Over The Horizon


From a reader:

The “EBT Card Stops Working” event happened in on Brazilian state a couple days ago. That event was the Police went on strike and stopped patrolling.

Anarchy quickly descended, with 57 murders in one day, bodies left lying on the street, stores looted, and large public buses arsoned. Oh, yeah, because it’s Brazil and mama’s got to shake her ass, there was also an impromptu samba party by the strikers.

All of which caused on blogger to compare it to the bad B-movie “The Purge”, a description which has gone viral.

Or, at least as viral as the MSM will allow it to. Over here in the USA our entire MSM has boycotted this event. After all, it might somehow support the Trump contention that not every mulatto and mestizo wandering across our southern border is, how to put this nicely, civilized?!?

Daily Mail is the largest paper covering it, and as usual they have lots of pics to back up the story:


I believe the first outfit to publish it was this blog, and I think they attached the “Purge” tag to the event.


The Purge is coming to America. Whether it’s EBT card failure, police strike, or Team Soros giving the “Go, Go, Go” command, pretty much we know this is our future.

You don’t have enough trained, armed, provisioned friends with hard hearts.

Best to work on that.

Tempus fugit.

26 responses to “Over The Horizon

  1. That Can’t happen here.


  2. I really have to ask — “And this is different from Chicago southside how?”

  3. VooDoo6Actual

    The planned Democide setup:

    Megacities: Urban Future, the Emerging Complexity – A Pentagon Video

  4. This will be quite the happening in America’s most vibrant urban cores. May God help those in Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta and other locales. The political power in the hands of the police, to strike or even do a work slow down could be the catalyst to destroy swaths of cities, like Visigoths, Mongols or Turks.

    • So what’s not to like about that? The hives are the core support for the One World Government crowd. So what if they experience colony collapse disorder at their own hands? 100-200 million dead Communists is fine by me.

      • We just witnessed how close we where to their enclaves voting the vast expanses of the other America into their voluntary slave plantation.
        We where that close, literally a crones cunt hair from it happening.
        And now that they couldn’t drag the rest of us down with their system of institutional gerrymander, their living breathing enclaves of totalitarianism, they want to destroy everything, it is not good enough they destroy their own hell holes.

        • Simple answer, Vote from the rooftops (aka ‘go Korean’ on them ala
          what happened in LA in ’94) if one has made the mistake of living in the hive and still is there.

          My Fal trumps their ‘voluntary slave plantation’.

          Definitely NOT living in a city here on the extreme Western edge of Arizona and happy with that.

          Let the cultural enrichers, moochers and looters burn their own putrid
          hives down around their ears..serves them right!

          Yours In Daily Armed Liberty!
          NorthGunner III

      • They won’t go quietly though. TPTB will try to maintain its power by extracting what it needs from the rural areas. As its already doing, just w/o the fig leaf of democracy

    • Has this not been happening in Detroit for the last 20-30 years or so? Just doesn’t make the news because it’s the “new normal” (and challenges narratives).

      There’s no official police strike but the cops know the new rules. Just like they do in Ferguson and Baltimore.

      • Try the last 50 years. Ever since the ’67 riots, the mindset/philosophy of the Detroit po-po has been “let ’em slug it out, we’ll get there afterward to mop up.”

        I heartily agree with their mindset/philosophy.

        It keeps the court dockets clear and prevents jail overcrowding. Win/Win.

  5. “Anarchy”?
    Get a dictionary.

    I’d say that his incorrect depiction of anarchy looks a whole lot like Chicongo.

    • I’d say instead that his CORRECT depiction of anarchy is what consistently results every time that is tried. Maybe not immediately, but in at most five years after the warlords consolidate their power. But y’all keep on thinkin’ that it will be different this time. Just like them “Socialists”, the only problem is that “they didn’t do Anarchy right” any time before…

      • The Quakers settled Pennsylvania and Philadelphia, which at the time was relatively libertarian. Maybe instead of “anarchists” you mean “gangbangers, rioters, and arsonists”?

