’t on Trump’s horizon, they’re on the United States’.
    Fred is merely taking his usual glee in blaming Trump for noticing.
    Thanks Fred, and fuck off with that shit.
    We can get it from the New York Times and WaPo, if not HuffPo, or even National Review for the same low internet price of zero pesos, and get the same great #NeverTrump aftertaste.

    He won. You lost. Get in line with the Trigglypuff crybabies, or grow a sack and just qwitcherbitchin’.

  24. Fuck Fred Reed. Let him stew down in Mexico, that’s all he cares about.

  25. Fred is right. I can’t believe how many true believers there are around here, with their fond hopes of pushing back the clock. Adoring the Leader! Trump is not going to save you – either because he doesn’t care about you, or because the bureaucracy can’t be moved or eliminated. A couple of years from now, a lot of people here are going to feel betrayed…

  26. Fred is pretty much completely blind and dependent upon his Mexican wife. Heck, for all I know she wrote the piece above and posted it under his name. How’s a blind man gonna know? If nothing else, being blind and dependent on someone else for everything and living in a foreign country would give one a bit of “Stockholm Syndrome”. Glad to not be in Fred’s shoes, but it’s sad because I used to like to read his stuff and I thought he was a patriot. Now he’s just some old ex-pat bitching about ugly Americans.


    The facts speak for themselves when it comes to Mexico. It is a failed, corrupt Narco State being kept alive by millions of dollars wired south. This is courtesy of the legions of wetbacks working up here and draining our country dry. When Fred least expects it, the balloon will go up in his A/O and he will be running for his life, with or without his Mexican wife. If he is blessed, he will make it out alive. Down there, your uniform IS your skin color.