      • Hi Mark,

        Anarchy doesn’t mean ‘no rules’; it means NO RULERS!

        Anarchy means choosing to live in a voluntary state with other individuals
        and respecting their lives, property and their right to be left alone if they wish that.

        The chaos that statists/collectivists falsely ascribe to anarchy is exactly what results from ‘gov/authority’ in force…poverty, war, theft/violence (from the state and it’s enforcement orcs).

        gov is a disease masquerading as it’s own cure!

        What Anarchy Isn’t

        If YOU Were King

        The Whole Problem (and Solution) in Two Minutes

        A Message to the Voting Cattle – Larken Rose

        I practice anarchy daily, everyone I deal with is treated fairly and honestly
        without any attempt to agress against them or threaten their rights or their property. I also respect their right to be left alone to go about their own lives and business as they see fit. As a person of ethics I certainly don’t
        engage in ‘politics’, let alone ‘vote’ as I will not put a slave collar on another person by attempting something that I nor any other person has a
        right to do.

        This man was talking about anarchy even though he didn’t recognize it at the time….

        If one desires to live in peace with other people in a voluntary way
        they’re anarchists/voluntarists.

        If one desires to attempt to control others with the false superstition
        of ‘gov/authority’ they’re statists/collectivist and are no different than
        the ‘good Germans/Russians/Chinese” that enabled hitler/stalin/mao.

        How hard is it for otherwise intelligent people to understand the bleeding obvious?!

        Yours In Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
        NorthGunner III

        • Jimmy the Saint

          “Anarchy means choosing to live in a voluntary state with other individuals and respecting their lives, property and their right to be left alone if they wish that.”

          Of course, that only works if absolutely everyone else thinks and acts the exact same way. As soon as a group of them realize that they can band together and take others’ property and lives, the whole thing falls apart.

      • I really expected better from you.

  6. Voters supporting the police disarming them. Darwinism fixes pacifism.

  7. ALCON,

    I needs me a full Auto gunz !

  8. It’s all happening allready. Many blue hives are complete 3rd world shit holes and the decay is spreading out rapidly. Population density is not your friend.

  9. The Usual Suspect

    That is called a battlefield pick up.

  10. Anarchy is defined as ‘absence of government’ It doesn’t say ‘absence of natural law’ Which includes the right to, and the means to, legitimate self-defense.
    Warlords only function where the public hasn’t the means to defend themselves or have otherwise been disarmed and are helpless.
    In other words, no natural law.
    The same hold true in any situation where the public has been disarmed and are now helpless to defend themselves against violence such as this situation and several major US cities (Detroit & Chicago being a good example).
    This would properly be characterized as chaos, with the usual predatory violence which attends to it instead of the bonafide use of force for the purpose of legitimate self-defense consistent with natural law.
    Chaos is where one side is wrongfully disarmed by whatever means, usually government of some stripe, and therefore helpless against the predatory violence of those who were able to remain armed.
    Anarchy is where the use-of-force is available to the individual consistent with natural law stemming from the inherent rights of an individual.
    The two should not be confused as being the same.
    You’ll find the proper elements or a proper example of anarchy existed in the early american frontier as well as the american west.

  11. The MSM is also not covering the total breakdown in Venezuela either.
    Or Mexico.
    Or anywhere else.

    But we have American Idol and DWTS stories out the ass.


  12. No poo poo AT ALL where I live.


    There is 0 incidence of crime.

    Several hundred permanent residents living on a 80 sq mile island and no problems. Huh? How can this be?.

    Anarchy RULES. 🙂

    • Anarchy RULES. 🙂

      Obviously, you think that’s just the most clever thing ANYONE! has EVAH!
      scrode in the KNOWN WRITTEN HISTORY of … whatever.

      Oxy, meet moron.